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  • unhappy

    by david williams at 18:13 on 2 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    I've just clicked on several of the "did you find this review helpful ?" buttons and what did I get -nothing! -Says it all really.
    At the Moment I'm paying for tv services but all I'm getting is BBC+ITV .
    The only conclusion is they "DON'T GIVE A DAMN"

  • unhappy

    by stephen leggett at 22:00 on 1 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    Absolute s*** dont touch virgin media with a bargepole. Before they merged with ntl i would get pings of -50ms while online gaming now they have a service which is obviously cant handle their infrastucture. Little test i've just done before posting - pinged google = 269ms & 1 packet lost not acceptable. If you like streaming video & online gaming forget it they are useless. ohh customer suport forget it they are morons that read the script fed to them by their stinking corparation "ohhh reset your router make sure ports are forwarded blah blah" I know how to configue my router properly im not an idiot!+ they charge you to call them pffff in total save your money go elsewhere! bad connectivity, bad customer service, and bad company :(

  • unhappy

    by Bob at 15:55 on 1 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    Had Telewest before the merger not even one problem, then since Virgin Media took over I started having problems. Most recent one is that I'm on 4MB cable broadband and when everything working fine i get about 360K upload (speedtest.net) Recently I've been getting anything from 20k to 100k upload for no apparent reason, and some sort of block on upload as it takes ages to pull a page. If I would be just downloading music and videos as they probably think everyone does, then it would be no problem, download is always almost 4MB but when I just want to brows the net, it looks worse than dial-up.

    I figure there is a problem with network as I tested this on different PCs, same result, even if I plug directly into modem. I wanted to report the fault and you have to dial premium rate number to do that on Virgin from now on. Yes, how stupid is this? They explained me that they have lots of broadband calls that's so they can't afford having it free, hmmm, I wonder why.

  • unhappy

    by Jane Sellers at 18:57 on 30 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    Come back NTL, like may others my experience with virgin media has not been a happy one.
    with NTL i had great line speed - ALL THE TIME
    now my 4MB line has been down to 502kb and frankly charging me premium rate to get some damn help is not improving matters.
    time and again with the supposed experts who just go through the motions of saying "ok please shut down your modem - wait 30 seconds" or the other classic "we are showing no problem our end" when on your own damn speed test page its telling me i do have a problem! and all the while racking up a nice 25p per minute.
    where as with NTL it was free just to get help.
    oh yes thank you also for now charging me £1 for an itemised phone bill-yet another thing free when it was NTL.
    don't be surprised Mr Branson by the numbers of people leaving Virgin media in droves-im going to be one of them!

  • unhappy

    by Nick J at 16:55 on 29 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    I've had numerous problems with VM BB. I'm on an ADSL BB connection and I have never had it so bad. It say's on the box, 8MB/s, my modem registers somewhere in the region of 4-5MB/s on the line, yet my download is 130Kbps (4MB = 4096Kbps), and my upload can be anywhere in the region of of 180-220Kbps. Interesting I find the upload better then the download. Anyway, after wasting many hours on the phone with VM customer services / tech services I'm leaving them, and I simply suggest you all do the same. Regardless of whether you are in a min. contract or not, because at the end of the day they are not delivering under the contract of agreement, and I then suggest refering any further matter to OFCOM, with evidence of poor downloads.

  • unhappy

    by Farah at 13:38 on 29 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    Okay, a couple of points:

    1) I have never had any problems with TV or Internet connection, actually internet connection is surprisingly good and fast and never plays up.

    2) Just as well that the TV and internet don't play up, because quite honestly, I HAVE NEVER MET A BIGGER BUNCH OF INCOMPETENT MONKIES AD THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM!!

    A) THE 2 FOR £20 OFFER IS A SCAM!!! They have been charging me consistently in 2 separate direct debits for £11 and £18.50 respectively, every single month.

    I phoned to rectify it on 3 subsequent weekends and have been greeted by people who's third language is English and kept waiting for hours. They don't understand. STILL UNRESOLVED..

    B) I live in a Listed building, which is not allowed loose-dangling cable down the front. I waited 5 weeks for a special crane to come and when the chaps turned up they had no knowledge of the crane. I have spent hours on the phone to these idiots, and 6 months later the cable still has not been pinned.

  • unhappy

    by phurn at 0:59 on 28 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    ok so its dog slow. but some people do seem to misunderstadn the acronyms. if you pay for 2meg line, 256kb/s is roughly the spead your gonna get. for the 2meg is measured in megabits NOT megabytes. therefore 256*8= 2048 which is EXACTLY 2meg.
    dont get me wrong im on this service too, but my downloads are roughly 17-35kbs. utter sh*ite. so if your gonna complain, atleast have something to complain about. otherwise virgin will only spout the line that people just dont understadn their relative speads.
    in short. dont bother with this service, when i was with blueyonder it as superb. this, however, is not.

  • unhappy

    by Chris at 19:08 on 27 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    this is stupid im getting 8kb an sec after work and mostly 3kb this is really wrong ntl rules i mean like I NEED TO DOWNLOAD MY FREAKIN STUFF!! COME ON EVEN MY GREAT GREAT GRANPA CAN GET TO BARCELONA FROM SCOTLAND BY THE TIM I DOWNLOAD A GIGABYTE FILE ON 2KB

  • unhappy

    by iamarobot at 23:16 on 26 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    And let me make one thing clear:
    When Virgin media say I am to get 2Meg Broadband like I did with NTL I then expect to get the same speeds as I got with NTL the whole day long - Like I did with NTL
    I can show you the logs full of my measurements I was getting 1973Kb on average with NTL during peak times - now with Virgin Media my average is 352Kb That is not acceptable - I have told Virgin media they have Three choices or I leave them and the will find their cables, set top box and modem near the bins in at the front of the house - I told them they can either reduce my bill to match the speeds they are giving me, or they can give me 4Mb broadband for the same price as 2Mb Or they can stop capping my broadband - they do neither of these and I chuck their stuff up the garden in a month and a half and go with BT - I would gladly pay BT 26.99 for their 8meg business broadband.
    I pay £18 pm for 2 meg with VM so I might just as well -

  • unhappy

    by teraformer at 23:39 on 25 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    I am sick to death of companies that are allowed to rip off customers. The goverment dont seem to mind or be intrested in people having there hard earned money crowbared out of there pockets for complete shite services that are supplied by the likes of virgin media. There broadband is tad ammount to pilfering money from people who are promised a great service only to be totally ripped off! Off course the goverment will not interfer, The more money Branon screws out of use the more tax he pays to them.

  • unhappy

    by iamarobot at 18:13 on 25 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    VM have started capping by postcode - I can prove it - for 5 days they have capped my services every night at 5pm till 11pm
    I know my computers and network arent at fault - I am a senior network consultant engineer and have rigorously tested the entire data flow in and out and have worked hard to test various traffic flows across the internet in that time.
    I just told one of their engineers that I consider what they are doing to be theft of services I am paying for since they did it without my knowkledge and without my consent since I am not contractually obligated to them longer than one month - I have been with NTL 3 years and since VM took over they treat customers like dirt the cat dragged in. I told the guy this - he said I will do something to your modem just a second - then the line went dead
    I tested the network and what he did was to release the cap -
    They are theiving scum at virgin media - I use about between 20 meg and 180meg a day and this is how I am treated ??

  • unhappy

    by Jo at 20:43 on 22 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    I had a great service with NTL with no problems. Since Virgin Media took over I took up their offer to upgrade from NTL 1MB to Virgin Media 8MB, it is absolutely terrible. I live very close to the exchange and am getting very poor speeds and continuous disconnections. Speed tests vary between 67Kbps to 160Kbbs, (yes Kb) Most times it runs at a crawl, it`s like being back on dial-up, pages take ages to load. I have sent many emails to Virgin Media for some help, and have had no replies. The trouble is that I cannot switch becauseI am tied to them on a years contract. How can they get away with charging people for a service that they do not provide!

  • unhappy

    by HAT HAVE THEY DONE TO TELEWEST,BLUEYONDER at 23:26 on 20 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    What have they done to my servce.
    have been a loyal customer with telewest for 3 year and been no there 10mb broadband for most that time with NO and i mean NO problems at all,then all of a sudden VIRGIN apear and BOOOOMMM
    its like having dial up internet again.



  • unhappy

    by Chris Bayley at 7:44 on 19 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    Until they started upgrading to the faster speeds I had no trouble. Supposdly on 8mbs but daytime it will max at 2.2mbs which is fine for me. Problems occur early morning and evenings when the speed will slow to almost 0 and dropout every few minutes
    Contacting support is a waste of time as all they will do is send a sheet of things to try and try to blame your end telling you there is nothing wrong at their end or with BT.
    What they do not tell you is that reason for the slow down and drop which is inadequate bandwidth caused by bunching too many broadband connections together (50) to maximise profits.
    I have been with Virgin.net since they first started offering an internet service and all my customers know the address so I am reluctant to move but the way things are going I will be switching to one that can offer actually offer a service.
    Best thing is to write to all the PC magazines and papers and let them know about Virgin medias false advertising claims.

  • unhappy

    by Ashley Douglas at 21:42 on 18 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    Since Virgin took over, we've went from high speed internet to less than dialup. Up until midnight I get constant disconnections, webpage timeouts, email timeouts, and instant messenger disconntions.

    I've sent three different emails to their customer support team online now and been ignored despite their "we will reply soon" promise after you've submitted your query.

    This kind of service is absolutely atrocious. We "supposedly" get high speeds on speedtests but the fact that since this money grabbing bastard company railroaded NTL and Blueyonder - who DECENT companies - into their power so that they can rob us out of more money for services they're not delivering.

    Definately looking into BT or something else now.

  • unhappy

    by mike at 16:05 on 15 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    switched from bt broadband 512k to go on virgin 8meg broadband..... its slower than my 512k connection! REALLY not happy. it is cheaper, but its a lot worse! going to call them and complain, see if i can get out of the contract as they arent delivering what i'm paying for!

  • unhappy

    by Eric at 15:08 on 13 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    Well, my feelings relect many of those previoulsy stated. Since the change from NTL the service is poorer / slower and personally I think the general homepage layout "tacky".....so I ask an open question to Mr. Branson > "Are you reading these comments / are you listening to your customers / or in fact, do you care ?"

    Just you carry on Ballooning and having a good time!

  • unhappy

    by m sanderson at 8:06 on 13 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    i pay £37 a month for so called 20mg i get 4mg if i am lucky, this has been going on for months even changed my modem still no joy, i am going to sky now plus it cheaper, i have been with ntl since 1999 am well peed off

  • unhappy

    by Ryan Brindley at 20:56 on 12 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    We have been with ntl for years on 2mb broadband with no porblems, always good speeds, but now virgin has took over im having serious issues, it takes like 5 secs to open a page, and im getting lag while playing online games, these guys are scammers, i swear theyve got me on 56k but all the speed tests say 2mb.


  • happy

    by swpryde2 at 5:11 on 12 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    well i dont know wot everyone is complaining about, i am on the 20mb broadband and i have the full rate all the time day or night, my download rate is always 2.25mb/sec dependin on what sites, unfortunatly not alot of sites are equipped to handle 20mb so it is limited, if u all want to complain just go to another isp. i give thumbs up to virgin media

  • unhappy

    by Rich at 1:10 on 11 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    Fairly awful service. I pay for 20Mbit but in reality get much less. It's 1:04am and am getting 27kb/sec to usenet, even Microsoft only comes in at 300kb/sec it should be over 2000kb/sec. You can't even phone anyone to speak to them about it without it costing a fortune (£0.25 a min) £5 odd will get yopu to speak to someone on the other side of the world who has spent 15mins in training and mastered the art of reading from a preprepared script which invariably starts with 5 mins of restarts even if you have already done them before you called.

    VM have massive network problems due to oversubscription and its coming to YOUR neighbourhood sooner or later if it isn't already there. They'd rather spend money on advertising and expensive lawyers for their petty squabbles with Sky than provide users with a decent service. I advise you to steer well clear.

  • unhappy

    by dustino at 21:34 on 10 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    Poor. I pay for 2mb and get 256kb/s most of the time.

  • unhappy

    by Suzie at 20:27 on 10 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    I have been with Telewest broadband 4MB for 6yrs without any problems Since Virgin media took over I have lost conectivity several times and when you phone up for technical support your told to get intouch with your Pc manufacturer as it is your network card thats not working your network card work or it dosent .Come back telewest

  • unhappy

    by Tom G. at 23:02 on 7 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    We've upgraded from the 2MB to the 20MB package and the highest that we get is anything around 8MB. But 8MB is not avaliable very often. During watching online TV Broadcast's and stuff, the connection would suddenly drop down to nothing. Or for example when I do VoIP-Calls, I have a clear hearing experience with the people I call, but they will hear me for about 3 minutes, then it starts interrupting what I say and goes on like that for about a minute, then it works for another 5 Minutes and then it get's slower again.

    I at first thought my wireless connection is to be blamed for that, but it isn't!

    Shame on you Virgin Media!


  • unhappy

    by Mikie M at 14:45 on 7 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    Wow, just.... Wow, Virgin media is really starting to annoy me, I've been with the same isp since 2000 and ever since virgin took over my so called 20Mb line, Its been really slow like 56k dial-up slow..... I struggle to get above 1mb of speed alot of the time AND IM PAYING £37 FOR A 20MB SERVICE. This has now going on for months and I am seriously considering going to another isp this is beyond a joke. Also they advertise the 20 mb line as "unlimited" yet when you dl more than 3gb(M = 350mb, L = 750mb) during 4pm-12am you get capped down to 5mb(I havent been capped yet and am still experiencing speeds of a 56k modem and the like), I'd be happy if I could even reach 5mb half of the time, This is a total mikey take to the highest degree.

  • happy

    by Dave at 22:55 on 3 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    I had loads of problems with NTL, constantly losing my broadband connection for the first six months. After lots of phone calls to support it was fixed and ever since it has worked great! I've not had it go wrong once since virgin took over, My broadband speed is 2mb and it shows as 2.1mb on the speed tests on this site. For the tenner a month I dont think you can beat the price for what you get.

  • unhappy

    by Scrpt at 22:49 on 3 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    Absolutely appalling service. I'm paying for the 8MB service. I'm getting dial-up or slower speeds. I can get a dial up connection for free. Sort it out virgin, the service is a complete rip off.

    We switched from Demon broadband, which was excellent - always high (if not sometimes higher than the service speed!) download speeds.

  • unhappy

    by Stuart F Irthlingborough at 18:47 on 2 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    Well what a shame! I thought Virgin were one of the few companies worth good comments but since they took over NTL I a useless Internet cable service> Yeah I know NTL were not the best in the world but they gave a good speed Internet service.

    In the last few weeks the service is terrible. The technical help is now via a 25p per minute + 10p connection charge to a mud hut in India. You then get a I.T. Illiterate numpty, speaking broken English, reading fom the book of 'how to make this call cost the Earth' and get knowhere.

    I feel like many of the others who have ranted in these blogs. My theory is they want to Kill Off the old domains (NTLWorld etc) by driving customers away....what a stupid and damaging game that is to play!

    Get it sorted Richard Branson!

  • unhappy

    by Dave Rose at 15:59 on 1 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    being a keen flyer i was happy when the day came i could fly on a new boeing 737 800 series painted in the virgin colors, the performance i expected from the aircraft where second to none, even the customer service was great.
    so what went wrong ??
    The planes are still great the service is still great but it only seems to apply to the virgin name in the air, down here on the ground things are not as they seem, not with virgin broadband adsl anyway, ive got a 8 mg account but only manage on average 0.3 mb
    Sir Richard can you please check it out and sort out the broadband side of your empire otherwise ill only be calling you Sir Richard when im flying on one of your aircraft.

    PS congratulations on your selection of beautiful air hostesses

    Regards Dave Rose

  • unhappy

    by Blog Ward at 16:08 on 31 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    I'm writing a caustic letter to the CEO - acting CEO, that is, the actual one left, and I'm not surprised - I've got a month's refund out of them at least. I wouldn't mind slow BB speeds - my connection has been dropping out completely for three weeks, and the 'help'line have given me four different stories. 'Waiting for parts' was my favourite. What a bunch of total wankers Virgin Media are, to be sure.

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