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  • unhappy

    by Vicky snook at 21:43 on 26 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    My partner has always highly rated virgin media and chosen them over Sky. We have had their service now for nearly 2years and the past 12 months we have had real difficulties. We have called them at least 6 times in the past year regarding problems with our Internet speed and also continued pixelation of many channels.

    It takes at least 60 minutes waiting in their telephone system before you have any hope of speaking to someone about the issues you have been having, but when you do get to speak to someone it is often an incompetent member of the 'customer service' department. They say they understand and sympathise with the issue you are experiencing, yet they tell you the same standard response of 'we'll send an engineer out'. We have had an engineer tell us to move the hub around out room to increase signal! Then to put it in a wooden box! Then another replaced the connectors, only for the next engineer to say they were repaired awfully and had wires hanging out!

    They have sent several engineers out to look at our hub, checking our setup and connections. It took 4 attempts and different engineers to resolve the signal strength issue. We are supposed to receive up to 50 meg broadband yet most days we have been lucky to receive 14 meg. When the 4th engineer managed to correct the issue our service resumed for around 6 weeks. Tonight we have 2 meg...

    We have had three engineers attempt to correct the pixelation of our channels, all saying 'the number coming in needs to be the same as the number coming out' so they fitted an acentuotur on the line. But the issue has never been corrected.

    Considering the cost each month for the TiVo box and also the 50 meg broadband I would have hoped to have much better service then we have recieved. I don't expect perfect but equally I don't expect a service that is not even close to what I was 'sold'.

    To add to the matter the lack of help, knowledge and training their call centre staff have is shocking and frankly sickening when you consider virgin is a large organisation. There are many people who are currently unemployed and desperate for work yet the rude and antagonising manner of many of their staff is appalling. We have been told completely contradicting information. One of their associates being able to call customers back to they are not allowed to make out going calls! Another said they cannot refund any amount for lack of service, yet another says they offer £25 compensation for complaints or service issues!?

    We have now decided to leave virgin and take out service with Sky. However calling to cancel our service with virgin proved problematic too. One lady was very helpful and understanding of the situation advising we could cancel immediately and would also receive a refund for the rest of the month. We then called Sky to check how soon they could come out and they were more the helpful, giving an efficient and quick service. We then called virgin back to confirm we wanted to cancel only to be told by a different virgin associate that we had a 30 day cancelation notice and had to keep the service for a further 4 weeks!!! She also said there is a £35 cancelation charge!

    Sadly the poor service, together with the extremely frustrating and rude call centre staff has put us off having any further dealings with virgin. I would strongly advise anyone considering taking out service with virgin media to reconsider and look in to all other services as I would hate for anyone else to go through the stress and dissatisfaction we have experienced.

  • neutral

    by Phil at 17:47 on 26 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    Been reliable in the fact it is always there, but terribly erratic for speed, I can't use such things as iplayer. Paying for 30mbits/sec, getting between 0.2 and 30, all too often it's slow at evenings and weekend, i.e. when most people want it.
    Youtube is often just spooling.
    The family are urging me to move but I'm concerned about jumping from frying pan into fire.

    Support is grim - relying on forums or long waits for support on the phone.
    Engineers seemed good, but with erratic performance it's hard for them to solve, i.e. they'll come during the day when the thing works ok.

    Phone sound quality is not as good as my BT landline.
    included calls are only included if you don't go over the hour - then you appear to pay the whole call.

    disappointed, i was hoping for more with fibre to the home.

  • unhappy

    by Neil G at 1:12 on 24 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    Never in my life have I had to deal with a worse company than Virgin Media.

    My problems started 47 days ago with continual disconnects from the internet, typically ten minutes up time followed by ten minutes down. The situation has steadily worsened until now I'm lucky if I get one hours connection time in twenty four and then I'm lucky if I get speeds over 56 kb/s. No, that's not a typo Kb/s not Mb/s. Slower than dial up.

    Over the 47 day period it's taken 5 engineer visits and 3 of there "superhubs" before they admitted that I needed a re-pull (new cabaling from property to street cabinet.)

    After an 18 day wait the re-pull crew finally arrived only to tell me that they would not be able to carry out the work as a car was parked over the access hatch next to the cabinet. they left without letting me know when or indeed if the work would be rescheduled.

    I was eventually informed, 5 days later, that the re-pull had been rescheduled to take place in three weeks time. This would have left me without a useable connection for over two months.

    I have cancelled my contract and am currently pursuing VM for financial recompense.

  • happy

    by alison duffy at 17:00 on 21 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    Right from the call centre to the engineer excellent service from virgin. I've been a telewest and virgin media customer for over 10 years and this is the first time I've ever had a problem. The engineer came within the time slot and fixed the fault within no time at all. No hassle. G83 area. Thankyou.

  • unhappy

    by Mike at 21:22 on 20 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    Broadband usually OK and phone not bad, BUT I was lied to. just over a year ago I was going to leave Virgin due to it becoming too expensive for what I use. BT offered a great package, but a Virgin Agent phoned and over a long conversation offered me unlimited phone and broadband for just over £11 per month. The only condition was it was for 18 months and that I would need to phone after 12 months to continue the discounted price.
    YES YOU'VE Guessed! My bill before any extras is £33 per month - 3 times more. Customer services hinted that it was an offer that the agent was not authorised to make - but they could do nothing!!! In otherwords their agents can say anything but Virgin will not honour it. I am leaving the day my contract ends.
    A verbal contract is just as valid as a written one - but surprise surprise - the offer was not recorded! Oh yeh?

  • unhappy

    by symonsaint at 10:21 on 18 Apr 2012 Report abuse


  • unhappy

    by Matthew Salm at 16:35 on 16 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    If there is anything I can say about virgin is that it is possibly one of the worst broadband companies that I have every been with, I'm a student and therefore only have 2 deal with this abysmal service for a year (Praise Jesus!) but I can honestly say that I will never ever, ever, ever choose Virgin Media for any of their service's again!

  • unhappy

    by Steve at 0:00 on 15 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    As a long time Virgin customer I cant say that Virgin is consistent. Consistently poor in customer service and consistently frequent in internet drop outs. i regularly get about 20 a day - is this a record?
    Buyer beware

  • unhappy

    by S at 16:50 on 9 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    I am disgusted with Virgin Media. I am currently waiting for my new providers to take over, which is Sky. This will happen near the end of the month. I'm fed up with the poor customer service and lack of intelligence when it comes to dealing with the tech support who obviously have no common sense when dealing with your issue. I've had it. After succumbing to their nonsense solutions how how many days to disprove that my side was not as fault. They finally stupidly decided to flag a fault on the line on their end. Excuse me, I could have stated that a long time and would have saved me the hassel if your techs had any common sense. My connection had been intermittent, when it was claimed to have been fixed, I started experience speeds of about 0.20 mb/s. A complaint made again then after another how many days to receive another text stating it has been fixed. Wrong again. I have had slow speeds running from 0.00 mb/s to the highest of 2.68 mb/s. The highest running only for a few minutes before dropping. I am extremely disgusted and mad that its taking how long to just repair the fault and the fact that I'm getting no updates on what is happening. They claim I should be getting 7-11 mb/s. I have yet to see such speeds and strongly doubt this will never happen ever.

    I am paying to break my contract with this company. It will be a good riddance. I am waiting to call them again to claim my compensation, I am claiming more compensation since this is an ongoing problem. I am being blantanly ripped off and robbed for a product that does not even meet the expectations they claim I should be receiving. I am looking into the Consumer Law as I saw someone state that they will not be required to pay a disconnection fee due to the fact that they are not receiving the so called products as was claimed. Virgin media has lied to me. I don't want to get into what happened, but they only caused me stress and anger.

    No one should be ripped off for connections speeds and awful services. This should be made known world wide with what they are doing. I am very angry and disgusted with Virgin media. They have been nothing but crap.

  • unhappy

    by Mark at 12:49 on 6 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    If anyone has the misconception that Virgin media is the best out there and have the highest speeds then i suggest that you do look at comparison websites before you make a bad move.
    I have had 50Mb since it was rolled out and in that time i have had problems from the get go. Everything from knee-jerk comments from useless oversees call centers telling you that you need an engineer to come out to having everything at the customer end blamed for the problems. 3 years of issues and still having them. Engineers due to come out and being cancelled at and by Virgin media in some cases due to a fault being found even before the engineer had been booked. Dont get me wrong though, on the whole, i can not fault the engineers at all. They are everything you would want or expect from such a person - polite, proffesional and knowlagable. The issue is with call centers and due to the overseas ones being about as much use as a budgie in a billabong - i now constantly go through to the disconnection department as you stand a better chance of getting someone in England.
    Ruling out the problems step by step - this ended in waiting for over 12 months for a new cable run (20 foot) from the main junction out side the house !!! While constantly calling the call center to enquire regarding the cable pull i was being told that it was the router, modem, cable inside the house, network settings etc etc in fact it was everything at fault in my installation EXCEPT their end. EVERYTHING at my end was replaced or checked except the cable which had been previously 'spliced' together and due to this they said the cable had to be replaced which was explained to every call center person but the engineers still came and went unable to do a thing.
    Now the issue is where Virgin confirm an engineer by phone the day before he is due on site. Engineer booked on 4/4/12 in the evening to attend between 0800 - 1200, the automated call was confirmed at 2100 on 5/4/12. Having waited until 1130 on the day the engineer was due i decided to call to see if he was held up which is when the latest farce started.
    My engineer was cancelled by virgin !! He was cancelled without me knowing because they found a 'network fault' This fault was discovered at 1500 (when work started) on 5/4/12 which was well before the engineer confirmation call was made. To add insult to injury - i had contacted virgin regarding the internet going off at 1900 on 5/4/12 which culminated in the person from the call center telling me that the issue was with my router and that i needed to wait for the engineer to attend !!!!
    Make your own minds up regarding Virgin but the service is second to , well , everyone and although the speeds are fairly fast when and if it works i am looking at latency upwards of 10000ms at worst and download speeds of 4500kb/s on a 50 Mb internet service. On Uswitch this service is one of the worst on the tested isp's in my area.
    Although i will be staying at Virgin at least to see what the 125MB is like - i would not recommend them to anyone who wants or needs a reliable service.
    This review has gone on for a while and is literally the tip of the ice berg so just really look at your options before you seriously concider this isp

  • neutral

    by Kareem is playing poker! at 12:20 on 30 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    So I have Virgins 100Mb, the customer services are much better and clued up, since the calls are routed to the UK center for the 100Mb package subscribes. The 100Mb package also has no data caps and is not managed (torrents, streaming, gaming work fine very low latency) I get speeds of about 90Mb sometimes 99.Mb (depends on serves) most internet serves can't handle dishing out this speed, but works fine on torrents. Initially I had a lot of problems with it, but they always send an engineer out and seem to fix it.

    The speeds are unparalleled, with 10Mb uploads going up to 12Mb soon. No other company offers this apart from BTs Infinity which is more more expensive and the download speeds are slower then Virgins.

    The cons are, the TV, the TV is useless it hardly ever works, and the channels are all boring ones, sky has the best channels.

    In essence until, sky come out with BT infinity in my area with a reasonable price, I will switch. But for the moment, am sticking with Virgin. Most of the time, haphazardly things work, not to mention when it does not work, they actually credit your account with £5. Or £10, or for the amount of days you didn't have service. They don't rip you off like sky, but they don't have much to offer in the TV department. But when you have 100Mb download speeds you can find all the TV you'll ever watch online anyway.

  • unhappy

    by stephanie rogers at 21:37 on 25 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    i changed from sky to virgin just after christmas - worst thing i ever did - thought it would be cheaper - but ended up costing me more than with sky - minus the movies - numerous problems with tv the latest being that i cannot watch many of the channels - freezing or nothing at all and they cant get an engineer to me until tuesday- seems my signal is not strong enough - what a waste of time and money - beware!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Dougie Barnett at 8:18 on 22 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    Rip off Branson - Watch out if you take out "calls unlimited" package - it's not. It should be called "Call anytime but NOT unlimited" You pay for the service but if you happen to be on the phone for over an hour they shaft you with charges - I was charged £ 3.33p for running over the hour by 20 minutes on a local call. They do not tell you that when you take the package out and they do not make that clear in their advertising. Misleading advertising !

  • neutral

    by M Day at 1:17 on 21 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    AVOID!!! I saw an ad for "fastest broadband possible £18/m" so I went with them.. this is what I got: slowest/nonexistant broadband for £30/m!!! I lose my connection daily, during meetings online and when Im working (Ive lost so much of my work through this.) I have to continously restart my router in hope that it will come back on.. I get 5 mins if Im lucky.. Its a huge rip off.. Dont even bother, their offer looks great, but in reality you'd get more usage out of a chocolate teapot!

  • unhappy

    by Aaron Brown at 21:15 on 5 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    After over two years with I've decided to move on. To many times I've had little or no connection and I had a range of times it takes to resolve the problems via their engineers from two days to a week. But today I was told that my intermediate connection issue would be resolved by the 3rd of May. I feel let down by Usain?

  • unhappy

    by paul bowen at 14:58 on 4 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    i was told my broadband costs wer 21 pounds a month virgin have just took 53 pounds out of my account and i want to no why

  • unhappy

    by David Irvine at 21:27 on 18 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    Recieve letters every week and i cannot get anywhere when i try to join up. Im not in correct area, so please stop getting my hopes up. Thankyou very much.

  • unhappy

    by Sheptenelan at 17:34 on 17 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    Virgin Media, give them a miss they are the pits.

    Installed at my home Monday 13th February, next day I was unable to use the phone.

    Had to use my mobile to contact them on an expensive number, could not send an engineer until Friday. They were not at all bothered that it had just been installed, and said there was nothing that could be done.

    The engineer called on Friday 17th and said that there was nothing he could do as the fault was in the cable to the house ( an old cable ) he said the installers should have checked it out and fit a new one. He told me he would try to have the problem sorted quickly, and that someone would contact me in about one and a half hours on my mobile, that was over four hours ago, and I'm still waiting

    So I had to phone Virgin again only to be told if I hear nothing, phone them again on Monday, that will be a week without a phone.

    The worst customer service ever, a company to avoid.

  • unhappy

    by Sheptenelan at 17:31 on 17 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    Virgin Media, give them a miss they are the pits.

    Installed at my home Monday 13th February, next day I was unable to use the phone.

    Had to use my mobile to contact them on an expensive number, could not send an engineer until Friday. They were not at all bothered that it had just been installed, and said there was nothing that could be done.

    The engineer called on Friday 17th and said that there was nothing he could do as the fault was in the cable to the house ( an old cable ) he said the installers should have checked it out and fit a new one. He told me he would try to have the problem sorted quickly, and that someone would contact me in about one and a half hours on my mobile, that was over four hours ago, and I'm still waiting

    So I had to phone Virgin again only to be told if I hear nothing, phone them again on Monday, that will be a week without a phone.

    The worst customer service ever, a company to avoid.

  • unhappy

    by Pat Hay at 19:25 on 14 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    Can anyone in this country provide a decent broadband service? I'd imagine most people are willing to pay a realistic premium for a reliable service. We're sick to death of crappy introductory offers and crap service. It's the usual rip-off Britain. This is like being charged for a loaf of bread and the seller saying you'll only get 2 slices and by the way there's nothing you can do about it. Ofcom are as useless as the Press Complaints Commission.

  • unhappy

    by Stephen Neal at 19:05 on 14 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    Had Virgin media installed yesterday morning ( 13/2/2011 ) Twenty fours later my phone does not work. Can't get to me until Friday morning ( 17/2/2011 ) I am not impressed.

  • neutral

    by alexdalton at 12:06 on 14 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    vigin are awfull coustmer services there are always problems with my virgin box and every time i phone for help im left for a month without tv :/

  • unhappy

    by Pat Hay at 9:04 on 14 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    I've had 30mb for a year without problems but in the last month the service becomes unusable in the evening. When things go wrong Virgin either cannot or are unwilling to solve customers problems. There is now a 15 minute wait to speak to both customer services and technical support. It deja vu! They're returning to their old ways . BT infinity will will be available in my area next month. Please hurry. Time to change.

  • neutral

    by Jim Orrock at 23:17 on 13 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    I have never had a problem which they did not rectify quickly and I think their customer service is second to none. I regularly have a download speed of 9.8 on 10 mbs contract. I cannot understand the negative comments I have just read.
    Jim Orrock

  • unhappy

    by Earl Webb at 20:17 on 11 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    I've had enough of the Virgin service for most of the reasons others have stated, but who else can I change to?
    It seems others are not much better,any advice?

  • unhappy

    by Mohammed Al-Jaidah at 18:30 on 7 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    They have the worst costumer service ever, and I had to cancel my services twice because they did not install any phone line in my apartment... been waiting for more than one month and every time I call them they put me back and forth between departments and no one helped me, by the end of the call ( 20 mins+ ) I got hanged up and forced to redial... Imagine explaining your situation for every person they put you through... really annoying and hated them

  • neutral

    by Josh at 8:41 on 6 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    I have 100mb download soon to be updated to 120mb and 10upload, speed is fine first thing but come the evening and Virgin switch on their traffic shaping, my downloads drop to less than 1mb so whats the point of having superfast net if you are at work during the day?

    PS3 And Xbox360 Game play is disgusting the lag makes games like MW3 unplayable most of the time, imager it, you are trying to go up a alleyway and you find yourself facing a wall then when you turn your halfway somewhere else and you get killed.

    My son`s friends will no longer play online with my son because they know he will be the host with having superfast speed and he wont be able to play properly and the speed fluctuates resulting in lag for them which means often a new host is picked which sometimes doesnt work so there hard work in the game is lost because the game sends everybody back to the lobby etc..

    Waiting for my contract to wind down then i`m swapping yes to a slower speed but to a more reliable.

  • unhappy

    by Hrothdain at 0:49 on 24 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    I have Virgin media Broadband in my home and it has been useless from the very start,

    First of all the tech who was supposed to install our hub, went AWOL and reported that he installed the hub, when he in fact didn't, Then when we organized for another one to be installed the tech was late... by two days.

    From there things went down hill, the internet drops out on average about 7 times a day. the speed is appalling, for a company which claims to be the fastest Broadband provider in the UK. We are paying for 50mb, we get about 0.5mb. when i looked into this i found some information that talks about 'traffic management' which basically means even if your paying for unlimited Broadband, its not... This is to ensure everyone gets a fair usage of broadband, However if im paying for the higher package, doesn't that mean im entitled to use the internet a little bit more? i mean, that's what im paying for after all.

    After dealing with a poor severance for weeks, we called the customer severance team, because there is no other way to contact them, which is a fantastic idea for any company, if you don't care about the happiness of your customers, which clearly Virgin Media do not. whilst calling we had to wait 20 minutes to talk to anyone. Nice cheeky way to make more money from people. when we finally got through, they had a look at our hub, changed a few settings and said it would be fine, no sooner was the phone put down did the internet drop out again. so after many more phone calls later, we were told it was a line fault and would be fixed in 6 days.

    2 weeks later... the Broadband is still poor so we call again, this time getting through to a guy who says we were lied to and this problem could take months to fix. obviously not happy about this we complained, to which the kind man said he would set up an account where we would not be billed until the problem was fixed, we were pleased with this, after all why are we paying for something we cant use?

    so we put up with the naff connection knowing that we are not being charged for it until its fixed. Then we got our bill, and we were charged, for something that does not work to an acceptable standard. so, when this annoying little contract is over i will be so happy to be rid of the worst provider i have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

    Fastest Broadband ever? sorry guys a hamster in a wheel powering a tiny little router could provide a better speed.

    to anyone who wishes to join virgin media and reads this. for the love of god. choose someone else.

  • happy

    by sam dunbar at 17:09 on 20 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    ive had vigin media since they took over telewest and ive never had and bother whats so ever bar for one on their indian call centre who hadnt a clue what i was on about or cared but after being rudely cut off i phoned up and the next girl had my modem up and running again in minutes altho being unemployed now find it a bit expensive to keep going the i doubt i would change to other isp providers who are just crap

  • Matt Powell - EditorEditor - Matt Powell

    by Matt Powell at 22:11 on 19 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    @John G

    I really would strongly recommend you install some kind of anti-virus software, for several reasons.

    a) Some viruses steal login information, giving access to email, bank accounts and so on. They operate quietly so you may have no idea this was happening.

    b) Viruses can use your system for file storage, which could hold anything from pirated material to extremely unpleasant content, or may turn it into a botnet using your connection to attack other systems.

    c) Copying files to external backup may also mean copying a virus-infected file.

    You do not need to use Norton or McAfee. Search for Microsoft Security Essentials, it's a free AV application with no subscription, and being an official Microsoft tool it integrates smoothly with Windows and has a very negligible impact on performance.

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