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  • unhappy

    by peter at 14:14 on 16 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    i have to say what was i thinking when i joined virgin broadband
    first the person that installed it was a moron managed to smash his head open on his van , gave me a install cd that wouldnt work on vista , had to call up support for 3 hours till i could sort it out
    download speed sucks , max i ever get is 260kb/s (2mb connection)
    mainly get 5-100 kb/s
    connection drops about 5-10 times a day having to unplug modem and restart my pc


  • happy

    by WhiteEagle at 23:31 on 15 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    It seems I'm lucky then. I have 4Mbit VM broadband ("L" package) and my internet connection never brakes and the speed never drops. My download speeds are nearly always very close to the thoretical maximum (480-500Kbyte/sec out of 512KByte/sec (4096Kbit)) and so are the upload speeds (42-46Kbyte/sec out of 48Kbyte/sec (384Kbit)). I can even play online - I have just played Crytek Crysis multiplayer online...

    But, their customer service sucks! These people just can't speak English!!! Their vocabulary is limited to approx. 50 words, and they misunderstand everything. A usual converstation:
    You: - I have problem with the phone service.
    CS: - Sorry, please repeat, what TV package have you got?

    P.S. I'm NOT a VM employee :-))

  • unhappy

    by Monarovxr at 14:37 on 15 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    I suspected I wouldn't be the only one who's tired of Virgin Media, and I can't say any more than has been said. Online gaming is impossible unless you're happy with it running like a pile of crap, streaming videos takes twice as long to load than it does to play and not to mention the download speeds not close to what they should be.

    Complete load of crap, Virgin ruined a good ISP.

  • happy

    by Ryan at 10:32 on 15 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    I've had VM for the last week or so, its been good.. Just took around 5 hours to get a serial number, but all is fine now. All that happens rarely is my internet speed goes from 19mb/s to 8mb/s, but then all I have to do is restart my pc using TCP Optimzer.

    Thanks VM for your great service, I'm still using it and so far it is awesome.

    P.S. I suggest getting the XL package!

  • unhappy

    by dave at 18:08 on 14 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    i have just submted my review about my service and it has done it with errors on page that is somthing else i have noticed since the switch from ntl

  • unhappy

    by M Madacky at 16:18 on 14 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    Slow and irresponsible bunch of people (if it is appropriate to call them that way). No wonder they are hiding their e-mail for customer services.3 months on, after being stupid enough to sign up for Virgin Media broadband and telephone like, I finally got the phone but no internet. Worst thing of all is that I can not use normal dial up and I am stuck with them for a year. BEWARE! Avoid Virgin Media whenever possible, they newer call back when they say they will and since they hide their e-mail contacts should be quite good clue that they have a good reason to do so.

  • unhappy

    by Jamz at 15:49 on 7 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    Some more false advertizing on the official website... they say they are officially UK's fastest broadband provider, even though, and I'm not trying to advertise here, Be broadband do a 24mb... Isn't that better than virgin XL 20mb?

  • unhappy

    by Mad at 15:26 on 7 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    VM are complete and utter incompetent bastards.

    never mind the broadband service......just try and cancel your contract to find they will dip into your direct debit at the bank using different reference codes. so the bank cant stop it each time.

    If I did this I would be arrested!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Sean , Glasgow at 15:14 on 7 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    Just got it yesterday and already utterly appalled. Was with iscali before and was getting 4mb adsl (8mb package though due to circumstances got speeds of 4) well anyway foned 2 weeks ago to change to virgin along with phone and tv, and as last week was before 30th November as stated on virgin site I could get the LARGE package for 12 months. After installing the broadband last night I noticed the pcguard app taht comes bundled (decided to use since my norton subscribtion xpired) said i was on MEDIUM. So I went on virgins site, signed in, and to my horror, MEDIUM PACKAGE £18 PER MONTH! Did spped checks and was getting 2 Mbs/s. About to fone virgin just now andI assure you head will roll for this. And if they dont fix this problem (ie LARGE package for £14.50 as I shouldve got) they will be told to shove their broadband up their ARSE ;) Why would I pay £18 for a service half the speed of my previos service which was £17.99. COMPLETE iDiOTS WORKiNG THEiR ;)

  • happy

    by Jamz at 14:41 on 7 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    - Russel, you're right about the conversions - Though I'm talking about getting 0.5mbits rather than the 4mbits I should recieve (my line is capabale of 4.012mbits/s)
    - Is it just me or does the 'broadband' slow down when the TV settop box is on? (Only for those with the box + built in modem) I seem to have higher latency when someone is watching TV!
    - Customer support my A**s, the website shows special deals and promotions that expired a week ago..
    - Why are VM cable upload speeds so slow? 400kb/s just doesn't cut it on a 4mb connection. I realise other suppliers do the same, but is the throttling really neccassary? Even the 20mb, 'Great for online gaming' connection is throttled with a 768kb.. Which is pants really.

  • happy

    by Jamz at 13:46 on 7 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    Note: A good ISP that's really good to look out for is Be Broadband

  • happy

    by Russell Wade at 10:46 on 7 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    At the risk of being shot down in flames, I do wonder if a lot of people on here are mixing up their bits and bytes when looking at download / upload speeds. The rated line speed (eg 20Mb/sec) refers to megabits, whereas the download speed shown by Windows when downloading a file is in KB/sec (kilobytes). Since there are 8 bits to a byte, it means you must multiply the figure shown in Windows by eight to judge it against the rated line speed. The actual figure depends on many factors outside the control of your ISP, mainly the speed of the website server's connection to the internet and how busy it is. But on a major site like Microsoft I typically get a download speed of 400 - 420KB/sec on my 4Mb/sec Virgin line. That equates to at least 3.2 megabits/sec, which I think is pretty acceptable.

  • unhappy

    by VirginMedia SUCKS! at 17:16 on 6 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    People that say they are happy with VM service either VM employee or just recently got connected and have no clue what's the real good broadband is.

    I used to be with Telewest for many years and in my opinion Telewest was the best ISP in the world. But since VM took over, they've fucked everything up completely! And they don't want to admit it.

    I'm on so called 20Mb broadband now, but I feel like I'm back to dial-up. The speed is not even the main issue, but the latency. Many websites simply don't load due to timeout, or you have to wait for minutes to open 15 – 20 KB webpage

    I'm looking for an alternative ISP and I'll stop direct debit to VM as soon as I find one. If VM continue like this, they'll loose thousands of customers, especially those who used to be with Telewest.

    I miss my Telewest, it was a dream…

  • unhappy

    by Jamz at 10:34 on 5 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    I was a NTL customer before VM, and never had bad service. However, now my internet is slow and has a constant latency of 200+ (Horrible for playing xbox live) even though my 4mb/s connection is supposed to be fully compatible. I get a maximum of 500 kb/s download and about 50kb/s upload, even though I'm about 2km away from the server(?). I have triple checked my system, including a belkin wireless g router that works very well when hooked up to a friends BT broadband, and a fully functioning xbox 360, and have concluded that the problem can only be to do with either the set top box, which containts my modem and actually slows down my internet when the TV is on, or the cable internet service. This problem is then mutliplied by the expensive and useless foreign customer service staff that insist the problem is my own. Sort it out VM!

  • happy

    by sharpen at 19:45 on 3 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    I have plusnet into my home on a seperate line and use this for my work - it is faultless, never falls down and consistantly provides 2M. Virgin Media comes in on my other line and I pay to have 8M on this connection. I have not had more than 300k and I just ran the test on this site and got 120k!!!! my upload is 400K - this is totally unacceptable, both lines come from the same exchange so what else can it be other than mis-selling by Virgin; and I will be closing the account as soon as I find a better deal - lets face it that won't be hard!!

  • unhappy

    by ljf1410 at 19:36 on 2 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    Poor browsing speed since virgin took over from telewest. shows hig connection speed but browsing time are poor and connection is very unstable. its that bad i now have SKY Broadband which seems to work perfect. again its a sunday and virgin broadband is very slow like a dial up (im broadband) keeps hanging on web pages, Come back telewest all forgiven. What they care another customer going!

  • unhappy

    by MW at 22:28 on 29 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I was previously a customer with Blueyonder/Telewest and had no problems whatsoever with them, since Virgin took over however the service while having few problems outside of peak times has become increasingly poor during peak times. With a 20mb package I'm lucky if I get even half of that speed for downloading, many websites take minutes to load and on sites such as Youtube videos take at least twice as long to download than what they run for. Customer service was also a sham, with the bloke on the other end of the line giving useless advice and eventually claiming that the problems with my connection were a result of ongoing maintenance in my area that would be fixed "soon". And yet 3 months later and several more phone calls and there has been no real fix.

  • unhappy

    by Robbie McCorkell at 21:42 on 29 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Abysmal speeds, going down to 0.07mbps.

    Impossible to stream music or video.

    Gaming is impossible, and voice chat is unintelligible.

    And I can't even quit the contract.

  • unhappy

    by Rob Mac at 19:30 on 29 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Please do not sign-up to Virgin Media for broadband - the service is dreadfully slow (I get 300k but I'm paying for up to 8Mb). There support team are not very helpful. I decided to switch to another ISP and had a hell of a job getting my MAC code out of Virgin - they try to make you phone a premium rate line to get it. After I threatened to report them to Ofcom they eventually gave me the MAC code. Then almost immediately my internet connection got worse (if that is possible) - not it is virtually unusable, and I can't access my GMail, so I'm not very happy with Virgin. They are a company that puts up an ethical public persona but I think it is a facade, and they do not treat their customers very well.

  • unhappy

    by Patrick Francis at 18:09 on 29 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I don't have a complaint so much about the internet, phone or tv, but about the service when talking to customer services and what not. When I spoke to a person at virgin a couple of months back they assured me that the services I had would be cancelled. Four months later I get a bill asking for £80 because my services were still connected and I had cancelled the direct debit. Why the hell weren't the things I cancelled disconnected!?!?! Needless to say I had no choice but to pay £122. Yes, up from £80 because apparently the internet is billed seperately, which doesn't make sense because I only ever got one bill a month. Needless to say I am very annoyed.

    I wouldn't advise anybody to go with virgin, save yourselves the hassle.

  • unhappy

    by darekp at 0:00 on 28 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I will never forgive them what they have done to me and I will never use any of their service .
    Poor speed (up to :) 70kbps instead of 8mb) and supprt, slow response on complaints, expensive and unuseful tech support calls - I do not see any single positive factor in VM service.
    AVOID IT - do not waste your time.

  • unhappy

    by mike at 9:36 on 26 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    It has to be said as per all the other comments listing complaint after complaint for VM i have now have had several run in's so to speak with them over poor service on the broadband side and their so called capping. I am only on 2mb and when capped get a miserable 917kbps, so i asked if i only get half the download speed then why should i pay the full price? they could not comment and could not see my view, it's not my fault they cant handle the net with the platforms they got, instead we get capped to save them bandwidth so they can squeeze more and more customers in at our expence, i always thought a company grows with pride and success on a good service provided as they get better and offer better performance and service not by ripping of long term customers i have been on cable since it was called cable the first time round and always had a cracking service till now. I fully undersatnd everyone should have a chance on the net at peak times but surely as a company who knows how the net is used more and more day in and day out knowing that people are doing more and more downloading it's the in thing in case no one had noticed, so surely it should be them making better upgrades to the service in order to keep business rather in pushing customers away with crap like this.No one just seems to care if it was my company i would be trying the best to gain and keep customers not lose them. so instead i am off looking for a better deal a i would rather pay bt the £124.99 for a phone line then find another internet cable provider forwhich O2 looks promising for me at £15 a month and a decent speed with a fair use policy that suits. my gain your loss!!!!!
    yours truly
    a very disgusted customer yet again.

  • unhappy

    by Richard at 9:49 on 22 Nov 2007 Report abuse


    If you want Internet for looking at few pages of text and emails then you will be ok.

    If you want to do all the things Internet is good for Media Streaming, Online Gaming, Music then DONT go with VIRGINMEDIA.

    They advertise 2MB but they CAP you if you are downloading between to 4pm -12pm. When CAPPED your download speeds will drop to half or even less. IF you are unlucky to CAPPED just before 12pm then you will be restircted all the way to 4am. In reality you pay for 2mb connection but you only get this for 12HRS then the rest is at 1mb well even saying that is optimistic as i have never recieved a 2mb service anyway.

    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED SAY NO TO VIRGIN MEDIA!!!!! The only way i would join again is if i haggled to pay less. around £5 as that whats the service is worth.....

    Dont be fooled by Postive comments as there most likely VirginMedia Employees. I'm current stuck with VirginMedia until March :-(

  • unhappy

    by Manuel at 20:08 on 20 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Has to be one of the worst internet service providers i have ever incountered atm im getting a ping of 4000 ping to 12000 ping which in my opinion is like having a horse with no legs it just isnt on. my step father has had the connection with virgin media for 7 months now i moved in about 3 months ago and noticed the lack of speed just looking at websites. To be honest this is as bad as stealing from a blind man. If i didnt move in he would have never known that it wasnt running at 8mb connection, also we phoned them up the other day trying to sort the connection issue without saying anything they put the phone down.

    just want to get the money back and them to admit that the service is not up to standard.

  • unhappy

    by Mark B at 19:19 on 20 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I have been with NTL prior to them changing to Virgin media for over 10 years!

    NTL was fine. Now it's Virgin media, it's all gone tits up. Connection keeps dropping, they've changed their network settings so everyone is on the same WAN. Absolutly terrible download speeds during the evening and the weekend.

    Can't even use XBOX live as it's too slow! Would someone at Virgin media with any brain cell look at these posts and do something about it! We, as the customer find it a real cheek that you charge us 25p a minute to tell you your service is Sh*t. I will be changing service asap.

    SORT OUT THE THROTTLING!! Not everyone on your network only looks at one web page and then never uses the net for another week! GRRRR I hate Virgin media!!

  • unhappy

    by DCFC at 11:22 on 18 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    What can i say! Virgin media is well poor. I upgraded from the 4mb service to the 20mb and what diffrence in speed do i get ? an extra speed increase of 4mb at best :( I would have thought i would be getting 14mb at worst, but noooooo, a poor 7-8mb for £36!! your having a laugh Virgin Media. Stay well clear people.

  • unhappy

    by Frank at 8:45 on 18 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I don't need to say any more than has already been said. Get it sorted Virgin you useless "%"^£%^.

  • unhappy

    by Kevvy at 20:12 on 17 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    virgin media speeds are totally rubbish i suppose to be on 20meg and i am getting less than 1/2meg down but my upload is 721k which is normal strange!! there tech support is useless choose another provider!!!

  • happy

    by David at 18:12 on 17 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones, but I'm in Leeds on the (up to) 2mb service and the speeds are always spot on for that, allowing me to download music, video and play MMORPG games. I very rarely have disconnection - the only time it happens is if the power goes out in the street and it takes the whole connection with it.

    The fact it's always on, has sufficent speeds for what I want to do and doesn't need an ASDL modem (which I've used and hated with a passion!) means the service for me is fine. It might be different if I needed a higher speed, but as I don't it's fine. From the reviews on here, I might be one of the few.

  • unhappy

    by chief con at 14:29 on 16 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Ok, so we know the service is rubbish. But what can we do about it? I'd like my money back, but I doubt that's going to happen - locked in a 12 month contract paying for something I'm not getting. It's £200 down the drain. Can anyone suggest how to cancel the contract without incurring huge costs?? Or an alternative, satisfying solution if getting a refund is not an option?

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