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  • unhappy

    by Nicholas Boswell at 11:49 on 9 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    I am new to this hole pc and broadband stuff but however only ever been with virgin I cant say a lot.But my friends on the other hand do know there stuff and are saying what am paying for is not what am getting.I pay for XL 20mb BUT ONLY GET less than 1mb.I've had them out to look at my modem,lines the lot.when the guy came around he checked my speed and it showed 23mb and on avg it was saying 18mb not bad.1 day later and back to 1mb not a happy chap at all.

  • unhappy

    by none2 at 23:33 on 6 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    The customer services department is utterly useless. Nobody responds to emails or reads your letters properly; and I had to cancel my direct debit, and threaten the directors of the company with service of proceedings at their home addresses, before the file was transferred (two months later) to someone intelligent, who was actually willing to make an effort to restore my telephone service. Fine if you are litigation lawyer, with a second BT line, and it costs you peanuts to make their lives miserable through the courts, if necessary (they came within two hours of that). But if you are not, choose someone else.

  • unhappy

    by David Homfray at 20:40 on 4 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    Virgin Media are the worst company I have ever dealt with, they are totally useless and make me bloody angry. I have the VIP package which is supposedly 20Mb and HiDef telly. The cable TV keeps cutting out and stuttering and stopping. I know the broadband download speed is slower than stated but I could send letters by post quicker. It is no point phoning and complaining because some dude in the middle of nowhere has no knowledge and no ability to change or manipulate any outcome so all it does is cost you more money. I supposed to spend a fixed amount as I pay for all sort of VIP extra's and I never use the phone but there is never a month goes by where I don't spend another £20 or so. If anybody is thinking about moving to VM don't, don't, don't

  • unhappy

    by Mr Marks at 21:34 on 3 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    R.I.P NTL. After about 8PM (If im lucky) Internet struggles to even load simple web pages. Playing games online became a Definate "No No!"
    This has been happening on an off ever since the switch. Also, the connection speed fails to reach even 1/4 of what its expected to be. Like many others i fail to connect higher than 200kbp/s. 50kbp/s is a Decent speed for me. Not quite 2 MB?
    (Other people in my town have the EXACT same problem)

  • happy

    by Nick Cooper at 19:53 on 28 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    Well ive had virgin bband since oct 07 it started off so quick i was amazed,i have the XL package,it seemed to b downloading off the xbox marketplace site extremely slowly and i thought it was all down to virgin but im pretty sure its the microsoft servers being used in abundance since the mass influx of xbox subscribers in the last few months,anyway i ran a few tests on the speed and its fine and evrything is running fine so im happy anyway.Its a shame for you lot the r having problems because it seems that if you have probs with one the next provider is no better anyway.good luck trying to sort out your problems :-)

  • unhappy

    by James Henderson at 18:38 on 28 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    Not a great service, when I was with Telewest Broadband I had no problems, my broadband was speedy and if there was any problems or if service was slow Telewest would fix this problem almost immediately and send an e-mail of appology. However since Virgin has taken charge it has been to put it kindly pathetic, I pay for 2MB broadband which isn't really great I know but it raley runs at over 500KB, I clocked it at 249KB the other day. I have considred upgrading to 8MB broadband and then perhaps there will be a chance my broadband will run at 2MB ?
    Anyway I have had very poor service from Virgin and I would not recommend them to my worst enemy so if you are considering joining I advise you not to.

  • unhappy

    by Peter at 10:33 on 28 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    Virgin Media are a bunch of robbers, my internet keep dropping out, its slow, and the customer service shocking, I've already cancelled the TV, and they are still charging me for it!!! I'll be cancelling the lot shortly, but who can I use instead??

  • unhappy

    by Foreigner at 22:45 on 27 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    what do u think about upload speed? my mate sent me some mp3 file trough skype from abroad yesterday and the speed was about 200kBps and today was sending it to other friend who lives here in peterborough. the speed was no more than 12 kBps :(

  • happy

    by James at 20:57 on 22 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    I have been with Virgin for over 6 months now and its been great. There has been some down time but you get that with any provider, and its normanly fixed within 2 hours or less. I have been with 4 other providers in the past and Virgin has been the best..

    Oh and by the way, i dont work for virgin..

  • unhappy

    by Stuart Bates at 11:31 on 22 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    I signed up to the 4mb service, after a month was dismayed at the average 200kbps download speed I was getting so called to complain, they told me I was on 2mb service, so told them to change me to what I originally asked for 4mb, they did that, now my download speeds are an average 300kbps !?!?!?!?!
    I was getting over 1400kbps on my old copper cable from Plus net, I am now on fiber optic so the distance from the exchange and the contention ratio should have little effect, my router is the same make, my pc has been formated and set up afresh so why the low speeds!!!


  • unhappy

    by The Ross's at 19:12 on 21 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    Crap... Migrated into a crap service immediately it migrated to Virgin Media.

  • unhappy

    by Meenakshi at 17:02 on 17 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    oh well u cannot say anything about a service till u dont understand the type of connection that u have and the kind of speed calculation u r doing.800KB means 6Mega bits and downloads are always calculated in bytes may it be kilo bytes or mega bytes and the broadband speeds that u people have is megabits.And u are talking about people in india,Here a kid going to school would know how internet works and there in uk i have to explain an IT engineer what is a dynamic IP address.Indians too find it difficult to understand u people but they try and they are polite even if u say OH BLOODY INDIA.

  • unhappy

    by DARREN at 14:03 on 17 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    Since becoming virgin media from blueyonder i changed to BT and although they state up to 8Mb i am recieving 0.5Mb where i live!!! They dont tell you this of course when they are taking the order. Used to get 3.6Mb with virgin but when playing online games the ping used to jump from 20 - 450 during gameplay which was unusable. On a good note although i only have a 1/2 Meg connection with BT the ping rate is constant at 50. So it is okay for what i need. Virgin Media are rubbish and shouls be avoided at all costs. their after sales is atrocious and after they have attempted to accuse you of having virus or spyware problems they will still do nothing.

  • unhappy

    by ians at 15:56 on 15 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    I think Virgin Media Stinks to high heaven. I have had more out's ie. cannot get on line, phoning the hot line.( JOKE ) Is as frustrating as trying to get blood from a stone. First they make you dial this number, then press this then that then enter your phone number then press this option then another option, finally you get a recorded message telling you a load of old rubbish. Or you can phone a technician, for 10p connection charge and 25p per minute. I'm charged £35 per month for a package they are still advertising for £30 per month. Speeds of 2mb in this day and age are very slow. They said they were going to up grade the service. Two years on and we are still waiting. The price goes up and the service decreases. DON'T USE VIRGIN AS YOUR INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER UNLESS YOU WANT SLOW UNRELIABLE INTERNET. I intend to find another provider.

  • unhappy

    by handy hints 2 at 2:19 on 13 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    sure wat to do contact your local cib or solicitor. and that apllies to ALL isp's not just virgin hope this helps you guys

    all the best


  • unhappy

    by handy hints at 2:12 on 13 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    ok guys some things 2 help you, if they say u get 4meg u got to have that otherwise offcom will come down on them, secondly if they are going to cap the service they have to write and give u 28 days notice (read the small print on your contract) also there are uk call centres for vm if u phone and u get through to india u can request that u speak to a uk advisor (dont worry about it if u think its racist because it isnt, if you simply want to speak to a uk advisor that you feel you would get a better service from them you ARE entitled to ask they should also give you a direct number for the uk call centres, be calm but firm with the advisor) also when you phone ask them to record the call as your complaint is going to offcom aswell and you want verbal conformation aswell as written. the bad news is guys vm have the right to charge you the money for the sevices weather you use them or not. and they could bring a ccj against you if you dont pay the bill. but if your are NOT

  • unhappy

    by nathan at 1:37 on 13 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    I hate vm, ive had no end of problems with my billing, phone, tele, and broadband, AVOID AT ALL COST when i phoned vm coz of a problem with my bill i spoke to someone in india, i couldnt understand a bloody word the advisor was saying in the end i put the phone down, my contract is due to run out and guess what??? they renewed it without my authority, i payed late once or twice thru thier fault because they didnt put a pay by date on the bill i got a late payment fee, then when i payed the bill i payed approx £40 over the bill amount but yes u guessed it they ripped me off be cause i DOWNGRADED my phone package they charged me a partial months charge in advance and a whole month charge in advance respectivley, therefore wiping out the £40 i paid over, i pity anybody thinking of going with vm, dont go there find someone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • unhappy

    by Virgin, Axe merchants at 22:35 on 9 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    I was a happy Blueyonder customer from 2003. The customer service was patchy but my connection solid. I was steadily upgraded until reaching the 4Mb service.

    Since Virgin took over it has been awful. The last 4 months a joke Every day this week I have speed checked my connection in the evening. Before virgin I got 450KB+ down load speeds all the time. For the past 7 days my average has been 100Kb. Calling it 4Mb is misleading at best fraud at worst. How can they take a perfectly good service and screw it up so much is beyond me. Like other I find my connection capped whether I reach the download limit or not. And 700MB on a 450KB connection comes along very quickly. Want use the BBC I player ? forget. Want to play games with out lag, forget it. And I am paying £25 pound a month for an unlimited 4Mb

    I am voting with my feet and leaving. Don't believe the Hype the service is terrible and they have lost another Telewest/NTL/Blueyonder user.

  • unhappy

    by bushwacka at 4:20 on 8 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    virgin media is crap...like any other virgin product,by the way....
    Virgin Media does not care about their customers , just cares about the money...
    And you cant even pay cash!!!!!!! They charge you 5£.
    I dont anderstand why cash is worth less than cards ?
    Cash is cash...If i pay on time(and by the way a month in advance ie i have not use the service yet) why beeing charged for using good old paper notes in the shop?????
    Anyway, virgin media is ****>>>>>>>>.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by nothere at 22:13 on 7 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    better hurry... my connection's going to drop in a minu...

  • unhappy

    by James at 23:52 on 5 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    Like Weed below, I am only getting 25% of my correct download speed for several hours each night. I'm having to start downloading my files from midnight onwards to allow me to download at my correct speed, as i've bought a 3 month Rapidshare account, so need to make use of the downloading, however i'm being unfairly restricted by VM. This is completely unacceptable, i'm having to lose sleep to stay awake to download the files I want at inappropriate hours.

    Paying £25 a month, plus all the money towards the Sky Sports cable package, for a **** service.

  • unhappy

    by Weed at 20:44 on 5 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    Yep, Virgin Media are crap. AVOID! Unfortunately I'm too far from my local BT exchange to be able to get fast broadband over a BT line, so i'm stuck with these greedy incompetents. I was with Telewest for 5 years, who were fine, but after getting taken over by Virgin Media, technical support is now on a premium line number, their performance is lowest of all the major service providers, and worst of all I get cut back to 25% of the advertised download and upload speeds for 5 hours every night -- this seems to happen as soon as my upload speed goes over 256Kb (I'm paying an extra 10 quid a month for a measley extra 128Kb upload which i really need). THERE ARE BETTER SUPPLIERS OUT THERE. IF YOU HAVE THE CHOICE, USE IT!

  • unhappy

    by Paul S at 19:48 on 5 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    James K below is wrong. 20Mb (Megabit) broadband should provide 20/8 = 2.5 MB (MegaByte) speed. 8 bits to the byte remember. So in kilobits I should expect 20000Kb (Kilobit) or 2500 KB (Kilobyte). I have 20Mb package from Virgin and get 15-18 during the day but in the evening it's down to 2-4Mb which is appaling. I'm not happy as under NTL I got damn near the advertised speed all the time. It's rubbish so complain.

  • unhappy

    by T white at 19:39 on 5 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    Virgin Media are a disgrace and run a service nothing short of being fraudulent. I am on the 20mb package and get capped everynight when i dont even use anywhere near what i am supposed to be using to be capped. All the garbage and rubbish virgin media spout about it only effects large downloaders is utter bull. They are capping everyone and we are all paying for it. NTL 10 meg an absolutely awesome service, one phone call in 8 years, virgin media about 30 calls since christmas alone, and almost everytime a guy in india who reads from a script on his screen who cant do anything or fix anything other than reboot your modem, or theres a problem with your modem we will send an engineer, and all the time it is virgin capping everybody. All you people that are concerned you have to stay with virgin for the yearly contract, check your rights, you are entitled to cancel the service at anytime, as virgin media have broken their contract by not providing you with an adequate service.

  • unhappy

    by Since taking over NTL it's gone to Hell! at 21:28 on 3 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    My now 2MB Virgin Media Broadband connection is still lacklustre!

    I had 10MB with NTL no problems, within a couple of months of Virgin taking over it's abysmal - getting 3MB max at any time of day!

    They give me the 'up to 10MB' bullsh**, no point arguing as the helpdesk had a limited vocabulary and couldn't give two-*****s if my broadband was slow or not.

    I downgrade to 4MB. I get the same speeds as I got paying the so called '10MB'. A few months later I'm struggling to get 2MB, averaging around 1.1!!!

    Now downgraded to the 'basic' 2MB not because I want to but Virgin will not provide any help or support, just standard customer service lies. I am paying for the 2MB service as even if I pay more I get NO increase in my download speeds!

    Virgin Media can go ************! I'm moving house soon and will NEVER be using any of there services again.

    NTL was spot on and other than a few minor outages it was always fast and reliable! Branson touches it and it goes to ****!

  • unhappy

    by james k , at 9:20 on 3 Feb 2008 Report abuse


    i am not defending virgin media in anyway, i have had way too many problems with their tv service and the useless customer care, the stupid foreigners that cant speak english who answer the phone etc


    everyone seems to be confused......

    if you have 4 meg broadband which is 4000kb you should expect to get 400kb download speeds not 4000

    4meg = 4000kb.........expect to get 400kb download speeds

    20meg = 20,000kb.........expect to get 2000kb download speeds

    what ever broadband service you get, expect to get 10 times less download speed than stated



    the benefit of virgin media is that it is cable and the speeds dont slow down as much as adsl(bt, sky) when lots of users are using the service and also the service isnt affected by how far away you live from the telephone exchange.

    even that said, i have never had problems with a company before, but virgin media take the p**s BIG TIME!

  • happy

    by John Sparton at 19:46 on 2 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    My experience is something completly different. I ordered the Medium Size (4mb) service online when they were offering it for £17 per month and a £10 online discount.
    I got the installation, which I really didn't need, but they came over, sorted it out and it took less than 10 minutes. After that, setting it up was pretty easy, using the CD and manual with the information you need.
    I have two things to say;

    One- We had some trouble with the billing department when they try to charge us the full £25 for the service, and also try to get away with not paying us our discount. One phone call to somewhere not in this country sorted it out though.

    Two- I don't have any problems with slow downloads or disconnections. Most of the time, I get more than 4mbs, and this will only occassionally slow down during peak hours. I pay for 4mb, which is what I get- I can't say the same thing about many other ISP's *Sky*

    Overall, I would definitly recommended it, I'm glad I went cable instead of DSl.

  • unhappy

    by unhappy handbag at 15:47 on 1 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    Awful awful awful! Virgin Media = AWFUL ( I really can't say that word enough when it comes to VM) rotten Customer Service, chap seemed completely disinterested and bored, the internet speed is SHOCKING and I still don't know what I'm paying for TV wise....will be changing providers at the first opportunity.

  • unhappy

    by Cat at 19:28 on 25 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    For the past few months we have been getting randomly disconnected. I found out it is due to Virgin's DNS servers being overloaded with customers, so they have been doing things on the cheap and piling everyone on to the same server - of course it's going to go down!
    Are they masochists? Do they WANT everyone to leave them?
    At 10pm every night WITHOUT FAIL we lose our service completely until some time during the afternoon the next day. Throughout the day, it will disconnect and reconnect within a few minutes, but way too often for it to be not annoying.
    Wtf are they on?

  • unhappy

    by C.SERIOUSLY at 16:14 on 23 Jan 2008 Report abuse


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