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    by Tom Archer at 17:07 on 23 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    Unimpressive. Slow and with a lot of dropped connections or refusals to connect. You will wait a long long time on hold to get anything sorted out. Save yourself the pain and avoid.

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    by Lee1138 at 12:51 on 20 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    Once agian i found myself contacting Virgin Media about my slow broadband connection. Im paying £37 for a connection that seems to be slower than dial up. They said it probably my computer and should try cleaing out my temp folder etc and there was nothing I can do about it. I rarely had a problem when i was using NTL there costomer services was **** but at least by connection was great. Since they took away sertain cable tv programs away my only option is so go to and certain satalite company. Hopefully this will be a far better sevice

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    by Tom White at 1:28 on 19 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    After about 6 years with ntl and the very rare problems of being put on the wrong router, NTL were exceptional, from 1mb to 2mb to 10mb service my speeds were very near what they should have been. Then boom!!! mr branston pickle had taken over and next thing i new we were with virgin media, 2 weeks in and crap speeds, called my buddy in india and after 1 hour i was told it was my modem, engineer on the way, 4 days later he arrived and i was told my cable was not thick enough and he would get a team to pull a thicker cable, 2 weeks later the team turn up, sorry but we do not have the thicker cable on the van, but nothing is wrong with the one you have. Now 2 weeks later i have a speed of 65kbs download from microsoft.com which would give me a 1mb a second on a 10 meg connection. ...yep you got it, i am on the wrong router, he has put me on the right one and wait for an hour, hour passed still the same. Absolute CRAP. Steer clear of this ****, OFF TO SKY

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    by roland at 17:21 on 18 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    the service is rubbish, broadband connection is very very slow and i decided to stop the service i had with virgin media. but those bastards still go on taking money from my account for a service i do not use and when i call them they kep transfering me from one department to the other untill someone hangs up the phone. sheeky bastards.

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    by Charliebrowns at 21:35 on 17 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    So it's not just me getting TERRIBLE speeds now? I'm paying £25 a month for a supposed 8mb connection and after running a test getting just above 214k. Pathetic. The only good this about this is that I'm not on a contract so I will be moving VERY soon.

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    by Dave at 21:16 on 17 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    I have been with Telewest since 2003 and only ever had the occasional loss of services etc. Since its become Virgin media I have had nothing but problems, I constantly get download speeds from anything between 80k to 320k, I know how to accurately test these speeds so I get more than a bit ****** off when im treated like a child by the techies. If you call you need to be at your pc, which for me is after 5:30pm, then you get a bloody indian call centre who as soon as they see any fault withing 10 miles of your postcode just repeat the mantra 'there is a problem showing on our system in your area'. ******* pathetic service you have to pay through the nose tor. I download practically nothing so i know its not as im a heavy user being capped. At work I have to use BT as they are the only company who can provide the link we require but i hate ti as BT are such a piss por company to deal with, but even knowing this im gonna dump Virgin Media and go with a BT solution, it cant be and worse....

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    by doosher at 1:09 on 16 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    what a load of crap, been with telewest 8 years and now looking to leave due to the crap service, support and 0906 number for the helpline, disgrace

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    by iamarobot at 23:41 on 14 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    I was with NTL for two years I could download when and what I wanted, no problem. Now the thieving scum in the Virgin Media boardroom have stolen my bandwidth cutting my speed from 2 meg to about 500k - In every speed test I used to get about 1918k speeds at least thats the number i remember seeing most often - now in speed tests it wavers a lot between 300k and 600k.
    To add insult to injury I pay a penny per month more - dont sound like a lot but that increased VM's revenue by £6m a year with small increases like that - what VM are doing is corrupt - they are stealing bandwidth from people on low speed connections and allocating it to people on 10mb (I darent call it 20mb - as from the evidence i have seen of not one single person on the whole internet claiming to have reached much above 12mb its a plain barefaced lie by the look of it).
    No I really felt good having an NTL connection but I am now going with BT 8mb business

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    by Server tech guy at 19:41 on 14 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    What an absolute load of trash this Virgin media company is.
    NTL provided 2mb broadband which ran consistently for me at 1.918
    which I thought was absolutely fantastic - no complaint when it was NTL. Virgin media come in and a few months later my speeds are down to 300k - at best I have reached 900k over the last month - I am not putting up with any cr*p from them I will phone them on monday aty 9am and they get till wednesday 9am to fix it - if I dont get cosistent speeds of around 1.8 1.9 meg after that I will chuck their modem into the street rip the cable out and they can come collect it - I will get BT to install their ADSL and get the business broadband.
    Virgin Media put the price up by a penny for everyone - no big problem there except that equals a profit of an extra 6million a year for Virgin media.
    My question is - why is there soo much penny pinching now isnt the point that with NTL you were a customer - now youre just a mug that pays the wages

  • happy

    by My Connection with NTL was for 3 Years at 10:06 on 13 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    I have read all most all reviews .I never had a single problem with my borad band .It works fantastic.No problems at all .
    Customer service -It's pay nuber ,You may have to wait even hours to get connected . You may not choose new offers ,if you are laready with them.

    Anyway ,Now I am just testing SKY , they dont have any contract . so I can cancell any time .. its comes with free wireless router .and 20 pounds , you get 8 mb speed (limit 40 gb) and eveing ,weekend anytime call .


  • happy

    by demid at 23:25 on 12 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    fantastic only 10 pounds a month for broadband only.instalation is a right eye sore though,they ran a cable around the bottom of my house,thinking of rerouting it my self,anyway so far so good,quick connection speed,2mb size m package.i like it 9 out of ten

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    by john cotter at 10:50 on 12 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    I've been with NTL since they cabled my street, their services were not bad, since Virgin took over the broadband service in this area doesn't seem to have changed ( for better or for worse), the Indian help centres are totally useless. Virgin have made extravagant promises about improving the service but have succeeded in losing important sky channels and given nothing in return except more tv channels full of repeats. Now Virgin appears to be making a serious attempt to sell the company only months after buying it and probably making a hefty profit as a result. I question Virgin motive for buying NTL and Telewest and ask whether they were serious about there stated intentions of making Virgin the best media company in the UK or were they just interested in making as much money from the company in whatever way possible.

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    by Switched at 0:16 on 12 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    I was with ntl for 2 years and thought i had alot of problems then like tv crashing every hour, broadband failing to connect, phone line dying once a week. Then it changed to virgin, the tv box blew up while upgrading the firmare so they sent a new box, older than the one i had the modem was broken so i could not get connected to the internet or watch on demand. switched to sky. HALELIULA!!! TV that works (and it has sky one), better phone service using reliable bt line, Wireless broadband although the router is ****, I have a 5Mb connetion and am 2KM from the exchange, I can play halo without a lag (but it seems that some players are using virgin becuase i get a lag in some games), when the router broke sky sent a replacement in 5 days. Sky also give new customers new boxes, virgin use up old stock and re label them. My mother is evil and recomended my aunt virgin media for all 3, virgin give cr*p tv service slow broadband and new phone line for £30 a month, sky give continued.....

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    by John at 9:31 on 11 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    Service, what service? I am paying £37 a month for a 20meg service and seldom even get 1meg. NTL gave me the service I paid for at least.

    Now customer service, that was an issue. The fact that I got what I paid for and seldom had to contact customer service made it bearable.

    I now have to pay 25p a minute to speak to an offshore company to be told that my modem is not registered at my address. Bills still find their way to the same address. So now apparently they can't find my modem, can't test for issues can't therefore send an engineer. Funny how they could test and send an engineer when I complained a few months back...

    Next step, OFCOM!

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    by jackalman at 18:28 on 9 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    Yep it's crap.
    £35 for 10mb........telephones and TV add up to £120 a month.....CRAP CRAP CRAP.
    Never had any issues while it was Telewest/NTL...no it just...yep you guessed it..CRAP!

  • happy

    by jojo at 16:32 on 9 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    Just had a 2mb broadband install today, everytime i time i've been on the internet my computer restarts its has happened 5 times in a cuople of hours.
    Have calling the so called technical team how many times at £1.00 a minute but they know absolutely nothing, waste of time.

  • happy

    by GeejayBee at 11:56 on 7 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    The worst service of any company I have ever dealt with. 10 years with cabletel/NTL and always got what I paid for. Since VM took over my 4MB link has never worked at more than 1MB except for very early in the morning. Customer service (sic) appalling and Indian call centres even worse. Now they have the nerve to charge 25p per minute. Anyway after waiting on the phone for 47mins I have eventually escaped and I've now cancelled ALL VM services incl phone and TV .... **** 'em, for less money I can get an 8MB BT connection which even if it runs at 25% speed is going to be 4 time sfaster than my average VM connection ... the phone package is cheaper too!!

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    by mohammed at 21:57 on 6 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    CRAP! RUBBISH! Anything bad will describe virgin media broadband.After 6 years of brilliant service with NTL, e.g repairing my broadband upgrading broadband speeds i get a pointless broadband service from virgin media.

    i always switch off the modem and my router from the mains and when i switch it back on again i have to wait hours for my internet service to be returned and when i phoned them they said i have to get my modem replaced and so far this has happenned 7 times i dont know why i still haven't switched.

    i am currently on the up to 2 meg connection and i am only getting 119.4 kbps speed which is pratically pathetic because as far as i remember i was getting 2.0 meg broadband with NTL.

    I recommend dont subscribeto them

  • happy

    by Maark Harris at 16:00 on 5 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    If you are thinking of getting Virgin, then think again. Appalling customer service, rude staff and a technical dept based in Africa. I have just finally got rid of them.

  • happy

    by jon at 10:42 on 2 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    Since VM have taken over it has gone downhill very badly.

    In the last month my connection has gone down for 36 hours, 6 hours, 24 hours and again yesterday from 3.00pm and it was not on this morning when I left (9.00am)

    So I have had over 3 DAYS with no service whatsoever. Simply not acceptable. To make it worse, they now want to charge 25p a minute to phone them up and find out what's going on which must surely be illegal? Oh and they now have Indian call centres.

    The 20mb speed is also rubbish. Never seen more than 12-14mb.

  • happy

    by Derry at 10:44 on 25 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    Been with Telewest for years and enjoyed fast connection. Since Virgin took over I have intermitent connection and when connected, instead of up to 2MB, I have between 80 and 100k download speeds. Uploading is around 200k! This is completely useless so I have sent an email to BBC's Watchdog and suggest others do the same.

  • happy

    by Chris B at 22:18 on 21 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    Had Virgin cable installed two days ago "20 meg" broadband, phone and TV will almost certainly take advantage of the 28-day cancellation period and ditch it TV seems to be ok but the broadband is absolutely hopeless I'm getting 2.5mb at best. Plus pushy sales assistant and hopeless tech support in, I'm guessing, Outer Mongolia after 25 minutes of 'help' the phone went dead and I had to start all over again with a new person, who (after another 10 minutes) said I had been 'connected to the wrong cable' and he would fix it at his end, but no improvement and cannot believe you have to PAY for this. The whole experience has been Incredibly disappointing. Sadly, Virgin as a brand has become just like Ratners total crap.

  • happy

    by linda lamb at 19:12 on 21 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    I agree with other posters here, since it has changed to virgin from ntl my 4 mb connection is mostly 1mb and always going down. When ntl was running it i hardly ever dropped below 3.8 mb. I would say try another provider as Richard Branson has well knackered this broadband.

  • happy

    by Dahonk at 21:15 on 18 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    Been with NTL for 6 years and speed of connection has been top notch all the way regardless of bandwidth speed from 128Kbps - 4Mbps.
    Customer service was pretty good and any problems i had was sorted out. Now VM has taken over its a nightmare, as i type now have Virgin Rock playing in background and it can end up buffering for 2-3 mins on 4Mbps surely this isn't right ? I play online games such as WOW, Everquest and MOHAA and connection can drop in first hour of play 5-6 times which is not good for online gaming at all.
    I don't expect full bandwidth all the time specially Sundays and evenings but im lucky to get above 1.5Mbps during these times. If you payed for a pint of lager and got less than half anyone would feel peeved so why we gotta put up with it from VM? Was at Girlfriends on Sunday and had internet radio playing on PC for 6 hours whilst chilling in garden and never lost sound once. Shes on BT 1meg so looks like i might change. Rip off Britain strikes again.

  • happy

    by john higgins at 19:35 on 17 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    i've got to agree with most peoples comments on here.when i was with ntl i had nearly 4mb constant.i am now on 20mb package and can't even get 2.5 mb on eveery speed test i have done.also my phone line has been down since last friday-the only time i could get an engineer was this satursay afternoon-i waited till 3pm then went to my mothers to phone virgin-they told me the engineer had called at my house at 1.30pm (i was at my home all day !!)got no reply then he phoned my mobile(virgin have no mobile contact for me as i have never given them one)and it was switched off.
    i now have to wait until wednesday evening for the invisible engineer to turn up !!!
    really crappy service and would not reccomend to anyone-i'm going to give up on the internet all together as they're all out just to rip you off !!!

  • happy

    by WildMark at 17:24 on 17 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    For about 3 months now, speedtest1.adslguide.org.uk has been reporting 1.4Mbits/s download speed and I'm paying for 4Mbit/s. Under NTL, I used to get much nearer to 4Mb/s. I phoned technical support and they told me to use the 'Robin Walker' cable modem speed test which did report roughly 4Mb/s. The technical support guy said that other speed tests didn't necessarily handle cable speed testing well - which is of course complete and utter nonsense. Virgin definitely get the thumbs down from me.

  • happy

    by Another Disgruntled ex NTL customer at 13:42 on 17 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    After 8 years with NTL providing a stable fast broadband service it has now been turned into a laughing stock by the merged company. I downgraded my connection from 10mb to 4mb becuase I couldn't believe quite how poor my connection speed was fo £35 a month, and their support just keep saying there's nothing wrong with their setup (Really?). Anyhow since going to 4mb I'm having to endure sub 1mb speeds for a large part of the day and especially at weekends, the excessive packet loss has all but put an end to my beloved online gaming. If this is the flagship network virgins PR department would have us believe, then I'm a monkeys' uncle. Thank god Sky have just enabled my local exchange and lets hope their offering is better than this disgrace that virgin dares to describe as broadband.

  • happy

    by TT at 0:50 on 17 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    they are hopeless at at answering the phones, hopeless at fixing anything, and hopeless at talking English!

  • happy

    by Wayne Jackson at 21:04 on 16 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    Ever since our broadband changed to Virgin from NTL the service has gone from bad to worse to attrocious to laughable. Using it today to google some information and it was taking over a minute to open the google search page. Most times it feels worse than dial up now. We also used to play online games but that has gone out the window as they are unplayable on this connection.

    Will be looking at alternatives as I am not spending £1 a minute to talk to someone who knows nothing about internet issues like latency and bandwidth.

  • happy

    by trawler at 10:14 on 16 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    Their speeds are absolute crap. 4mb during the day ( sometimes ) and up to 2mb in the evenings.
    The govenment stated that we will have fast speeds like other countries. HA HA. I don't think so. BT are also to blame. They won't upgrade their phone lines so the fastest speed I could get is not even 3mb.
    £25 is a lot of money for 4mb even if you can get that download speed.
    SO, I'm stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea.
    Hope a solution comes along soon.......

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