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  • happy

    by 9 month user. at 14:34 on 13 Jun 2008 Report abuse

    What can I say, really?

    I've had the XL broadband package from VM for 9 months now, and I really can't see what all the fuss is about. I've been through several broadband providers, and really, it's all swings and roundabouts when you're complaining about the inrastructure.

    As far as VM is concerned, I consistently maintain a download speed of 2400KB/s on newsgroups, and as far as I can recall I haven't experienced any downtime. I live smack bang in the centre of the capital, and even at peak times I rarely see my download speed drop below 2000KB/s.

    I can only conclude that following the general trend, people in the U.K like to complain. Sure, we don't get as great a service as the Belgians, but compare out worst service to the U.S standard and you'll probably be pleasantly surprised.

    Good job Virgin.

  • unhappy

    by Crimson_Coins at 14:45 on 6 Jun 2008 Report abuse

    A month on and the BBC are testing upload speeds in the u.k. They are not obliged to be honest, but concerned that Internet providers are not as honest or transparent about internet speeds as they should be. They have problems uploading the news around the country- which must be p***Ing them off. Video streaming what a lark. So they have a simular problem as us. Virgin Media 20 Megabit Package cost 444.00 pounds a year to have, with free wireless router for a home network (tosh Nb#fed up of add-ons) all you need to peruse the world wide web, yes. No, Internet speeds up and down spiking and dipping signals, like climbing through the alps on a jack hammer, nothing i would volunteer to partake in, yet just try and and enjoy the adventures of multiplayer games online and why it isnt the innocent consoles fault that your being pwned.

  • unhappy

    by pj at 16:50 on 29 May 2008 Report abuse

    Abysmal service. Have 4mb connection, now maximum speed is 2mb, off-peak, no warnings about this reduction, nobody willing to acknowledge that this is happening. Caps are seemingly random. Ping rate is abysmal, forget Youtube and other streaming sites, or online gaming. TV is continually freeing, losing signal, phone bills have way too many phantom calls that they won't acknowledge. Trying to cancel the services with them was like walking through a Kafka novel. How many times do you have to tell someone you want to cancel before they acknowledge you? On Telewest for many happy years before Virgin took over. Absolutely fantastic customer service, friendly, knowledgable, funny at times, and honest to a fault. Now it's like I'm back on dialup most of the time.

    Getting o2 this month, £18 quid for up to 24mb, free wireless router, and astounding customer reviews across the board.

    Do yourself a favor, cancel your service with these ******s.

  • unhappy

    by Bobby Nicholson at 10:39 on 29 May 2008 Report abuse

    An absolute disgrace, I was a blueyonder customer and my internet service was perfect, great speeds and never any down time. Since the move to Virgin my internet speeds are very poor for the service I am paying for and there have been a few occasions when the internet service has been down completely.
    Another note, Blueyonder offered a completely unlimited service, now virgin media has implemented a fair usage policy where they slash your internet speeds. In this day in age is very poor practice with many television services offering on demand video online such as BBC IPlayer, 4 On Demand, Sky, etc it is very easy to go over their set limit then be punished with speeds similar to 56k.

  • unhappy

    by tyrone draper at 11:39 on 19 May 2008 Report abuse

    must say i was with NTL never had a problem and was looking foreward to when it was bought out by Branson as thought he might improve the services we get my download are slower than they have ever been befor and the price is going up and up for a poorer services i have canceled with them as the price they charge is so high now and they seem to charge people what they can getaway with a friend down the road from me only get his broadband from virgin and tv from sky so why he is only paying £12 a month for the 20mbs connection and i was paying over double that and was having my tv through them when i phoned to ask why i was being robbed like this was told my mate was lieing to me but was sat there with his virgin bill infrount of me did not bother telling them that after was told my mate was lieing they had lost me as a customer was realy happy with ntl think virgin are pants and would not recomend them to any one

  • unhappy

    by AL at 9:49 on 18 May 2008 Report abuse

    I am not happy with Virgin Crap Internet service, but I am using the top XL-F package which cost £37 pounds per month & I am not expect to have downtime every week... IT technician based somewhere abroad (India) typical service the same - crap. Most of the broadband client being rip off by Virgin Media, as other providers offer true unlimited service for £18 and with speed up to 24 Meg. Personally considering to leave Virgin Media & recommend to do to the rest their client.

  • unhappy

    by Steve at 15:26 on 16 May 2008 Report abuse

    4 months ago i changed to 20mb but i never download at peak times as i online game. In this last 4 months i've never even got close to 20mb, except when an engineer came out and it was averaging 18.5mb, that was until the day after when it went back to normal. I pay £37 a month for 20mb yet never get above 9.5mb! At first i honestly thought Virgin may have been having a few teething problems with this new speed but after 3 months of problems causing me to phone their premium rate line, one of the call centre agents actually tried to tell me the problem was because of how far i was away from the phone exchange!! Another time i insisted on speaking to a supervisor who i was told would phone me back within an hour, 3 days later he'd still not rang so i had to ring back! The only way i got an engineer out for free was by threatening to go to ofcom. They've just admitted that their server can't handle my 20mb speed which is fraud as they sold me a service they knew they couldn't supply.

  • unhappy

    by Alan at 11:00 on 24 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    have been with NTL for years, pretty good service - i play games online a lot. since its switched to Virgin Media, the connection isn't always there and now its been down for 2 days! - rang India, got ripped off for 25p a minute for half an hour - my 14 year old knows more about computers than he did, it ended up with me finishing the call when he said he'd tried everything and it must be my IE which was corrupted!!! straight away i plugged in an old dial up connection and IE loaded up (albeit slow!) the support staff know nothing! think i'll prob just canel the whole lot, broadband/tv/phone and swtich back to bt, maybe broadband with o2, they claim to be good for online gamers

  • unhappy

    by virgin media SUCKS at my Halo at 6:39 on 24 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    Uploading to xboxlive multiplayer games is slow at least 10 times slower than download speeds, which fly in 10x quicker. Why should the speeds differ so greatly. Virgin media isnt up to grade 547kbs is best for xboxlive games. The United States Gamers need a proper Kick in the rear from English Gamers. I dont have the speed so i cant compete really as our providers aint compatent to give us equating speeds. english we lag big time, if theres more than four players on a map, from where ever. you find yourself mercerlessley leached,, sheild equipment nades power weapons all useless, stop me feeling like a sucking muppet, am i wrong ? is there a way to increase upload speeds, DIY Mods lol CCXXX

  • unhappy

    by RosedOut at 10:16 on 23 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    I'll try and be fair here! And I'll also tell you what I get for my money - I've found this important, comparing with others gets you a better deal.
    I have the V+ box, the XL tv package, Sky sports package and Sky Movies, the 4MB (soon to be 8MB) internet connection and the unlimited phone line for £52 a month.
    Now - my bill rarely comes to just £52 a month - any calls over 1hr will be charged, as are non home land line numbers. So I am expected to always hang up before the hour and redial! WHY?

    My broadband speeds seem to be ok/good. We use two laptops and an XBox360 on the internet most of the day (the xBox obviously less). However, my connection will freeze or fail up to 5 times a day and will require my IE to restart - losing all open pages.
    Now the biggest and most frustrating problem for me is my email. I cannot access online billing facilities or anything else with virgin's email. I have called the call centres and had less than no joy - but in fact - cont.......

  • unhappy

    by Jon at 17:57 on 20 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    I get 200kbps off-peak.

    Enough said.

  • unhappy

    by Darren at 17:28 on 19 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    Had NTL for years and always had a good fast and most importantly reliable service up until about the start of the year I had pretty much the same service from Virgin then from about the end of January things have rapidly gone down hill.

    I've constantly been suffering from the following with streaming content, games and torrents the connection starts fine then after a short period it completely drops out then comes back, this happens a few times then it'll drop out completely yet the lights on the modem will say I'm still connected (backed up by my router still having an IP) but it won't send or recieve any data. The only way to fix this is to switch off/on the modem and wait for it to find a new IP which under NTL would take seconds but under virgin takes ATLEAST 10-15 minutes. this is an absolute disgrace.

    Called the tech support and got put through to india where the woman told me to reboot and turn the modem off and on. priceless advice.

    Moving shortly and defo won't be using VM

  • unhappy

    by Noise at 16:12 on 19 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    Today i turned on my computer and what happened?? I got instant terrible speeds!!! It would appear that they just like to cap people all day long and piss people off!! Usually i do get good speeds (4MB) but today im barely getting 512KB and my ping is 450ms!!! Say goodbye to youtube!! We should all pick a day this month and cancel all our direct debits and see how those fuckers enjoy the inconvienience!!


  • unhappy

    by Mcmaster at 12:43 on 16 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    I have never seen a isp this bad. If you download 300mb they limit your download speed to 512kbs, which basically means you wont even get 10kbs download speed. What the hell kinda fair usage policy is this. AVOID VIRGIN AT ANY COST.

  • unhappy

    by Daavviid at 10:57 on 15 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    Virgin Media is cleverly advertising its high broadband speed while effectively the data stream (flow of data) is hampered not to permit any customer to watch movie nor play game on-line but you can check your email paying for 20MB!?!!. It is the only company that provides Internet through a CABLE (ADSL needs BT line). March 2008, they have introduced a restriction on download limits that hamper the DATA STREAM not the broadband SPEED which most of you are complaining. And to get rid of your complains about slow connection" they have increase the customer service call to 25p/m.

    What a clever way to make profit out of ignorance customers!

  • happy

    by Reality Check at 9:27 on 12 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    I have to respond to the guy who was complaining that he only recieved 200k from a 4 meg line.

    Dude if anything your only suppose to recieve 400k tops form a 4meg line after considering the line constraints & so on. You were talking about previously recieving 3900k when NTL were in charge very unlikely, dude that would have meant that you were working with a 40meg line get real.

    I've got the larg package 20meg line & i recieve 2.34meg down constantly & i'm happy with the service.

  • unhappy

    by dhl1 at 10:40 on 11 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    Last year I was having nightmare problems with the broadband, I was signed up to their 4mb service, the simple task of opening a webpage was akin to loading a game on a spectrum 48k !

    Bearing in mind this was around july/august 2007, so virgin media were up and running, in other words any decisions made were by virgin media and not ntl.

    I telephoned to complain and terminate the account, things had got that bad.

    When I called I was offered a free upgrade to 20mb for 12 months.
    I had a letter from them some 4 weeks ago saying that I was not paying enough for my telephone service, which is odd as I am with BT.
    I emailed them and told them I am not with them for phone and asked them to explain.
    They replied that a 1 month discount was applied to the account 2007 but this had run over.
    I replied that I was told 12 mnts, then they called me and the agent said the file said 6 months !
    I made it clear I would not have agreed to that.
    The case is now with cisas.

  • unhappy

    by anon555 at 0:57 on 5 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    I used to be a Telewest customer and the service was briiliant just before Branson took over I jump ship to SKY BB they were offering 16mb for £10pm I Live close enough to a exchange to be getting 12mb + couldn't be happier it's cheaper more reliable while I haven't been a Virgin Media I do have many friends who are or have been Virgin Media and deserting in droves due to speeds as slow as dialup to the connection dropping 25p a minute Indian customer support centre

    From what I can tell they're giving bandwidth priority to new sign ups and slowing old loyal customers down one friend whose been a Telewest/Virgin media customer for 2+ years has seen his speed virtually stop since Virgin Media connected up 4 new customers in his road yet Virgin customer support say there's no problem and he must have spyware or viruses on his pc (more bull) I wiped his pc and did a clean install of windows xp still the same speeds they also like traffic shape between 4-9pm


  • unhappy

    by susieee at 14:18 on 2 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    i was with telewest which was fantastic for me , since i have been with virgin , im disgusted with them , poor service all round im in the middle of watch footie with my son , zapp gone , i try to get other channes ahh if im lucky tut , poor speed on intetnet ( yes i know about speeds ect ) no mainline phone saturday sunday and monday looks like i will leave i pay £ 70 a month a lot of money for nothing tut come on branson sort it out before you have no costumers tut ( sory about spellings im not happy )

  • unhappy

    by nibbler at 19:06 on 31 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    Why no decent email response to queries ?
    Customer service stinks

  • unhappy

    by andy 1 at 21:26 on 30 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    Totally crap ! , bordering on fraud ! ! . I have their "so called" Elite 20Mbit service @ £37 mth but am luck if I get 4Mbit download speeds ! !

    Terrible customer service ! , managed to give all my services to a new customer by mistake !! ,only found out when I could'nt access Web or phone . took them almost 1 week to fix ! ! - Am almost definatly going to cancel if these spivs dont buck their ideas up !. do yourselves a favour - A V O I D ! ! !

  • unhappy

    by mr cooper at 21:22 on 30 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    this is my speed with virgin media
    Type Speed KBPS
    56k modem 56
    256k DSL 256
    512k DSL 512
    1Mb DSL/Cable 1024
    2Mb DSL/Cable 2048
    4Mb DSL/Cable 4096
    8Mb DSL/Cable 8192
    You 32
    Results 816 kbits downloaded in 25.707 sec
    post office would be quicker suposed to have a 2048 conection and only getting 32

  • unhappy

    by Andrew at 0:29 on 28 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    DON'T DO IT TO YOURSELF! Terrible ISP, they were ok before the merge but now are not worth bothering with.

    I have another line on BeThere and its faultless, don't use VirginMedia

  • unhappy

    by Charles K at 17:48 on 26 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    I've been a Telewest/Virgin customer for just over 8 years now and I can honestly say that this is the first time I've seriously considered ditching my cable connection. The service under Telewest was generally pretty good, my connection speed was fast and on the whole reliable. Since the Virgin take over however things have rapidly gone down hill. The speed of my connection has dropped, it's supposed to be 20Mb but its now slower than when it was a 10Mb connection. And as for the new "Fair usage policy" all I can say is that it's an utter disgrace, and the ruination of what was once a good service. Whats the point of offering a 20Mb service and then limiting it's usage to a total of 3Gb of data in the 5 hours of peak time? How can that be called an "unlimited" service?

    And as for charging 25p per minute for their usless tech support line, that's just outrageous and a complete rip off!

    Unfortunately I don't have a BT line or else I'd be gone like a shot.

    Location: Gloucester

  • unhappy

    by Foxy at 17:26 on 24 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    Oh dear.. I get no internet connection in the early mornings - upto 0830am - and Virgin Media haven't a clue why.
    Time to move on to a more professional outfit I think.

  • unhappy

    by ONE-WAY-SYSTEM at 20:30 on 21 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    first off i will be amazed if this gets posted before i get cut off, what a joke vm are, branson needs a good kick up the arse for letting this happen in the first place. ntl were great for years i was with them, so when the switchover came i spoke to virgin and they said, i will be running 6 times faster than what i was with ntl? great i was well happy! thieving, lieing, is all i have to say to that. wtf and how do these people get away with it? i shall be terminateing my account and will be more than happy to a court apearance and to see the scumbags locked up for good. i see richard branson in a new light these dayz! with a stocking over is head robbing

  • unhappy

    by michael at 12:54 on 19 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    What can i say - spent all weekend on the phone to India at 25p a minute after my connection failed. Virgin blamed my router, despite the fact it's been working fine for more than two years. Had my router tested by D-Link, and they proclaimed it fine. Back to Virgin India, who claimed it was a problem with my settings. Having determined my settings were fine, the operator had no more technical know-how than an average ten year old. After asking for a reference number for the problem (he couldn't give one), i rang again to ask if they had been unbundling at the exchange. The new operator changed his tune and said yes, there are problems with broadband at the moment, but wouldn't tell me what they were or when they would be fixed. It's now day six, and i dont know what the problem is, when it's likely to be resolved or who i'm supposed to talk to about it.
    Steer well clear of Virgin Media - fine when running, but woe betide anyone who wants to talk to someone when it packs up.

  • unhappy

    by Mr C at 21:46 on 15 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    I am an ex NTL customer who cut a discount broadband and phone 'loyalty' deal with Virgin on the anniversary of my renewal after making it clear I wasn't going to stick with them.

    What a mistake.

    I've barely been able to use my cable internet due to slow server and dropped lines in the last week - seems slower than dial up although its supposed to be 8mb. Even when its working I cant get more than 3mb.

    In my opinion, the company's download speed claims border on the fraudulent. Surely OFCOM should be doing something serious about this.

  • unhappy

    by SRH at 15:51 on 15 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    I've been a VM customer now for 3 months and the initial contact with their customer support was helpful although it takes a while to get through. I have taken VM television, telephone and 20MB broadband service. I've had problems with the television set top box not providing television programme information about 20 % of the time, really irritating when you hope to get additional programme information. Anyway I have had the engineer out just when the set top box decided to work properly again and he informed me that this problem was common and it happens sometimes but didn't offer any solution to it. My broadband speed should be 20MB and I'm averaging 3 4 MB which is way off the mark. Again after many times on the support line, oh dear what can I say, they sent an engineer out who gave me the answer that my area is being upgraded on 13th March 2008, this time has come and gone and my broadband speed, you've guessed it, remains at 3 4MB. Thanks for the bullshit Virgin Media,

  • unhappy

    by Lewis Ferguson at 21:47 on 13 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    Had great connection from Telewest until virgin took over... it was ok for a few months but lately it has been utter **** to say the least... After having a speed upgrade from 4Mb to 10Mb, i can download small stuff faster, e.g. an MP3 file. But when it comes to something like the PS3 Update files, it looks away at first sight... Would recommend to stay away from them!

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