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  • unhappy

    by Paul at 13:26 on 31 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    I'm so happy to have found this page, I thought I was the only one. What about this new 'helpline'?! 10p to connect and then 50p p/m or somthing? I couldn't believe it. My internet is akin to dial-up, and i'm on their medium package. ALso, all the on-demand stuff, usually it's quite good, not 'brilliant' as they say, but every other day you get 'on demand is currently unavailable' blah blah. So you phone up, and it's mumbai or deli or somwhere asking 'have you tried turning it off and on again' :op

    I joined at the tailend of Telewest's tenure, and it was fine. Things have slowly degraded to the point where I cant wait to be shot of them. They're like the mobile phone network who would rather just let you run about from department to department, clocking up nice large phone bills, which they charge you for....its absolutely disgusting.


    SORT IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Mike S at 17:31 on 27 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Disgraceful. The predicted increase in download speed (August for Wolverhampton), has not yet arrived; I suppose it's still August--just. Confidence is not inspired by the out of date "update" on their web-shite.
    My download speed has never once come anywhere near to 10 mb. for which I pay £37 quid a month. If I get 5mb that's pretty good.... (and I've tried every speed test I can find, including the one they recommend). When you ring VM to query things they send you all over the place, try to blind you with science and generally fob you off. That's if you can get to speak to anyone human in the first place.
    They have not replied to any of my 5 emails, and to one coronary-inducing 'phone call, when I requested the recommended upgrade modem they crow about on their web-site.
    Changing ISP's is a real pain: 'phone, tv and internet all get screwed up, so I'm having to put up with their crap, which is insult to injury.
    Well done Sir Richard.

  • unhappy

    by Richard at 13:14 on 27 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    30kB/sec download speed!!! And I'm paying for an 8MB line! I'm paying for Broadband, but getting worse than dial-up speed!

    Virgin Customer Services' great advice was to unplug the modem for 24 hours. Didn't make any difference. Will be leaving Virgin tomorrow.

  • unhappy

    by Edward at 16:38 on 26 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    I have used NTL earlier and the services were not so bad,however,VirginMedia Sucks in the service they provide.I signed up for medium packages of BB and Tel and what i realise is that some muppet on the other end set it up for XL packages and actually charges me 15 pounds or so more.To add to this you call up their call centre and nobody is willing to sort it out rather just play the blame game.Totally incompetent i must say!The sales team are a bunch of low IQ high ego rats.I have been trying to sort out similar issues for my mates as Virginmedia set up 2 accounts for same house and sends two bills as well yet are not willing to acknowledge their shortcomings but instead apply an error correction fee!!!!Disgraceful!Shame on ya Virginmedia!!

  • unhappy

    by steve at 22:45 on 24 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Are VM advertising their service on "fonejacker" with their "service providings"? Im sure I have spoken to that guy on the helpline,and he was about as helpful as an ashtray on a motorcycle.Oh,and what a moneyspinner the helpline must be for them.."lets charge em,then screw with what byonder had built,and then if we pretend to offer 20mb,and actually give em dialup-we can rake it in from the helpline" Stand and deliver to the new internet highwaymen..another one of Bransons ideas lost its gas

  • unhappy

    by Wangs at 17:21 on 22 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Upgraded from a 2Mb connection to the 20Mb XL package. Being charged £29 for something that is equally as slow as my previous package. So far no explanation from Virginmedia as to why I should be paying the extra money for something that hasn't improved my internet experience. A complete rip off!

  • unhappy

    by Ryan Boyd at 18:15 on 21 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Shocking Service and really bad customer service!Im leaving as soon as my Mac arrives,im on the Virgin ADSL service.My line is rated at 5mb and thats what I got with my last supplier Pipex.Lucky to get a ping lower than 200ms and download speeds drop to around 25kbps.AVOID IF YOU CAN!

  • happy

    by Daniel Clarke at 16:14 on 21 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    I find it quite shocking that a large number of people think that because it says 10mb that they are going to get 10mb. Divide it by 8 and that will give you a hint at what your download speeds will be. The 4mb giving 800kps is running quite well. There has to be error checking on the download so for every 8 bytes you get 7 error checking hence the divide by 8.

  • unhappy

    by Joff at 9:47 on 21 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    I'm paying £30/month for their 20Mbps XL package and I'm sure it stands for eXtra Laggy.

    At best, I get 6Mbps which is nowhere near the advertised speed. I chose this package because I'm a high bandwidth user - they shouldn't advertise it as suitable for downloading digital content if it's blatantly not suitable.

  • unhappy

    by SAM at 18:12 on 20 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Avoid,avoid ,avoid, virgin media.suppose to have 4mb,speed capping my bandwith stinks.why should i pay for a 4mb service quoted as unlimited,when its not.

  • unhappy

    by Virgin-Sucks at 23:18 on 19 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Before thursday, everything seemed normal, like when TW where running things, then the BB connection went down, 48hrs later and back online, i'm try to do my weekly live audio cast relayed via my webserver based in London (1Gb) - however my 4Mb connection now suddenly cannot handle the stream... i do a speedtest.net to see whats happening and discover my upload speed has gone from 128kb to 12kb!!! i call Virgin BB Tech Support and all i get is "we can not guarentee upload speeds" - so i upgrade to a 10Mb line, and still no improvement on the upload connection... this also affects my video calls i have with my son in France, uploading many images to the many websites i design and host... Virgin are funking scum, i will be leaving them soon and recomend no one stays with them. Not everyone just wants to download Mr Virgin, the internet is a 2 way street of multimedia information, it's for those who not only consume but also create! Virgin are absolute shite, goes for the tec support to!!

  • unhappy

    by Ian Peter Turner at 19:14 on 19 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Virgin media services are as much use as an anchor is to a drowning man

  • unhappy

    by Grandalf at 7:48 on 19 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    In the 15 years that I have had the internet, this is the absolute pits. They are not fufilling their contractual obligations, and by definition should not be able enforce it. As they cannot be contacted I will be cancelling my direct debit forthwith. I used to use this line under Telewest for both phone and internet tv without problems, I will now have to get BT to install a new phone line to get adsl. The only message that we can give them is to leave in droves.

  • unhappy

    by stu walker at 19:48 on 15 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    im also on virgin media broadband but im paying 37.99 a month for 20 meg and every day i will do a speed band test from a number of services and the most i have got it to is 11meg what the hell is going on when i do phone up to complain i can't understand a word they say all from pakistan ive got 2 months left on my contract and what do you think ill be doing about a new 1. well for a start the modem is going on ebay for a fiver them im off to bulldog

  • unhappy

    by Liamf2 at 4:38 on 14 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    I've been with Telewest/NTL ever since 2003, when I moved here. No problems whatsoever, only to find Virgin come along with the clear sole intention of taking everyones money, and snatching it out of our hands. 4pm-12am users are all capped, given speeds that are quite simply appalling. Lucky to get over 800k, which clashes a hell of alot with their FASTEST BROADBAND IN THE UK approach on things. 2MB is what is being payed for, and 2MB is what Telewest/NTL gave, NO PROBLEMS! Only VirginMedia would screw it up even after adopting a perfectly good working system! The only reasonable speeds I get are after midnight. I've read enough on this page, to not even try contact them in any way. It will be like getting milk out of a rock. The connection gets so weak MSN won't even sign in, or xbox live comes up with the message "CONNECTION TOO WEAK". Oh yes, well done virgin media. Theives, they can go die. I'm keying every VM van I see parked in the street now.

  • unhappy

    by will at 12:43 on 13 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    After 2 weeks of ringing the help line and speaking to Customer support, (which is a joke), then to their problem dept, (which is now no longer based in wales but some 3rd world country), I still not getting the service that i am paying for. Have spent a total of 4 hrs on the phone, being passed back and forth to different depts, trying to explain that i do not have all the channels on my tv service that i should have, and that my broadband service is still on 1mb when it should be 2mb.
    Had a fantastic service with ntl but since vrigin has taken over its went from bad to worse. 1 more phone call to you lot Branson and I will be going to sky.
    Avoid this service at all costs until they sort the poblems out and get the Support structure back to the UK.
    There is a reason that the service is cheap, they dont know what they are doing.

  • unhappy

    by Sam at 23:17 on 12 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Virgin media, what a laugh.

    We are currently on 4mb/ps in reality, my downloads at the fastest make 40kb/ps which is a joke.

  • unhappy

    by Neil Warby at 13:10 on 12 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Absolute disgrace. We still recieve bills to out old address after moving house 2 months ago. Internet speed has quartered. Waste of time and money calling them about it. Its a fuckin disgrace.

  • unhappy

    by Todd at 22:32 on 11 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    RUBBISH!!! Paying for 20MB broadband, and according to speedtest.net i am only geting 193KB/S and 23KB/S upload speed...In the mornings it is fine, but why does it downgrade at night? AVOID VIRGIN MEDIA at all costs (Unless your going to the Mobile)... Is it legal to upload a virus into there servers? Bye Bye VM and hello Orange Broadband

    P.S. Thanks for the laptop Orange :)...now all to do is sort out all my email addresses then ring up and say **** YOU VIRGIN MEDIA

  • happy

    by Mike Rogers at 14:45 on 8 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    what a joke, waited 12 weeks for vm to extend a outside line, then after 11 van visits and 13 workmen they cut me off, then said a 6 week wait to reconnect . Ive done it myself its only telephone wire it took me 5 mins,what a bunch of idiots get back to records branson stick to what you know

  • happy

    by Unhappy Man at 21:00 on 7 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Customer service is poor !

    Virgin media told me that for shared broadband internet access ( 2 computers at the same time ) that i need a "Switch"... No No No you need a "Router" ! . Phoned them on three different numbers, i got three different answers to my various questions ( Had to go elsewhere to find the info i needed ) ... Hence... Customer service is poor... very poor !


    Virgin Media's website is "out of date" and totally contradicts it's self regarding broadband setup ( equipment needed and how it's installed, USB v Eithernet etc ). Be careful when looking on their site for information. Their website needs a MAJOR Re-Vamp & Update ( Spock would have trouble - if you catch my drift ).

  • happy

    by Rick M Worth at 8:44 on 5 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Like many I became a VM customer whilst with NTL and tho the latter's customer services (hah) were crap I did not know what was to come. I went onto a VM package which offered more for the same as my existing NTL package and this is when the fun started. BIlled a month before I cud even access the "service", charged £7 more than the package I agreed to (refund promised once, never received), VM do not answer recorded delivery letters except to acknowledge the letter, will ignore all others, do not answer emails but demand you use their customer service phone number to which I refused. If you have a dispute with them CANCEL YOUR DIRECT DEBIT and change your debit card number otherwise they will keep taking what you don't owe them, CRIMINAL ACTIVITY I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT. I offered what I felt I owed, they would not respond, and ceased my line, so having reneged on the contract they then broke it. BE WARNED GENTLE READERS, DON'T TOUCH THEM.

  • happy

    by Rhoops at 19:47 on 2 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Rude, unhelpful, fraudulent thieves.
    What a pleasant afternoon dealing with Virgin Media!
    Same problem as most other people here, internet speeds are about 80-90% lower than contracted for.
    They deny this of course, (Oooh! but they DO know about this site and the 100+ criticisms, so start anticipating an influx of 'We love Virgin Media' comments soon!)
    I'm moving to a new provider, because VM are indulging in fraud, which is a criminal activety.
    I'd advise anybody else thinking of doing the same to set up a new provider and cancel the Virgin Direct debit BEFORE telling VM you're leaving. Their failure to provide the agreed service (whether its a written contract or impled from NTL/Blueyonder customers does not matter) means that the contract has been broken and you are under no obligation to accept their cancellation or other fees. To ensure you don't though requires CANCELLING THAT DIRECT DEBIT FIRST!! Therafter, its all their problem, not yours. which is as it should be!

  • happy

    by Mick at 0:22 on 1 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    I thought I was on my own until I read this page - MY SPEED IS GENERALLY VERY SLOW - it did used to be OK but lately I have noticed LLLOOONNNGGG load times for pages that should take only moments. This is VERY bad and I am thinking of quitting Virgin Media altogether? I hope some one in charge reads this and puts it right? I AM RUNNIBNG OUT OF PATIENCE! And one last thing - I RESENT VERY MUCH BEING MADE TO PAY VM FOR HELP OR ASSISTANCE TO GET SPEED BACK UP WHEN IT CLEARLY IS NOT MY FAULT!!!!!!!! All the best - Michael

  • happy

    by dick discontent at 20:59 on 31 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    Very poor: Since takeover from NTL already slow speeds have worsened (for a supposedly 4Mb connection at £25 / month, I am getting download speeds of sometimes less than 100 kbs and never more than 400. And I now have totally unreliable connection too - u/s many times a day. They offer e-mail contact for such queries, but despite getting an automated immediate reply saying they will get back to you, they don't. Or at least having sent a message on 24th July, here we are 31st and zilch. On their status page there's nothing about this. There is a report dated 16/7 saying their superfast 20Mb customers are experiencing "disappointing" download speeds - that was still the case earlier today. I am changing provider.

  • happy

    by malc at 15:10 on 29 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    Signed to cable up two weeks ago, only just got round to setting it up. Total failure, tried the helpdesk, 25p per minute. Thank goodness I never gave up on tiscali. Of course I am locked in for a year, but the £120 quid in is costing me I will have to swallow.

  • happy

    by Tim at 20:25 on 27 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    This is possibly the worst service I have every received. Cannot get through to disconnect, cannot get confirmation of disconnection from their webmail, but they cut off the email and charge a levy for stopping my direct debit to them, but still they keep sending bills. I left because the internet speed was crap and kept falling over, but then because they deliberately hang up if you try to get through to try to leave. I have complained to Ofcom, currently awaiting their response. I urge all those who have a problem to do so too as it is the only way to get it resolved. Also as advice, note, as an ex telewest customer, there were no charges in the original contract for stopping direct debits so they have no rights.

  • happy

    by Richard Birmingham at 8:52 on 25 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    I have just had to reinstall Windows XP fresh, which meant I lost my Virgin connection. Reinstalled my old Telewest CD etc, only to now be left with no broadband connection what so ever as all I get is sorry there seems to be a modem problem. Re-installed this software many times before when it was Telewest, never once had a problem. Like the rest of you now very P***** off with the lot of it. Any suggestions on how to rectify it.

  • happy

    by Mas at 22:53 on 24 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    Virgin Media are restricting speed and capping bandwidth, don't bother look else where

  • happy

    by James at 15:43 on 24 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    Virgin Media are such liars! the traffic shaping got me while I was online gaming at 20 to 3 not 4pm! and I dont even need to download 350mb for it to affect me neither. When it does happen I experience more than just a connection speed cut in half, I get connection speeds worse than a 512k connection and sometimes speeds as low as dial up. Im sure this traffic shaping isnt the only device that Virgin ever used, I used to get 3MB broadband which mysteriously went down to 2MB after a month or so. Im sure when they say the distance between you and your telephone exchange matters, but im sure they use that as an excuse to just give you a low speed. Although saying this, im on Virgin Media's Adsl broadband, and im getting such a bad connection, but my girlfriend is on Virgin Media's cable broadband service (previously NTL) which I have never seen have any problems so they are obviously more accommodating to their new aquisitions rather than their older ones

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