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  • unhappy

    by Tom at 21:54 on 12 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    Currently their charges are TV XL £19.50, Phone line £11.00 and Broadband L £20 which totals £50.50 per month.

    As I have been a long term customer with them, they reluctantly gave me £17.25 discount, but when I received their contract they were charging TV XL £22.00, Phone line £11.00 Broadband L £25.00 which is £8.00 more per month then a new customer. So in reality they were only offering £9.00 per month discount.

    Buyer beware!!

  • unhappy

    by Nasser at 17:24 on 8 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    they suck suck suck, Im paying for 10 meg and not even recieving 1meg, if you want good internet for your money go to O2 they are brilliant and give you a constant speed what you pay for with a free wireless router. Stay away from VM. im crying.

    i also puchese a n1 vision belking thinking is was the wireless routers fault, then i purchased the netgear dual and wireless n and it had the same prob. then i realised it was VM; 200 pound i spent gave both back.

  • unhappy

    by loopy at 10:16 on 7 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    virgin media broadband are a waste of space, offer no after sales or technical help and what help they do provide you with only puts fault on other products that you try to connect to it wirelessly! absolute crap!

  • neutral

    by Jimmy at 18:04 on 3 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    We have a NTL bundle (now Virgin), the basic T.V package, phone and 2mb broadband. We had problems with the broadband at first, but now I cant complain. The speed is pretty constant at 1.8mb The only issue I have at the moment, and it seems quite wide spread, is that some websites timeout and come up with connection interrupted, whilst other sites are running fine. Try them again the following day, and they work fine. Today, no such luck. I do not think that upgrading to anything over 8mb is adviseable at this stage, as they do seem to have some issues in providing anything beyond 4mb in some areas. I would recommend checking with other internet users in your area before upgrading to something faster. My neighbours were with Sky and had no broadband for 2 months!!! Sky, to put it bluntly, were pretty useless. They now have Virgin broadband and a Sky T.V package, and have had no problems with their broadband.

  • unhappy

    by David Jenkins at 23:15 on 2 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    Virgin Media are complete rubbish. Avoid them at all costs. They are dishonest, deceitful, and they will tell you any amount of lies to get you to sign up to their service. They promise refunds for poor service, but do they give them? No chance.
    When I signed up (having previously had Virgin Dial Up) my first questions were 'Can I keep my current email address?' and 'What do I do about my current service provider? The answers were 'Of course sir, absolutely...' and 'Don't worry about that sir, we'll sort it all out for you.'
    Like hell. As soon as it was installed they said 'Oh no sir, you can't keep your old email address - Virgin Media is a completely different company to Virgin Net'! Likewise the dealing with my previous service provider - they didn't sort it out. I had numerous threatening letters from them (The Post Office) because I refused to pay for a service I no longer had, and this was all because Virgin Media didn't inform them that I had changed providers. When I asked Virgin Media why they hadn't done what they said they would do, they said 'We can't tell your previous supplier that you've left them because of the Data Protection Act.' Yeah, right. It's funny isn't it, that the Data Protection Act wasn't an issue when they promised to 'sort it all out' when I agreed to take their service. Virgin Media, in my experience, are best avoided at all costs.

  • unhappy

    by pi##ed off with vigin at 1:01 on 2 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    I'm paying vm shed loads of money and not getting what I'm paying for.Back in october and november I was getting dialup speed on my XL 20meg and after weeks and hours on the phone in december I got good speeds of 17 and 18 meg. Now we are in a new year, VM have cut the speed down to dialup.There service is rubbish!
    Why are they selling 50meg when they can't sort out all of there lower speed customers? do not get broadband with Virgin Media - avoid. or if you have the misfortune to be with them get out as soon as pos.
    What a rip off!

  • unhappy

    by Tony at 22:44 on 30 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    As a long term customer (4 years+) I phoned up and requested a wireless router for free, the monkey I talked to said it was free, now, when I just received my bill they are trying to charge me £47.50 for it!
    I told them there is no way I'm paying that, they can have it back.

  • unhappy

    by disappointed at 15:56 on 27 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    I ordered the phone/internet/tv bundle at the end of december 2008. The virgin engineer came on the 5th of January to install phone/internet/tv. Only the phone was working after his site visit. he said that there was a problem with the fibre optic connection and will send a 2nd line engineer down to take a look. It is now the end of January 2009 and no engineers have been since the 5th. I have called several times since the visit and they could not provide a reason why they are having technical problems. i filed a complaint with Virgin and was promised a call within 24 hours. the promise was broken. I called ofcom today and they recommended stopping the service as it never started and find an alternative provider. Should you have problems with Virgin - don't waste your time if they dont' respond back in a timely fashion. just visit ofcom - www-ofcom-org-uk and get advice from them.

  • unhappy

    by Bulent at 0:15 on 27 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    Totaly waste of time 1st line technical support could not even support turning the tap on and off// 2nd line as good as what 1st line technical support should be/ Expect to call them 5 times in the same evening and complain after complain jusr watch your speed going up slowly as they just throatling it down if you dont complain> Apperantly I should have a blue cable attached to my modem DOOOH they are just waste of space. Dont pay for your broadband just go with other providers who is providing broadband at no extra cost such as sky or whoever. As thats what I am going to do 20mbit yeah right

  • unhappy

    by Blacktemplar at 22:03 on 26 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    Have been with Virgin for some time now, and am on the XL package with 20Mb broadband. We are on cable and a wired modem, close to the exchange and yet we rarely see more than 3-4Mb download speed. Ping times often run into the hundereds of ms, and at the moment (9pm) I'm getting 3-400 kbps download speed. When I'm paying a hefty premium for the higher speed service, it's a bit hard to swallow when the service is this poor. I can appreciate that there are times when net traffic is high (ie now) but to drop back to speeds I could get on dial-up 10 years ago is just not good enough. The simple fact is that Virgin (and NTL before them) were greedy and took in too many customers without making the corresponding investment in technology and hardware. Wouldn't recommend VM to anyone thinking of changing to get a "better" broadband experience, though to be fair I haven't had too many Customer Service problems with them recently (apart from the inevitable half-hour wrangle on the phone with some muppet in Mumbai that is....)

  • unhappy

    by pipes at 0:28 on 25 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    I cannot possibly reccomend VM broadband. It's slow most of the time, in the evenings we are talking dial up speeds or worse, there DNS servers are widely regarded as dying on there arse.

    When you are getting the speeds your paying for then your likely to hit the STM limit within an hour or so, at which point you'll be s***listed for 5 hours and get ping times so bad the internet is effectively unusable. Speaking of ping times VM are consistently bad, I've had >4 seconds (!!!) between 2 VM connections in the same city, I've also seen VM ADSL take 12 hops to get to a datacenter 6 miles away.

    They love there headline grabbing speeds but you won't see them, the network isn't up to providing existing customers with what they paid for and DOCSIS 3 hasn't turned out to be the magic bullet VM apologisers hoped for.

    Oh yeah and it isn't fibre optic either.

  • happy

    by hammerboy at 17:32 on 10 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    have vip package on fiberoptic system and would recomend to anyone who can get it, over 19mb download and scince they took over from ntl

  • happy

    by Sparkatb at 22:47 on 9 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    Been with Telewest, VM for about 15 years. Had broadband ever since it came out, always upgraded to the next fastest speed. Now got 50Mb. Cutting a long story short, their customer service are mostly clueless about pricing and 50Mb stuff, their only down fall.

    Ive got a really good line signal, yet live real far from the local cable office/ubr, and i live in a large built up area. Nearly always get maximum&sustained download speeds, it baffles me at the amount of peoples reviews i read on the inet about VM speeds.

  • neutral

    by Baz at 13:48 on 8 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    xl package, tv ok. phone ok. 20Mbit varies between 45k to 800k. I think they ought to get their act together and sort the bband out. The above speed is for downloads.

  • neutral

    by Tom at 20:55 on 3 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    I am generally an advocate of Virgin, and thought I would sign up to Virgin Media until I read the reviews. It seems that Virgin have a long way to go before their customer service philosphy and culture has been adopted by the resident NTL team.

    I think I will stay with BT for now!

  • unhappy

    by Ilia D'Questi at 16:58 on 2 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    BB & phone facilities excellent - BUT ADMIN, BILLING SUPPORT ARE CRIMINAL!!! They stole money from my bank account, so I cancelled the DD, and they had the gall to charge me £5 pcm for protecting myself against their thievery! For the greatest part, Customer Service, from lowest to highest, even in CEO's office, are the most ignorant, obstructive, rude, dishonest abusive creatures I have ever encountered - bar none! When I refused to pay their extortion, they cut me off, so I paid up and deducted the amount from my next bill payment. Next thing I know, they tell outrageous lies about me, between themselves and their departments, on the phone to me, and in writing to me, accusing me of being aggressive and abusive - LIARS! And I have the proof in my extremely detailed records, including recordings of the phonecalls! So, I had enough of thier criminality and currently have a legal claim against them. However, because I dared to officially challenge them they notified me their going to terminate my services! Liars, cowards, thieves, abusers, and generally unprincipled, dishonest scum!

  • unhappy

    by DAVE at 12:23 on 29 Dec 2008 Report abuse


  • unhappy

    by brian atkins at 13:27 on 18 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    we had virgin put in over a week ago and we havn't had a day where we havn't gone off line you phone customer service and get no where especially the indian call centre, who are quite rude in there attitude, plus i cannot get my laptop on the net for more than 2mins and this morning the phone went down they have sorted this (i think) people where phoning us it was ringing once and then going onto the answer machine, which as you can imagine is very annoying especially when your waiting for an important call. i wouldn't recommend them to anyone. STAY WELL CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!

  • happy

    by Paul at 10:22 on 18 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    The customer service seems to be a lot better than it used to be. I told them my TV and phone weren't working 2 days ago and they immediately fixed the TV remotely, and have just sent someone round to fix the phone. I've never had any problems with the broadband and I've been with them for over 5 years.

  • unhappy

    by bob..smith at 16:28 on 14 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    I signed up for NTL. The girl selling the servics said I'd get NTL. Turns out Virgin took over the next day, didn't even tell their sales people they were changing. They gave me an NTL set up disc which, of course was no good. Took me over a week to get up and running but , as they had just swapped to Virgin I gave them the benefit of my considerable doubts. I'm supposed to get 10mb, best I've ever got on ANY test is3.8. The service is lamentably poor and goes down frequently. On top of this they have decided to "cap" your use. I purchased this product so I could get some heavy use from the net so I am feeling very let down, especially when you bear in mind the amount they charge. Surely if they sell me a product that should work at 10 meg they should be able to provide that. I'm giving them a little while longer to sort it out and then I'm considering going to law to do them for at least miss-selling the service and at worst whatever else my law people can come up with. Instead of rationing my use of the service they should spend some of their huge profits on ensuring there is enough bandwidth, their servers are up to the job and providing decent customer service. If you have any choice as to where you get your broadband (at the time I didn't) DO NOT GO NEAR Virgin Media they are ****!!!

  • unhappy

    by Geoffers at 19:36 on 12 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    Constant cut offs on broadband, slow speeds. 20MB? rubbish - no-where near that ever.1 Set top box stutters and they refuse to swap. When I ring they just reset both boxes.

  • unhappy

    by ray at 21:47 on 10 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    Virgin media Broadband XL
    Hi all well been with VM for 3yrs at have really had enough time for me to go tv phone bb all have had major issues over this year. The 20mbir which we pay for through the nose and its very slow. Slower than the chap next door to me who is on a BT line but think hes on adsl2 at 5.6mbit dl and it zips along faster than the crap i got off VM. And he pays a fraction of the price so am going via his route think BE or o2 cant wait to get off this rubbish VM service. Hope people take this on board do not buy VM services they lie, give you poor service. If you see Mr Branson please please kick him in the nuts feel sorry for the people who take calls from irate customers.

  • unhappy

    by gilly at 12:52 on 10 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    Virgin 20Mb is a load of ****!!!! Why limit normal downloads yet let peer2peer work normally?you'd think it would be the other way around

    REALLY BAD customer service!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Had enough! at 14:50 on 5 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    It's nice to know I'm not alone, but then I'm not surprised, given the abhorrent customer services at Virgin Media.

    Last December, without our permission, VM cancelled our direct debit. The first we knew of this was when they cut off all of our services because we hadn't paid our bill for 2 months. They refused to take responsibility for cancelling our direct debit, insisting that they would never do that. Yet they did.

    We noticed that the bill around this time also seemed very high - over £100 more than normal for the month. Worryingly, no one at VM could tell us what this extra amount was for. We made it clear that until we knew what the extra was for, we would not be paying it.

    This has continued all year. Each month we get the bill and pay what is due less the amount being queried. And each month we've gone through the same story - you cancelled our DD, leaving us in the red... then an amount appeared that you can't tell us what it is for, so until we know the answer, we'll not pay the full amount of the bill.

    Each month we get the same reply - we wouldn't have cancelled your DD, oh no way would we ever do that.... the extra amount seems to be charges carried over... umm...(from what they couldn't say).

    Several times this year they have cut all of our services due to the fact that we have been 'in the red' for many months now. What they don't do is listen or look at the complete story and see that it goes back to their cancelling our DD, that the amount in the red has been the same for 10 months yet we pay each months new charges on time.

    Due to a medical problem I fall over without warning. When I am alone at home I wear a special pendant that I can press if I need help. It is linked to our phone line, and I felt reassured when VM sent a form for my GP to verify the need for the phone line. This meant that they would give me notice of any works involving the cutting of the phone line.

    5 times this year they have cut all of our services and I have never had any warning. Last month I phoned to ask why they had cut the line without telling me first. The moron that I spoke to got very short with me when I asked him to explain his answer again. I told him that I have some brain damage and could he please be patient and help me understand why they did this. His reply was that I had taken up too much of his time and that he was going to end the call. I asked if he could put me through to the section that helped customers with special needs, and he hung up on me.

    I was so angry and upset. It's hard enough doing day to day tasks without being treated like that. VM couldn't give a damn about their customers.

    Last friday we received our bill. On Monday night they cut our services again. When I phoned customer services I went through to the Indian call centre. Before I had even explained what the problem was, the operator said very patronisingly "I'm very sorry to hear this".

    I'd had enough. She didn't know the story, she doesn't know me. I asked her why she was so sorry and her reply was "can you hold on for 2 minutes?" I asked why, yet she put me on hold anyway. I hung up and phoned back and was put through to the UK customer services.

    Virgin Media haven't just shortened my life, they've also put me in physical danger, they've patronised me and they've treated me like a second class citizen because of my disability.

    I can't wait until we move in a few months time when we will leave Virgin Media for good.

    Don't touch them with a barge pole! They'll do your head in!

  • unhappy

    by Asare Bediako Addai at 9:30 on 5 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    I'm supposed to be on upto 10mb Virgin Media broadband and alledgedly in the best location to receive this service. Current service supply tested is 4.4mb

  • happy

    by Anthony (Lancs) at 17:17 on 3 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    Have been with Virgin/Telewest for about 5 years now and can honestly say ive never had a problem that wasnt sorted out the same day. as for their broadband no problems there either im on 20 Mb and thats exactly what i get from quality web sites (Microsoft,Playstation network etc), works out at over 2MB/sec, if your not getting this i sugest you check the modem they supplied is still up to it as some of the old ones max out at 10 Mb.

  • unhappy

    by Jan Jacey at 13:54 on 22 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    DONT BUY VIRGIN MEDIA !!! I am on the fastest speed, supposed to be 20mb, most evenings its running at 250k, yes k !!! a quarter of a mb. I have called and called and the Indian help line is a total joke, they will tell you anything to get you off the line. They have admitted that this area is oversubscribed, So, they are selling broadband packages that they cannot provide, my next step is to contact watchdog and trading standards. I also noted on their website they are introducing a faster speed.. another joke, !! they are not anywhere near providing what they advertise now...

  • unhappy

    by p****doffoxford at 1:39 on 21 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    i feel totally conned!!!! on the XL package, but max ive ever got is 14mg and most of the timie getting bout 800kbps......its stupid really, heaven only knows how they get away with it!!!!!

  • neutral

    by QUEEN BATAA. at 19:41 on 19 Nov 2008 Report abuse


  • unhappy

    by Mike at 20:42 on 18 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    If you don't read all of this review then that's fine, just read the last line.

    Prepare to waste hours of your life, emailing, on hold listening to awful music, being passed around from person to person so you can explain your problems all over again. Billed incorrectly, changed my package without my knowledge, slows speeds, terrible customer service, (1 hour 12 minutes to sort out a billing issue to be told to write to head office) Emailed a complaint to get an email back saying "sorry about this, why not get in touch via our website or customer services"
    Over 1 hour on remote support to be told "you have a line fault", ok I said, report it to BT, Sorry they said, don't have that facility, phone in on this number. Start again to be told something else by someone. Virgin Media has shortened my life. You have been warned.

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