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  • unhappy

    by virgimedia at 20:49 on 15 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Virginmedia adsl is the worst adsl service i ever had the misfortune to use! They are stingey with downloading limits and their latency is terrible. Forget online gaming if you enjoy being kicked all the time, even on uk severs im getting 200ms+ (tracert to bbc.co.uk 200ms+ as well).My router is configured correctly, no virus and no spyware. They were good before they merged/bought out other isp's (eg NTL) when they were vigin.net I had no problems. This uk intenet service provider should be avoided at all costs 'false economy'-they are cheap but are just not worth the hassle. Bad customer support, technical staff are just call centre monkeys who just read from the same script and imo virginmedia have expanded too fast for their own good and really dont have the infrastructure to serve customer needs. Avoid Virgin media's adsl internet service at all costs.

  • unhappy

    by John Saxby at 10:34 on 14 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Virgin media is failing. NTL was ok, I never had any trouble with the broadband service untill Virgin took over and now my connection drops out every few mins. I think they are tring to deliver too much data down the same optical fiber that they installed years ago as Comcast.
    It seems that they have got a bottle neck problem. I rang 151 from my Virgin home phone only to be directed to a premium rate number!
    Please mr Branson sort it out or sell it on.

  • unhappy

    by RD at 20:22 on 13 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I too am *** off with Virgin media. It used to be reasonably good with Telewest and now recently I'm finding that I either can't connect to the internet or it is so slow - it is like having gone back to the early days of the internet when you had to wait for ages for any web page to load! What annoys me most though is that I just can't access certain web pages including my own business web site. And I have tried accessing the website from other networks and it loads fine - so it is definitely a problem with Virgin Media not the web page. I am looking for an alternative provider now. But its just so much hassle because it takes a while to get a new connection organised and in the meantime I'm stuck. Anyone reading, don't try Virgin Media and if you are with them leave now!!

  • unhappy

    by dave_1965 at 23:56 on 12 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I have 20 mb virgin media broadband package and tonight I tested it. Download speed was 126 kbps !!! Upload 233 kbps !!! I will have to change the provider asap. If you are considering virgin broadband, don't walk away from it, run !!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Richard at 20:25 on 12 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    BAD BAD BAD vm have messed up and judging by the posts here and on many other websites the feedback is 98-99% negative, i have vm 20meg vm line AND a 8meg BT line, the BT line totally dominates in download speeds, quite amazing really that vm`s 20meg cant even get close to my other 8meg speeds, i have been with vm aka ntl aka diamond cable since the start, never have i seen such a fuck up to a very very good service until now, way to go branson, i like your style (not)

  • unhappy

    by User in Milton Keynes at 9:20 on 12 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    The absolute worst company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. After months of poor connection speeds, another issue where my connection was dropped every 12 minutes precisely, and terrible cuctomer service I decided to move to SKY. Even then VM could not get the transfer sorted out smoothly. They claimed that SKY had not used the MAC correctly and as a result billed me for an additional month to cover my notice period. OFCOM are aware of these antics and have advised that this practice is illegal - I am currently trying to get the money back from VM.

  • unhappy

    by virgin makes me sick at 21:24 on 11 Nov 2007 Report abuse


    "Broadband Size: XL - up to 20Mb

    It's here! Our fastest broadband ever for XL customers!

    Our flagship XL broadband service is now up to a supersonic 20Mb. Even though the existing 10Mb service was already four times faster than other industry players, we've decided to step on the gas and double the speed. We've even increased our upload speed to 768Kb!

    What does this mean for customers?

    To give you an idea of the new speeds, our Broadband Size: XL customers will be able to download an MP3 track in 2 seconds, a full album in less than 30 seconds, or an episode of their favourite TV show in just two and a half minutes.

    The faster upload speed of 768Kb means that customers will be able to send emails or upload photos even faster than before.

    © Virgin Media"


  • unhappy

    by Sco at 20:47 on 11 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Results of 2MB service via CNET

    You 1051 Results 7816 kbits downloaded in 7.438 sec
    You 723 Results 7816 kbits downloaded in 10.813 sec
    You 1029 Results 7816 kbits downloaded in 7.593 sec
    You 985 Results 7816 kbits downloaded in 7.937 sec
    You 807 Results 7816 kbits downloaded in 9.688 sec
    You 663 Results 7816 kbits downloaded in 11.781 sec
    You 687 Results 7816 kbits downloaded in 11.375 sec
    You 790 Results 7816 kbits downloaded in 9.89 sec
    You 768 Results 7816 kbits downloaded in 10.172 sec

    (Yes this is crap like being forced to watch Dawson's Creek)

    Come on this is a no brainer issue, imagine the infrastructure is there and imagine it's been working great for ages NTL/Telewest days………..

    Now imagine some bright spark decides lets provide everyone with on demand TV mass scale and in the basic passage and pump it down the same pipe, yikes now you will understand what is hogging all the band width for heavens sake there is only so much band width.

    I don't see the problem going away either so it looks like a suck it and see job, personally I think it could be the end of super fast broadband and we will feel like we are at work in our overstretched infrastructure that is simply too expensive to upgrade.

    Answer: make do with bated breath or go the evil BT Landline route.


  • unhappy

    by The Public at 17:12 on 11 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    How can a company fail in its service at every level? and how do Virgin media get away with it? I've had problems with them since the ntl takeover like everyone else and thought it was just me - been paying £37 a month for 20mb service that has never once been over 6 or 7mb and is less than 1-2mb most of the time and every time you call their premium number to complain, they tell you that they're aware of the problem and are planning to fix it. Well, whoop de fuckin doo, I'll just keep paying for nothing then shall I? Can't cancel either, no no, gotta pay off the rest of the contract that they trapped you in with.

  • unhappy

    by Stan Potts at 19:31 on 10 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Oh dear. I had telewest broadband as part of an introductory deal: BBand, Phone, and TV for £30 a month. After years on dial-up, 512 kbps was a godsend. I was then upgraded to 1, then 2 MBPS. Ntl and telewest merged. Nothing changed except the name. Virgin buy ntl:telewest, and look what happens to a ping, one of the most simple forms of web communication: (I pinged google from command prompt)
    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 8, Received = 1, Lost = 7 (87% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 29ms, Maximum = 29ms, Average = 29ms

    Events like the above occur at least twice a week. Yesterday the connection was running ridiculously slowly (think worse than dial-up) and then went offline completely for 20 mins. And looking at other reviews, I seem to be lucky! Before VM took over, I only had about 6 connection problems in 2 years. I am seriously considering moving to a different provider. Only problem is we live in a bad freeview area.

  • unhappy

    by andy bristol uk at 13:49 on 10 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Same as everyone else,
    Blueyonder was very good,then since virgin media took over
    poo !
    I am on 20 meg service but only get 9meg . Most of the time half speed upload aswell.
    Its not just the raw speed,it is there dns servers that suck too

    lets hope the law will change to stop this rip off

    Maybe we should do what they do and pay UPTO our monthly fee
    depending on there UPTO 20meg broadband !!!

  • unhappy

    by Zdenka at 12:37 on 10 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    If I could rate the service also in minus I would totally do. Virgin Media is in the lead of absolute incopetence. I have been waiting for instalation over 2 months, still don`t have it. Nobody knows what`s happening. 99 % of the staff don`t return your call. It`s a total mess. I have no experience in how good or bad is the broadband, but if it is the same as the service it`s a piece of crap.
    I think it`s the worst service I have been given ever. So my advice to you if you have other choice go for other provider even if is slightly more expensive, it`s not worth having this experience for a couple of pounds.

  • happy

    by virgin media sucks at 15:54 on 9 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    My dad got 8mb from vigin media and its been a joke since day 1 ive had maximum download speed of 400kbps and about 60kbps upload and in the past week my downloads been maximum of 50kpbs absolutly fuckin ridiculous and why the hell they cant sort this shit out with so many complaints its crazy, we were told to switch to the other phone line to get a better speed but when we had the line tested on the line we were on we were told we could get 8mb no problem ABOUT TIME THEY FUCKING SORT THIS MAYBE BY MY BAD LANGUAGE HERE TELL HOW PISSED OFF I AM

  • unhappy

    by Virgin Media XL (well that's what we pay for...) at 1:39 on 9 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Having read a few of these reviews has opened my eyes! I thought there was a problem, but didn't realise it was so universal! We have had NTL cable since it started, and have watched it seamlessly increase its speed and with very few exeptions it provided a virtually 100% seamless service. Trouble is that Virgin Media fails miserabley to match these speeds and standards.
    On the phone side of things, we have the new Talk 800 minutes anytime, worldwide. Its a brilliant service if you have family or friends overseas, and extremely good value. Trouble is, their billing system had a load of teething problems, so they mistakenly thought we had exceeded the number of inclusive minutes and demanded instant interim payments when they hadn't even invoiced me, and threatened disconnection of service if their demands weren't met that very night. They did in fact bar our service for a week, but when I stood up to them and proved that they had made a huge mistake they did put things right

  • happy

    by wayland surfer at 23:38 on 8 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I have had Cable broadband for 5 years now and apart from troubles in the early years I have been very happy with the service.
    Currently I pay for up to 20 mb and the usual speed is around 14 mb so I am not complaining.
    I also have Virgin Media TV and phone and no problems there either.

  • unhappy

    by monkey6 at 12:17 on 8 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Pathetic service altogether. My 20mb broadband fluctuates from between 400kb to 0kb every few minutes. Brand new pc, but what's the point in me having it if the connection is this crap? At least NTL tried to help when there were problems, I had to phone the extortion helpline 4 times yesterday because we had no service, got a different explanation each time, and estimates ranging from 2 hours to fix it up to 72 hours. And the guy who I spoke to last, who I had to shout to be heard with because it was a bad line to India, told me to comletely unplug the modem from every power source and from the pc for 24 hours. In other words, they would have got a whole day of not having to bother fixin my problem, and I would have been none-the wiser. But they will still charge me for the day's connection. They must think we are a bunch of morons.

  • unhappy

    by ben at 23:56 on 7 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    moved to Virgin bb 2 months ago. IT IS A DISSCRACE. Can take 10 mins to download web page, streaming is out of the question. Has steadily got worse since we started with them. Totaly rubbish. WORD OF ADVICE IF YOUR THINKING OF GOING TO VIRGIN - DON"T!!! I'am ringing tomorrow to get my mac code, can not put up with it any longer. Surely this is wrong and illegil.

  • unhappy

    by Dave Fazackerley at 20:35 on 7 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I was one of NTL's first cable customers and back then ADSL didn't exist so the the service was nothing short of revolutionary! But NTL and then Virgin Media failed to do anything with the lead they had.
    Now the performance is only average and it is WELL over-priced.

  • unhappy

    by Formerly happy, now unhappy at 13:44 on 7 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    After many happy years with Blueyonder, things have DEFINITELY gone downhill lately, with frequent (ie, every 15 minutes) disconnects when online gaming. Plus, having been phoned up a year ago and given a loyalty bonus (free TV) I now find that after 12 months I'm paying for that service (which I didn't want in the first place). Nice.

  • unhappy

    by minky at 3:04 on 7 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    VM are a bunch of thieves. they take my money but fail to provide the service

    dont even think about phoning their helpline unless you enjoy attempting to talk to someone who clearly knows very little english and very little about computers AND paying 25p/min for the pleasure of doing so

    im supposed to have 20MB (2.3mb/sec) but have had a constant 5MB (600kb/sec) for 3months. they know this as ive phoned numerous times and yet they still try and blame me/my computer (even a brand new PC straight out of the box)

    i will be demanding a refund for every day of lacklustre service and each and every phone call and then i will be taking my custom to a provider who has callcentres in england, and who doesnt rip me off with every chance they get

    i suggest you all do the same and under no circumstances should you think about signing up with virgin media

  • unhappy

    by minky at 2:57 on 7 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    VM need to stop outsourcing their telecentres to india. its very difficult to understand 90% of their staff there. on the few occassions that i can, they cant do anything except suggesting to restart the modem and/or PC.. I (like everyone else) do that before i call and inform them that it doesnt help but they still insist.

    either way.. supposedly im on 20mb but my speeds are more consistant with a 5mb connection.. ive been told its a) a problem in my area (for 3+ months?) and b) its my computer even when i hooked up a brand new PC (with nothing but windows installed)

    i will be demanding a refund for every day ive experienced less than what ive paid for.. heres looking at an exotic holiday in a 5star hotel.. and for every phone call ive made to their pathetic 25p/min "helpline"

    if i have to phone up tech support i expect, at the very least, to be able to understand what theyre saying (and that THEY know what theyre saying)

    save yourselves an everlasting headache and do not use VM

  • unhappy

    by orkneybits at 14:06 on 6 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Enough is enough, it has to be said, support, don't bother, customer services, don't bother, Internet use, don't bother, we don't have the tele, or the phone, gave up on them a long time a go! Come back NT-Hell all is forgiven! Virgin, is a pointless ISP, it can not provide broadband internet access at the speeds it claims, you can not use email, you can not downlaod, you can not view web-pages, it's a pointless service. Don't try and get it fixed, don't try and complain. Write a letter of cancellation explaining poor service etc. get a new ISP - don't waste time money and energy staying with Virgin Media, who right now can't even display it's own home page. It is a disgrace, it is pathetic, so stop your blood boiling, cancel, and move on - and...........breathe :-)

  • unhappy

    by Mike Askew at 19:24 on 5 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Virgin Media customer service for broadband is an absolute shocker. My PC booted up and could not get an IP address - it had been working fine previously. The modem lights were all on and the Ethernet port was flashing orange showing it had a network connection. After being redirected by their customer number I had to dial a premium rate service. After 10 minutes of misguided advice and poor/vague instructions the problem was fixed. The problem was at their end and yet they insisted on still charging me the premium rate to get this fixed....the worst thing is there is no-one apparently to complain to - no supervisor was allowed to speak to me. This is one of many typical frustrating experiences with them - what is Branson playing at? Mind-you the Virgin brand is so tarnished now with all the other half-baked ventures I doubt it's that much more valued than Northern Rock now.

  • unhappy

    by CarrierPigeon at 14:49 on 5 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I've been with NTL, and more recently Virgin, for some years now and have NEVER been satisfied with the service. However, recently the previous mediocre performance of their broadband has plumbed to new depths. Painfully slow throughput, frequent downtime and regular disconnections have become the norm.

    As ever I have been disinclined to contact Virgin because I know I am likely to speak to a disinterested call centre employee with technical knowledge surpassed by our dog. That is if I can understand what they are saying well enough to judge their knowledge.

    I would not recommend Virgin braodband to anyone and would suggest that everyone also avoids their TV service that is almost as fault ridden.

  • unhappy

    by Erica at 12:34 on 5 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I as many other here hate their service as well.
    Cant we all get together and sue Virgin Media???
    I think that if everyone share a single lawyer to do that would prove that thousands of people are really unhappy with Virgin Media services.

  • unhappy

    by virginisbull at 19:56 on 4 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Took them THREE weeks to reply to my email about THEIR crappy speeds.

    They said "we are dealing with it", and that was all - no apologies, no explanations. WE ARE DEALING WITH IT.

    After two days, internet speed went up - as predicted by EVERYONE here.

    Two weeks later, the speed suddenly declines again - as predicted ALSO by the people here.

    Damn disgrace. I've sent them 42 emails. How many replies have I had?


    I think they mean "we are dealing with your money, **** off". 'Nuff said.


  • unhappy

    by Wobblz is Wobblin' at 20:00 on 3 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I've been a telewest user from the early part of the 19th century when they used to have to use a horse and cart to deliver your e-mail.(LOT Faster)This was great! At least you could feed the horse. Now! The horse has been shot and the E-Mail is sent via planet Virgin Media. My 4meg is about 300kb.On telewest there was no problems.We never had speed or service problems. We had Caring, Polite advise lines and such. Today, a farse of button punching crapology idiots via some distant country who have not got a clue as to politness or efficiency. I didn't have the choice to Join VM. Blueyonder/Telewest desolved somewhere and we got the crap scraped off the bottom of somebody's backside and called it Virgin Media.. When I look back at the begginnings of the letters we received, I should have seen it comming. Bad Train Service comes to mind strangely enough! I'm off to find a nearer planet than VM, so as to receive a faster E-Mail in 2007, probably delivered by horse and cart.

  • unhappy

    by Avoid! at 16:13 on 3 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Been with virgin media little of 3 weeks. Phone - ok, tv - good for free, Broadband - total rubbish! I have getting speeds slower than using a dial up modem the majority of the day, no the 2mb speed I am paying for. Spent hours talking to various customer call centres, incompetent technical support deparments (whom you often cannot understand). I was finally told that if I was unhappy with the serice I should cancel during my 28 day legible period - talk about customer service - asking you to leave because they cannot be bothered to amend a problem. AVOID VIRGIN MEDIA at all costs if you want a broadband service, if you TV a phone line and dial up speeds, customer service centres situated thousands of miles from the UK whom you cannot understand then it might just be for you.

  • unhappy

    by ETX at 19:47 on 2 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Since Virgin took over Telewest its been downhill all the way.
    First they take on Sky and end up with egg on their face, us customers meanwhile lose major channels but still are charged the same amount.
    Now the Internet is diabolical.
    Certain time of the day my internet is dead all I get is time outs when I try to browse.
    If I try and report that THEY have a fault I get charged 25p a min.
    All I have to say to MrB is Thanks for ruining the only decent provider we had in the UK.

  • unhappy

    by ETX at 19:16 on 2 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Was with Telewest for for years, was not perfect however since Branson took over its downhill all the way.
    First he takes on Sky and what happens ? us the customers come out worse and still have to pay full price.
    Now the internet is a disaster, fair usage and worse of all the diabolical internet browsing at certain times of the day.
    Time outs for long periods and than back to normal. If you try and report that THEY have a fault you get charged 25p per minute.
    I think its disgusting and I am looking elsewhere.
    I would like to Thank Mr Branson for ruining the only decent provider we had in the UK.

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