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  • unhappy

    by mark gloucester at 22:06 on 12 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    I have reviewed already but forgot to say that according to my software my so called super fast optical fibre braudband keeps disconecting at an alarming rate!

    stay away virgin needs to look at what its selling as its not what they say it is.

  • unhappy

    by mark gloucester at 22:02 on 12 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    been with virgin ( telewest ) for some years now, But have recently noticed a drop in braudband speed, pages slow to open internet shopping a nightmare.

    I pay for 10meg and get at best 5 meg off peak times and peak it virtually stops!

    Indian call centre is a joke, unless you get the right person you cant understand the brocken english, What they dont advertise is the fact they limit your speed at peak times when you most want it!
    All they say on the adverts how its the fastest because of optical fibre guess that true from a technical point of view, but in reality its not true as they have slowed most of us down when we most want it.

    Instead of telling us that its our fault for using to much they should own up and say they have over subscribed there system and can only keep going by robbing its customers of bandwidth and still taking a premium of money from us. I am now activley seeking a new supplier!

  • unhappy

    by Tom at 8:48 on 12 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    Virgin Media, the self proclaimed "Mother of all broadband". Quite some boast, however the only mother I would compare them to is one that only works 2-3 days per week part-time and not a chance would they ever consider working at weekends!

    Easily the worst Internet Service Provider I have ever had the misfortune to use. People, you have been warned!!!

  • unhappy

    by Steve at 17:29 on 11 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    Not a good service have been with them for a long time and im not impressed. I have recently developeded a problem with my broad band speeds. considering im surposed to be on the 20meg package my speeds drop as low as 150k at peak times and packet loss can cause disconnects at the worst moment. After several calls to the foreign call center and an engineer who says there is nothing wrong with my speed as he visited at 8am i will be forced to cancel and try another provider. Shame really all was good while it lasted

  • unhappy

    by Juganault at 20:57 on 9 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    i pay for an 8meg connection, and at best i get 2meg, which is now limited to 512 as i am a 'heavy user' ! tell me, how can i be a 'heavy user' when i cannot even access 75% of the bandwidth i pay for ?! waste of time.

  • unhappy

    by dont do it at 21:11 on 7 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    Ive just signed up with Virgin 8mb £7.50 for 3 months then £15 for the remaining 9 months.

    i wish i hadnt got near the beard :(
    the first day i was very happy with over 8mb d/l speed,now i get 450k yes K.

    what a heap of ****...DONT DO IT.
    and i thought BT were bad.

  • happy

    by matt at 14:26 on 7 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    i dont know what u all moaning about i have had no trouble in the time i have been with VM my speeds have been consistent customer services have always been good i just think u all get yourselfs upon the bandwagon and moan moan moan YAWN i know people on sky- virgin is ok dont believe the hype

  • unhappy

    by Mike Bateman at 13:52 on 7 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    I have just read all of the above reviews and wonder if Richard Branson has?

    I must agree with all of them, but even more. The BBand service is a joke and never performs well. It is often off line and their call centre says there is no problems. The phone is more failed than working lately and we have recently been blessed with another telephone numbr but didn't know it! All of the calls we made, some other poor soul has paid for and we are getting billed for someone elses's calls! Call centre claim this is inpossible - but we have it here. Mr Branson please call round and see for yourself. Finally we get to Television service. What service? Digital to me means little blocks of data running over the screen with strange noises like failed fireworks. We get all of this for £90+ per month!!! Pure bliss!

  • unhappy

    by D P Simmons at 18:16 on 6 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    I cant stand them, my 2meg connection is always dropping to a misely 1meg because I may download content from XBox Martketplace and then I get a letter warning me of illegal downloading, what a bunch of Jokers, stupid beardy weirdy branson makes me vomit.

  • unhappy

    by S.A.MAHER at 12:54 on 6 Nov 2008 Report abuse


    I waited 3 months after moving house to get my services reconnected. What a joke..almost had a nervous breakdown each time I had to contact them..customer service was crap,
    I agree with all of the above reviews.
    I threatened to change providers and was also offered a fantastic deal to stay, broadband, tv and phone package for £15.99 per month. Who could say no to that??

    Once my services were up and running I noticed I had considerably less tv channels than before, then I received a letter stating that they had not been charging me enough for the services I was currently receiving. (Their supposed incentive for me to stay)
    They stated that they would not expect me to pay the difference back but that my bill would increase from the following month.

    My bill used to cost no more than £40.00 give or take a few quid then shot up to £140 ( inflation didn't increase that much) they stated that I was using my phone considerably yet they wouldn't provide me with an itemised bill just a summary of calls. I always used calling cards to keep my phoe costs to a minimum.
    My Advice stay well clear!!!!!


  • unhappy

    by Adam Rosenberg at 14:16 on 5 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    Virgin Media is the worst service provider in the country, and possibly the world. I'm sick of logging service calls and complaints without receiving any reolution. DO NOT USE VIRGIN MEDIA. They are truely a bad organisation and will certainly run themselves into the ground as everyone i know who uses them is leaving asap.

    Save yourself the hastle, and pay more if necessary to be treated like a human being.

  • unhappy

    by Roger at 12:54 on 4 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    I have been with Virgin for years but of late their service seems geared to new customers not existing customers
    their service and contact us e-mail just sends you round in loops

    I am trying to find what speeds I should expect for downloads on Plan 2 £17 - 99 a month at the moment my download is 408KBps
    yes KBps and I just want to see what I should be able to obtain but there seems no information on us old Plan 2 users

    The only reason I stay is that I don't like long cotracts otherwise I would be gone along with the service they once gave

  • unhappy

    by Oxford Rob at 23:00 on 14 Oct 2008 Report abuse

    As I sit here and cannot listen to internet radio un-interrupted i wonder why Im paying for a 20mbit service when 4 years ago my 56k modem could cope with this traffic. Its a total disgrace!

    I should have noticed when they wanted to replace my modem, this couldnt have been posted... Oh no they needed to send an "Engineer" (clueless waster) who didnt know anything about my problems and didnt understand terms like ping. He replaced the modem and that helped absolutely not at all.

    The problem I have eventually found out is that they havent leased enough fibre and they have over subscribed my area by a ludicrous amount. Suffice to say they arent going to do anything about it and its a total joke. If you live anywhere with young people about who might be downloading then dont even bother.

    Only to be recommended if you live in Eastbourne or any other old peoples home of a town.

  • unhappy

    by soo at 16:48 on 26 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    oh im sick of the service , well if you can call it that , when i was with blueyonder it was a great service but since branson bort it tut , my phone goes off , or my net oh and my television , for 4 days they said they will credit me with £3.00 disgusting . im stuck with them as i cant afford a tv ariel to go on my roof. i pay them over £60.00 a month . disgusting service , tut :(

  • unhappy

    by Rubbish piece of s*** company. at 17:29 on 17 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Waited for 9 days to get them to install their services. 1 day before the technician was going to come they inform me they cannot install any of their services to my house. Asked them why they were vague and claimed my property doesnt have the right equipment blah blah and i dont know i am only a call center monkey and dont know the technical side of the stuff.

    I asked can you put me through to a technical person who can explain to me why they cannot provide their services to my property? They said sorry we cant do that. Bull shit. 9 days i waited without broadband now I have to wait another few weeks for sky to come and install their stuff.

  • unhappy

    by What happened to blueyonder???? at 10:56 on 6 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    I started off with Blueyonder/Telewest providing broadband, phone and TV and all was well with the world. I was living in a shared house at first with the speed split between up to 4 computers accessing the internet. We never had a problem with the speeds we received. When I finished Uni, I moved out and my other half and I moved the service to our place, again no problems we got the services we wanted and were told an honest price.
    Then our service changed to Virgin. Oh dear. The glossy leaflets before the change looked good, we wern't worried.
    Our internet speed plummeted, seemingly overnight when Virgin took over for the same price for the same 'claimed' speed. TV services became intermittent at best. In short, rubbish. When we moved in December we were tempted to shop around but we were offered a great package. That never materialised. After much shouting we were allegedly given XL package at a reduced price. I cant download a map from google in the evening on 20Mb. Useless.

  • unhappy

    by Big Z at 0:00 on 28 Aug 2008 Report abuse

    The 2 meg service was ok. The less your speed and your monthly fee, the less they can bugger up, and steal from you.
    Being the only cable broadband, they leave you with no other options.
    They can/will change the terms in your contract after you have put your signature on the paper, and they put theirs. If you can get through to their call centre, they lie to you about your contract, and if you have the paper in front of you, they will tell you, that you are wrong, full stop.
    If anyone would know any organisations I can turn to for help, I would be glad to sew them for misleading advertising, not delivering the service that is paid for (nowhere am I getting 10megs), charging more than the amount shown on the contract, purposly giving out wrong information even after clearly asking about the terms and conditions - basically constatnly breaking the contract they have signed. It's not poor customer service, it is called fraud.

  • unhappy

    by G.A.Hamilton at 14:11 on 17 Aug 2008 Report abuse

    Unreliable service with sometimes long outages, for which staff I spoke to were unapologetic - they seem to have perfected the art of translating the gallic shrug of indifference to a phone conversation. I suspect a hangover from NTL whose customer relations were almost non-existent. Richard Branson should know about this, but as usual you simply cannot get past the call centre. I was on the point of asking Trading Standards to look into the matter & told VM so, when miraculously my full service was restored after 4 days.

  • happy

    by Streal at 10:14 on 8 Aug 2008 Report abuse

    I must inhabit a parallel universe to most of the reviewers, so I thought I would add my experiance. Anyway I have been with ntl, and now virgin since I first started using the internet. My broadband has only been down once for a couple of hours since virgin has taken over. The customer services were very polite and extremely helpful. Plus unlike the 10mb broadband connection my employers installed for business use from BT (snigger), I actually get what I pay for... the full speed (currently I use the 4mb service). With the 'BT internet' my company pays for a 10mb connection at multiples of the cost and I just receive 2.3mb service a real joke!
    So to some up I receive excellent service with virgin media broadband (plus T.V and phone) and have recommended them to many friends that were fed up with recieving inferior BT line based service, so far my friends are equally happy.

  • happy

    by 20MBPS CABLE BROADBAND at 17:51 on 18 Jul 2008 Report abuse

    i got virgin media broadband i am in south west london and i get 20mbps connection and its very fast way better then phone line adsl which i got 6mb at, totally happy with service i can download at 2mb per second from certain sites, keep up the good work, and be quiet you unfortunate moaners who live in a crap area and cant get fast net... haha to you

  • unhappy

    by Virgin Media SPy at 7:11 on 16 Jul 2008 Report abuse

    Virgin is blatently ripping off our customers. When you join us, were all smiles, we cant do enough for you. As long as we get your signature and are able to access your debit accounts. Its done you are helping repay the debts of our former owners. Then because our head office is in London , like the internet servers at Maidenhead,London and at Sittingbourne they are where your pc traffic goes, and its well known at these terminals that no-one is getting what they pay for, this is insider fact Virgin Media cannot deliver 20meg download unless your in london on the server doorstep. Besides when your capped by Virgin Media its everyone that is capped not Three per cent, and your capped for upto eleven Hours not Five hours, so our managers get preference and all of us as staff get free xboxlive free internet ant tv and phone. aswell as 12,000 to 13,000 grand basic a year and its us who lag you out. You payed us and you cant get your money back. NO-ONE CARES BT gets away with it.

  • unhappy

    by John Swift at 13:08 on 12 Jul 2008 Report abuse

    Godawful most of the time. When it was still Blueyonder the service was fast and flawless, now I lose connection constantly and my speed is akin to the movement of continents. Virgin are also less than helpful when you want to contact them. And this is cable! No old phonelines. Where is the fibre optic, high speed internet?

  • unhappy

    by disgruntled at 22:01 on 30 Jun 2008 Report abuse

    Having finally complained to VM about the speed of connection (it seems i am only getting 20% of the baud rate i am being charged for) it appears that the hardware supplied is incapable of supplying the service and that they do not care if I do feel conned. After they had tried to bounce me back and forward between Customer service and the technical support department they finally offerd to send an upgrade modem but whether this will improve the situation is anyones gues.

    Given that they know that their set top boxes cannot supply the advertised baud rate in most situation and that they have a hardware solution to the problem I believe they are ignoring the problem and being disengenuos to their customers.

    My solution Move now where to go ?

  • unhappy

    by lee chen at 15:09 on 29 Jun 2008 Report abuse

    i was with virgin media they were awful terrible service and rude customer service as well who think its a joke when the internet doesn't work and you have work to do.i was without internet service for five days and asked if it would be taken off bill they said yes and still got same amount on my bill. rang up which cost more money and they offered 1.50p off bill which it probably cost to ring them they are interested in giving worst service at most expensive price.

    went with tiscali and never had a problem still have overseas call centre but never had to ring them touch wood for 7 months now good wireless conection and fast speed.

  • unhappy

    by Martin at 21:02 on 26 Jun 2008 Report abuse

    I have been unable to get my broad band extras for some weeks now.
    When I complained to Virgin they said that it is no longer possible to receive through the normal set top box. ( when were they going to tell me this! ) They informed me that I needed a second modem , ( more wires and plugs ! ) they sent it the next day, but guess what, it still does not work. I phoned again ( not a pleasant experience, from one department to the other and back to India ) and they now say there is infact a problem however, they could give no time period as to when this will be resolved. So there we have it, I now have an extra modem, a spliter box, three more wires and a transformer; and no broad band extras.

  • unhappy

    by martin jennings at 12:22 on 22 Jun 2008 Report abuse

    1.4mb for£25.00,N per month,nice to know they care.
    Move to sky for free and get a better service

  • unhappy

    by Colonel Kurtz at 23:27 on 21 Jun 2008 Report abuse

    Absolutely useless. Like many of the reviewers I was previously with blueyonder and never had a problem. Now my connection frequently drops off and the one time I called their premium rate helpline, I spoke to a moron who knew nothing and promised me a callback which I never received. I have tried several times to get a new modem (mine is several years old and I don't trust it anymore) but they have refused to send me one. As for the capping, it is totally disgraceful to pay for an unlimited service and then be capped for ELEVEN hours a day. Why not cap the amount I am paying you each month too? I ADVISE ANYBODY CONSIDERING SIGNING UP WITH THESE CROOKS, NOT TO. I WILL NEVER FLY VIRGIN, TRAVEL BY THEIR TRAINS OR FLY THEIR S***ING BALLOONS.

  • unhappy

    by Michelle Salt at 15:26 on 16 Jun 2008 Report abuse

    am on 20mb was hitting 2.3mbps 2.4mbps now i get well slow speeds even before this shapeing it due at 4pm some guy out from virgin coz my speeds went slow he put the new 256 modem in and went to the box at the end of the street come back said it should be fine its never been the same since he come out rang the wot you call customer support and they dont know jack shoot they try and fob you off all the time giving it another month see how it goes then off to SKY...... bring back NTL we miss you get the money grabber branson OUT!!

  • unhappy

    by Stuart Johnson at 13:32 on 14 Jun 2008 Report abuse

    £10 pound for 16mb sky broadband while you already have sky tv where as virgin media charge you the world for a completely shite broadband and tv and phone service it is a complete rip off and oh the sky broadband service you get close to what your paying for too, i used to work as a technician in a computer shop and used to have the sign up service for virgin media in the shop and all i can say is that the amount of people who used to come back into the shop wiv complaints about VM's service was unbelievable i've never seen an ISP service so bad in my life, sorry but VM really need a good kick up the ass or to give it up as a bad day job, i reckon someone should lobby a major complaint to the right authority and get something done about them

  • unhappy

    by Stuart Johnson at 13:17 on 14 Jun 2008 Report abuse

    Well what can i say about virgin Media or should it be where do i start, it is ABSOLUTLY discusting the service they are providing and to phone customer services was no better they don't have a clue what they are talking about they just have a trouble shoot guide sat in front of them which they read back to you to help try and sort it, i think they sould give it up as a bad day job for the internet and tv and to think about it phone service too, i have gone back to basics and have got a bt phone line and sky tv and broadband and i tell you I HAVE NOT REGRETTED IT ONCE, you get virgin 1 channel through sky and free view any way what's the point, trust my bt wiv sky tv and broadband is the best choice i've ever made and would recomend it to anybody, plus £10 pound for sky broadband while you have sky tv you can't go wrong and oh there customer service is a hell of alot better i did have a problem wiv them but got my sky service free for 1 month as an appology for the problem

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