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  • happy

    by Nick at 16:12 on 23 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    I have been with VM since the inception of their broadband back in NTL days. I started on the 600k package and have been automatically upgraded through time to 4mb package. This gives me a healthy 450-500k download (Max theory is 512K). I do wonder if people understand the speed system? Most people dont. People might want to check their speeds correctly before ringing.

    I play regularly on xbox live and suffer no connection problems, other than xmas 2007 xbox live problems, but thats a different story.

    Like I said, been with VM for many years now (Originally NTL) and never had anything but a seamless service. Admittedly customer service was quite slow, but I have only contacted them twice in just under 8 years that I have used them.

  • unhappy

    by Andrei at 22:06 on 21 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    There is nothingt o add except that STAY AWAY from Virgin Media. I was with Ntl since the Net wasn't even out:) I joined their dial up then bb, always fast stable no lag whatsoever.... very very good... until Virgi took over. How can someone take a perfect infrastructure and destroy it beyong my understanding.

    I was promised a fix 3 months ago, still nothing, I have 100's of screenshot from 1 year go, only thing I can do now is contact OFCOM and see what they can do about it. I pay £37 for less then 3Mb, this is a joke.

    I worked fro Bulldog was one of their NOC engineers... so I do know my stuff, what Virgin does has nothing to do with line or the user, it is their stupidity and management software. Stay away from Virgin!!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by To answer Bear at 22:00 on 21 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    You do realise 485kb's is actually less then 0.5Mb yeah less then half a meg mate, when I am paying £37 a month for a 20Mb connection... YES 20Mb which means 20480kb/s well of course I am moaning.

    What if you went to buy a nice new Ferrari and after you paid they give you a Mini Cooper and told you that's the Ferrari??? How would you feel about it???

  • happy

    by Bear at 18:32 on 21 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    I don't work for VM, was desperately unhappy with NTL and was considering moving. I now get regular 485 kb/s downloads and my bill has reduced to £31 per month for broadband, line rental, all my calls and 120 channels of TV. I can't see what the problem is or why so many are moaning here.
    Just a thought - are you blaming your software's problems on VM?

  • unhappy

    by parker1234uk at 16:42 on 21 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    VM are complete and utter rubbish, I have been with them since their dial up service and up until Virgin took them over, they had been fantastic. Since moving house and and signing up to their adsl service it is unusable. Online speed tests show after 5pm im connecting at 0.3mb, however before work at about 8am I can connect at almost 7mb. After a number of emails and calls to india, my phone line, pc and or distance to the exchange is faulty after 5pm ? go figure :) Only 9 months until I can switch providors. Lucky my neighbour happens to be a good friend and has set me up on his wireless, he's on bethere broadband and i can connect at 15mb with downloads at 1.5mb a sec. Happy days.. almost

  • unhappy

    by mahut at 15:54 on 21 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    As Telewest the service ahd improved recently and I hadn't rebooted the modem or called support for a long time. Since Xmas the connection has been appalling, often completely unobtainable in the evening but also at other times too. Download speeds are sometimes as low as 5 kbps compared to around 180 normally. No response to email and I too have no intention of paying to call them. Will write next but don't expect a good response. The 4mb service is one of the most expensive available and I only stick with it to avoid using a copper wire service so am in a monoply situation. Phone service too is poor and TV packages are inflexible. Will probably up sticks and move lock stock and barrel to Sky eventually.

  • unhappy

    by BobTheWidget at 15:06 on 21 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    The speeds are ok, except for a week when my 20Mb connection was donloading at 5Kbps. Usually download at about 1.9Mbps which i am happy with. Connection is reliable but i found it was better as telewest. Never had a problem at all in 2 years with telewest but have had 3 since it became virgin.

    The main problem is now they DO NOT offer free telephone support. This is a disgrace!!! I am paying £35 a month for broadband and if it fails i have to ring a premuim rate number. I never require technical support as i am very IT literate but if the line is not working this is way beyond my control. Very unhappy about this!!!

  • unhappy

    by Nigel J at 10:13 on 21 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    Yes the overall consensus is correct, "what a pile of garbage" Why can't we get it handed back to ntl, it was a wonderful service before VM got their very incapable hands on it, they are making a fortune out of us and without a mask.

    How do they get away with advertising fast service, Is someone getting a back hander?.

    Truth is there is slow, slower, creeping then VM "what a set of *******.

  • unhappy

    by silver at 22:57 on 20 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    20MB Broadband... Rubbish. In reality, the max. download speed I have ever received on my XL a/c is 5.2MB, with upload speeds that are astonishingly low. The past week, my speed has dropped to a fraction over 1MB between the hours of 8pm - 11pm, with no problems being reported on the connection helpline. This started out as a sudden drop in speed on the odd night, now and again - but now that this has happened for 7 nights on the trot, I suspect bandwidth capping is the actual problem. If you're thinking of using VMedia, don't be fooled by the cleverly worded phrase "up to 20MB", as you won't get close to that speed. What you'll actually get is between 4 - 4.6MB with the odd peak close to 5MB, and a drop in the evenings to as little as 1.4MB or less... that's my current experience in S. Wales - be warned! Branson - stop playing with Northern Rock and look at your Internet company, and invest money in server upgrades if there's a need for capping to maintain bandwidth.

  • unhappy

    by mike.d13 at 23:07 on 19 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    ok i think virgin media is rubbish i dont care what you rate this just read ... i have been with virgin media for 6 months now one wired computer alot of problem with that one wireless computer many problems cant view videos on youtube at times cause its to slow ( and the wired computer is not on at that time ) have a ps3 and with virgin broadband ha playing fifa 08 online be a pro mode what happenes cuts out says it loses connetion but the signal strengh is at 80 to 85 % ( any answers on what i can do please email me at [email protected] )

  • unhappy

    by SpamBot at 21:42 on 19 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    HAD to upgrade from 512 to 20k because I am working from home on an online application: made next-to-no difference so far. Marginally faster page loads but definately not instantaneous! Connection drops and I suspect we get capped: even after only being online for 5 mins!
    I don't want to have to change, but they said that at the end of the month they are improving their 'nodes'. If I don't see an improvement then I'm changing to Be

  • happy

    by internet virgin at 18:54 on 17 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    i had a BT Internet and phone, sky tv, before i went with virgin media now the on-line package deal looked very good and happily it is i went for the 3 for £30, TV size XL, broadband 2mg, phone. i also ordered a extra set top box(£10) to be installed as well with all the discounts available for singing on on-line the first bill came in at £85 first month in advance and second bill £43.
    installation came round very fast with-in a week and the work was completed with little disruption to my self took about an hour as for the service i have had no problems as such but if you phone for a problem to be sorted it can be a lengthy call. as for value for money go for it well worth it, sky and virgin have fell out and so dont look for sky one with virgin!

  • unhappy

    by Tom Lewisohn at 15:39 on 13 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    I too am appalled with Virgin Media's services. NTL were running a fine service and my connection speed was reliable - fairly near the speed promised. Ever since the takeover my connection speeds (supposed to be 2mbps) have severely plummeted. Though online tests suggest I can just about achieve 200kbps download speeds, in reality files typically download at about 10kbps - slower than age old dial-up. It is infuriating when trying to browse a number of web pages at once due to the waiting time. If I want to download other content on top of this, connection speeds further hit trouble.

    Contacting Virgin Media about my problem would be good, but they now charge an extortionate price to phone them and I expect hold times are long too (though I cannot confirm this, this is purely speculation).

    I would not recommend this ISP for anyone.

  • happy

    by Been great. at 15:46 on 12 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    I was with Telewest, then the NTL and over to Virgin when they took over. There's usually always a connection and I find the speed great even with 4 computers running off it.

    Location: Gloucester

  • unhappy

    by Spike001 at 12:12 on 12 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    Like many others I used to receive a good reliable service.
    I began to play on line games on a 512 connection and this was okay. Upgraded to 2mb and again this worked well with CSS and pings 200.
    Spoke to technical support at 25ppm and the reverted me to 2mb connection and I was back to 20-30 ping which was great.
    Then it all went wrong on 10th December 07 when my ping jumped to 4/500 and really bad lag even if when my ping went down to double figures.
    To date, after many unanswered emails and several phone calls to customer services and reluctantly to technical support, I still am unable to effectively play on line games such as CSS and COD4.
    I donte see why should call technical support at 25ppm when virgin created the problem with their supposed "Improvements"
    They have screwed up big time.

  • unhappy

    by Howard44 at 22:05 on 9 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    Used to get good broadband speeds from NTL. Virgin are now capping speeds - I pay for 4Mb and am being capped to less than 1Mb. This is unethical and a rip-off.
    Super-fast We page refresh is not the main advantage of high speed broadband - it is downloads, radio, tv and video streaming.


    I have Virgin Media TV,Phone and Broadband package - I will be reinstalling BT telephone and looking at all other broadband providers.

  • unhappy

    by Alastair W at 1:10 on 8 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    Virgin Media customer service is appalling!
    When they disconnect servces that are paid for in advance due to what they call technical faults they charge extra on other services because they are no longer eligible for package discounts, this where they were not asked to disconnect a service they just failed to provide what was paid for but they take money from the customer to cover their own mistakes.
    Please note, if the above appears in any way libellous it isn't, it is based entirely on fact and my terrible experience at the hands of this terrible company. If Virgin Media think this is libellous I invite them to take legal action, my name is on their database, they are the ones in breach of contract.

  • unhappy

    by RTA at 23:08 on 6 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    I too have been with Virgin ever since they started their internet service. 56k dialup - fantastic. A couple of years ago switched to 1Mb Broadband service - Fantastic. Switched to 2Mb service - Fantastic. Switched to 8Mb ADSLMax service - Fantastic. Then, late in 2006, my line speeds started dropping from the 6.5Mb I had been getting down to less than 56k dial-up speed. As if by magic, at midnight speeds returned to 6.5Mb. After 10 years, I made my 1st ever complaint to them. I supplied them line speed tests and was emailed asking for line speed tests. By my connection achieving 6.5Mb after midnight, it proved my settings were OK but was told it was my PC. Finally got 3 months payments refunded & the promise that they were improving things as fast as possible. A whole year later - 4k[!] connection & had to DIAL in to check for problems - 'none reported'. Enough is enough, I'm off. Three years ago I was recommending them to everyone. My sad advice now is to avoid like the plague.

  • happy

    by Sceptic at 16:23 on 5 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    As an existing VM cable customer I have been considering getting my broadband through them as well. Having read the comments on this site (95% negative) I could be forgiven for not wanting to further associate myself with VM. Then I wondered whether the aforementioned comments were a balanced/representative sample or do sites such as this only attract dissatisfied customers? Satisfied customers probably have no great motivation to write complimentary words about a service which they find reasonable.
    So with this thought in mind I checked out the uswitch.com site and to my surprise discovered that out of 2987 VM customers surveyed (note surveyed) overall customer satisfaction was 76% . Also from 2077 customer reviews, 579 were very satisfied, 960 were fairly satisfied and only 74 were very dissatisfied with the rest in between.
    Whilst I am sure that most comments in this site are legitimate I do feel that they might give a misleading picture to a casual reader.

  • unhappy

    by Gavinnexus at 22:15 on 1 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    After being a broadband customer of Virgin Media For 4 years on on all the packages I cant wait to change to another ISP. My Internet is a joke supposed to be 10mb/20mb can barely get 4mb if Im lucky. As I use Xbox live to game, this is now a nightmare constant lag and hangups. Calling customer services when they cant even understand what your trying to tell them, got my modem replaced was worse than the original chunky surfboard modem. Sending emails to them is a waste of time as well. Avoid like the plague.

  • unhappy

    by SS at 21:02 on 1 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS? Bullsh*t. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble. Even though cable broadband is the best type of broadband around at the moment, they get excited when they cut your broadband speed just because you download more that your 'LIMIT': Which is i think 350MB for M package, 3GB for the XL package, as far as i can remember. Talk about SH*T. They expect us to just 'surf the web' and 'check out articles' on random f*cken websites. On top of that, they monitor traffic from a supposed 4pm to 12am. Which is probably a LIE because my internet slows down at random times (as well as my friend's) even when I HAVEN'T DOWNLOADED A THING. Can't wait to get away from VM man.

    ps. Excuse the language :)

  • unhappy

    by Sam Henderson at 13:27 on 1 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    Well i had no problems with NTL world, but now virgin media has taken it over, i have had problem after problem. My download speed was originally around 200~Kbs now for some reason they wont reach over 30~kbs. I am going to call them and ask WTF they have done to my internet. I am not a happy customer

  • happy

    by paul spencer at 1:22 on 29 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    NTL had a free phone line for ntl customers to report faults with their service,
    VIRGIN MEDIA requires its victims to call a 090 number which will cost 25 pence a minute. There is no way round it. You cannot contact them any other way. Try it, visit the VM website,

  • unhappy

    by SmartRRs at 21:53 on 27 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    Virgin Media is rubbish. They dont answer e-mails. And for a 20 meg (hohoho) connection I am lucky to get 3 megs. AVOID VIRGIN AT ALL COSTS!!!

  • unhappy

    by ExTelewest at 11:27 on 27 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    I'm going to try to keep this short.

    I've been a Telewest (cable) customer for about 5 years, now I'm switching away from Virgin Media. Not too sure to whom yet, but away from this madness.

    Main factors

    1) Peek time capping that punishes 'normal' users whilst keeping their P2P fanbase happy.

    2) Call centre. I don't think I'm racist, but I'd just prefer the call centre to be in the UK.

    3) Cost. This would not be such a problem if points 1 and 2 did not apply.

    After noticing the capping I had a quick google. It appears that the capping has been around for quite a while. I guess it's just beggining to filter down to ex Telewest user now.

  • unhappy

    by james at 19:44 on 22 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    short n sweet.
    customer service is appauling(paying 25p a minute for the privelage makes it even more so) yet another UK company with callcentres overseas, ill let u guess where....
    "traffic management" is a joke, this wasnt used nor needed when the company was ntl.
    connection was unreliable at times but this is now becoming a trend

    VM should not be taking on more customers if they cannot provide the services advertised its an absolute joke, i will be ringing them up again tomorrow in the hope of getting a literate on the phone then no doubt i will be changing isp

  • unhappy

    by badger at 13:03 on 22 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    The VM Blueyonder service I have here in the North-East is appalling. Thankfully I found this website when testing the speeds and now realize that it isn't just me having mega problems with the service. When it was Telewest I had no complaints, but having read the comments on this website I realize that I am not alone in thinking that the service has gone in to 'self-destruct mode' since Virgin took over, as no one will want to use it on its present performance.
    God help Northern Rock Building Society if Virgin get their hands on it.
    I had some respect for Richard Branson but he should be ashamed to put his name to Virgin Media on their present performance.
    I am looking to change my I.S.P. a.s.a.p.

  • unhappy

    by Crap crap crap and even crapper than a crap thing at 23:32 on 20 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    I was on dial up with Blueyonder and then migrated to Blueyonder cable- even the dialup seemed substantially faster than being on cable with Virgin Cretins now. Blueyonder worked; it worked reliably and consistently and had excellent customer support generally. I am so hacked off with virgin idiots now that I'm going to pay for a BT line to be installed - any company that charges (using a premium rate line) to have a fault reported is completely unworthy of being treated as a real business. I spit on them for being so astoundingly useless and I wish nothing but bad luck and failure to the management that is organising this rape of the customer.

  • unhappy

    by Colin at 23:14 on 20 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    I wud take a bet that most of the people saying they are ok with VM are NOT in crowded places. I am on the London road in Brighton and it is rubbish. I have seen in the BOX not 10 yrds from my door. It's crammed full of wires. 2-3 years ago there was me and about 6-7 others I pay £37 a month for up to 20meg & I am getting under a meg sometimes this is the 2nd review I have tried to post if it gets lost like the last one I shan't bother again it's too late now

    My ISDN with Cable and wireless was better. I use to play quake with m8ts in US now I can't play it at all too much lag and guess what!!! the ole net plug flashing on the screen like it used to Years ago. what a con they are.

  • unhappy

    by AlxUsher at 11:58 on 20 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    Letter i just had to send to virgin, i think it says it all:

    I ordered cable broadband from you in August (confirmation e-mail ref)and eventually, after several phone calls had this confirmed in September (order ref) and shortly after you asked in a letter (ref) for a prepayment of £25, which cleared my bank on the 1st of October.

    A letter followed promising set-up in a matter of a few days, and then a PIN and serial number to assist with set-up. After nearly two months of frequent calling, I opted to go elsewhere and was connected within a week.

    I have now called to request my money back as you have failed to supply any service (despite a green cable box being within sight of my house and my neighbour being connected) and been told you cannot find record of my payment.

    You have held my money for two months (presumably earning your company interest) without providing any service and have cost me several hours in wasted time and telephone calls.

    Awaiting the response.......

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