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  • happy

    by Branson Jr. at 23:20 on 6 May 2007 Report abuse

    Up until Virgin took over Telewest I was making quite a lot of money downloading movies from various newsgroups, burning to discs and then flogging them at car boot sales. Since my dad bought the company the a*** has dropped out of my earnings. He makes me pay for 10meg download speeds at 35 quid a throw. It's now 11.15 on a Sunday night and I am averaging 2.5 meg, tosh tosh tosh.
    He seems to have forgotten that he started out by selling bootleg tapes from a barrow. How am I supposed to make my first million with this going on. I don't like Australians much but it looks like I'm gonna be giving that fat Aussie my money from now on.

  • happy

    by GY at 15:47 on 6 May 2007 Report abuse

    I thought there was something wrong with my home network but after plugging a PC straight into the NTL/Virgin Media modem, my supposed 10Mb speeds are still down at 2.5Mb and they have just put the price up to £37 a month!! NTL were ok, if lacking in decent support but Virgin have managed to mess up a perfectly good service. One more month to get it right and then I am off and Branson can stuff his "get your TV and phone and mobile and everything from me" up his backside.

  • happy

    by cheryl at 9:57 on 6 May 2007 Report abuse

    Been an NTL customer for about 10years and always been happy, rarely had problems and if i did i would phone customer services and they would sort it immediately. Recently have had no services at all for 3 weeks due to a cable being severed accidently by workmen, customer sefvices no help at all! Engineers arranged but don't turn up, not once but twice!! Finally get connected and was given a reduction on my bill for all the trouble, only to find they have overcharged me for this month, tried to ring customer services for NTL custoemrs(as you can't sort out NTL problems with Telewest call centre). I always get through to Telewest call centre they transfer me to Telewest faults, they transfer me to NTL faults who transfer me to NTL customer services only to be told all the computers are down and could I call back later. 37 minutes and 40 seconds it took me to find out this information!!!! Bloody awful services, have already switched to Sky for TV am about to bin the rest of NTL.

  • happy

    by bill at 8:17 on 4 May 2007 Report abuse

    i get 10mb and when i checked speed is up their so dont know what all fuss is about and as for pound a minute calls sure your not calling some funny chat lines lol

  • happy

    by awful at 23:53 on 3 May 2007 Report abuse

    so, let me get this straight. I pay 37 quid for a service that is turned off/down to me because I use it? Sod that. I'm cancelling my subsription tomorrow and heading over to Sky. I never had this poblem with Telewest or Blueyonder.
    Awful. I encourage people to switch, too.

  • happy

    by angry customer at 12:49 on 3 May 2007 Report abuse

    I have always been an NTL customer and eventhough they were a bit unorganised, but things seemed fine. I just moved house recently and sorting out the Virgin Media's landline and broadband had been the most stressful thing I'd ever dealt with.

    It took them 3 whole weeks to figure out what's wrong with my landline, and the number I got given actually belonged to someone else, they switched it in one night. I had to put up with all the phone calls which weren't for me. Worse still they charged me for the phone calls I didn't make (How ironic is that? My phone wasn't even working!) The customer service staff doesn't seem to have any common sense, everything was a mess. Without the phone line, I had to call them with my mobile, and they only refunded me £30 (which £10 is the landline that I couldn't even get access to!) My mobile bill went off the chart and they refuse to do anythi about it. A waste of my time and money, and I have to put up with all the prank calls from now on!

  • happy

    by Kirk9 at 23:06 on 1 May 2007 Report abuse

    This service is a disgrace. They know they are doing it to.

    I complained a few weeks ago and my speed mysteriously went up to 2mb (I pay for 4mb), but this lasted for about one week, it is now down to about 300kb (yes thats right 'kb' not mb', it is 10% of what I pay for), and has been like that for ages.


    Document your speeds every day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Just in case you don't know how to document you speeds, here is what I'd advise:

    Go to:


    and print your screen by pressing the button PrtSc, mine is near F12. Then go to paint, and paste your copied screen, then save the image file in a folder, I SUGGEST NAMING THE FOLDER "DAYLIGHT ROBBERY."

    Keep fighting, I've documented my service for a few month now and, I'll keep doing so, and I will get the money they are stealing off me back when I complain

  • happy

    by grey haired john at 20:20 on 1 May 2007 Report abuse

    Absolute rubbish. Supposed to be 2 meg, most evenings 300-550k !
    Wonder why Virgen adverts look glossy ? cos daft lads like get me get ripped off. Keep well clear of this of this garbage, if you subscribe, you're just paying for another Branson jolly in his balloon and spaceships or subsidising some new subscribers mobile phone package.

  • happy

    by Angela1986165 at 1:50 on 1 May 2007 Report abuse

    For those of you out there who are complaining about your speeds going down since the change from NTL to Virgin, think yourself lucky. As well as speed problems, I can't even get on the internet at all most of the time!! Or if I am lucky enough to establish a connection, it lasts for about 5-10 minutes then proceeds to completely f*** off until I unplug my modem, plug it back in again and repeat the whole process.
    It is not acceptable.I am past the point of caring what anyone at Virgin says and sick of trying to work out why it's not running as it should.
    Frankly, as customers, this isn't something we should have to be even thinking about. It should just WORK.
    And don't even get me started on the call-centres and the "help" they're apparently providing...

    So goodbye to Virgin Media.
    And I would advise anyone considering signing up with them to steer well clear.

  • happy

    by SeanLaad at 20:17 on 30 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Virgin Media non-cable is brilliant! 10/10
    Can be a bit slow when it is busy!!!
    Well worth it though!!!

  • happy

    by peter in surrey at 14:21 on 29 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Been with Telewest for two years, never had the need to phone them, not once! Good service, good package. Since with VM I have been on the phone constantly for a week to India, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh and they tried to convince me it's my Wireless router. Eventually told me it's my Bluetooth that is faulty!!! Since when does the net come through Bluetooth? When phoning 150 they told me to phone 151 and vice versa. System overload, too many new customers, too little capacity. Complained with Watchdog and Ofcom. Had to take leave of work 3 times to meet engineer, problem still not fixed! And when the net is down, so is my 'on demand' service and VM says the problem is not related. Not related my ass! Very dissappointed with Virgin. Have a good mind and leave their mobile, car and home ins and V-Money! STAY CLEAR FROM THEM!

  • happy

    by Helen at 13:50 on 29 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Well we've been with NTL/Virgin for about 18 months and I think this morning has been the final straw, having been trying to get online to pick up some emails and do a bit of banking all I got were 'problem loading page' issues, a couple of pings later showed that it wasn't the usual DNS issues (I've learned to put up with those...) nope, this time I logged onto the cable modem to discover that it was unable to get connected, it would lock a downstream channel then faff about for 10 mins trying to finish the connection before searching and re-establishing the downstream channel and beginning the process all over again. Great! So I've had intermittent connection all morning and I thought I'd have a quick look on the new virgin site to let them know; I see that they want me to pay a fortune to phone them to say that there's a problem with their service.... hmm I think not... I shall likely be changing my provider soon, I am not a happy bunny.

  • happy

    by Tony at 23:24 on 27 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    We have had NTL broadband for about 6 years, very rarely had problems (think we've had 2 boxes die in that time), and rare outages (a few times the service has dissapeared for a few days), other than that the service had been great (extensive online gaming will attest:) ).
    About 3 weeks ago the service went completely to pot. Pretty much every day between 7pm and 10pm the service is completely unusable (HTTP 400 errors, Teamspeak and online games timing out, and if you reset the box, the box wont reconnect), and extremely laggy from 6-7pm and 10pm-Midnight. As others have said it basically sounds like the system cannot cope at peak times (and if the bandwidth is being used up by TV on Demand, they need to stop the TV on Demand immediately until their infrastructure can cope, or throttle the TV on Demand).

  • happy

    by Disgruntled Individual at 8:35 on 26 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Dear John Gilmour,
    Nobody seems to know why this is why we are all having problems..
    Further to my comment a couple of days ago i got the same problem yesterday again with my internet dropping. I called Virgin only to be told there was NEVER a fault in the area or nationaly and that once again its my line..
    I have sent a stinkogram to them RECORDED delivery giving them 30 days to sort this. I have also forwarded the same letter to Ofcom. I have had enough of talking to people who ae not understanding.
    The one thing that people must remember is that Virgin is a HUGE company. Its invested a lot of money into marketing the packages it offers, and i firmly believe that the response has been too much. They have simply signed up too many customers to the services which cannot cope with the numbers using them.The internet service has been overloaded with too many users.Virgin needs to stop signing up people and focus on bettering the service for those who stay with them.

  • happy

    by John Gilmour at 20:30 on 25 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I'm paying £37 pounds a month for a premium service that is anything but, and I ain't happy about it. On the business side of things - I'd like to praise Virgin, they phoned me up and improved my phone and TV package for a basic hike in price of £2.50 a month. Without going into details, I got a better deal back for paying little extra. Great. Now the bad part - "Indian call centre nightmare" when trying to find out if I need to upgrade my modem for the 20mb boost coming in May. Got cut off twice! Still none the wiser. Getting to the point - my broadband service under Telewest was rock solid and quick, my friend who has ADSL was alway commenting on the good service I had. Now the internet is a much more frustrating experience. Not sure why, but it is much slower. Yes its still relatively fast - but £37 fast it is not!!! Why the change - its still the same infastructure for god sake.

  • happy

    by Pete at 17:30 on 25 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    History first:

    Had Telewest since broadband arrived: Flawless service.

    Moved out of Telewest area, had ADSL for 2 years: [email protected] Line length, connection drops, high latency, attrocious customer service (Bulldog: 4 months to process cancellation, 2 more to acknowledge they had, and another 6 to agree final bill)

    Sky: Decent service but everything costs! Buy your own kit: Sky+, bigger Sky+, SkyHD (£300 a throw at release), not forgetting £10/mo each for the privilege of using your Sky+ or HD.

    Moved into NTL area: No teleport, no unmetered broadband, no thanks.

    Virgin arrive: XL everything, free hardware, free landline calls, 2p/min to USA, V+ Recorder and OnDemand inc. HD (too much to watch now), second receiver, 10Mb unmetered broadband, and it is 10Mb!! not "up to 10Mb", Newsgroups from USA: 10Mbs constant! Absolutely 100% spot on.

    A couple of teething troubles but call centre in NOTTINGHAM (that's UK) sorted every query out in under 5 minutes on 150 (which is FREE!)

  • happy

    by Paul at 13:10 on 25 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    bit of advice guys,i phoned up to complain today using the automated service i chose the option where it said are you thinking of leaving virgin,i was then put through to technical support who gave me a sad excuse about problems in my area blah blah but suddenly my connection has speeded up i think maybe they have upgraded me,give it a try.

  • happy

    by Gavin Ackroyd at 16:31 on 24 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    At first when Virgin moved across, i was ringing up next to every week, trying to get something sorted out always being given advice from someone in the back of beyond in India somewhere, that knew diddly squat when it came to computers.

    However, recently I can't say a work bad about Virgin, i was originally considering SkyBroadband, but once my connection began to be more stable and download at the speeds i used to get i can say that i'm pretty pleased with the outcome, the upgrade of the speed i was told about by the engineer that would be coming sometime soon sounded pretty sweet too (50mb anyone? :P)

    every now and again i get hiccups with this company but it pulls round after a few weeks and hits the nail on the head again =]

  • happy

    by Disgruntled Individual at 14:49 on 23 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Perceveirance pays. I live in the BH1 area of Bournemouth, and since January i have been experiencing intermittent connection drops which always occur during the afternoon peak hours. For over 4 months now, i have had to call Virgin in India on a near enough daily basis, only to be fed every excuse known to man. Engineer number 6 visited 3 weeks ago and mentioned several other people in the area have same problem i do)connection dropping during certain times yet sync and ready lights staying on)Upon pushing tech support they finally admitted the problems are with the routing and there is a network loss somewhere between me and their servers. They have offered me 10£ per month for 12 months for the internet. I have told them to reconsider. I urge anyone with the same problem i have to post in here so i may forward it all to Virgin who by law MUST take action to resolve this issue. I have also contacted Ofcom and Watchdog about this. Good company.Shame about the service.

  • happy

    by Adam McKnight at 12:03 on 23 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I don't understand where all these negative reviews have been coming from! I have had a faultless broadband connection with Virgin (previously Telewest) for over two years now. I always get close to 4MB when I run speedtests or when I download. Oh well, I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. :)

  • happy

    by joan of derby at 9:34 on 23 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    there cannot be any worse company than virgin media.Last week i got a final demand for a bill that is not even due to arrive in the post until wednesaday or thursday of this week.When i rang them i was told the bill was now 1 day late being paid ??? and i was therfore being charged an extra £10.I have been with ntl for 10 years and we had some bad bad services in the past but this beats the lot.Good bye virgin hello BT

  • happy

    by bmfield at 0:01 on 23 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Been with NTL for nearly 4 years - great service. Since it's become Virgin its become slower. Download speed is still OK but uploads just don't work any longer so cant upload any files or information.

    Have spoken to Indian call centre 4 times who just say it's my computer - strange as it always worked before!! If it was easy to change from cable I'd do it tomorrow because I'm just getting fobbed off.

  • happy

    by Capu at 22:18 on 22 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I've had NTL Broadband for over 6 years now and that whole time it's run at the specified speed, I've had less than a week downtime (not bad for 6 years) and I only ever had one fault.

    Since VirginMedia took over: The internet hasn't ever run at the specified speed and I've had more downtime in the last 3 months than the last 6 years from NTL.

    Bransons Acheivments:
    1) Demolished NTL's reasonable broadband infrastructure.
    2) Put more pressure on the already crumbling infrastructure through increasing speeds.
    3) Taken an already diabolical customer service even further down.
    4) P*ssed off Murdoch, thus getting Sky channels evicted from Cable TV.
    5) Sneakily pushing up the costs of _EVERY_ service.

  • happy

    by Shaun L at 1:26 on 21 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I've been pestering them and so far ive been bounced around call centers to numbers that charge and numbers that don't. Eachtime they say its: my router even though I've tested configurations without it, its maintenance in the area, or its due to heavy volumes of traffic. I thought this evening its had been resolved as for about an hour I had a full speed connection. Its all bull... they've just oversubscribed themselves. They need to upgrade desperatly. I recomend using their email contact to request an address to write a letter of complaint to (http://www.virginmedia.com/contact/contact.php)(choose your previous supplier) and if you dont get a response follow the steps on the ofcom website.. http://www.ofcom.org.uk/complain/internet/speed/

  • happy

    by Geoff Christopher at 22:36 on 20 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Well I have been getting, realy bad speeds even below 56Kb modem speeds. I can understand that I won't get full 10Mbits but I'm not allways getting even 1Mb going below. It's becoming apparent that VM cannot handle these speeds, and over allocating broadband in certain areas with slow DSLAM's (Exchanges).

    VM, needs a major overhaul, of the whole network infurstruture, even if they take the whole network off for a day and upgrade, it would be benifcial, for us the customers.

  • happy

    by gamertagsickboi2007 at 18:57 on 20 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    wow what can i say a few weeks ago i was getting a great service not only good broadband but fair tv and telephone.
    what happened in a matter of days 10meg broadband that i tested all week,
    its not gone above 4mb and has been as little as 500kbs now i think thats taking the pi** when i phone up i get india all the time.

    there is no problems with your connection or its because your running it through a router.
    haha jokers ive had 9.2 meg through my router before and that was my old mentor wired router.

    all i can say im bumping into more and more none english liars when i phone and get a english person i get straight answers ive had enough i give them 1 week to sort it out.

    or im going to rally together a massive group of un happy virgin media users with there equipment and smash it all live on tv because at the moment that is all its worth rubbish.

    i used to love my broadband ok it took awhile for you to get a answer when you phoned but atleast we got a service disgrace

  • happy

    by Shaun L at 14:28 on 19 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I was reasonably happy with NTL, cheap, fast with the occasional hitch and relativly prompt customer service. The initial virgin changeover was smooth, no degradation of service and a faster upload speed to sweeten the deal. However, in the last 3 weeks the service has been appauling.. I pay for the 2mb unlimited package and currently I am getting 0.1mb downstream and 0.2up stream. Virgin have no explanation , all equipment is renewed and frankly I wish it was still NTL.. atleast their service was either working or not and if not simply fixed by a phone call. Virgin need to sort it out fast before they start to loose previously faithful customers. Other people please post speedtest results!

  • happy

    by John01 at 23:53 on 18 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Quote: "Have been with Virgin Media since they were called Cable and Wireless and got broadband as soon as it became available in our area (ages before BT enabled their exchange). All I can say is that we've received a pretty damn good service from them here in the North West…perhaps their Manchester office has a better customer-staff ratio than others? ...."

    I mihgt have agreed with you until last weekend... my download speeds have plummeted, and in a very sad way, I thank god that I have found various threads supporting my suspicion that VirginMedia has been a massive negative force in relation to our broadband accounts. I was well happy with NTL... why couldn't 'the good times' last? I guess ol' Richard has to find the savings that will boost his eanings to mae him #1 richest man in the UK by 2008... sod the customers!!!

  • happy

    by bteesasbad at 21:54 on 18 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I'm saddened by all these damning reports of VM, not least because I have just signed up with them!! Installation next Monday.

    I would like to point out to all those people thinking that going back to BT will be the answer, that sorry, they are even worse!!

    I have just cancelled my 'top of the range' package which should have provided me with up to 8meg bb. I never, in two years, achieved speeds in excess of 1meg with the average being .475kbps.

    BT have explained that unfortunately I am too far from the exchange and my line is incapable of handling high speed bb, however, they want to charge me large sums of money for this inadequate service and furthermore will penalise me for cancelling the contract. No chance, I have already cancelled the direct debit and thery can swing for it!!

    As they say, the grass is always greener, and maybe I will find that out for myself, but it can't be any worse than it has been for me and it's cheaper.

    Good luck

  • happy

    by champagnegal at 12:10 on 18 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Virgin Media/NTL - forget it - since we installed the 10mb service - we have had the speed twice in the last 12 months, our average is 3.5mb. We are paying £35 for this service - it doesn't work - god alone knows how on earth Virgin will cope with the 20mb package when it cannot even cope with the 10mb package.

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