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    by Dee at 8:36 on 6 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I recently upgraded my 1meg connection to 8 meg and wish i hadn't bothered. My connection speed drops to a sails pace at times. With my 1 meg connection I used to get speeds between 700 and 900 kbps which i thought was OK. Now with my my 8 meg connection I'm consistently getting retunrs around the 500kbps mark and this is supposed to be 8 meg. BT tell me my line should be capable of speeds upto 4.5 meg. My neighbours who are with other ISP's usually connect at 3 meg. I have been with Virgin.net for some time and to be honest have had very little to complain about but they need to get this speed issue sorted.

    A bit more worrying. I recently tried to sign into my account but i somehow managed to get into someone elses account. I'm sure I entered my details but I got someone elses account, and I mean the full shebang....personal details the lot. I have reported this isssue to Virgin three times but they don't seem interested. Basically they don't tinnk its possible....But it happeded

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    by The Grey Fox at 1:39 on 6 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Have been with telewest for 9+ months, I got brilliant service from them, DL speed never dropped below 1100 KB/Sec. Since virgin Media Took over, I'm lucky to get half that. It's running at full speed now, but it's 1:35a.m. !
    It should be this fast all the time, not just in the early hours of the morning. Terrible, Terrible, Terrible...

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    by t.o at 21:34 on 5 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    the worst thing that could happen to cable digital T.V,broadband and phone in the UK.Was with Ntl for more than a year and happy and satisfied with their services.Moved house and thought I was moving my ntl services only to find out its now virgin.That was the beginning of my woes.Outrageous phone bills of 126 pounds in one month with claims I made internationa calls and local mobile calls that I never made.I raised this and was treated so shabbily and down right rudely.I never spent 100 pounds on phone bills in my whole year with ntl,now I get over a 100 every month.The broadband is sooooo slow and the TV without SKY sports news which was a good reason for me subsribing anyway. So now I have barred all calls from my phone to avoid bills i did not incure and would leave virgin for SKY as soon as i get approval for the dish from my landlord.

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    by Danny at 15:37 on 5 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Constant disconnections and slow web browsing, bring back telewest, never had any problems with them!

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    by Victoria at 17:25 on 3 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Really interested to find this thread. First I knew that Telewest broadband had been merged with Virgin was when I saw "Virgin Media" on a bank statment and phone my bank to report an error; as far as I knew there was no reason why a payment should be going to a company whose services I didnt use! Nice of telewest to tell us we would be changed to different provider. I run a small business from home and in last few months its been nightmare, emails reguarly dont get sent through my outlook account as connection is so slow and patchy. Its so frustrating! I wouldnt recommend Virgin Media to anyone.

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    by Rich at 14:01 on 2 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I've been using Telewest/BlueYonder broadband for 3 years now, and I still have to say it's one of the best broadband providers for it's price.

    When Virgin took over, I saw no apparent difference whatsoever, mostly because Virgin have had a stake in NTL/Telewest for years, and all that's happened is the name has changed.

    Two things can affect your speed:
    1) The website you are browsing on, as some computer servers out there still run on shoddy Half-Duplex 10Mb (equiv. 5Mb)
    2) Your neighbours - as with most providers you share 1 line between 20 people (called the contention ratio). If your neighbours on the line are hogging, then your speed decreases.

    Here are the ACTUAL speeds you'll get (bits converted to bytes, what IE reads in):
    10Megabit = 1.25megabytes/sec
    4Megabit = 500kilobytes/sec
    2Megabit = 250kilobytes/sec

    Anyone who claims to be on the bottom package and supposedly claims they were getting 2MegaBytes/sec before Virgin came along is, sadly, out and out lying.

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    by Morty at 21:57 on 1 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I'm actively searching for a new ISP, very poor indeed.

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    by DAVID at 6:15 on 1 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    You can complain to OFCOM and they will be looking to consumer complaints and take ation agianst virgin media unfairly service, don't rely on to someone eles, the more people make complain, the more can be done here a website for detail and number http://www.ofcom.org.uk/complain/internet/isp/other/

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    by Mark at 15:05 on 31 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Had NTL for a year... broadband was great, as soon as Virgin Media come along the speed dropped by 100-150%. It is a disgrace that we have to pay for a service that is well below what is expected. I will be ringing them up soon to complain about this rubbish service.

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    by enzina at 11:39 on 31 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    I was with Blueyonder for 5 years, no problems at all. Since Virgin Media took over i'm loosing the connection, speed is a joke and on top of that, there was no internet connection yesterday between 9am- 12 pm and 4pm - 7pm and the phone wasn't working as well.
    I'm working from home and depend on internet and phone.
    I seriously wanna switch provider now for the first time.

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    by Richie Boi at 19:55 on 30 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Never had a problem with ntl, I was under the impression it is still ntl they have just bought the lisence to use the virgin media name?

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    by sam at 22:16 on 29 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    shadow dont preach to us. i my self am an IT technicain so i know wht im tlking about.

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    by Sam at 22:13 on 29 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    As a loyal cable customer i was upset to here that virgin had brought over telewest. i have had cable interent for over 5 years now, i have had no problems what so ever with the service, that is untill Virgin came into the picture. since then i have noticed that my 2mg broadband has gone down severly to about 256kb speed. downloading items of the internet as a measly 80kbps instead of the usual rate of 222kbps. i will not be staying with cable much longer as i am having sky complete broadband!!!!!! its cheaper and alot faster then my current connection..

    ---------------------------------------------Advice -----------------------------------------------------

    my advice is go with sky, cable will be going bankrupt soon(or so my source tell me, as they have lost over 1million customers since there switch over). my rating is 2/10 only because it was cheap to start of with. other then that i feel i have been cheated

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    by Shadow at 18:02 on 29 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Are some of you guys serious?

    I heard some guy complaining about 200-500KB. Do you guys even know what speed connection you are getting. Mb is megabits not megabytes. There are 8 bits in 1 byte. Therefore if you want to get your Megabit in terms of megabytes you do the Megabit / 8.

    Therefore 4 / 8 = 0.5 MB roughly equal to 500KB

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    by Jamesdotro at 15:53 on 29 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Right now going through process of cancelling account with these jokers, Used to be with virgin.net, this was a little slow, but at least it worked!
    Since getting virgin media, i rarely get download speeds of above 4 kilobytes/s THE SAME AS DIAL UP FOR GOD SAKE!
    Latency used to be around 60 ms so i could cope with the SLOW download speed because i only really use for gaming (mostly dependant on latency)
    Now its always higher that 240ms!!! Thats terrible for you non-techies.
    DO NOT USE THIS PROVIDER, They are awfull. My suggestions include Tiscally, BT (i know, expensive but you are connected right up to BT network therefore cutting out about 6-9 servers on the way!), or possibly SKY, I mean its free so why not! I am gonna try SKY and then i'll rate them after.

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    by Benedetta at 12:47 on 29 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Have been without broadband for 2 weeks, thanks to idiotical tech support. At the first appointment, they didn't turn up. I took a second appointment, and still they didn't turn up. I spent two days at home and about 1.5 hours on the phone, and still have to use a neighbourgh's broadband (which is technically theft, but I have no choice!). This now means going back to BT, which is a shame because I wanted an underground cable not a telephone line hanging in front of my window and waving in the wind. Never had such problems with ntlworld, will cancel contract with virgin as soon as I possibly can. What's their problem?!?!?

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    by Shaun at 11:57 on 29 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    I've had over three years of flawless service with Blueyonder. Since Virgin haven taken over I've had dropped connections (at least six times yesterday while home working) and low download speeds - for the same money. I'm going to try and get through to customer support now to get some kind of compensation. Then I'm going to look at other providers. If you are thinking about signing up I'd advise you to check out other options first.

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    by 24/7 gamer at 0:33 on 29 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    i have recently changed to virgin from ntl. used to get great upload speeds from ntl and very low pings when gaming. now i get high VERY pings and sometimes cant connect to servers or if i do connect usualy get kicked for having a high average ping. absolute disgrace!!!!!!!! will be looking into changing supplier and also will be getting onto OFCOM!!! I WOULD ADVISE AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE TO CALL OFCOM AND COMPLAIN!!!!!! WE NEED SOMETHING DONE ABOUT THIS SOON!! ITS NOT FAIR ON THE PEOPLE WHO PAY ALL THIS MONEY FOR A SERVICE WHICH IS NO BETTER THAN DIAL UP!!!! VIRGIN MEDIA SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -10/10

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    by joey m at 9:23 on 28 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    This is an absolute disgrace. Forced into using Virgin Media after years of (near) flawless service from NTL. Suddenly find that connectivity has dropped to a snails pace even if we can connect. I can't believe they're getting away with it. They've inherited a perfectly fine, well proven infra-structure for gods sake!!!

    Also have my suspicions that some of the previous posts may have come from Virgin Media workers! Posts extolling the virtues of the new service with a disproportionate amount of 'thumbs up' for the reviews. Don't let them infiltrate this supposedly unbiased forum!


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    by Damian , Liverpool at 22:02 on 27 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    thought it was my PC or maybe they where having a few teething problems , im a fair man and will accept that, but approx 3 months in now and on average getting about 200 - 800kb when i should in fact be getting 4mb .
    I pay 25 quid a month for less than 1mb , with telewest before the changeover i was getting approx 2900 to 3700mb which is fine as i dont expect to get bang on 4mb but this is pathetic , i bet there are thousands of others like us who cant be bothered calling support and getting charged a fortune for THEIR bloody problem , those Ba****ds should be calling me grovelling.
    I intend to ask for a refund for last 3 months if i can get that through to whichever poor unfortunate soul picks up my call in the call-centre.
    Finding this site with people having a blast at them has cheered me up and from what i can see , it will be waste of time sticking with Bransons interweb , just like his balloon expeditions this one is going to blow up in his face too !!!!

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    by Steve at 22:37 on 26 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Wost ISP Ever, V.Bad customer service , stupid tech support and 8mb broadband that turns out to be clocking at under 512k, after a lengthy battle to resolve issues, using mac no from previous supplier virgin moved ADSL tag therefore canceling my previous ISP and then 11 days and 35 calls(to a premium rate number) later I get connected a 1/4 the speed I had with tiscali and the internet connection keeps dropping out, the only reason I left Tiscali was due to the fact they wouldn't let me transfer to 8mb, I wish I haddn't bothered. Moving to BT Now hopefully that'll be better

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    by James Eade at 16:54 on 26 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    I agree with 90% of the users on here, for many years i was with NTL barely any problems at all. But since Virgin has taken over my connection has be terrible takes like a minute to load google (which used to be instant) for crying out load! I can't play world of warcraft anymore as my latency is 4000+ at times and i just get disconnected or get huge lagg spikes. Also people in my area on Virgin media bb have also had problems. So if things do not dramatically improve over the next week or so i will be switching provider.

  • happy

    by Di at 16:45 on 26 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Don't go there... they have a lot of sorting out/housekeeping to do with this new aquisition!!!!

  • happy

    by bad!!!!!!!! at 16:43 on 26 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    really bad changeover issues

  • happy

    by LOADS OF ILLEGAL CONTRACT ISSUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at 16:42 on 26 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Currently going through breach of contract issues..............won't bore you with details but since Virgin SUDDENLY took over NTL things have gone very wrong for me.....not at all happy.....Richard Bransons Glossy Welcome letter has been a waste of time 'cas his promise has not been kept in my experiance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to say I'm surprised!!!!!!!!! I expected better!!!!!!!!!! Typical cases of "the computer saying No" going on aswell!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEEEEEEASSSSSSSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    by Justin Wood at 13:18 on 26 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Have been with NTL broadband for 4/5 years without any problems. Since Virgin Media have taken over, it's gone down the tubes... I've cancelled my subscription, and my girlfriend is in the process of cancelling too.

    The reason? Online gaming. Both myself and my GF play World of Warcraft, and for the last 4 weeks we've seen massive lag spikes, and up to 4 disconnects per hour.

    This problem only affects VM/NTL users, and has been reported on the Official Warcraft forums, and around the general cable forums.

    I don't know what Virgin Media have done, and I don't frankly care. I use my cable connection for gaming, and if I can't do that, then I'm looking elsewhere.

    Never had to call their tech support line until this issue. It was based in India, and they just couldn't give a flying sh1t about the problem. Trying to cancel is hard too. Almost a full day trying to get through to stop my service! 'Course, it's a lot easier to get through if you're upgrading...


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    by kitkatnodogs at 17:20 on 23 Mar 2007 Report abuse


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    by Xenel at 21:56 on 22 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    I have to say, Virgin have been the most pathetic broadband supplier I've seen to date. I was with Blueyonder for years and I barely ever received severe internet problems, maybe twice, and they were all fixed in a day or two. Since the rise of Virgin Media, I have received nothing but a dodgy connection. It's fine for a few minutes, then my connection goes so bad it takes 5 minutes to load up any page. This doesn't help when playing online games either and I'm forced to abandon something I spent a painful, laggy 2 hours doing because people can't wait for me to fix this rubbish connection. After phoning the customer support, I was politely spoken to and did so in turn, and was told it was a problem with my area and it was going to fixed. I bided my time and over a week later, I suffer the exact same problem with no improvements, and after calling again I get the same junk. After checking over the internet, I'm not the only victim it seems. Only take Virgin Media if you're desperate!

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    by trawler at 20:18 on 22 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Been with Blueyonder for just over 2 years now.
    Pleased with the service and hope it stays ok with Virgin Media
    Would like to see the 4mb speed increase to 8mb.
    Most ISP's are offering 8mb at a price lower than I pay for 4mb.

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    by trawler at 20:07 on 22 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Been with blueyonder for about 2 years.Can't complain about the service at the moment but would like to get 8mb for the price that I am paying for 4mb. Other ISP's are offering 8mb for less than what I pay now.

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