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  • unhappy

    by ian heath at 12:59 on 3 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Virgin Media have become totally shocking, the 60Mbps internet service runs as slow as 0.17Kbps this is due to Over utilisation. This is basically too many customers for their system to handle. Their forums are covered in threads about over utilisation cuasing peoples faults. Once I get out of my contract I will not go back to virgin media for broadband. Also their phone assistants is very bad and based in india.

  • happy

    by Alan Titley at 9:47 on 18 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    I have been swith VIRGIN for 18mths now and can only say that I have had very little problem with the package, it seems the problem is when put through to INDIA, they cannot understand ENGLISH (accents) and get completely the wrong message.
    I recently changed my package to 60 mbs b/band have had no problems, except the minor blip when it shows speed less that 60mbs.

  • unhappy

    by Neil at 10:12 on 15 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Cowboys! Their Helpdesk is a disgrace, no-ever believes what you tell them. My 30MB drops to 0.3 EVERY evening from 17:00 to 22:00 which make it redundant as a service because that is the only time I am there to use it. They do not believe it to be a problem but check our their support forums! It is rammed full of people all with the same issue and it still isn't taken seriously. NEVER go with Virgin.

  • unhappy

    by Sam Branson at 22:23 on 13 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Virgin media are incompetent, they throttle the usage at peak hours dropping packets left and right, rendering it almost unusable between peak hours to stream content, or do anything more than view a simple web page. all this for a completely uncompetitive price which you get tied in to for 18 months. I heartily recommend staying well clear if you live in a student area in winter, its unusable on weekends and peak hours.

  • neutral

    by sam at 11:02 on 12 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    I must say first of all im sorry for those that have had problems with virgin ,the only time ive really had problems when i had to phone up about a fault and was put on to their indian call center or where ever the hell it is and i spoke to this woman who quickly despatched the phone down because she couldnt understand what i was saying lol,as usual her first reaction was to send out an engineer when i already knew that the fault was in my router but as i had a spare one they sent me, i asked her if i could connect it and if she would activate it then we would take it from there ,but no that was too simple she asked me again what i wanted her to do so once more i told her then the phone went dead,but me being me i phoned up again and complained of the call operative in question and i got another woman who listened to what i had to say i connected my new router she activated it and lo and behold internet was on again ,only thing i have against virgin tho is the prices are a bit too much

  • unhappy

    by Terry at 11:55 on 11 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Just fyi. If you cancel your Virgin Media account and replace with BT. And BT take care of the changeover don't be surprised if you continue to receive bills from Virgin and after spending 20 minutes on their automated helpdesk telephone line find a) the department you need to speak to is closed even though they claim 24/7 and b) they try and claim that you have not cancelled your account. It happened to me. BT are taking care of it.

  • happy

    by Shaun Symons at 16:50 on 31 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    on 9th january 2012 i posted this *Updated Further Down *

    virgin have twice now failed to offer me basic internet, each time going on over 6months. faults faults and more faults, non of the hubs with built in wifi work ie no wifi, i actually have to turn the wifi off and plug a router into it then all my connections etc, bloody rediculous, then i look to cancel early i get this, oh we dont see that we broke our contract to you even though we failed to give you an acceptable level of service, total dk heads!, i have sky being installed on 16th and have to wait till 1st may to give notice. my problems started this time after i accepted a deal of lower prices in order for them to keep me, a week later totally rubbish service 3 modems later same modem was monitored for one hour had 166 modem faults T3 timeouts they said, more a network problem id say. also bit of nfo for you all in october last year they virgin were ordered not to use the best internet ever in there adds and admited they were not the most reliable providers when it came to gameing etc. il not touchthem again and i go back to eurobel days of being a customer then telewest and virgin blabla, just pointing it out so we understand even long term customers are packing there bags as so to put it, all i can say is very good luck to those who stay google how many customers they lost last year!! you be suprised, well im not lol :)

    *Update* I have waited for some time to add the following due to a full valuation of my new service to be fair to all.

    ok, so i moved to sky on 16th january, to there truely unlimited service where they claim sky will not slow your speeds down even at peek times, well now, if i have reason to complain bitterly i will do, i have nothing but praise and tks for sky, i did have a wireing issue at the begining but that was down to a bad install which in time was all redone for free after i complained, that was my only complaint, since that i have been very happy and never looked back, i also decided if for some reason i couldnt have the service i have right now id sooner go without internet at home altogether, thats how happy i am with sky, but lets face it you could hold a wire out the window and match the quality of service virgin offers at times lol, i am sorry for anyone having problems with virgin media, all i can say is ditch it, get rid, etc. :) best of luck to all :)

  • neutral

    by K Archer at 8:13 on 31 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    Absolutely shocking - we have upgraded our Virgin internet to try and resolve problems with downloads and still can't get a good enough service to watch any TV online or ensure decent access to emails etc. We are told that this is because they are unable to cope with the number of other local broadband services which all interfere with each other! Ridiculous and these 'awards' and survey results contradict every other review that i have read on the internet (when we can access it...) about Virgin.

  • unhappy

    by Dee at 9:25 on 15 Sep 2012 Report abuse

    I am leaving virgin next month after a 18 month contract, if i could have got out of the contract sooner without having to pay them more money i would have done so. ive had 5 times when broadband gone down and each time ive rung them they say oh we will send an engineer round, can you be at home on this day ect. ive stayed home all day and no engineer turned up, yet my broadband was back on without a phone call telling me it was. ive had to find this out myself., there customer service is a disgrace. and my bills have been sky high since i went to them, i dropped a calling package of £9.00 a month local calls because i was not using it, yet my bills have still been over £40.00 per month. they charge you for everything they can do.. my advice is do not take virgin as your provider

  • unhappy

    by Name at 2:52 on 11 Sep 2012 Report abuse

    Virgin Media has taken an absolute nose-dive in 2012 since they started the "speed doubling" nonsense.

  • neutral

    by Jesso at 10:28 on 1 Sep 2012 Report abuse

    If you're reading these reviews to decide who to go with let me save you some time - go with the cheapest, I've just read loads of reviews of all the different companies and basically every single provider is slated as rubbish so you might as well just pick anyone!!! :-)

  • unhappy

    by Yvonne Marko at 13:33 on 28 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    I've been with Virgin media for almost four months and I've had non stop problems. On installation, they split my cable with the neighbours and because I haven't got a dedicated cable I've only got 22 mb download and I'm paying for 60! They are in no rush to sort this out.

    In addition to this is the ongoing 'maintenance work' which causes many outages.

    Customer service is dreadful and they treat like me like an idiot - when I can understand what they're saying. I also have to explain the same thing over and over and over again. And every time they tell me they are doing 'maintenance work' in my area to improve the service. They've done so much work you'd think it would fantastic! I now fail the attitude test when calling - because I can't cope with having to explain the same thing again and be told, rather patronisingly, there is work being done in my area.

    This is 4 months into an 18 month contract. Can I get out of it - because they are rubbish?

  • unhappy

    by Pablo at 18:11 on 23 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    Seriously; avoid Virgin Media like the plague:

    We have had a catalogue of disconnection and reliability issues, only beginning in the past 12 months. (we have been with VM since the old days of Birmingham Broadband - 20years!)

    Download speeds have steadily decreased to a snail pace and complete disconnects every other day, sometimes for days on end.

    Their Customer Service is non existent; with offshore "support" agents being polite yet unintelligible and powerless to help despite their promises.

    Staff in UK (if you can get through to them) are either rude and in denial, or conversely overly apologetic, yet still do nothing!

    They never respond to written complaints, yet since leaving, I`ve had numerous NASTY letters threatening legal action over bills for months after THEIR disconnection!!! DISGRACEFUL

    I`ve now moved to SKY and I wish I`d done it years ago!!

  • unhappy

    by wayne at 7:34 on 21 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    i`m using virgin media for 4 years now , this year is the worse year keep getting d/c sine i`m move to this area i`m keep calling the support for check the problem they keep waste my time doing the same thing every time i`m call , all i said telling u all don`t using virgin whatever offer...

  • unhappy

    by di_esel at 11:11 on 31 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    Once again, the broadband is 'out' in our area. If your car went wrong every couple of days (as this broadband does) you'd scrap it. Call centre staff powerless to help because of their 'systems'. So I have to wait to see if the 'outage' clears before they can tell me if there's anything wrong with our modem, etc. Also, TV picture keeps freezing; on demand service is frequently unavailable or stops in the middle of a programme; I really do wonder what I am paying for here. I'm also interested in other people reporting constant sales calls in spite of being with Telephone Preference - good question, do Virgin give away our numbers? I am definitely Mrs Angry, and am about to be Mrs. Switch-to-another-Provider - if there was one which was any better.

  • unhappy

    by bill farley at 19:07 on 14 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    i used telewest/blueyonder in birmingham in the days when you were trated with respect and the service was very good we had them for 20years /and had good tv/broadband/phone with no cold callers / i have now moved to the south west and kept my virgin account ( am silly ) because we now have a national phone line that was not new and we get calls day/night from cold callers /have asked for a new unused number to no avail / the broadband is rubbish keeps dropping out / when you call for help you cant understand what they are saying / my contract runs out in Aug 2012 and it will be bye bye virgin and good ridence to a bad company

  • neutral

    by CT Clarke at 18:32 on 4 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    Terrible service; drops frequently. Overseas technical support incompetent and rude; don't call them if you are woman; they assume you are an idiot and will speak to you like dirt even if you've been a network engineer for 20 years! UK billing ok and will divert you to UK support but really should not be necessary.

    Over the past month:
    - random dropping of service for minute to hours
    - four DAYS of unscheduled/unannounced maintainence
    - service status line states "no issues" even when the net is out
    - refusal to check my service because 'there is maintainence in the area, call back in four days when it's finished"
    - 1 hour 40 mins call to technical support overseas who:
    * initiall said 50 people were cut off and then said "It's only you, your neighbours are fine"!
    * suggested I hadn't paid the bill (it's direct debit)
    * suggested I was committing fraud on the account (!)
    * said it isn't their problem and they can't fix it
    * continuously talked over and down to me "Do you understand the internet"
    * was spectactularly unprofessional
    * didn't tell me that a fault had been reported 10 hours previously and didn't even enter into my account details
    * when I asked to filed a complaint, I was given fake team member names (confirmed by billing), the person about whom I complained said he was the manager; but found his superior when pressed

    In over 20 years of internet/broadband use, Virgin Media are the least technically competent I have ever seen. On installation they didn't even know if it was a static or dynamic IP address and the person who put it in, ignored the account holder and spoke to a lodger telling them to "explain it to her".

    Do yourself a favour, keep your blood pressure low and go somewhere else for internet. It may cost you more but it will be worth it.

  • unhappy

    by Rob Atkinson at 14:21 on 25 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    Very soon after I got Virgin installed it was cut off, I called the Indian call centre and after much explaining it turned out a passing Virgin employee cut me off because the set-up looked suspicious, meaning it hadn't been installed originally properly. This led to a two day wait and time off work to wait for another engineer who fixed it. Things were fine for another couple of weeks until it happened again for exactly the same reason. Cue more call centres and time off work to wait for another engineer who turned up and told me it was going to be a two man job and he would return in a couple of days with a colleague.
    Two days later they turned up and fixed it for the next day to be cut off again. On my mobile yet again racking up the costly minutes to call centres Virgin explained that I'd been cut off because I'd gone over my credit limit when Virgin had charged me for the two engineers.
    Just got cut off again last week as the cover to the street box has been off for months now and children are obviously going to start messing with cabling eventually. I did phone Virgin to warn of this but as long as they're getting their monthly payments they really couldn't care less. I'll be leaving as soon as my contract's up and I'll never use Virgin again.

  • unhappy

    by Mr Grumpy at 20:30 on 17 May 2012 Report abuse

    I'm continually being harrassed with phone calls from Virgin either on my land line or my mobile. Quite frankly, I'm completely fed up with it and wish I had never signed up with Virgin Media. All the time with BT, they left me in peace. I've evened signed up with the Telephone Preference Service but that doesn't seem to apply to Virgin

  • happy

    by Adam Jones at 12:20 on 15 May 2012 Report abuse

    virgin is the best company i've ever been with (i changed to sky this was the best time of my life)

  • unhappy

    by Mr A Musa at 16:04 on 14 May 2012 Report abuse

    Virgin media is very poor company who are just ripp off their Customers.

    I have been with them 8 years and they never sent me with bill.

    Their TV Channels are useless and you never met what they told you.

    The break customer billing agreements and always they send me very high bill even if I try to ask them help to limit my monthly bill they just say ok but never done anything.

    If you miss your payment 1 day they report straight to Credit Agencies so you will poor Credit score and your live hell.

    I would advice to new customers never join Virgin Media.

  • neutral

    by Alexis at 0:33 on 14 May 2012 Report abuse

    First off Steve,

    That's pretty poor I have some great bits of kit but the connection is not up to the job. I was upgrade recently to 100mb after I only got 12 on my current connection. I have a decent router and a decent set-up due to thick walls it was over £800 for the full set of routers powerlines and various signal boosters so don't you dare call anyone on here cheap. You don't know what set-ups they have or if they spent some money on their kit. I have to look on the bright side I could choose any provider but even at my current crappy speed its still better than what else is out there and I know its has far fewer problems than ADSL. If your being traffic managed then upgrade your broadband it will cost you at most £10 more per month you can always bin the tv and phone if the internet is important after all peeps there are many great freeview services out there.We should all remeber that we want 24 hour service but we don't want India to do it but if virgin put up the cost by £15 PCM for uk only call centres everyone would moan about the cost, The fact is it is cheeper to employ someone in India at night than it would be to employ someone in the Uk. You cant have it all.

  • neutral

    by steve crossland at 6:19 on 8 May 2012 Report abuse

    well iv had a great service and not internet drop outs what so ever over the last 4 years. This maybe be because i have the common sense to buy and use a better spec modem/router than the stock versions people seem to use and complain about every 2 minutes. get off ur arse and grab a decent bit a kit instead of been reliant of the FREE hardware.

    my only problem with virgin is my billing .. a friend of mine has the same package as me and is getting this for a mere £30 less a month than me and i think that very POOR!

  • unhappy

    by Bill McLaughlin at 9:47 on 6 May 2012 Report abuse

    I sympathise with everyone who still uses Virgin Media. I had NTL services for about ten years before moving to Hampshire and the new Virgin Media brand. My broadband package was the 30Mb and the whole TV, phone and Sky.And for two years I had considerable problems with TV, Broadband and telephone faults. when Tivo arrived I asked to be upgraded and asked if taking the new 50Mb package and Tivo would allow a complete check on my installation. I was assured this would be carried out for £106 a month all in.
    I was not too assured when a service engineer arrived to carry out the installation and had problems with the Tivo setup as he did not have the correct meter. Apparently their regional office only have one of these! Fast forward three months and countless engineer failed appointments and those that did attend were poorly kitted out. My 50Mb service was actually about 0.2Mb and the Tivo worked about 50% of the time.
    The first bill I received was for £125 a month and took many calls to correct as they stated that the offer I was sent for £106 was only meant for new customers.
    When my Tivo stopped working completely, I had had enough and cancelled my contract. The Customer Services rep was quite taken back and officious. He informed me it would cost me £86 to cancel. I have never been more pleased to pay.
    I signed up with BT and my 80Mb service now gives me an almost constant service of between 26 and 50Mb download speed. I pay about £74 amonth albeit without some of the programs I didn't know existed anyway, but still get Sky Sports and ESPN. The only time I called for an engineer, he was on time and fully kitted out with all sorts of meters etc. and fixed my problem by pointing out my telephone had died.
    I have had countless "personal" letters almost begging me to return to VM! What do you think I should do??

  • unhappy

    by Flan5ter at 18:13 on 5 May 2012 Report abuse

    I am stuck with Virgin because with BT ADSL I can only get about 2Meg (too far away from the exchange). I am sick of the bandwidth limiting of Virgin. All the hype about doubling the speed of connections. 2xCrap=Crap. When I reach my download limit my connection drops to a fifth of what I have paid for. I don't download large files very often but when I do I have to leave the PC on overnight. I will be switching to BT Infinity when it arrives at the end of the year. Download a DVD in under 10 mins instead of overnight, can't wait. DO NOT USE VIRGIN for Broadband if you have a choice.

  • unhappy

    by Lizzy at 0:03 on 1 May 2012 Report abuse

    Virgin Media is without a doubt the worst internet provider in Brighton. I am a student, as are all of my friends. As Virgin offers the cheapest deal (Up to 30 mb) everyone I know uses it. As I mentioned, I am paying for 30mb, and while I do not expect 30 mb I regularly only get 0.5-2mb. This is tested at both peak and non-peak times, when no body else is using the internet. The router doesn't stretch throughout entire houses. The staff are clueless and make up 'facts' about why internet is so poor, but in all honesty it seems Virgin have a poor internet service in Brighton, so if you live here, and you want to be able to use the internet then I strongly urge you to buy from another provider, because Virgin are rubbish.

  • neutral

    by Kevin White at 10:11 on 30 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    I had for a few brief moments considered takinf out a broad band contract for my new netbook to go a roaming but given the customers comments above I have decided against it. Thanks guys for your honesty about your experiences that has reminded me yet again how bad the service is from what used to be NTL and prior to that cable and wireless. I have stuck with Sky ever since NTL blew up my PC with their software and then blamed me. I had hoped that Virgin would have made a huge difference to the customer service team but nothing seems to have changed, which is a shame really as the virgin brand overall has a good reputation.

  • unhappy

    by stuart at 0:50 on 29 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    Its all about traffic managment. If you use their services a lot you suffer. if you rarely use their services you reap the rewards of fast broadband, which contradicts the promises you signed up for. they should just say "If you want periodic superfast broadband then join us. If you want continual superfast broadband then dream on. We only provide a small amount of data at superfast speeds. Once you reach this limit we will limit or deny your access to the internet and any other services that require our connection. We appologise for lying to you but desperately need your hard earned money to continue this lucrative crime. Thank you SUCKERS.
    Yours Greedily
    If you are plentiful of money then please research our other scams."

  • neutral

    by M A Highwood at 16:58 on 27 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    I placed an order on 30th March for a broad band package including TV.

    The only efficient thing they have done is to take money off me. In order to give them plenty of time I agreed to an installation date of 20th March. It never happened and they cannot give me date, they simply say my installation is "on hold". Once my order was taken "sales" were not interested, they simply referred me to "customer service" in the Philipinnes costing 10p a minute for an 0845 call - this must be very profitable.( I bet Branson does not pay his call centre staff £6-00 ph) When I can get through to them, called, Customer Service have no idea what is happening and asked me if I had seen anyone from the construction dept doing any work?

    Had my order cooling off period not expired, I would cancel.


  • neutral

    by Neal at 11:37 on 27 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    Dreadful customer service from Virgin Media and sharp billing practices. Avoid.

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