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    by Stu at 20:43 on 21 May 2007 Report abuse

    Oh no HELP!!! I use the internet A LOT and i think im about to move into a flat with no BT line installed as the previous owners had Telewest cable tv/phone/broadband. So this means my only choice is go with VirginMedia £30 a month for tv/phone/broadband or pay BT nearly £130 to come out and install a line, then £20 a month for line rental and free eve/weekend calls, and broadband at around £15 a month. I don't really want a BT line - ARE THERE ANY CABLE ALTERNATIVES TO VIRGIN NOW? Bulldogs website is down so i can't check to see if that available in my area. But if I don't go with Virgin - whats the alternatives guys??

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    by nick not happy at 18:20 on 21 May 2007 Report abuse

    ok guys looks like ive been ripped off aswell im a online gamer i play everyday for the last 3 years but strangley since the swap over to virgin i started to play rubbish cant play like i used to.
    the game is configured to a 2meg connection but my speed tests are now showing 300k ive only once had a speed test of no higher than one meg (i thought u was supposed to get 90percent of advertized speed because to my calculations lol 300k is not 90percent) so i got one thing to say

    thanks virgin thanks for nothin id rather go back on dialup :(

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    by Dean Arnold at 12:30 on 20 May 2007 Report abuse

    I am a former NTL customer that can only agree with what many have stated about the poor service and clearly degrading performance. I had not realised how many other people are experiencing similar problems since Virgin took-over. At first they claimed it was my PC. This slow decline in performance has become so bad that it is now quicker for me to use Internet dial-up...and I am suppose to have 4mb service which always worked fine until Virgin came along. Also, they screwed-up my direct debit and then charged me for it (I spent incredible amounts of time and money on the phone trying to get it sorted).

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    by Brind at 22:42 on 19 May 2007 Report abuse

    This is awful! what have Virgin done?
    NTL had their faults, but the internet was always one of the best if not THE best. Now it's Virgin Media, it's nothing like it was. They're introducing caps which okay, no doubt NTL would have done eventually. But there was never really any issues with the speed. I'm on the 10mb serivce, I rarely got the 10mb before but it was damn close.. now it's Virgin, it's only slightly better than dial-up!! I can no longer watch You Tube, downloads never go over 200kbs. I understand it's an UP TO service, but for crying out loud, at least give me more than what I'd pay if I only had the basic service! RIP OFF. 20mb is coming out soon... that's hilarious. As others have said, they should work on giving people what they've paid for first before making false claims of much higher speeds! How do we know they'll even up the speed? it's still 'up to'.

    Truly dreadful. Shame.

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    by jointwind at 13:45 on 19 May 2007 Report abuse

    once again an other respectable company went down the pan (meaning Telewest ) thanks to Virgin fiddling about with the services,
    I was happy with the service i received from Telewest but since the change in company's i can't help but notice things are going downhill fast! With slower speeds ( supposed to be a lot faster ) and less TV channels,
    I Originally had the 3 for £30 but i upgraded my internet to the 10mb line, to which to my surprise is SLOWER on Average than the 2mb line i had before! Hopefully when my part of GB gets the "new and mega fast"
    20mb line things will change, but until then i wont be holding my breath........

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    by orragan at 6:02 on 19 May 2007 Report abuse

    I'm a student and my housemates and I chose to go with Blueyonder last October. We got the internet and basic TV for £20 a month. We where well happy and no complaints. The set up was fine and the service friendly and efficient.
    Then Virgin took over.
    They have taken several of our most watched channels without as much as informing us including SKY1 and Paramount comedy leaving us with a below standard TV package with little more then Freeview and with 4 of us using the internet we usually hit the cap before dinner time. I have written 3 complaint letters and e-mails and had no replies. Thats the worst bit. No explanations. No apology. No get stuffed. Nothing.
    To me it's like going to a supermarket, doing your shopping and after paying for it being told you have to put some back because there may not be enough for everyone else.

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    by gibbakk at 18:03 on 18 May 2007 Report abuse

    Not sure if I'm glad I found this site to be honest?
    I guess I should be, because it seems i not the only former NTL customer that has suffered at the hands of Virgin's very poor broadband service.
    I tried all known cure for my slow speeds, including numerous conversations with our friends from Delhi.
    I was so close to completely reformatting my 3 PC's and laptop, as I was confidently informed by "Abdul" that all my PC's were covupted.

    Guess virgin is struggling.

    I reckon after 5 years almost faultless NTL service I should give them another month.

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    by Sabian at 21:34 on 16 May 2007 Report abuse

    They are absolutely crap and have no scruples when it comes to slapping the bill at you.. After consistantly hitting the slaowest connection speeds, they have the gall to charge you a tenner if your slow paying them.. They aren't fit to wipe my ****.

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    by Marx - London at 22:02 on 15 May 2007 Report abuse

    Absolute RUBBISH - forced to move from NTL who where actually really good, pretty much always got my download speed maxed out, since the changeover to Virgin Media my internet conection has being very unreliable and i barely get 0.5MB at the most from my 4MB connection.

    The download speeds are appaling, slow slow slow, its like I am in rural Devon with my 0.5MB ADSL all over again, except im in central London with a 4MB cable connection.

    Sort it out Virgin this Sucks .....................

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    by ironorchid at 23:58 on 14 May 2007 Report abuse

    Great service. On average, speed is around 8-9 mb and only rarely drops to 5.
    In all the years we have been with TW I can count the number of times on one hand we have had any cause to complain about the service and Virgin Media is no different we have seen no change in the service at all. Fast reliable mail, fast broadband, good mobile and landline service and a great package even without the missing sky channels. And no I don't work for Virgin Media :-)

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    by tarbas at 21:46 on 14 May 2007 Report abuse

    Hello i must need help, my place the Bordband is very terrible , my boss always bother me & the ting is this vigan media is bad, they curs me when i phone, i pray to allah that these people change

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    by Chris Gould at 15:49 on 14 May 2007 Report abuse

    Virgin Media aren't the company they were (the service was much better when they were Telewest), but I doubt you'll find an ADSL service that comes close in terms of performance. I've recently seen Sky broadband in operation and on the 8meg service the download speeds were less than 400KBs (i.e. half of what they should be). Similarly, Bulldog's 8meg service ran at 5-6meg in the centre of a major town. Don't even start me on Orange (formerly Wanadoo/Freeserve).

    While I have experienced a number of speed issues in the past three months (after 6 years of use), these have eased and I am now able to download at close to 1.2MBs from most sites and using a download manager helps to improve speeds. I'm not defending Virgin's terrible customer service (outsourcing to India what a great idea), but on the whole it's still the best broadband service available. If you are unhappy with your service then it pays to complain to the retentions department as they will reduce you bill considerably

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    by hoipolloi at 12:48 on 14 May 2007 Report abuse

    Like many others, I had Telewest broadband for around three years with virtually no problems at all - the speed was always around what I was paying for and on the rare occasion there was a problem it was sorted quickly. Since Virgin took over, my 10Mb connection has slowed to a crawl and any tech support calls are routed to an offshore callcentre where is a total mutual lack of understanding. I phoned Virgin today to tell them I was planning on migrating to BT - the guy I spoke to said that the current capping policy was temporary and was imposed because Virgin have "too many customers"! Anyway, the upshot was that they've reduced my broadband bill by half "until the problem's sorted" - whenever that might be... Better than nothing I suppose....

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    by John at 21:35 on 13 May 2007 Report abuse

    STAY AWAY FROM VIRGIN MEDIA!! Me and my partner were fine with Telewest for 2 years. Only the odd down time with them, which could be sorted with trained, UK based staff. Since Virgin have taken over as our ISP, every night we lose internet connection COUNTLESS TIMES!!! I have been on the fone to Virgin many many times, with no joy. All you get is an asian/indian call centre, with people you can hardly understand, reading "solutions" from a screen. One suggestion from them (nothing wrong their end ofcourse!) was to turn off my firewall!!!! omg! Think we'll be Joining Sky. Steer clear of these cowboys! You have been warned!!

    Ps, report to watch dog!! If we all make the effort..........

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    by Sue at 19:39 on 13 May 2007 Report abuse

    I was originally with Virgin on dial up, which never caused me problems aside from the fact it was obviously slow! Due to the trouble-free nature of the service, I opted to stick with Virgin on the move to broadband and originally, that too was fab. Until recently - because now all I seem to get is slow connection speeds no matter what time of day, and even slower speeds on evenings and weekends - even to the point where literally every ten minutes or so (sometimes less), I am kicked completely off the connection full stop. I have been here now, for example, for merely 20 minutes, and already had to reconnect myself to the internet 5 times. Appalling considering the money I am paying for the service, and having read most of the comments here (glad I'm not alone in having these troubles) I have finally decided that now is probably the best time to go elsewhere.

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    by Dougall Marshall at 0:07 on 13 May 2007 Report abuse

    I live in the Falkirk Area of scotland and i have not had any properly problems with Virgins take over of the broadband services (2 periods of downtime that lasted less than 8 hours total.. wich is ok).

    My speeds about the same when im downloading from a site as it was before. Though i do make a point of NOT using spedd testers as they are very unreliable... i much prefer downloading a 1gb file and comparing the Kb/s downloads i get.

    As i say much the same as before.

    Now im just hoping that Virgin carry on with Blueyonders intended plans to double the line speed again to 20mb for the top users (wich according to the last letter i got in the post they are.

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    by Damo1 at 8:09 on 12 May 2007 Report abuse

    I've been with Telewest for ever and a day - since Virgin took over my 10mb connection runs at dial-up speed. Funny thing is in the morning its fine - at 3pm ish it just dies. I believe I am being traffic managed. I wouldn;t mind this, but 10mb down to dial-up. thats unacceptable. Hours spent on the phone to their 'so called' technical support was to no avail - so after years of flawless service with Telewest - now looking for a new ISP.
    They are apalling - wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

  • happy

    by dan at 17:09 on 11 May 2007 Report abuse

    crap service.... and this packet shaping! LOL.. you gotta be kiddin me.. im off to find a better ISP.

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    by Mr concerned at 21:37 on 10 May 2007 Report abuse

    Been with ntl/telewest for few years everything fine, last month or so (I have 4mb broadband) has been running at 250kb or just over. It appears to work fine during day. Had conversation with friend who has contacts within Virgin Media and the IT world and apparently virgin media has imposed a throttle on bandwidths. If you download over 750kb between 4pm and midnight they reduce your bandwidth. As I say I have 4mb should be around 4000kb and getting 250kb what a joke! what's more they have not notified anyone and customer services just lairing and making excuses. This should be classed beech of contact. Along with losing basic Sky channels from tv package Virgin Media what a **** take. No offer of reduction and can be even bothered of the restrictions they impose to notify customers. How many people have wasted hours messing with settings when they lie and blame equipment or settings. Its a disgrace all complain to BBC watchdog site I cant believe they have just gone and done this!

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    by Brenna Smith at 16:38 on 10 May 2007 Report abuse

    I have one word-SHOCKING!
    If you can avoid going virgin media then do so, avoid it at all costs.

  • happy

    by Anthony at 16:07 on 10 May 2007 Report abuse

    Thank god I found this thread. I thought I had done something to my p.c/modem.

    10-12 MB lol. What the hell are they talking about? I've been getting speeds of around 350/500 kbps for a while now. Sometimes it's like I'm running a 56k modem again.

    Sort it out virgin. Or you're going to loose another customer. I'm going to complain here too.


  • happy

    by pipheyes at 7:45 on 10 May 2007 Report abuse

    I have been complaining for literally months to Virgin Media about my poor very poor download speeds (supposed to get 10MB) and poor return for my money, finally customers services person told me I could save money by switching to Virgin Media VIP. This I have done, however, while satisfied with all other services my Broadband Speed has never exceeded 5MB, this is nothing short of a con. I like many others will give Virgin Media a couple of weeks and then I am off.

    Virgin Media my area is Preston UBR3 Cable 3 4/1

  • happy

    by Lee Ford at 1:27 on 9 May 2007 Report abuse

    Absolutely crap was on ntl before virgin took over, everything was fine, now having major speed problems, 2 meg line runnin at 400kbps? shocking. also online gaming total nightmare gettin loss of 30 constantly between 5pm and 11pm evenings? deffinately be changing my ISP after a 2 hour phonecall to virgin , telling me my connection is fine? isit ****

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    by BeLGaRaTh at 21:51 on 8 May 2007 Report abuse

    Absolutely abysmal, forced to use them after moving home, was advised that I would be getting 10Mb service which would be around 1200k download (roughly the same as on my old DSL connection from Bulldog) but I would be upgraded FREE on the 1st May to 20Mb (I was installed on the 24th April). Noticed straight away was getting max 50k download and around 20k upload. Spoke to support (asian call centre) who advised there were email problems in the area? WHAT? he didnt understand I had slow speeds.

    Called back again next day and spoke to someone else who said it was because I had Vista installed, so advised that I get the same speeds when I use my laptop with XP. They backed off at that and said that it was because I was using a router, are they having a laugh?

    Third call and was advised to monitor it and call back in two days, called back still the same, told to call back in two days again, have been doing this for two weeks now with no joy.

    Sorriest thing I ever did going to Virgin

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    by Suri at 16:45 on 7 May 2007 Report abuse

    I live in Burnham and i had Telewest broadband service for last 3 years and i was getting real good speed. But after Virgin Media takeover the speeds have gone down. I have been observing this for last 4 weeks. Rubbish Service from Virgin Media. I will have to change provider.

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    by Bernard Peel at 15:29 on 7 May 2007 Report abuse

    Terrible,absalutely disgusting,i have a four Mb connection i am lucky if i get above 890kbs.Stay well away from this broadband dealer.IT STINKS

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    by Disgruntled Individual at 14:58 on 7 May 2007 Report abuse

    Following my last update on here, i had engineer NUMBER 8 (!) arrive at my house. The engineer also had an appointment across the road to sort my neigbours broadband out. This engineer has viswited me a few times and we are now on first name basis. He popped across the road to see my neighbour, and realised that he just like me is suffering the exact same problems. So it has now become a network issue.
    I called tech support shortly after- THE INDIAN CALL CENTRE VIEW?
    Its your computer-when i pointed out i have 4 pcs all running off the network-Virgins response? ITS ALL 4 PC'S.
    Thats it. I have been messed around to much by this. I have given them ONE week to sort it-Then i walk.And when i walk i take all my tenants in the building with me-Total?21 accounts.

  • happy

    by Warlord2000ad at 14:17 on 7 May 2007 Report abuse

    I'm a bit shocked by the negative views above.

    I had plenty of issues with NTL, from increased prices and connection problems with the modem. After lengthy and expensive phone calls i did get ti sorted.

    But since Virgin got involved i have had no issues. Bills from dropped from £50 to about £25, due to free TV and no line rental + a £5 saving for having telephone and broadband its great. Also the phone calls to Virgin are free, something like 450 to dial them.

    I just hope Virgin carry on which the plan to finally support 50MB broadband!

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    by VERMIN_CAT at 11:24 on 7 May 2007 Report abuse






  • happy

    by Georgetheporge at 11:05 on 7 May 2007 Report abuse

    I use Virgin 10mb at home and share a BT 2mb at work and the BT is way faster than the Virgin though i do feel a bit sick complementing BT!!! It seems that if you are hitting servers in the UK then Virgin are pretty quick as I get an average 4000kbps on uk based servers. Go anywhere alse in the world and it will be ranging from 2000kbps down to 256kbps when i hit the states. Imust say I am a heavy user and understand that capping must happen to give everyone a fair stab at bandwidth but this is ridiculous. I am thinking about moving on now and the only thing holding me back is the Virgin ondemand and Replay service as well as the hasstle too.

    If you are Considering Virgin, I suggest you stay away as there claims are ringing pretty hollow for me.

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