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  • happy

    by george anthony at 10:07 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Customer service is poor, if and when you can ever get thru to someone but does anyone else experience random and frequent periods of simply being logged off mid-session?

  • happy

    by gutterslutt at 10:06 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    i carnt understand it,
    just got the new package from virgin, everythiungs fine....... apart from the broadband and my x box,
    customer service's have been specially trained in diverting you to other departments and some special lady even managed to find the problem why i couldnt connect my x box was the fact that i didnt actually have a cable modem...............

  • happy

    by Mark at 10:06 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Had NTL (Now VM) for years.

    Broadband is perfectly fine. When we was on 10meg, We got around about 9meg. (downgraded for money reasons) 2meg has been running at 1.9meg.

    They've had their problems but who hasn't?

    Customer services have improved..

    Just give them a try, You have your 30 day money back. Check the website.

  • happy

    by button at 10:06 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    COMPLETE DISASTER. Broandband AND TV. Not a 'techie' so trying to figure out with new Virgin owners WHY my broadband is suddenly at a near standstill is very frustrating. First they blamed my router (ActionTEC 54 mbps) but speeds are same using USB cable. Then the 'have you tried to switch on/off' option. Then set me up with 6 or 7 different new IP adresses. Then blamed the firewall on my new(-ish) Mac (which is always set to OFF). Eventually (at 22:00pm) after an hour, speed got better - sure it's only because we reached end of peak hours. Next evening back to square one. As someone else mentioned; fine speed weekdays between 2-5 but evenings and weekends as slow as dial-up! Arrgggh. TV service is same. It is near impossible simultaneously watching one channel and 'paging through' the other channels. Very slow or no info given at all. The tv guide freezes most evenings. I will switch to a Freeview box, BT landline and serious broadband provider - any suggestions?

  • happy

    by Matt at 10:05 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Very rarely had problems when this was Blueyonder. Virgin is a compeltely different story. Despite inheriting a broadband infrastructure that has worked near flawlessly for me for about 5 or 6 years, they've managed to balls up secure logins for most of Scotland. I can't access hotmail, ebay, msn messenger, or any site that uses any sort of secure login facility. This was supposedly going to be fixed "within 4 hours"...that number was given on Thursday. The virgin media site still says 4 hours, despite this being a "priority 1" case. I'd say priority one for virgin so far has been "lets **** everything up". The service is also generally slower since the changeover for both tv and broadband, not to mention the Sky fiasco (which, admittedly, was not wholly Virgin's fault, so I can't really hold that against them). I'd never switch to sky because, quite honestly, after researching them I think they're money grabbing morons...but that might be better than a service which doesn't work.

  • happy

    by davyboy at 10:04 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    The virgin connection symbol at the bottom of the screen shows 6.2 MB connection but my fastest speed test using thinkbroadband is only 3.8 MB and is quite often as slow as 300kbps am I being conned

  • happy

    by Laura Murdoch at 10:04 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    I HATE IT, bring back Blueyonder, Terrible service, Cheeky on the Phone, Internet is SLOW.

  • happy

    by Angry Customer at 10:04 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    I am changing providers. I can't stand Virgin Media, Terrbible Customer Service, Internet speed is Shocking..

  • happy

    by Mark2 at 10:03 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    wireless has completely disappeared and one computer cannot connect to internet at all in any shape or form, other than that and the loss of the main channels on TV i.e SkyOne and Sky sports news what else could go bad .

  • happy

    by Andy T at 10:02 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Forced over to Virgin by the Blueyonder merger.Their home page
    moves at a snails pace because of all the spam and pop ups everywhere.(no im not interested in online poker!)
    Never had any problems with Blueyonder and now after about a month with Virgin i am already considering changing the provider.
    I keep having problems getting onto various sites and for three days
    last week i could not download anything!And guess what it has happened again today.And they expect us to pay extra for this service?I think not!

  • happy

    by Martine86 at 10:01 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    I am very pleased with my service from Virgin Media. I am happy with the connection speed and have yet had any reason to deal with customer services.

    I've not had a single problem. Compared to my last provider (Orange) this is a godsend! I've not lost the connection once!

  • happy

    by scaredycat at 16:17 on 28 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    Well I was with NTL on the 4Mb, and I can't say I've noticed any disruption at all from the switch to the new Virgin Media broadband brand. Truth be told, I never had any problems with with NTL service (fortunately, because their customer service never struck me as fantastic), so fingers crossed Virgin Media continues to be as reliable. Still seems just fine :)

  • happy

    by Has acually improved since Telewest broadband at 16:17 on 28 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    I must admit that Virgin Media have handled the transition from telewest / ntl pretty well. I've still got the same broadband speed as before, reliability is still solid (haven't lost a connection for over 6 months now), and the packages have been simplified somewhat.

    I just want them to release a 16meg download package and increase the upload speed to 1meg + Then we're talking!

  • happy

    by FactoryJoe at 16:17 on 28 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    Been fine for me as I switched to Virgin Media Broadband after being with BT for a couple of years. So far the install went well and I'm up and running - got some good speeds, and got the TV package with it. Would recommend it.

  • happy

    by Daveson at 12:58 on 28 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    I completely agree with the above. I started off with a 7 mbit connection, which went down to 2.5 mbit on average after a couple of months. Might as well pay £14.99 for the 2 mbit service.

  • happy

    by Mark Anthony at 16:11 on 16 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    Total Rubbish!!! Virgin Media is no better than NTl or any of its other affiliates. Like NTL before it it delivers a reasonable package that seems value for money, but what you get in actual fact is slow speeds in built up areas, on the plan 2 option (8mb) speeds were recorded at less than 2mb on a daily basis! Incorrect billing on all levels bad customer support, the list is endless. I have worked in the IT business for 11 years professionally as a manager and the only thing i can say is DO NOT subscribe to it. Stick to what you know is good and don't get pulled in by cheap prices and gimmicks.

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