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  • unhappy

    by Jorge at 11:45 on 18 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    I have had Virgin 50 Mb broadband contract with for a year now, in North London. I have been unable to use internet several times a week, often for a whole day. Every time I complain I get one explanation or another, but it is unfortunately not solved. They do not even come to check, probably because they know what the problem is.

  • happy

    by Christopher Haden at 13:58 on 13 May 2015 Report abuse

    Since my last review I've moved and again I'm with Virgin

    Had a torrid time while using there netgear router but has now been replaced by something else I'm guessing non netgear. As a result reliability is far better for Ethernet and wifi connections and rarely plays up

    The connection itself isn't so bad, occasional half day dropouts do occur but not on a regular basis and when it's up the speed is superb.

    I object to there fair usage policies though. If I'm in a 30 or 60 MB unlimited usage contract I expect to be able to use it for long periods of time. On occasion I do use the most of the contracted bandwidth over the early hours of the morning. I.e non premium usage times. I do not therefore expect snotty letters through the post threatening to seriously reduce bandwidth and connectivity based on fair usage policies. I notice they don't also include a reduction in the bill at the same time. Basically they like the money but don't like delivering the service.

    Also note Virgin are actively blocking a hell of a lot of sites now. On the most part this doesn't bother me but depending on your intended download usage you should consider this.

    I've not had to call engineers out for a long time but in the past they have been notoriously unreliable at keeping to appointments. This is really annoying when you take days of work to accommodate them.

  • unhappy

    by Jessica at 23:07 on 12 May 2015 Report abuse

    Been a Virgin Media customer for 2 years, had very few problems. This year however firstly got disconnceted without warning, then shortly after reconnection internet started to become unreliable, dropping out a lot. Can happen at any time of day, tried phoning virgin and they claimed they'd found the problem and fixed it but no, its still unreliable.

  • unhappy

    by Csilla at 16:17 on 8 May 2015 Report abuse

    During the 5 weeks i waited for Virgin Media to do the broadband installation, i made several unhelpful and costly calls to see why my appointments were rescheduled from their side without my prior notice, but all i was getting were excuses and no solutions. So after 5 weeks of waiting for the service and needing to spend extra money for dongles and extra mobile data in order to be able to do my work (because they weren`t even able to provide me at least with a provisional solution since the fault was from their side) i decided that i had enough of their unprofessionalism and unreliability, so i decided to change to TalkTalk.

    Despite all the marketing strategies applied by Virgin Media to gain more clients by stating that TalkTalk is the worst network provider, TalkTalk showed reliability by installing the service exactly on the day they promised to do so (no waiting and no excuses)! The service they provide is much cheaper than the ones offered by Virgin Media, and the speed limit is nearly the same (Virgin Media - 50Mb broadband / TalkTalk - 40Mb broadband).

    So dear Virgin Media, instead of focusing on marketing strategies on how to bring other competitors down, rather concentrate more on providing the service and quality you advertise and aim for client satisfaction not numbers - more likely to build up a serious and loyal clientele ;)

    TalkTalk - reliable / helpful / professional - 5 (stars)
    Virgin Media - unreliable / unnprofessional / incompetent to provide the service they promise - 1 (star - and that just because you were able to fool me around for so long)

  • unhappy

    by Ben M at 14:22 on 22 Apr 2015 Report abuse

    Kept me hanging for weeks, when they arranged an install for the cable services then later rang me rang to cancel saying the property had be redeveloped into a flat and they would need to complete a survey of the property which may happen at a later date? wow Sherlock slow down! firstly obviously a flat i wanted residential cable installed and a later date? Great I will just hang around for you…. I thought BT had rubbish customer service, Virgin takes the biscuit.... wasted weeks of time waiting from them to get an act together.... then back to square one with not even a thank you. Totally useless, very disappointed would not recommend.

  • neutral

    by Spencer23 at 14:43 on 17 Mar 2015 Report abuse



    They will keep putting prices up mid-term so the price you sign up to changes and keeps going up!!! There should be a law against it! I CAN'T WAIT TO MOVE PROVIDERS!!!! Sick of paying money to rude ignorant call centre staff.

    When I asked for an email for complaints I was told they didnt have an email!! What a bunch of jokers!


  • unhappy

    by TD at 14:06 on 30 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    I was a long-term customer with VM and recently switched over to BT. I had agreed on a date to close my account with VM, with at least 2 VM personnel. VM subsequently sent a bill charging for services after this date, as they stated the account was closed on a later date. On phoning VM to explain the situation, the person I spoke to tried to waiver this charge but couldn't since I was no longer an existing customer, and advised I email their customer service, which I did. Two weeks later, I had a reply from VM to state that as they provided services to the later date, the charge was valid, and the money has been taken from my account. They therefore considered the situation to be resolved.

    This shows a complete lack of regard for customers and a flawed customer service procedure, ignoring the issue the customer is raising and taking their money before further dialogue! As someone who has to carefully budget constantly (buying this from ebay/charity shops, hardly ever buying new clothes for myself and my children, looking for supermarket offers during weekly grocery shopping), I resent a big corporate company like VM taking my hard earned money in this manner. Surely Mr Branson, you can do better than that!

  • neutral

    by Steve at 12:41 on 16 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    After receiving the contract price increase letter I phoned to cancel my contract. I was informed by Virgin that it would cost me £150 to cancel the contract as I had 8 months remaining and that the price increase clause was written into the contract.

    I would encourage anyone who is not happy with their contract price increase to be wary as if you do not accept Virgin will lie and try to use the threat of a cancellation fee!!!

    Got the contract cancelled (charge free) but I wouldn't ever use Virgin again.

  • unhappy

    by Martin . W at 17:35 on 9 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    Having received a letter informing of yet another price hike I decided to get rid of the never used land line and the M tv (which has one less channel than free view).
    I was told that for 50mg BB the price would be £25.50 pm.
    A few days later I contacted them to arrange this and was given a price of £31.50 pm, I told them I had been offered £25.50pm and they adjusted it to that price.
    A couple of hours later I received an e-mail confirming me of the changes and of the price which had now changed to £26.50pm..??
    I'm not going to quibble of one pound, I just can't see why everything with this company constantly changes and usually to the cost of the customer.

  • unhappy

    by Fats at 22:20 on 4 Nov 2014 Report abuse

    For the second time in 8 months I have been let down by the incompetent Virgin Media again, I ordered broadband and waited in all day 9am to 5pm as Virgin Media uses the most inefficient companies to deliver their modem. The modem arrived at 4pm, I started the setup process and rung Virgin To activate they said internet would be up and running in 20 mins. 30 mins later still no internet rung Virgin and was told there is a fault and I would have to wat 48 hours for an engineer to come out and sort the problem.

    The arrogant customer services manager proceeded to boast about the 90% setups that are successful instead of providing an explanation as to why their service is so appalling. I went through this same problem with Virgin in another property, they provide the worst possible service and are the biggest time wasters. Each year with Virgin Broadband there will at least 2 or 3 occasions when there will be no internet. Instead of Virgin Media investing in their technology and customer service and providing a more reliable broadband service they are investing money in trying to get the public into space to kill them.

    They provide the worst possible service and always will.

  • neutral

    by Chris at 14:45 on 24 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    Personally I've had no problem with Virgin, just upgraded my package and my internet speed rarely drops below 120mbs and off peak hits the advertised 150mbs. it pays to haggle, I got this and and a £15 reduction in my bill

  • neutral

    by T Carr at 15:12 on 14 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    This company lies constantly! They tell you what you need to hear on the phone but this never appears on your notes and never happens. We were mis sold our original package (as it seems is pretty normal), we had our tv installed and then broken so we didn't have service, we were told the original item we had been told didn't exist does exist, we were promised a discount and that lasted 1 month and then surprise surprise there is nothing on our system showing this agreed discount so now you have to pay double! They pass you from pillar to post, patronise you, have no clue (one person will tell you it's not possible, the next will send you an engineer and the final person of you're persistent enough will do it for you over the phone) and lie constantly. The worst is they talk over you and don't let you speak. Awful awful company I would NEVER use Virgin again and make a point of telling everyone I know not to use them.

  • unhappy

    by S Tait at 14:04 on 16 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    Take care if you don't know how long you will be living in a property.
    I was told prior to contract if they could not provide the service when I moved the contract would be cancelled with no penalties.
    Surprise Im moving they cannot provide virgin service and have charged me £166.66!!!!

  • neutral

    by Chris at 14:21 on 13 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    Blimey, glad i found this page, as for all of you that think your stuck there is a contract that you pay for a service if your not getting it they have broken there contract, simply tell them in writing, copied and recorded delivery you are canceling there contract on the grounds they are not complying with the terms, in that they supply you a service, let them threaten to sue but stick it out, youl find they do not want a day in court

  • neutral

    by lee at 21:52 on 26 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    Despite what this company advertise, you WILL NOT get the speed you think. At best you will get 2-3mb during peak hours making something as simple as streaming a movie very difficult. The customer service is idiotic and unhelpful, and you will find your self frustrated by the whole deal. Truly terrible.

  • unhappy

    by Phillip Williams at 22:01 on 28 Feb 2014 Report abuse

    Virgin media. Has to be one of the worst ISP companies out there, for two years now and I have records to back me up from Jan 2012. My internet speed is 120mbs and you'll only see this maybe once in a day if your lucky, at the time I would like to use the 120mb I pay for between 4pm and 11pm your very lucky to see 3mbps. I test my connection at three different servers to get a good reference and have done for 2 years now and it always says the same. How can they advertise 152mbps to customers when they can't even supply 120mbps at the moment and haven't for the past two years.

    I would not recommend anyone taking up a IPS contract with Virgin until such time at upgrades have been made whereby they can supply something close to what they advertise.

  • unhappy

    by les smith at 21:26 on 29 Oct 2013 Report abuse

    I left sky to join virgins 'super fast no buffer' broadband. This was the biggest mistake I've ever made, yes I do get a fast speed but only for 20 minutes then it cuts off completely, being an avid gamer this not only effects me but also the other gamers on multi player im playing.
    Tje customer service is a total joke, they r rude and just don't care. I'm stuck in an 18 month contract totally regretting mu decision to leave sky, I offer up this comment in the hope it gives people who are looking for a broadband or tv supplier, to stay well clear of the circus that is virgin!

  • unhappy

    by Very angry of Earls Court at 20:28 on 27 Oct 2013 Report abuse

    October 27 2013.

    For the last 11 days I've had an extremely intermittent internet connection. It's almost unusable.
    My connection stops every few minutes for up to 5 minutes at a time. Day and night.
    It's not a speed issue or a problem with high utilisation. I'm told it's a network fault.
    But despite knowing this for 13 days they have been totally unable to fix the problem.
    They do nothing no matter how many times I call them to complain.

    I've phoned Virgin Media every single day and/or evening for 11 days in a row, sometimes several times per day.
    I've made numerous complaints and tried to escalate several complaints but still they've done NOTHING to fix my intermittent internet.
    Worse still... Virgin Media lies to me every day. Every day they promise the fault will be fixed the next day but it isn't.
    They send me a voicemail every day saying it's been fixed but it's a lie because the service isn't fixed.
    Over the last 7 days they have cancelled 3 engineers appointments on me and they've missed 9 fault-fix deadlines!
    That tell you everything about the sort of service Virgin Media provides it's customers!

    Virgin Media are appalling! I would advise anybody considering Virgin Media to avoid them. Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!
    Virgin Media is quite simply unbelievably terrible!

    PS.. My internet has stopped 3 times (for 4-6 minutes each time) just while I was writing this email!

  • neutral

    by Internetless at 14:26 on 10 Sep 2013 Report abuse

    I've had nothing but problems for weeks and still have no internet connection. Operators are rude and don't even apologise when jobs booked are not undertaken or when they don't turn up. Appalling response to your requests to get it sorted out, even when the engineers are booking jobs for cable changes etc, they are ignored and when you phone to find out why the job booked hasn't been done, they don't apologise or care and ensure you feel like it's your fault as the customer. My experience is that this company it's an expensive waste of money and is very uncustomer friendly.

  • unhappy

    by John at 22:08 on 2 Sep 2013 Report abuse

    Ive been with this service since it was Telewest, I have a business line and pay over £50 a month for it, and for the past 7/8 months I've been trying to get them to find a supposed intermittent fault - it turns out there is no fault, they are throttling my connection, and at the times I need it most - I'm looking for something else, but no one in the UK it seems can offer an unlimited broadband - if Osborne has money to 40+ billion to throw away spend it on a broadband infrastructure NOT HS2, which only allows the rich Londoners to live in the beautiful Warwickshire country and speed into the City to work on a daily basis as opposed to just driving up for the weekends.

  • unhappy

    by Ben at 18:15 on 17 Jul 2013 Report abuse

    So after being charged 4x the BT rate for ~1mb connection i've been trying to leave Virgin for the last month. After calling to leave and get my MAC code - I came home to find the Broadband disconnected immediately. After 3 hours on the phone virgin tell me nothing they can do as BT have taken over the line, refusal to reconnect the broadband and have now us without broadband for 4 weeks. They also refuse to release the phone line so we can start the new service.

    I could write a small book on all the calls, escalations, contradictions, mis-guidance that we've been through over the last 2 weeks trying to resolve this...... its been stressful, unprofessional and and caused significant personal impact as we both work at home and rely on being connected. Due to the nature of our work we have a police monitored system which is now down - so they have also put a worker at risk for a month which could have horrific consequences.

    So far we have spent in excess of 5 hours on the phone escalating..... been lied to repeatedly about disconnection dates, status of the phone line, "Software issues", its BTs fault (untrue), its standard practice (again not true)... I could go on...

    I have never in my life experienced such bad customer service, been lied and misguided so much by any company. I've cancelled everything to do with Virgin and will never use them again for anything, Working in a large company who use a lot of data and telco connections... wont touch them with a bargepole for those either!

    Virgin used to be a brand I admired........ after this experience I will never used them again for anything and am constructing a long letter of the events of the last month to send to the industry regulators, watchdogs and online forums.

  • neutral

    by Alexy Kot at 14:09 on 21 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    Overall for virgin is average - they're not too bad, but not so good also.
    However, I've faced a very unpleasant thing with them just now. I'm going to change from Virgin to other provider, and just found out that when I moved house a year ago - they have extended my contract for another mandatory 18 months, and now are charging me the early cancellation fee, while in fact I'm with them for 20 months already.

    Also, I'm moving away because their support service is not technical at all and they cannot understand that my local system is perfectly fine, and they need to come and fix the wires somewhere between my place and the street cabinet.

  • unhappy

    by Yong at 1:07 on 20 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    Virgin is a liar,30 MB contract but on the peak only have 1or 2 MB,40mins call waiting at least,and 40mins take control of the laptop and then can not find out what is going on.
    Just go another company,s**t here

  • unhappy

    by Steve Burke at 16:56 on 14 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    I I had been a fan of cable broadband since I first had it installed by tele-west in 2002 at 512Kb/s. Over the years this was increased to 2Mb/s on a rock-solid Motorola Surfboard cable modem. When Virgin media took over initially a good service continued. Speeds increased to 10Mb/s and reliability was excellent.

    Then Virgin brought in capping slowing my service down at peak times if I went over and arbitrary limit. So I paid more and increased my theoretical maximum speed to 30Mb/s with a new "super hub" but this was rarely achieved. Then I increased to 60Mb/s in September last year but there was a sharp decline in speed at peak times (i.e. when I am home and trying to use it). I now get about 5Mb/s but it is so unreliable that is less useful than my old Telewest service 10 years ago.

    Numerous calls to their "help" line so frustrating as to be pointless. On one occasion one chap spent about 40 minutes remotely logged to my PC searching for viruses etc. After giving up he ended the call. He then call me back about 10p.m. to apologise and explain that there were problems in my area due to over-demand. He said this would be fixed by 22nd of October. A small refund was offered off my next bill.

    When there was no improvement by the end of October I called again and was told engineers were looking into it and the estimated completion date was 27th of February 2013. Again a small refund was offered.

    27th of February is approaching, I must say I am not filled with expectation. Virgin are liars selling something they cannot provide. It makes me so angry when they still post fliers in my door with special offers for a new customers when they really couldn't care less about the customers they already have.

    Steer well clear of virgin media.

  • unhappy

    by Christopher Haden at 20:39 on 11 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    The BB Superhub that is supplied by Virgin is USELESS for WiFi unless you use Netgear equipment. It gives great Signal strength but will not stay connected for more than 5 minutes without drop outs. If neighbours also have superhubs, forget it!

    Ethernet Cable is good but it's a shame that the BB connection is prone to many speed fluctuations and more drop outs. Trying to stream Video or internet TV is as a result frustrating and a waste of time. I am based in London though so I could be suffering from excessive internet traffic from other people going through the same exchange. However, I am paying for 30MBits and Virgin should install the equipment to deal with it, otherwise don't offer it!

    Speeds, on a good day = 30MBits as paid for
    Speeds, on a bad day = anywhere between 0 and 7 Mbits in spikes (ie forget streaming video)

    How can they advertise 30MBit unlimited BB usage in big bold print when they have a fair usage policy in the small print. Isn't that a contradiction!

    If you go with Virgin make sure you purchase mains internet adaptors too, or failing that another WiFi router to plug into the Superhub to get a working WiFi connection

  • unhappy

    by Nidgster at 20:32 on 11 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    Must admit it's been a while since I used NTL (the predessessor to Virgin). Virgin took over and I'm afraid it went down hill. Cable and Wireless (the original owners) were the best. I got all sorts of problems when I had these folks. If it wasn't the tele, it was the phones, if it wasn't the phones it was the broadband. Customer service was poor and went the engineer came round, well he didn't rate the company or the equipment. So I left. Went with BT for a while, that was okay, but expensive. Been with one or two others with varying degrees of success. Whatever you do though, don't go with ORANGE.

  • unhappy

    by gary at 8:50 on 11 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    SUPERFAST? try SUPERSLOW this is the worst broadband provider ive ever had, my ipad on 02 loads up quicker and if you like indian call centres then this is the provider for you. If i were you just burn the money you would get more satisfaction..


    Gary romford

  • unhappy

    by Jack Jones at 18:38 on 2 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    This broadband is the reason their is a dent in my fridge.

  • unhappy

    by Jessica at 19:44 on 18 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    not happy one bit been trying to get through to customer service for 40 min now god how long does it take to pick up a god dam phone proper ridicules!!!t how much this is going to cost i am dreading the bill i think they should pay it for been such a time wasting and time consuming company! I would not recommend them one bit over priced on there price plans to!!!!!!!! i would recommend that you so save your money and go to sky!!!

  • neutral

    by Huw Davies at 15:52 on 9 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    I am grateful to everyone who has given their comments. I was seriously considering a Virgin broadband subscription but have now been 'frightened off''. Thank you for saving my money.

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