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  • unhappy

    by Seph at 23:09 on 25 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    Is it possible to get out of the contract because of this rubbish broadband?
    TV lacks as well, program guide works when it wants to...
    So, how to get out? 20Mbit, never seen this.. atm: 400Kbit... tzzz
    Which means: bye bye to virgin! but how exactly? Tell me!

  • unhappy

    by JC at 21:56 on 22 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    We're paying for 2Mb with Virgin Media.

    Overall I'm happy with the telephone and free TV service, especially on demand. I'm concerned about the Internet speed though.

    It seemed slow so I checked the speed online and its just 312Kb - 350Kb. Can't believe it. Do I get a refund or something. That's a MASSIVE difference in what we're paying for and what we're getting.

  • unhappy

    by Herts at 14:11 on 21 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    Really rubbish, customer services doesnt exist, got calls transferred countless times. Was on the phone for 3 hours and nothing was resolved. Really slow and rubbish.

  • unhappy

    by oldskool at 19:17 on 19 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    its very simple they only offer 20mb to get us in.
    and try and keep ahead of there competator's

    when i had a 512k line with byonder back ibn the day always got full speed,and the upload was a mear 64k games were pining at 12-20ms

    but since the upgrade's came more and more customers bought in,but now virgin have took over there offering 20mb,but the servers we all conect to, stuggled to give 10mb before the take over.

    when the UBR you are conected to get's overused then the speed slows to a crawl.

    virgin need to seriously pay for some ultra fast servers that can handle 20mb at peak times on full load,then we should all be happy with our speeds.

    is that going to happen? no way

    the next time they upgrade there shit,they will be offering 50mb service and the chain will start again.

    my tip to branson is drop it back to 5mb and put the upload up to 1mb.

    we can then game,download,watch streaming tv,radio ect with out slow down.

  • unhappy

    by virginmediasuckdonky at 19:07 on 19 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    Having been a very happy customer of Telewest Broadband for a couple of years, Virgin Media have destroyed their previous excellent service. I am on the medium 2M package which has always been perfectly acceptable for downloading, email, web browsing etc. Recently during the evenings my connection speed has fallen to nothing with BBC News Low Graphics Pages taking 2mins plus to load. would say it is worse than dial up. I need the internet at night for looking up academic papers to help with studies. This is currently totally impossible. Can't even get through to customer services to cancel. have waited on national rate phone number for ages costing loads of money with no luck.

    Anyone thinking of taking VirginMedia internet. Just try calling the normal support number to see what it is like to try and cancel.


  • unhappy

    by Kat at 16:42 on 19 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    Rubbish. Cannot watch vids on youtube, although we could do previously (with NTL). Paid for a speed upgrade via free phone (150). Internet crashed and I then had to pay for the privelidge of them putting their mistake right via the internet tech line....big joke. Also spent two separate phone enquiries on hold for over 10 mins. TV is also rubbish Virgin Central...waste of time. I am looking into sky...cant be any worse.

  • unhappy

    by legendb at 9:42 on 17 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    My experience with Virgin seems to mirror a lot of what others are saying. I signed up for the 8 mega bit deal on adsl last november and was pretty happy especially because I was not on a contract. However I have since had my opinion changed. I had a month of outage which took 3 visits from a bt engineer to fix AT THE EXCHANGE they kept saying they thought they'd fixed the problem, but nobody actually asked me if it was fixed, whilst this wasn't Virgin's fault their technical team didn't follow up I had to keep ringing them at my own expense to find out what was going on because nobody was keeping me informed. They won't give me any money back for the calls I made for non technical information from the technical team. They did write back and tell me that they had maintained their high level of customer service though and that's the reason I wouldn't be getting a refund. The poor adsl speeds top it off so I'm going to take the plunge with o2's new service when it's at my exchange.

  • unhappy

    by Jan at 21:53 on 15 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    Virgin is complete rubbish!
    I do not want to repeat all the horrible stories about slow broadband rates... today I queued into the long queue of people that paid for the help line and got some funny talk with "Indian peoples". Was there a help? nope! We were advised to wait for 2 days, maybe the problem might be solved by then... a likely story!
    The problem? 20mbit wanted, atm 154kbps receiving! Excellent connection, hope this review will be posted in the next few hours after having clicked on submit..
    Does anyone know where the terms and conditions can be found online, so I might revise them to find a chance for getting out of this contract?!
    The field service is not allowed to call a Virgin line or get any access to Virgin screens that might help the customers (so seen in the VirginMegastore); just an expensive phone number in calligraphy for me.

  • happy

    by Carl at 9:36 on 15 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    Virgin Media is the best broadband provider you will ever get, its faster and a lot more reliable as the service doesnt got threw a BT phone line, it uses the same cable as their TV service, when i got the broadband installed i wanted to get the tv service aswell but i didnt want two wires going up my wall (one for broadband & one for TV), so i just ordered the broadband but when the enginerrs came and i asked about the tv they just used the one cable and split it in my bedroom, i asked if it would make my internet slower NOW THEY HAD SPLIT IT but it seems to go faster than the 3MG but i only get 2MG so how does that work ?
    So if you are planning to get the broadband, order the tv service aswell and you will get faster broadband.

  • happy

    by Kevin at 19:49 on 12 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    I've had no problems with Virgin.
    As an ex-NTL customer the service is no better or worse than before.
    There were a few wobbles at the time of the upgrade to 20Mb but other than that it's fine.

    It also helps to know about the speed capping if you download more than a certain amount at peak time (16:00-00:00), your limit will vary depending on the package, but your speed can drop if you pass this limit and will remain so for a number of hours.

    I've not found it to be a problem, in fact since the introduction I've found the service much more reliable and a little faster during peak hours.

  • happy

    by nistrum at 13:15 on 11 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    For milliwanilli, try getting in touch with them on their normal customer services number rather than the premium one. I've just discovered after a week of wondering why my new connection had got so slow that they'd signed me up to the 2Mb package instead of the 20Mb they quoted me. Getting a 1.5Mb/s download now, so it seems they can actually deliver what they promise, it just takes a lot of effort.

  • unhappy

    by milliwanilli at 19:34 on 9 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    20 mb my ass to be honest. I am sharing my net with 5 other ppl so u can imagine how much we relied on virgin to provide us with that 20 mb. the highest we get is 2mb is we are lucky, usually less. I cant even get thru to broadband help. We are just bunch of students so we cannot swap to other isp atm easily since we just opened account with virgin. One of biggest mistakes. THEY SUCK big time. Avoid at all cost

  • unhappy

    by Annoyed Customer at 19:31 on 9 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    I think we should ALL get in touch with every newspaper we can regarding Virgin Media's incredibly inept services, bad customer support, and our experiences of being ripped off on phonelines at 50p a minute just to be told what we already know.

    As above, people are having their internet connections capped between the hours of 5pm and 11pm (for me it is 3pm - 12am). Virgin Media have absolutely no right to cap anyones' internet regardless of whatever balloon flying cretin owns their company.

    People have already contacted WatchDog and I would suggest again you all do the same. I hope this section of his company is run into the ground because not enough thought or work or customer support is being put into making it a worthy ISP.

    Take it to the papers. Get it sorted, get your money back, and get a decent ISP which we have all been paying for for months and not getting.

  • unhappy

    by J Wynn at 21:44 on 8 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    Absolutely awful, like 99% of the rest of the posts here. Do not buy from Virgin Media. The download speeds are no-where near the advertised rates. Im getting 200kb/s on an up to 20 meg service. Call centres in Azerbyjan, unfriendly service, unhelpful advice. Absolute waste of money. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE

  • unhappy

    by Dave G at 1:08 on 8 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    Any company that wants to charge me for reporting a fault with their services is not having any of my business any longer than I can help. Telewest were a bit slow answering the phone but at least they had some helpful staff and a free telephone line. This lot want to charge me 25p a minute just to find out if there is a problem let alone help me resolve it. I'm off to IDNet (IDNet.co.uk.) Just check out their offering and see what a thoughtful company that obviously believes in customer service offers.
    Toodle pip

  • unhappy

    by nistrum at 17:54 on 6 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    I used to use ntl a few years ago. They provided a great service technically but their main downfall was the job-disliking card-reading parrots on the support desk. Imagine that very same company but now in a state of flux and you can imagine what you can expect from Virgin presently.

    I had to wait from Wednesday through to Saturday to get my broadband activated due to a system upgrade (activated meaning switching off their walled garden - the service was already connected).

    I've made about 10 phone calls, their registration server has been down, I've recieved misinformation, been redirected fom number to number, and paid through the nose for their premium support line (which is where the actual techies can be found). Finally I am calming down after a tense day and have 7Mb from the 20Mb service. Seems faster than DSL anyway.

    Maybe it will improve as Virgin complete their upgrades but for now you need nerves of steel and a technical mind to deal with this company.

  • unhappy

    by alan at 23:18 on 5 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    After a first rate service from Telewest Virgin are gradually applying the screws to extort the maximum amount of cash from their customers while reducing the quality of their broadband and tv services. It's a slippery slope. If you're not with them already stay well clear. Internet speeds are ridiculously slow, and I can't even upload files over 500KB as email attachments without trying about 10 times to get them to send fully. Telephone customer support is expensive and useless, and they didn't even respond to my online complaint/query. Take the money and run is VM's motto.

  • unhappy

    by Hugh Janus at 18:37 on 3 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    Ok I was seriously looking to switch to Virgin, but having read the frankly jaw dropping experiences of the folk on here I think I'd rather set fire to myself.
    I'm a realistic chap and expect to find complaints about companies when I check them out, but never ever so many so consistently scathing. Not just here but all over the internet and a few by word of mouth.
    If it's any consolation people, I can't be the only new business they won't be getting. I wish you all the best of luck getting your problems resolved. Your experiences on here can only harm their operation and as such may (one lives in hope) cause them to pull their collective fingers out (of each others backsides).
    Sir Richard Branson you should be thoroughly ashamed to be associated with an operation such as this.

    Big Hugh

  • unhappy

    by David Snowden at 9:41 on 3 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    Virgin Media have completely made a mess of my broadband. It became unreliable shortly after the transition from NTL and last week stopped working completely, apart from always putting you to the provisioning page. After going through the annoying telephone support system and finding that I have to pay 25p per minute plus 10p to speak to some Indian woman who was very difficult to understand. The upshot was then that my set top box wasn't working properly and that I should go through the telephone system again to get a cable modem. Despite there being no direction for this sort of thing I eventually got through to someone who could help, via the television support but it took about 15 minutes, most of which on hold. They then wanted £25 to install this cable modem. The absolute cheek of it. I am paying for a premium service which I am not getting through faults in Virgin Media's infrastructure or hardware. They can whistle for their £25. Another customer gotten rid of.

  • unhappy

    by david williams at 18:36 on 2 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    did you find this review helpful? Well NO actually.
    For a start , there was no response to clicking it .
    At present my TV channel can only get BBC & ITV and this has been going on for at least 24 hrs despite phone call messages that the fault was recognized and being dealt with.

  • unhappy

    by david williams at 18:13 on 2 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    I've just clicked on several of the "did you find this review helpful ?" buttons and what did I get -nothing! -Says it all really.
    At the Moment I'm paying for tv services but all I'm getting is BBC+ITV .
    The only conclusion is they "DON'T GIVE A DAMN"

  • unhappy

    by stephen leggett at 22:00 on 1 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    Absolute s*** dont touch virgin media with a bargepole. Before they merged with ntl i would get pings of -50ms while online gaming now they have a service which is obviously cant handle their infrastucture. Little test i've just done before posting - pinged google = 269ms & 1 packet lost not acceptable. If you like streaming video & online gaming forget it they are useless. ohh customer suport forget it they are morons that read the script fed to them by their stinking corparation "ohhh reset your router make sure ports are forwarded blah blah" I know how to configue my router properly im not an idiot!+ they charge you to call them pffff in total save your money go elsewhere! bad connectivity, bad customer service, and bad company :(

  • unhappy

    by Bob at 15:55 on 1 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    Had Telewest before the merger not even one problem, then since Virgin Media took over I started having problems. Most recent one is that I'm on 4MB cable broadband and when everything working fine i get about 360K upload (speedtest.net) Recently I've been getting anything from 20k to 100k upload for no apparent reason, and some sort of block on upload as it takes ages to pull a page. If I would be just downloading music and videos as they probably think everyone does, then it would be no problem, download is always almost 4MB but when I just want to brows the net, it looks worse than dial-up.

    I figure there is a problem with network as I tested this on different PCs, same result, even if I plug directly into modem. I wanted to report the fault and you have to dial premium rate number to do that on Virgin from now on. Yes, how stupid is this? They explained me that they have lots of broadband calls that's so they can't afford having it free, hmmm, I wonder why.

  • unhappy

    by Jane Sellers at 18:57 on 30 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    Come back NTL, like may others my experience with virgin media has not been a happy one.
    with NTL i had great line speed - ALL THE TIME
    now my 4MB line has been down to 502kb and frankly charging me premium rate to get some damn help is not improving matters.
    time and again with the supposed experts who just go through the motions of saying "ok please shut down your modem - wait 30 seconds" or the other classic "we are showing no problem our end" when on your own damn speed test page its telling me i do have a problem! and all the while racking up a nice 25p per minute.
    where as with NTL it was free just to get help.
    oh yes thank you also for now charging me £1 for an itemised phone bill-yet another thing free when it was NTL.
    don't be surprised Mr Branson by the numbers of people leaving Virgin media in droves-im going to be one of them!

  • unhappy

    by Nick J at 16:55 on 29 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    I've had numerous problems with VM BB. I'm on an ADSL BB connection and I have never had it so bad. It say's on the box, 8MB/s, my modem registers somewhere in the region of 4-5MB/s on the line, yet my download is 130Kbps (4MB = 4096Kbps), and my upload can be anywhere in the region of of 180-220Kbps. Interesting I find the upload better then the download. Anyway, after wasting many hours on the phone with VM customer services / tech services I'm leaving them, and I simply suggest you all do the same. Regardless of whether you are in a min. contract or not, because at the end of the day they are not delivering under the contract of agreement, and I then suggest refering any further matter to OFCOM, with evidence of poor downloads.

  • unhappy

    by Farah at 13:38 on 29 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    Okay, a couple of points:

    1) I have never had any problems with TV or Internet connection, actually internet connection is surprisingly good and fast and never plays up.

    2) Just as well that the TV and internet don't play up, because quite honestly, I HAVE NEVER MET A BIGGER BUNCH OF INCOMPETENT MONKIES AD THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM!!

    A) THE 2 FOR £20 OFFER IS A SCAM!!! They have been charging me consistently in 2 separate direct debits for £11 and £18.50 respectively, every single month.

    I phoned to rectify it on 3 subsequent weekends and have been greeted by people who's third language is English and kept waiting for hours. They don't understand. STILL UNRESOLVED..

    B) I live in a Listed building, which is not allowed loose-dangling cable down the front. I waited 5 weeks for a special crane to come and when the chaps turned up they had no knowledge of the crane. I have spent hours on the phone to these idiots, and 6 months later the cable still has not been pinned.

  • unhappy

    by phurn at 0:59 on 28 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    ok so its dog slow. but some people do seem to misunderstadn the acronyms. if you pay for 2meg line, 256kb/s is roughly the spead your gonna get. for the 2meg is measured in megabits NOT megabytes. therefore 256*8= 2048 which is EXACTLY 2meg.
    dont get me wrong im on this service too, but my downloads are roughly 17-35kbs. utter sh*ite. so if your gonna complain, atleast have something to complain about. otherwise virgin will only spout the line that people just dont understadn their relative speads.
    in short. dont bother with this service, when i was with blueyonder it as superb. this, however, is not.

  • unhappy

    by Chris at 19:08 on 27 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    this is stupid im getting 8kb an sec after work and mostly 3kb this is really wrong ntl rules i mean like I NEED TO DOWNLOAD MY FREAKIN STUFF!! COME ON EVEN MY GREAT GREAT GRANPA CAN GET TO BARCELONA FROM SCOTLAND BY THE TIM I DOWNLOAD A GIGABYTE FILE ON 2KB

  • unhappy

    by iamarobot at 23:16 on 26 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    And let me make one thing clear:
    When Virgin media say I am to get 2Meg Broadband like I did with NTL I then expect to get the same speeds as I got with NTL the whole day long - Like I did with NTL
    I can show you the logs full of my measurements I was getting 1973Kb on average with NTL during peak times - now with Virgin Media my average is 352Kb That is not acceptable - I have told Virgin media they have Three choices or I leave them and the will find their cables, set top box and modem near the bins in at the front of the house - I told them they can either reduce my bill to match the speeds they are giving me, or they can give me 4Mb broadband for the same price as 2Mb Or they can stop capping my broadband - they do neither of these and I chuck their stuff up the garden in a month and a half and go with BT - I would gladly pay BT 26.99 for their 8meg business broadband.
    I pay £18 pm for 2 meg with VM so I might just as well -

  • unhappy

    by teraformer at 23:39 on 25 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    I am sick to death of companies that are allowed to rip off customers. The goverment dont seem to mind or be intrested in people having there hard earned money crowbared out of there pockets for complete shite services that are supplied by the likes of virgin media. There broadband is tad ammount to pilfering money from people who are promised a great service only to be totally ripped off! Off course the goverment will not interfer, The more money Branon screws out of use the more tax he pays to them.

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