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  • unhappy

    by wayne at 1:47 on 30 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    hi,ive had 20meg broadband from virgin for over a year,i pay £40.00 for internet and phoneline at 4pm i get 5meg untill 12pm maybe later,so why upgrade 2meg custermers to 10meg if there is a traffic problem and bandwith problem,so im down gradeing to 10meg and hd box and extra large tv and unlimited phone calls and for £30.00 thats what a friend as just had installed ,so they take the piss push your luck and get what you can thats what they do virgin rob dogs,god the days of unlimeted blueyonder were a dream

  • neutral

    by 7of9sdad at 21:57 on 29 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    Most of these posts miss the main point; it doesnt matter what you are promised at the 'edge' of the network, if the Virgin CORE network is not provisioned correctly, then you get conjestion and slow responses. I have BT and VIRGIN broadband here side by side, same routers on both; any PING test to any destination shows BT to be up to 2-3 times faster. For some MMORG games, I can play on the BT line, but its almost impossible on VIRGIN; its about time BROADBAND suppliers starting offering us information about NETWORK LATENCY. Example EVE-ONLINE game, two accounts, so two PCs both using Intel duo E5200; both in-game at same time, one on Virgin and one on BT; the in game function 'retreive market data' does a database lookup ... to the far end server; e takes 5-8 seconds on Virgin, and less than a second on BT... every test that I do, Virgin is a LOT LOT slower; cannot play games with that sort of latency; once their get their CORE network capacity sorted, things will improve; and yes it is slighlty better in the morning than evening. Do a START RUN CMD and use 'ping www.google.com' ... Virgin just now tested at 100ms, but BT is giving me 45 ms ... twice as fast :))) ...

  • unhappy

    by Richard at 15:51 on 28 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    Virgin Media seem to think that they can be rude to customers who have been with them for a significant length of time. I tried to cancel my account, but they claim that even though I've been with them (NTL previously) for over 9 years I am still in contract as they 'ugraded' my account without telling me about a new contract starting. Poor service and above all sneaky practice. Be careful when they try to offer an upgrade. You may get trapped too.

  • happy

    by Paul at 7:40 on 25 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    I've been with NTL and now Virgin for some time now. I've had 1mb, 2mb, 10mb, 20mb and I am now on the 50mb service and am very happy with the service. All contact with them has been dealt with politely and quickly.

    Why everyone is moaning about speed, I do not know? With any provider you are limited at certain periods of the day (peak times) under the fair usage policy which is stated before you even sign up for the service. I have always been at just under or above my advertised speed.

    ADSL is useless, the 24mb service offered by another provider averages only 8mb? Thats only 33% of what your paying for. It's worse for those on 8mb or under, especially when you start factoring in things like distance from the exchange and noise.

    Other factors affect speed, peak times, whether the server your downloading from can actually upload to you as fast as you can download, your hardware, how efficient your computer is running (most people let there computer get full of s**te), configuration error etc...etc...

    And where is everyone getting their speed results from? Most of the speed test sites report inaccurately for Virgin connections and results vary dramatically from site to site. I can go to 3 sites and get results of 50.05, 37 and 14? does that mean I should start moaning how s**te my broadband connection is?

    Really some people need to just calm down...

  • happy

    by Al Fisher at 8:17 on 24 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    I've been a virgin customer for 3 years and have had occaisional "drop outs" but found the customer service extremely helpful. I know it's not the cheapest or the fastest but compared with some of the other providers I've used (namely Orange) it's an absolute godsend. Just need a cable connection, which in a built up area I'm a little surprised doesn't already exist.

  • unhappy

    by Evelyn Toynton at 22:40 on 22 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    I have never experienced anything as enraging and frustrating as Virgin Media Broadband. In the first day after I switched over, my internet connection crashed and the e-mail server made it impossible to send mails. In each case, they tried to tell me at first that it was my computer; only on the fourth try did I get someone who got me back on the internet, and the e-mail problem turned out to be system-wide: it seems they use a third-party provider, and they are going to have to switch to google, as half their customers can't send or receive. But they couldn't tell me when they would make the switch. When I told them I was going to switch myself -- to another provider -- they informed me I would have to pay both connection and disconnection charges, although I had been with them for exactly one day and for half that time could not sign onto the internet, for the other half (and this was expected to continue indefinitely) could not send e-mails. It's almost unbelievable how bad they are.

  • unhappy

    by Lewis W at 2:03 on 14 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    Falsely advertise their broadband product are on fiber optic, which is absolutely bunch of lies. The final leg from the street box to the houses is co-axle cable, which is 100% "NOT" fiber optic. New customer get better deal over existing customer and refuse to admit "overcharging" existing customer that has been with them all the way back Diamond Cable which was before NTL took over. All I say is "stay away" from virgin media.

  • unhappy

    by tomcat at 22:25 on 9 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    i have the 10 mb virgin connection, it cant even stream an episode of eastenders on iplayer.. very poor.

  • unhappy

    by Min at 6:35 on 4 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    Stay clear!.

    Used to belong to blueyonder, which was a good company. I usually like products in the Virgin brand, but they have totally ruined a good broadband company.

    why?. forget any speed they advertise, if you auctally try to use any of the speed you pay for, they will stop you and cut your speeds down to a snails pace.

    Absolotley disgusting false advertising, "we don't like traffic jams" they say, but as a virgin media user I am always stuck in one, on the rare occasion i use my extremley expensive virgin media broadband, to download a game off Steam for example, they will throttle your speed. if thats not bad enough the internet often goes down for hours on end.

  • unhappy

    by Paul Dover at 21:49 on 2 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    Don't touch them! Like all braodband providers, it's fine until something goes wrong. I thought Talk Talk, Tiscali and Post Office were really bad until I came up against Virgin! No broadband for two months! Lies,lies and more lies. The call centre staff have obviously had no training and every time you call, you go back to square one - lets test your line etc. Have been instructed that it's my equipment 3 times yet have tried 3 modems and two routers connected to the main socket etc but still not their problem. Like TT and Tiscali, promises of call backs never happen. Now going to move to O2 as they get the WHICH best buy award. Wish me luck!

  • unhappy

    by Andy F at 20:46 on 27 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    Virgin Media are the worst company I have had to deal with (and I thought ntl were bad). Relocating services to our new house was totally beyond them. The final insult was when they said we didn't exist (having been a customer back to Comcast in 1997). Told them to take all their gear. Now happy with BT and Sky. For their errors Branson's bandits tried to say we owed them £237 for leaving early (despite being a customer for 11 years!). I've told them to p**s off. I'm so sad they've blacklisted us - but they are still stupid enough to send us all their conning junk mail.

    I wouldn't buy a light bulb of Branson.

  • unhappy

    by zoe mawson at 10:35 on 25 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    i took out a deal that now 30.00 per month should be 25.00..for 2mb brdband,60 channels.this included wireless router which i had argue to get.also 25.00 voucher not recived yet...you can get this for half what im paying now.its wrong it should be a set fee for each package.same for everyone.in angry that i have not recived what i signed up for.my bill has never once been what it should be now its going up every month.i would not advise anyone to sign up with virgin unless you no what your paying for.i have only for my sons studys but it will have to go after 12months are up.just cannot afford the price changes each month im very angry and hurt how iv been treated.

  • unhappy

    by james at 18:33 on 23 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    Virgin Media are s**t - they keep charging me useless bills they are the most useless boadband i have ever seen.

  • happy

    by Lee at 9:40 on 16 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    My phone and broadband service was installed over 2 years ago and has never missed a beat since. Was on 2MB but now upgraded to 10MB at no extra cost during this years 12 month contract. I think the service is reliable and fast and great value for money considering the reliabilty. I have tried many ADSL companies, Talk Talk being by far the worse, but since I have been on the VM cable service I will never go back to a BT line again. 10 out of 10 for quality of service, speed and reliabilty.

  • neutral

    by jimy jacks at 16:21 on 15 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    Virgin Media broadband is absolutely pile of crap. Please NEVER EVER take it. YOU WILL get 100s of hidden charges. and there are so many restrictions to download speed.

    Now the customer service.... probably the worst in the WORLD. I upgraded my speed to 20mps, a week later received a letter saying my contract has been renewed for another 12 months. WHAT?? When I rang the Customer service and asked why I was not told this when I upgraded, the adviser just said "I don't know it was your problem to ask mate". So since then I have gone Ofcom and hoping change it as soon as I get a chance.

    Please Please DO NOT Join Virgin Media if you want a proper broadband connection. They will make your life difficult.

  • unhappy

    by tim White at 13:35 on 14 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    My subscription for 2Mb broadband has been increased from £18 to £20 per month (and I'm on tv and phone too - a new customer would only be paying £14 but Virgin seems to believe that's ok) , yet I'm told that the much heralded upgrade to 10Mb won't be done in my area until July / August. Advertised price for a new subscriber getting up to 20Mb is £20 a month - I wonder how new customers can get any more than the 2mb I'm getting if the area isn't upgraded yet? Be prepared for the frustration that once you're connected, as the prices to new subscribers get cheaper, your's will get more expensive each year. Virgin are relying on inertia for existing subscribers to subsidise new ones - over and over again.

  • happy

    by Lindsay Dunseith at 1:20 on 31 May 2009 Report abuse

    We have moved into the flat our daughter was occupying, and as she will be moving out, we wanted to transfer the account to our name.
    Virgin charges for this, although they are quite happy for the bank details to change, but they require about 10 types of proof of identity, which I don't fully understand since they don't require this for a new account.
    Furthermore, the monthly fee is about double the rate of any monthly fee advertised for new accounts. Not sure how that happened.
    They were unhelpful on the telephone, and just sent out a large envelope of forms to fill in.
    It seems easier just to let the contract finish and change to a provider that has better customer service.

  • unhappy

    by fg at 22:13 on 29 May 2009 Report abuse

    been with them since the start of broadband, they are overpriced and since these new download limits have come out they are definetily not worth the money. the service for everyone in my area has gone down a lot in the past few months and they refuse to believe this and say they'll monitor my connection for 48 hours and call me. they've said that 4 times and i've never received a call so i plan on switching provider in the next month.

  • happy

    by Kim Mount at 18:54 on 28 May 2009 Report abuse

    On their 20mbit package and finding the speeds great always over 17mbit/s.

    Latency is a quite questionable at times, often spiking every 10-15 pings to 800ms to a 20ms hop but a quick whinge to technical support tends to sort that out.

    Recently their supplied router (at 11 months old) failed and they sent out a new one and didn't ask for the old one back so fair play to them.

    Have had problems with the service beyond Broadband but a whinge and complaint letter later they are only too pleased to help.

    I'd recommend them in a cable area but not in an ADSL only one.

  • neutral

    by Todd at 15:41 on 28 May 2009 Report abuse

    Reply to

    at 12:13 on 16 May 2009

    You say you bought a new "master telephone socket" ... Im guessing you are on ADSL rather than the cable network, so the problem is probably with BT not Virgin

  • happy

    by Helen at 13:55 on 28 May 2009 Report abuse

    I'm surprised at the negative comments on customer service. The only time I've ever had a problem - which was entirely my fault for messing up my router settings - I got great customer service. I got through almost immediately (to someone who spoke fluent English!) and they guided me through the steps I needed to get back online.

    Connectivity has been perfect and speeds are fine. Good value for money as well.

  • unhappy

    by Maria Vinall at 20:49 on 27 May 2009 Report abuse

    Rubbish service, awful tech support, ridiculously slow speeds, what more can I say?

    Other than they increased the price by 50% without my permission or telling me!

  • unhappy

    by Patricia at 13:22 on 26 May 2009 Report abuse

    I had virgin broadband for a year until very recently. The performance was consistently awful, rarely getting above 1mb download speed. Just before I changed services they said they were improving it, but by then I had run out of patience with them overall. For what seemed like a good cheap service they will make money from other charges, such as phone calls. Customer services were also often awful, either polite and promising you the earth (but no action taken) or just plain rude! When my minimum one year contract was up, I found it hellish to get out of and they really made me pay through the nose using every excuse to extract more money, via extra months billing AND a disconnection fee I was never made aware of. My advice would be to avoid at all costs - especially now as they are also planning to use Phorm spyware on their customers.

  • unhappy

    by Martina at 21:23 on 25 May 2009 Report abuse

    We have recently signed up to Virgin media for broadband. The actual broadband (speed etc) is good but the customer service is terrible. If you have any problems - such as setup (as we did) or with extra features (as we did) - then you are on your own. I have been waiting three months now for a call back!! If you can sort issues out yourself and aren't bothered about getting any extras (VStuff) then fine, otherwise think twice.

  • unhappy

    by avid79 at 12:13 on 16 May 2009 Report abuse

    Virgin customer for last 4 years with no problem. However last month broadband speed slowed to snails pace. Watching BBC iPlayer one day, then next morning it takes over ten minutes to download a 15kb picture. Virgin helpline no use, always say it's my system but have now bought a new filter, modem, laptop and telephone main socket. 3 computers,laptop bought brand new due to problem, are all same. Now changing supplier. Do not use virgin.

  • neutral

    by Disgruntled at 22:30 on 14 May 2009 Report abuse

    I have had 20Mb VM broadband for quite a while now and all i can say is "sketchy at best". I am never quite sure what i am going to get, blistering fast speeds or something equivolent to an old 56k connection. My download speeds range from 2mb/s to 30kb/s. I have had disconnection problems where their automated service does not report a fault in the area but their customer service department in India seems to believe that the entire neigbourhood is diconected. (Funnily enough my neighbours connection was absolutly fine). Two of the modems they have supplied have had to be replaced and the connection from modem to the outside box has had to be relaid. The engineer that installed the last modem, forgot to update the IP settings, which customer services managed to fix for me after being on hold for quite some time. However since changing the IP settings my connection has been horrendous at best (google taking 2 mins to load and not being able to connect to MSN messenger). Virgin do offer some nice packages if you are looking for TV, phone and internet all together. The TV package is better than Sky in my opinion and the broadband can be good. I will be ringing them tomorrow, unless they can finally offer a difinitive solution to my connection speeds i will be looking for a new provider.

    Also, if Virgin are supposed to be entirely fibre-optic, why is the cable from modem to exterior box copper?

  • happy

    by Jamie T at 16:15 on 9 May 2009 Report abuse

    all of you idiots must have some bad luck. i've had ntl for god knows how long and up to now i've had 2 problems. 1 was an outage which was resolved in a few hours, and a modem which broke and was replaced and set up by an engineer 2 days later. they messed up with my package (i had all 3 for £30) but then after a mess up they boosted it to 20mb speeds for just £5, although i rarely get higher than 13mb connection speeds, i get a steady download speed of 1mb, its not great i know but i have no complaints, songs download in a minute and i can even run a computer, xbox, and a wireless computer and laptop from a belkin router (had to buy that myself but it doesnt bother me) and can still have a perfect connection, not every ISP will have 100% connections. i work in a call center for Orange broadband, problems happen all the time. just make sure you get compensation for your problems, what harm can asking do?

  • unhappy

    by NTL at 19:08 on 6 May 2009 Report abuse

    NTL were fantastic.
    Great speeds, all the time, no flannel, no capping, no traffic management measures, no cop outs, no bull.

    Virmin Media.... WTF! What a joke.

  • unhappy

    by Stevie Gray at 18:17 on 4 May 2009 Report abuse

    What a crock of bulls**t this service is! Go anywhere but here you will only end up frustrated at the slow service and unhelpfull staff who claim to work for them. Virgin my a*** -Media Whores more like!!

  • unhappy

    by Steven at 21:41 on 3 May 2009 Report abuse

    For the past six days I have been disconnected from Virgin Media, apparently there have been problems in the area, but I have not been informed in any way. I have phoned so many freaking times and I am always told that it will be back online by 18:30 or 19:30 or 20:00 or later at night, I have been told that four nights in a row.

    I have given up phoning and I am just going to switch due to their appauling customer service. I have even gone to my local to get internet access and according to thier Service Status website there is no problem. This leaves somewhat confused as they are giving some crap over the phone saying that there is a problem in the area and they wont send out an engineer because of it but their website says there is no problem, are they trying to annoy their customers for fun?

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