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    by Anonymous Virgin Media employee at 8:49 on 18 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    The problem we think is the Virgin media wireless broadband routers taking up 1000's of IP addresses causing connections to stop working. Bandwith we think is being taken up by set top boxes interactive service slowing Broadband connections down. We are currently upgrading all Routers to allow faster connections but not quickly enough reading these sort of forums!!!

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    by Geejaybee at 20:39 on 17 Apr 2007 Report abuse


    As expected 4MB at 08:30 onwards up to 15:45, then a gradual reduction to a current 780KB. Disgraceful and dishonest.

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    by Brownie at 22:45 on 16 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Spend more money getting my speed back to what it was instead
    of all the glossy mailshots you keep sending.

    Whichever 'independent' firm listed this shower as the fastest
    ISP needs their equipment re-calibrating imo

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    by Geejaybee at 20:26 on 16 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    In response to Charlie, I don't just work in the IT world I am a Network Consultant and the problems I and others are experiencing are not due to unrealistic performance expectations or the vagueries of server connections.
    The number of times the network connection is completely unavailable or that the cable modem (which is not faulty) cannot connect cannot be attributed to either.
    Furthermore I regularly carry out controlled speed tests using the same servers, same files etc at different times of the day and I can predict when the network will perform badly e.g 19:00 onwards and when it will perform well e.g 08:00 -10:00.
    I have been told by several Virgin engineers that local distribution boxes cannot handle the demand and need updating. I was with Virgin in the fight against SKY but the broadband problem is one of their own making and they are to all intents and purpose trading dishonestly, taking money for a service they know they are not and apparently cannot deliver.

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    by John Kipling at 18:31 on 16 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Have been with Virgin Media since they were called Cable and Wireless and got broadband as soon as it became available in our area (ages before BT enabled their exchange). All I can say is that we've received a pretty damn good service from them here in the North West…perhaps their Manchester office has a better customer-staff ratio than others? In fact I rang them up last Sunday and got though immediately! When PCGuard - their complimentary security package - wouldn't work with my network setup, a very nice man spent ages going through all the network troubleshooting with me! (All calls to customer service are free BTW)

    There have been the occasional glitches, but as the VP of an internet company I know that technology does go wrong so I try to be patient with them. So apart from the odd occasion when technology has let us down the TV has always worked and the broadband has always downloaded at the advertised speed.

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    by Charlie at 12:47 on 16 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I do not work for Virgin Media but I do work in the IT World and think we need to clear a few things up. Firstly, I believe the NTL franchise bought out Virgin Mobile and formed what we now know as Virgin Media. This means that Richard Branson doesn't actually own Virgin Media. So all those who are slating one of our most respectable entrepreneurs can now apologise. Secondly, if you have a 10Mb connection, you should not expect to download at 10Mb per second. Maybe if you had a direct link to the servers you were trying to download from, this might work. The fact that your traffic requests are being rerouted through potentially tens of gateways, servers and switches and the fact that there are millions of people also trying to access the same information, you should probably expect to download up to around 10% of your actual internet speed. However, Virgin Media do provide really awful broadband customer service (if they provide it at all) and this must be resolved quickly.

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    by martin. at 10:03 on 16 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    NTL has always supply us with a good internet connection for seven or more years but lately I'm loosing my entire connection speed since the switch to virgin media. I don't know what's going on except the service your providing is shakey at best!

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    by Geejaybee at 7:34 on 16 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    My last comments re low local distribution capacity seem to be borne out by the fact that at 07:00 I can get the full 4MB, but then slowly deteriorates throughout the day grinding to a virtual halt late evening.

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    by Geejaybee at 22:52 on 15 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I live in cardiff and since Virgin Media took over from NTL the BB service has been abysmal. On average I am getting 800kb -1000kb when I am paying for 4Mb. Thats when the service is even available. On about 30 occasions the much vaunted cable "always on" connection has dropped completely.
    The last time an engineer visited he told me the street distribution boxes are unable to cope with the demand for Virgin On-Demand and people "using the red button", which by the way only works intermittently because that is also very very slow.
    The customer service in India is polite but useless and getting an engineer to come out takes up to a`week. What really [email protected] me off is that I backed Virgin in the Sky dispute bujt they dont give a sh$t.

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    by ahmadazwa at 15:57 on 15 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    What a disgrace! I'm on a 10Mbit plan and usually get around 8 to 9 Mbits, which is normal. After Virgin acquired NTL, the broadband now goes around 1.8Mbits!! It's been like this for weeks now! I can't bare the slowness despite PAYING for a 10Mbit connection. What is happening?

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    by Andy at 22:19 on 14 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    NTL products were good and customer services bad, Virgin is bad on both accounts. Broadband speeds are so slow its often not even worth bothering with the PC, television onscreen information only works half the time.

    Will be changing as soon as I can cancel it all.

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    by Wilksy at 19:44 on 14 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Same here, I had been with Telewest since 2002 and only ever had 3 problems (which were sorted out within 24hrs). Since VM have taken over, my speed has dropped dramatically. Disconnected from WoW every 10 mins now and getting huge lag spikes. I was phoned them up and was on the phone for 35mins before being 'cut-off', so I phoned back and spent an hour on the phone, only to be told that I had spyware! I used 4 spyware programs and 3 antivirus programs to check my pc, nothing. I reformatted and tried again, still the same. I then rang PingPlotter on my pc and tabbed out whenever I had a problem on WoW. I was getting between 10 and 90% package loss. I pinged bbc, blizzard and virgin, all had package losses. I phoned technical support and landed on a good English technican. They checked my modem and then their end and found a problem where the signal / noise ratio of their line was fluctuating. Now waiting for them to fix the problem and if not I will be switching to a BT line and Be BB.

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    by mlb07uk at 13:29 on 14 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Another quick note, all of those who say they have 8MB connections an are only downloading at 1mb/s...what are you thniking? You believe that because you have 8MB connection, it means you can download at 8mb/s? haha yea dont think so.

    I think the biggest problem most peole are having is firewall issues, either on thier computer or on the routers. Check your firewalls & routers people! I bet this is why at leats 50% of the people on here are experiencing slow speeds. Also it can depend on what you mean by 800kb/s downloads, is this from a reliable source, or simply a public torrent site?

    Lets get real people, we cant all download at super fast speeds...

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    by mlb07uk at 13:22 on 14 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Virgin internet has been fine for me after we switched from ntworld. The 10MB broadband is fast enough, i attain download speeds of over 1mb/s which is fine, as the broadband is shared between 3 computers all accessing the internet at the same times. I think for 35 pound a month this is a sweet deal.

    ALSO, virginmedia plan to release a 20MB broadband connection in may for only an extra 2 pounds!!! which is even more of a deal than this package! :D

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    by f at 17:17 on 13 Apr 2007 Report abuse


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    by alex at 15:15 on 13 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    have just been on the phone to customer services...again, because today all my tv channels have disappeared. i cannot stress enough how sick and tired i am of virgin media. ntl was perfectly fine before richard branson waded in and caused more problems than ever before. first no sky channels. then phone bills rounded up...i make a 1 minute and 1 second phonecall and i pay for 2 minutes...i don't think so. then i bought a film on filmflex and had to stop after 5mins because the picture kept vanishing. i was told that they would send someone out 4 days later to see what the problem was but they wouldn't refund my money for the film because (in their words) 'i could do that time and again and never pay for a movie i watched!' their customer services are the worst i have ever experienced, it's like they have a script to read and will not budge from it to try and help you. they really don't care about their customers and i cannot wait to leave them next week. i hope the company sinks.

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    by Total CR*P at 13:07 on 13 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Although NTL had problems, they pale in comparison to "service"??? with Virgin. CS are rude, faults are incompetent, and the contracted service is most often substandard or nonexistent.
    Please complain to Ofcom and Otelo - this needs to change!

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    by mbe at 21:50 on 12 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I thought that ntl broadband service was excellent and for this reason we took their telephone service, which was also excellent until mid December. Shortly after we had signed up for cable television mid Dec 06, the quality of our telephone service plummeted. After about six hours on the line to ntl and then Virgin Media's "customer services department", four visits from "telephone engineers", the purchase of two new telephones because "our telephones are the cause of the problem", having our lawn torn up to replace "the cable which is the cause of the problem", an e-mail sent 18 March 2007 which remains unanswered, and the loss of Sky cannels for which we pay, we still have a crap telephone service, and an incomplete television package and to top it all Virgin are still taking payments for broadband IN ADDITION to the package payment.
    As soon as I manage to get rid of Virgin I will be going back to BT and Sky. However, Virgins' customer services will still be abysmal. Sad eh?

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    by rspring at 13:21 on 12 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Virgin has become uncool. They have tried (unsuccessfully) to trap me into a contract for a defective product and even after they realised that they were cornered into admitting that I was not bound by it, they took the money out of my bank anyway and have now had to return it. This wasted hours of my time over a period of weeks. In my opinion Virgin's greed has resulted in poor service. I am embarrassed to have virgin on my internet address and am moving to a new company to get rid of it and the bad feeling it carries with it.

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    by JonnyC at 21:53 on 11 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I've always been a big fan of the virgin brand so thouht I would be able to rely on them for a decent ISP. Oh how wrong I was. Trying to watch vids on youtube is near impossible, unless you want to use the dialup technique of loading the page, going to make a coffee, have a nap, read the sunday papers perhaps do a bit of gardening then return to find its 50% loaded.

    Usually a broadband service will be faster off peak, but theres no difference here, its all the same slow crawl. I can only repeat what others have said in that the service is absolute rubbish. Dont fall into the trap, or else your faced with a £50+ cancellation fee. You could ring virgin to ask about the slow speeds... if you want to be held on hold on a £1 premium rate line for 15 mins then to be told that your phone sockets must be faulty. If thats the case, theres a damn large amount of faulty phone sockets in this country, and its just a coincidence that all the people with these faulty sockets happen to be on Virgin.

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    by Disconnected at 8:39 on 11 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Our 10M Virgin broadband only works 10% of the time. The rest of the time we cannot even access the internet. I hate it

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    by Mark Ainsworth at 8:29 on 11 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    The moment our NTL service became Virgin everything slowed down to a crawl. I'm very tempted to cancel. The upload speed is less than 10% the download speed, which must be a big factor in making everything so slow.

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    by ra at 1:02 on 11 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Overall, the service has been good.
    In contrast to others, I got a nice welcome pack, "hey! Telewest is chaining into Virgin Media".
    I got 1 disconnection of 1 hour (the first ever) at 4 am (I wouldn't be surprised if they were working on the cabling :-D).
    When I had signed up with Telewest, the contract was for 12 months / £15/month.. Nothing of that changed and the speed of the service kept exactly constant.
    I don't do much downloading, however I do have a lot of services set up on my PC so I can work remotely (http, svn, ssh, rdp, et cetera) and to access my PC I simply connect to my IP.
    The service has been very reliable and since I got the service (7 months ago) I've only had to remember 2 IP addresses (meaning that my router hasn't gone down).
    I am in the Hayes area (UB3) in London, so if you're thinking on the service, I'd say go for it. I had this service before and I also had Bulldog. Bulldog on the other hand had ripped me off £80 when closing the contract for no reason!!!!!!

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    by GiBweiser at 0:01 on 11 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Disgusted by Virgin Media wadeing in and buggering it all up! Can you believe that to install Virgin services for my next door neighbour, their engineer simply cut my cable with a pair of pliers and gaffer taped my next door neighbour's cable into it! I shit ye not! As an apology, they offer some cash (because £20 will make all the difference, wont it) and an upgrade to Large TV package. But hold on, NEW virgin customers get that anyway for £20, which is what i have been paying all along. So its not actually an upgrade - your just giving me what the new customers get, and there isnt any goodwill gesture - just an insult. But! They happen to have the cable monopoly, and so us peasants dont really get a choice. Used to like Richy Branson. His company have let him down. Now I hate Virgin and everything it stands for and owns. Boycott? damn straight. Dont care if im just one person...

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    by j.ritchie at 19:07 on 9 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    well ive been with ntl and now virgin media for a few years now since october 2006 my internet has been terrible.numerous engineer visits and modem swops its the same old story.last starw today getting half a meg on a 10 mb package.rang customer services today and rajpindi put the phone down on me.anyway looking now to find another providor and that will include ditching there phone service too...virgin media =total shambles..

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    by Kieran Coleman at 21:54 on 8 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I was pretty happy before all this Virgin Media rubbish - was with NTL, occasionally slow but that probably had to do more with a wireless connection through a couple of solid stone walls. Overall I had pretty good speeds of 200k average, and few complaints.
    Now, however...30k/s if i'm lucky and WoW, Xbox Live, even MSN and Google are painfully slow.
    If there's no improvement in the next few days then i'll switch. I don't intend to continue paying for such an inferior service.
    And to all those 'real people' praising Virgin in capital letters and five exclamation marks at the end of every sentence; nice try. No amount of fake praise will change the fact that this is currently a freakin' joke of an ISP.

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    by Brutus at 17:48 on 7 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Since Branson's Boil took over NTL/Telewest the broadband has gone from reasonably good (on average 3.2Mbps on a 4Mbps connection) to UTTER CRAP!! I'm lucky now if I get 1Mbps! And I still have to pay 25 quid a month for something that is now worth zilch! Shoot Branson and his minions...oh and Bill Gates while yer about it.

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    by Jonathon Ellard at 10:41 on 7 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Well I can only re-iterate what the majority are saying, absolute rubbish..... After years of faultless service from NTL I have just exprience a major problem (not for the first time in the last month) with not even being able to hit a relative communication speed that works. The speeds we are supposed to be paying for are NOT being acheived this also appears to be from a certain period over night for the last 3 days anyway and nights are for some of us are for business use and its failing, why oh!!! why do we have to go to a lower service after a big take over. They obviously need to cut the services down to gain the additional money to pay for this take over. COME THOSE OF YOU AT VIRGIN (INCL MR BRANSON) take note of all of us its not good enough.. do something about this or I feel that you will loose customers. Just give a working up to speed system to which we are being charged. DO SOMETHING VIRGIN 71% OF CANNOT BE WRONG

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    by Daniel Nethersoel at 21:30 on 6 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Sorry but all those maoning about Virgin media seem to be moaning about aspects which they do not understand, if you think on a 4mb connection you will get 4mb a sec your rather silly! I am not working for Virgin media, so don't take this review as them paying me, infact Virgin media are one of the best download services I have used in a long long while. Infact this is the best broadband I have ever used, no one comes here to rate the broadband good, that is due to them feeling not needing it!

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    by slooooooooooe at 20:51 on 6 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    My connection definitely isnt as fast as it should be, as far as i can figure it should be 2MB, but im lucky if pages loads at 5KB/s, a lot of the time they load in the bytes
    downloads barely ever get over 4KB/s
    if it wasnt for the phone and tv theres no doubt id be changing straight away. if your thinking of getting this id see how people who have it in your area find it, in some places its ok.

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