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  • happy

    by Kurt Munro at 22:22 on 1 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    I was using Telewest Blueyonder before it merged with Virgin Media and it was flawless. Now I'm having trouble accessing certain websites including websites that are rarely broken such as youtube and other google websites. Youtube pages load but the video does not download. Someone else I know is having the same problem.

    I can't even access ANY blogspot.com (Google Blogger) blogs at all.

    I heard they half the speed of your modem after you've downloaded 750mb. So if you're on a 4mb like me they slash it to 2mb, which seems true after taking online speed tests.

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    by peteryam at 22:03 on 30 May 2007 Report abuse

    virgin or more like virmin media will get 1 more month subscription from me,there broadband service is an absolute disgrace,i'll be looking for a new service provider, and as i suspect so will thousands of others

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    by ace at 21:48 on 30 May 2007 Report abuse

    ntl was great fast reliable down loads . but since richard whats his face as taken over i can only download at crappy speeds on a 10mb ..what a wast of money. i WILL be looking for a better intenet provider.

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    by S Pau at 16:18 on 30 May 2007 Report abuse

    Absolute Nightmare. It was all nice with Telewest. Virgin rolled out on bandwidth throttling without prior consent. In addition, we experienced 3 weeks of intermittent service (and no service at the evenings) due to an "area problem", which "would be too technical" to be explained to us. Customer support was rubbish, lines get cut off immediately after the robot says "We are currently experiencing high volume of calls, please try later. You have not been charged for this call". Virgin monopolise the cable internet market and make us take it because we have no choice... Why is no one regulating them!

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    by darran at 22:07 on 29 May 2007 Report abuse

    absolute rubbish,in a nutshell had 2mb connection with telewest and was superb.got advertised speeds and ping in online gaming was superb.virrgin media take over and i get less than 1 meg and ping increased drastically.i"m off!but was upsets me most is i was really happy with telewest,then these chumps take over and screw it all up!

  • happy

    by Chris at 15:40 on 29 May 2007 Report abuse

    Used to be an excellent service when it was telewest, would get max speeds all the time, now that it has changed to virgin media i get around 0.5 meg connection while i'm paying for 4 meg, i do get full speeds but this is only during the middle of the night, i should be getting at least somewhere close to 4 meg all the time

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    by Very happy with Blueyonder Virgin are rubbush at 20:53 on 28 May 2007 Report abuse

    Unless Branson reolves this mess soon the Virgin Brnad name that is soooo highly valued will be damaged with no return.

    Sort it out Dick or for ever suffer the financial consequences.

    Its not too late but the clock is rapidly counting down!!

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    by Pissed off customer at 17:44 on 28 May 2007 Report abuse

    Since virgin media have taken over, and even before they decided to start throttling like idiots, we've been getting incredibly poor speeds. This is not 10Mbps, this is less than 2Mbps. Either sort it out or continue to lose customers.

  • happy

    by Lefty at 17:24 on 28 May 2007 Report abuse

    Reallly bad, they start to cap bandwidth now.

    For users with the 2mb broadband, they can only download 350MB between 4pm and 12am. All this talk about illegal p2p etc.. is pure ********. What about the users downloading the newest linux iso's etc..what about legal filesharing/videosites. In this day and age, 350MB is nothing!

    NTL never did this. Virgin Media punks get on my nerves, I'm moving within the next month and sure as hell won't take virgin media with me.

    I was not even told that the throttling exist with virgin media, only had to find out myself yesterday after download a new linux distro.

  • happy

    by Anonymous at 15:19 on 28 May 2007 Report abuse

    I don't know what yo people are complaining about, my bill comes up to around £150 a month, i give them a lot of business, i've got the top of every of their services except tv where ive got skyt hd and hardly have any problems, i am supposed to be on a 10mb connection, i was told to go to the game files website and download something, i am supposed to get 1.00MBps but i got 67.23KBps this is absolute bull in my opinion, Richard Branson ****** up damn telewest, which was perfect, everything about it.

  • happy

    by Nick Rees at 21:46 on 27 May 2007 Report abuse

    Being on Blueyonder - I was proud to say I was a loyal customer. Being on Virgin Media, 10 meg connection. I barely receive a meg on internet! What more can i say...

  • happy

    by BigMac at 15:37 on 27 May 2007 Report abuse

    My 4 mb ex- ntl connection works - but it has become slower. So I thought I would check it and find that it is now 2mb. Has this got anything with me threatening to leave and them having the cost of my internet to £12.50 to keep me? Or am I being cynical??

  • happy

    by honeyrose at 12:57 on 27 May 2007 Report abuse

    We have had cable broadband almost since its inception - Telewest etc. It was always reliable and a good service. Now we have been transferred to Virgin Media. We pay £25 month for L Broadband (4mb) but speed has dropped dramatically - and we are never above 2.4mb, sometimes only 1mb and often the connection drops altogether in the evenings and we have to restart.

    I download music and vids a lot, last night a 42mb file took over 20 minutes to download.....

    The Virgin M broadband service is for 2 mb, the L is for 4mb. We are getting just over 2mb at least some the time, so I imagine we are not be eligible to complain.


  • happy

    by oakey at 21:30 on 24 May 2007 Report abuse

    All i can say is Day light robbery. £35 for 1.8 meg.. we have sky upstairs free 2meg, its faster than my so called 10meg. Ntl was excellent speed wise, wtf have they done ??? Please complain to watchdog....lets get some help.

  • happy

    by George at 18:08 on 24 May 2007 Report abuse

    DREADFUL DREADFUL DREADFUL..................my husband and I play an online game and this requres a fast speed, we were with blueyonder/telelwest for years and years and years.......no problems that I can recall that we couldnt get fixed. OMG its now so slow its snail pace we cannot play our internet games withoput interuption, i recall a sunday when our internet was contantly up and down and up and down and we had no end of problems from customer support who were as useful as a chocolate teapot. Our tv box went down but Virgin denied it, we insisted someone come out and despite threats to charge us if they found nothing we were adamant they come and on techicla inspection we had had in total 92 internet interuptions and 50 box faults................NO APOLOGY, NO EXPLANATION, NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT...................Virgin you have NO CLUE what you are talking about I suggest MR BRANSON you fix it soon. We are moving to sky asap to get away from this CRAP

  • happy

    by rugbyho at 22:03 on 22 May 2007 Report abuse

    Thank god I found this thread. I thought I had done something to my p.c/modem. 10-12 MB lol. What the hell are they talking about? I've been getting speeds of around 350/500 kbps for a while now. Sometimes it's like I'm running a 56k modem again. Sort it out virgin. Or you're going to loose another customer. I can't even think about it to upgrade it any more! never Virgin again!

  • happy

    by Ben at 20:58 on 22 May 2007 Report abuse

    they throttle speeds in the evening. I'm leaving, and I wouldn't join if I were you.

  • happy

    by Eric Williams at 20:22 on 22 May 2007 Report abuse

    Was with Pipex, Virgin screwed up th migration so I lost connection for 5 days. The day of the connection came and went with no broadband. Rang up and was told that the order had never been actioned. They actioned it days later.





  • happy

    by Lee Harris at 20:02 on 22 May 2007 Report abuse

    Pretty much what everyone has said here, absolutly awful, we pay £50 a month, yes £50, £25 for the broadband which is supposed to be 4mb and £25 for the phone in which the package gives us free evening and weekend calls, the phone is perfect, no problems with it, the internet however isnt, it was fine when NTL were in control but ever since Virgin have come along, we barly even got 2.5mb, and they still made us pay £50 a month, luckily we had powercuts in our area which fried our modem, which then made us think about what we were getting for our money, so we decided to try going for a BT phone line company, only to find out that the exchange is 5 kilometeres away, meaning that with all those companys out there, we can only get a maximum of 1mb, which is like 56k in todays terms, and therefore leaving us with the only avalible cable company in the area, Virgin, WONDERFUL

  • happy

    by John at 12:52 on 22 May 2007 Report abuse

    Cancelled Virgin last month and moved to TalkTalk (mainly for price reasons). Virgin cocked up and charged me for an extra month. Endless emails and calls to customer services yielded nothing. Call centre staff are rude and unhelpful. Ended up having to report the payment as fraud to my bank! PLEASE STAY AWAY FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.

  • happy

    by Keith W at 21:07 on 21 May 2007 Report abuse

    Like many other people I have been having problems since Virgin media took over. I had blueyonder for years and only ever lost my connection about 3 times. I loose it a few time a night now and they want to charge me £75 callout to check my modem. Why should I pay that. I rent the modem from them I don't own it shouldn't they come take a look and replace it if it's faulty. Every time I ring all I get is a system outage or the bloke telling me to unplug the modem (like i haven't done that a million times) it's been 2 months now and still it's getting worse. I'll give it a little longer then I'm changing ISP and my phone line. if anybody is looking at virgin media I would say look else where

  • happy

    by Stu at 20:43 on 21 May 2007 Report abuse

    Oh no HELP!!! I use the internet A LOT and i think im about to move into a flat with no BT line installed as the previous owners had Telewest cable tv/phone/broadband. So this means my only choice is go with VirginMedia £30 a month for tv/phone/broadband or pay BT nearly £130 to come out and install a line, then £20 a month for line rental and free eve/weekend calls, and broadband at around £15 a month. I don't really want a BT line - ARE THERE ANY CABLE ALTERNATIVES TO VIRGIN NOW? Bulldogs website is down so i can't check to see if that available in my area. But if I don't go with Virgin - whats the alternatives guys??

  • happy

    by nick not happy at 18:20 on 21 May 2007 Report abuse

    ok guys looks like ive been ripped off aswell im a online gamer i play everyday for the last 3 years but strangley since the swap over to virgin i started to play rubbish cant play like i used to.
    the game is configured to a 2meg connection but my speed tests are now showing 300k ive only once had a speed test of no higher than one meg (i thought u was supposed to get 90percent of advertized speed because to my calculations lol 300k is not 90percent) so i got one thing to say

    thanks virgin thanks for nothin id rather go back on dialup :(

  • happy

    by Dean Arnold at 12:30 on 20 May 2007 Report abuse

    I am a former NTL customer that can only agree with what many have stated about the poor service and clearly degrading performance. I had not realised how many other people are experiencing similar problems since Virgin took-over. At first they claimed it was my PC. This slow decline in performance has become so bad that it is now quicker for me to use Internet dial-up...and I am suppose to have 4mb service which always worked fine until Virgin came along. Also, they screwed-up my direct debit and then charged me for it (I spent incredible amounts of time and money on the phone trying to get it sorted).

  • happy

    by Brind at 22:42 on 19 May 2007 Report abuse

    This is awful! what have Virgin done?
    NTL had their faults, but the internet was always one of the best if not THE best. Now it's Virgin Media, it's nothing like it was. They're introducing caps which okay, no doubt NTL would have done eventually. But there was never really any issues with the speed. I'm on the 10mb serivce, I rarely got the 10mb before but it was damn close.. now it's Virgin, it's only slightly better than dial-up!! I can no longer watch You Tube, downloads never go over 200kbs. I understand it's an UP TO service, but for crying out loud, at least give me more than what I'd pay if I only had the basic service! RIP OFF. 20mb is coming out soon... that's hilarious. As others have said, they should work on giving people what they've paid for first before making false claims of much higher speeds! How do we know they'll even up the speed? it's still 'up to'.

    Truly dreadful. Shame.

  • happy

    by jointwind at 13:45 on 19 May 2007 Report abuse

    once again an other respectable company went down the pan (meaning Telewest ) thanks to Virgin fiddling about with the services,
    I was happy with the service i received from Telewest but since the change in company's i can't help but notice things are going downhill fast! With slower speeds ( supposed to be a lot faster ) and less TV channels,
    I Originally had the 3 for £30 but i upgraded my internet to the 10mb line, to which to my surprise is SLOWER on Average than the 2mb line i had before! Hopefully when my part of GB gets the "new and mega fast"
    20mb line things will change, but until then i wont be holding my breath........

  • happy

    by orragan at 6:02 on 19 May 2007 Report abuse

    I'm a student and my housemates and I chose to go with Blueyonder last October. We got the internet and basic TV for £20 a month. We where well happy and no complaints. The set up was fine and the service friendly and efficient.
    Then Virgin took over.
    They have taken several of our most watched channels without as much as informing us including SKY1 and Paramount comedy leaving us with a below standard TV package with little more then Freeview and with 4 of us using the internet we usually hit the cap before dinner time. I have written 3 complaint letters and e-mails and had no replies. Thats the worst bit. No explanations. No apology. No get stuffed. Nothing.
    To me it's like going to a supermarket, doing your shopping and after paying for it being told you have to put some back because there may not be enough for everyone else.

  • happy

    by gibbakk at 18:03 on 18 May 2007 Report abuse

    Not sure if I'm glad I found this site to be honest?
    I guess I should be, because it seems i not the only former NTL customer that has suffered at the hands of Virgin's very poor broadband service.
    I tried all known cure for my slow speeds, including numerous conversations with our friends from Delhi.
    I was so close to completely reformatting my 3 PC's and laptop, as I was confidently informed by "Abdul" that all my PC's were covupted.

    Guess virgin is struggling.

    I reckon after 5 years almost faultless NTL service I should give them another month.

  • happy

    by Sabian at 21:34 on 16 May 2007 Report abuse

    They are absolutely crap and have no scruples when it comes to slapping the bill at you.. After consistantly hitting the slaowest connection speeds, they have the gall to charge you a tenner if your slow paying them.. They aren't fit to wipe my ****.

  • happy

    by Marx - London at 22:02 on 15 May 2007 Report abuse

    Absolute RUBBISH - forced to move from NTL who where actually really good, pretty much always got my download speed maxed out, since the changeover to Virgin Media my internet conection has being very unreliable and i barely get 0.5MB at the most from my 4MB connection.

    The download speeds are appaling, slow slow slow, its like I am in rural Devon with my 0.5MB ADSL all over again, except im in central London with a 4MB cable connection.

    Sort it out Virgin this Sucks .....................

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