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  • unhappy

    by Ben at 10:37 on 23 Apr 2011 Report abuse

    My whole take on Virgin Media as a broadband company is shocking. It seems to be a universal understanding that there customer service is the worst and you always come off the end of a conversation with them more annoyed and angry before you entered.

    They have now charged me £140 on top of my £24 service in late charges and payment handling even though I used e-billing(electronic) being the key word.
    I set up a DD with e-billing to only find out that apparently I didnt so for the past 2 bill dates that I have missed (clearly my fault) I have being charged more fees. Virgin were more then happy NOT to help me and when I went to cancel, I had this proper jobs worth who thought he knew everything to preach to me telling me that Virgin Staff need to be paid. I was treat like a right idiot , although he offered to take a miserly £10 fee off If I stayed however I said no and he said in that case I wont take any off and you'll have to pay a leaving fee of £80+ and your bill. My so called contract they didnt tell me about should have only cost me £250 for the year and now cost me over £300 and Im only 7 months in it.

    Thanks Virgin

  • unhappy

    by Brian at 12:59 on 14 Apr 2011 Report abuse

    Since 2nd March 2011 I have lost my Virgin Broadband connection12 times including the last 3 consecutive days. It always happens 1st thing in the morning. I speak to tech support but they insist it is always new problem on some occasions they have not even logger the previous day’s problem. They seem incapable of putting 2 & 2 together and see this is a serial problem in my area. I find the staff you talk to very pleasant but incapable of sorting the problem or passing on to higher levels; if you push it will offer a reduction on your bill. But Virgin Media seem no longer capable of providing a 24 x 7 broadband service.

  • unhappy

    by Brian Jones at 15:44 on 1 Apr 2011 Report abuse

    I have been on the phone for the last 82 minutes listening to the dreadful music while waiting to speak to an operator. When the phone was answered someone called Dave thanked me for calling Virgin Media then disappeared leaving nothing but music. A 5 minute message saying that there is a waiting period of x minutes would be helpful. I am really trying to report a TV fault but cannot really afford an hour and a half waiting to talk to someone. BT gets ever more attrractive.

  • unhappy

    by jennifer wallbank at 9:53 on 1 Apr 2011 Report abuse

    After many calls to virgin support staff I have come away very angry and frustrated and I am going to cancel my whole package.
    On two occasions I have not been able to understand the person on the other end of the line as there command of spoken english was very poor. I takes forever to actually speak to someone in person as the automated answerphone jus keeps giving you various options.
    So after many years of being a Virgin customer I think it is now time to look elsewhere.

  • neutral

    by Eleanor Murphy at 12:59 on 28 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    It's simple. Don't join Virgin Media. They have THE worst customer service; staff are poorly training and everytime you ring you'll be given incorrect information. Important information and details are not recorded on their caller records so you've no way of proving what you've been told etc.
    I've had a complete nightmare with them. I work from home and didn't have a connection for about 3 weeks.
    Don't go with Virgin - they cause way too much stress.

  • unhappy

    by H Roughley at 20:48 on 27 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    Service provided by Virgin Media is appalling ! It was three months after installation and following many phone calls( when we were promised immediate action) before our phone was connected. We had the same problem when we requested that last number recall and recorded message facility be re-installed.Now we have a continuous bleep instead of a dialling tone so do not know whether we have any messages or not. We were also shocked to find that a local call of thirteen minutes cost £1:05.We truly regret ever changing our phone to Virgin Media

  • neutral

    by G at 12:43 on 23 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    I joined virgin many years ago when it was ntl dial up and right up until they changed their system to a new adsl line everything worked perfectly, since they changed to this new adsl line my router keeps dropping the connection, i've been in touch with them and they fix it for a short while then it goes back to how it was, i'm not too happy with virgin at the moment and that is why i'm looking around to probably change my broadband provider.

    I also notice the price is not very competitive any more and as it is a package of phone and bb the calls are expensive so much so i use a different product for my calls now.

    It could be that bt are messing around with the line for virgins customers but that is up to virgin to explore if they want to keep their customers at all that is.

    virgin haven't even bothered to send me a router for the up graded line so had to purchase my own router, i'm not a happy bunny with regard to virgin very dissapointed with them.

  • unhappy

    by Virgin ADSL Pants at 19:03 on 20 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    I put my parents with Virgin years ago when the £9-99 monthly package for a 2Mbps connection was a good deal. I went with Virgin partly in a misguided effort to support the Branson rather than Murdoch empire. Years down the line and as Virgin's products have changed, so they have put my folks seemingly onto whichever plan they wish. My Mum & Dad are now paying £21- monthly for a connection which is never ever over 2Mbps and usually below 1Mbps. Unfortunately, I cannot now convince them to change as they 'do not want any bother'. Virgin's customer forum is full of angry, upset, abandoned users.
    Virgin Support always assumes slow speeds are down to customers' set-ups. Their answers to reported speed problems don't go any further than check your filters/router/wiring etc. concluding with the distance from exchange excuse.

    I pay around a fiver a month with Plusnet, very frequently achieve 7Mbps and usually 5 to 6. Plusnet's Members Forum is full of grateful users, happy to have their queries and problems listened to AND swiftly acted upon.

    There is no comparison. Virgin Broadband (down phoneline) is a pail of dung.

  • unhappy

    by Bob at 15:07 on 19 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    Virgin are an awful company providing an awful customer service - avoid them at all costs!

    The speed of their cable broadband (NOT ADSL, aka "Virgin National", which is just rebranded BT broadband) is the best in the UK, so for anyone serious about Internet usage (e.g. gaming, work) they are a tempting choice. I work online from home and do a lot of gaming, so I went with Virgin back in 2007 and had no problems until I moved house in August 2010. Since then I have had 4 major problems:

    1. I ordered Virgin ADSL (my new house wasn’t cabled). I phoned several times to confirm the installation date because I received two emails - one saying that the installation was cancelled ("everything is fine" said the call-centre person) and another saying that "there was a problem" (again, call-centre person assured me it was fine). Did the installation go ahead as planned? No. The explanation I was given was "the order didn't go through, but we didn't know, sorry". Could they schedule a new installation as a priority, since they messed it up? No. Two weeks, as before. Result: 2 weeks without Internet turns into 4 weeks.

    2. That same ADSL connection has given me nothing but problems. Off-peak (4am) the speed (according to Speedtest.net) is around 6 Mbit/s. Between 6pm and midnight (i.e. when I actually use the internet) it gets as low as 0.6 Mbit/s. In addition, from day one the router has been randomly dropping the connection, sometimes once a week, sometimes five times a day - the internet light just goes red and after a few minutes turns green again. I have a record of most calls I have placed to Virgin customer services - in 7 months I made 16 calls. The problem is still not fixed.

    3. A company I consult for decided to install two 20 Mbit cable lines to replace ADSL. I placed an order in December and was told that it would take around 2 weeks to install. There were delays due to various problems on their end (e.g. "the credit check wasn’t ordered, but nobody noticed for two weeks, sorry" or "the sales person was on a training course for two weeks"). I called them 7 times, sent three emails. In February, 2 months later, I was told that the site wasn’t in a cabled area. Did the sales guy know this when I placed the order? He said that sometimes it’s necessary to do a site survey before they can tell. Did they do a site survey? No, when it reached the department that books site surveys, they noticed that it wasn’t in a cabled area. Does the sales guy have access to the same system? Yes. Why did he not tell me that it wasn’t in a cabled area? "Ummm, sorry…"

    4. I just moved into a London flat. The whole apartment block is "serviced" by Virgin, which basically means that they provide the same broadband as in other cabled areas but at almost twice the price. I scheduled an installation last week. The engineer wasn’t able to get the keys from reception. I rescheduled, leaving instructions with reception to give the keys to the engineer. The engineer turned up, knocked on the door and, because I wasn’t in, left without getting the keys. Why did I ask reception to release the keys to the engineer? Because I wasn’t going to be home. Why did the engineer try to collect the keys the first time but not this time? Because it’s Virgin Media.

    Avoid them at all costs. Virgin Media are a textbook example of why monopolies are bad - they are the only cable provider in the UK, so if you have problems, you can get stuffed or go to BT. Simple.


  • happy

    by Matt at 14:36 on 15 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    We were devastated that we had to leave Virgin when moving house. We had an impeccable 10Mbps connection that didn't have a single glitch in 18 months. Instead we got absolute disaster with a poor ADSL2+-connection from BT. We had to restart it 5-10 times every single day. Support didn't help much despite numerous calls. After a while we bought a new filter but it didn't help either. After moving again after 18 months we also moved to Sky. For quite a while we had issues again but with time it settled and now works quite well - at quite a low speed though. Looking forward to getting a 100 Mbps Virgin fiber as soon as they are available here.. :D

    BTW - did anyone notice that Quality of Service is not one of the 5 main factors to be measured in the gorvernment's "Best broadband connection in Europe" vision for UK? Is the lack of interest for Quality symptomatic for the UK or what? Should something like "choice of service" be more important than the QoS.. What a joke!

  • neutral

    by unhappy with vm at 11:00 on 9 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    No good experience from virgin media broadband. Speed is not anywhere near the stated, routers are faulty and customer service is virtually non-existent. Any other broadband provider is better.

  • unhappy

    by nathan ritchie at 9:34 on 8 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    Please avoid virgin at all costs!!!.. I had an awful experience.. I joined just over a month ago.. within a week i'd had a 2 engineer visits and a new "superhub" ( read craphub ) , to try and remedy my slow performance ( even on my 50mb line ) , every day at 6pm the internet became unusable, no streaming media or radio, no online gaming due to their awful ping speed and jittery service. after 4 weeks and 2 "area faults " i decided to cancel my contract.

    because I was just 5 days over the 30 day clause they are asking for £180!! just to cancel .. what a bunch of con artists. They care nothing for customer service, simply about money. I was told lies by various "managers" over the phone. Please record everything that is said, what time you call, who you speak to and what they promise.

    document everything !!

    i've just paid a lot of money for the 'privilege' of having 35 days of useless, unusable, slow tripe of an internet service with the worst customer service i've ever received.


  • unhappy

    by J at 22:54 on 23 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Absolutely useless pile. Do yourself a favour and get someone else

  • unhappy

    by Khaled at 14:15 on 21 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    I absolutely agree with all people who experienced such crap service from Virgin Media. I have been with them for 2 months, paying £21/month for 10/mb speed but in reality, I get an average between 0.5 and 2.0mb between 6:00pm and 1:00am, which is the time I need to use the internet and the time where all people come from work and start using the service. When I first talked to their customer services-based in India-we went through all the issue re the utilisation and the aspect ratio of connection and they guaranteed that I'll get at least 8-9mb during the evenings. I took their words seriously (my fault) and agreed. Here we go, for more than a month, I have reported this ridiculous slow connection almost twice-three times a week to no avail. The service desk, like with other desks based in India, don't give a toss about anything and all what they know is how to lie to people. In fact, they haven't got a clue about anything and they even don't log the tickets or calls into their systems. Everybody tells you different things and non one knows what other said etc. However, they all agreed that the issue is caused by the high utilisation and they are working on it. I was told that 2 months ago and still have the same problem. VM said they invested $50 mil. on improving their crap service but it seems that their invested the money on how to make it worse. If you speak to the cancellation team, they are rude and useless. In fat, they make you -immediately- hate the moment you joined. If you speak to the billing dept., they are bad as with all other departments and they even don't communicate with other departments so you are left on your own to chase your problems and get some updates, if you are lucky! I won't go through more details as they are disgusting. I can't leave them now because they will charge me the cancellation fees. If you ask for compensation or if I say that I'm getting 0.5mb speed because you failed sorting out the problem at your end and you don't care of fixing the utilisation issue, they will say we only refund if you get totally disconnected for over 3 days. If you say "but you said in the past" that I will get 9-10mb at any time, the answer will be (kind of) "take it or leave it mate ... sue us" !
    I definitely will leave them the time my contract ends and move to an ISP that provides me with 2mb stable connection for £7/month ... at least better than their 10 or even 50mb rubbish and untrue speed they claim.

  • unhappy

    by Dave B at 17:02 on 20 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Virgin media are certainly the worst i.s.p. I have ever had. Since joining in October 2010, I have had nothing but trouble. Broadband speeds are unusable during the evenings. Their customer support in India seem only interested in reading their prepared script and moving on to the next call, their U.k. complaints dept. live in denial and their maintenance dept. is beyond a joke. I have had 3 separate fault numbers for my problem of high utilisation, the fix dates for the first two fault numbers came and went without any noticeable change even though, at first they tried to insist the fault was fixed. Only after their own engineer confirmed my issue was still ongoing, were the prepared to give me a new fault number and the promise of a future fix (but no set date). Avoid Virgin Media at all costs (and don't be fooled by the VM workers who regularly leave post on rating sites like this, claiming VM are fantastic, it's a known act of desperation).

  • unhappy

    by Pete at 20:58 on 17 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Unbelievable service from day one. I telephoned just to find out costs etc., and specifically asked if there were any charges such as a 'ceased line' or connection - I was told NO.. So I went with them... They wrote and told me that an engineer would call between 8.30a, and 1pm on Nov 2010, and that I would be charged £103 if I was out when the engineer called - so I stayed in (after turning down some work).. 12.45 - still no engineer, so I telephoned them (on an 0845 number - which is expensive from a mobile) to find out what was happening - "he's definitely on his way".. He never showed at all..

    So, I installed the hardware myself, and wrote to their complaints department - asking for the removal of the £35 installation fee, and two months line rental as compensation for my lost work (very reasonable considering the £103 fee they would've charged me if I had been out).. Quite a while later I received a letter stating that Virgin 'aims' to contact everyone who complains within two weeks - never heard anything.

    So, I wrote another letter (stating that I would only correspond by letter so I had proof as to what they said)..

    still, nothing except another letter stating that they 'aim' to contact everyone within two weeks..

    This continued for over a month - meanwhile I noticed that the broadband was failing constantly - everyday, sometimes every five minutes.. I then checked my bill online - and they had added a 'Ceased Line Fee' - the very same fee they said would not apply..

    So... I wrote yet another letter (I don't know how many I've written) - telling them about the failing broadband, and asking them to remove the ceased line fee - in addition to the line rental & installation fee, and if it was not done by 24th Dec 2010, I would cancel my direct debit and go elsewhere..

    Still no reply..

    Then - in January (approx two months after the engineer hadn't shown), I received a letter stating that they were unable to offer any kind of compensation, but would remove two months line rental "as a good will gesture" - no mention of fixing the broadband then.......

    The two months line rental was never removed - the broadband continued to fail - they kept telling me to call 150 from my Virgin landline (I do not have a landline telephone).. Absolute terrible service - both broadband and customerwise.. I cancelled my direct debit hoping they would do something - ANYTHING!

    I then wrote to several Virgin departments stating that I would give them another month (to Jan 27th) - if nothing was done / refuded / fixed, I would consider my contract over (despite it being formed under false circumstances due to the ceased line fee etc)..

    I then received a letter saying they had informed me of the ceased line fee - by email and letter.. I checked my emails and letters - they hadn't..

    Since then i have received countless calls (which i refuse to answer since I have always insisted on written correspondence).. Letters from their accounts department demanding that I pay.. I haven't used their broadband service since 27th January - and have ALWAYS kept them fully informed by letters - which they never sem to read, and which contain information which they seem unable to communicate between departments.

    The latest letter (and emails) informs me that they are stopping my service on 2nd March.. "Great" I replied "even though I had told you to stop it on 27th Jan) - I received a reply saying that continue with my service I should call their customer services department and make payment.. Unbelievable..

    I have also consistently told them that I refuse to pay for a faulty service - would they pay for a rented car that broke down every ten miles??? Of course not..

    So, if you are reading these reviews so as to help make a choice about whether to go with Virgin or not - my advice is AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE - it is also the advice of several of my friends - one of which also had a similar non-appearance of the engineer - and also had his hardware delivered to the wrong address.

    As Virgin (having ignored my letters) are now threatening me with a 'disconnection fee' and the possibility of passing the debt to a debt collection agency, I am now searching through the internet trying to find legislation that will cover me.. There is plenty.. But if anybody else has any advice with regards to this - please let me know - thanks..

    I repeat


    Broadband supply - terrible
    Customer service - even worse.

    I am now switching to BT as I have only heard good things about them..

  • neutral

    by Lee B. at 16:31 on 3 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    As an exsisting customer and after being told by a Virgin rep that i COULD have a wireless router modem, i phoned up Virgin only to be told... i could not!

    So when the day came of my contract needed to be renewed (which Virgin was quite happy to let roll by for months without even telling me, sly baskets), i thought as i am renewing i could negociate a wireless modem into the deal and was told that I COULD have the latest wireless N router which has a stronger singal and further range!!!! SOLD!!!

    Yippee, 2 days later i get the package open it up to find..... its a D link which has a seperate power supply and needs to be plugged into my existing router. Now anyone who is into computing and has loads of extension plugs can see that this is a pain in the butt.
    I explained that i wanted the all in one modem wireless router, and was told'''only if i pay for £30 it'''.
    I explained that they are giving them away to new customers and to cut a long story short.............
    After being with them for 7/8 years, they would rather me go elsewhere and come back in 3 months as a new customer than give me an all in one wireless router.
    Now talk about company that is full of themselves who need a good kick in the trollops or what.

    P.s, goodbye VIRGIN.

  • neutral

    by Steve at 23:00 on 28 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    If you live in a built up area steer clear of Virginmedia.

    They have oversold their service and their network can't take the strain in many areas. They continue to oversell as their saturation levels of advertising clearly demonstrates.

    I've been told they're working on upgrading the system but this should have been done before it became an issue.

    I've got virtually no internet service between 4pm and 1am and this problem has persisted for months. Their tech support is useless, they just fob you off with what you want to hear ("engineers are working on it now") their customer service will tell you a whole variety of fix dates for when the service will be as advertised, and none of them have meant anything so far. Still an unusable service at peak times.

    I don't usually complain about things, but this issue has persisted beyond the extent of my patience. What makes it worse is that it's a widespread problem with many postcodes across the country suffering with the same problem. Their tech support forums are full of the same complaints.

    I wouldn't recommend Virginmedia to anyone. It's really not worth the risk of finding yourself in one of their many, many service blackspots.

  • unhappy

    by Olivier at 20:55 on 17 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    I've been with virgin Media for 4 years and my opinion is that the service is CRAP!
    Hope you'll never have to get in touch with the support because it's a nightmare, very very long to answer, many multiple options before to be able to talk to someone...
    Also there were several service disruptions...
    And there price never stop increasing from the beginning: I signed for £27/month and ended up paying never below £50 the last year!
    Finally, fed up with them, I had to pay £100 to quite them because they've managed to renew my contract on one of my calls when I was not happy with the bills...
    Anyway I just left them for Sky, to be fair I haven't go the service yet, so I won't be telling my opinion on the quality of the service, but I can already tell you that they are offering a lot more for a much cheaper price!

  • unhappy

    by T. McWilliams at 17:22 on 9 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Been with NTL since the start and it was a fantastic service. Soon as Virgin Media took over the service plummeted through the floor,as did the download speeds. On today and so far the connection has been lost 8 times in the past hour. Seems to be doing this more often than not now. If they have any hopes of catching up with BT customer base, then they need to pull their finger out.

  • neutral

    by Megahun at 6:42 on 6 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Re: delbhoy 'who taught the guy below English'.
    Did you mean.. Who taught English to the guy below.

  • happy

    by Douglas Smith at 11:24 on 24 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    Ive been a Virgin Media customer for about 6 years now and really everything has been really good, put it this way ive no complaints and with 20meg speeds can download in excess of 2000kb per second ( 2 meg - 2.5 meg so a film is really really quick if needed. customer support is top notch, phones cheap as chips + the only thing thats a little dear is big package tv, but then again i dont watch much tv. i wouldnt go with another broadband/ tv / phone company as long as things stay this good.!!!

  • happy

    by John House at 18:35 on 15 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    Hi.. we have been with virginmeadia for the 4 years ir more and have no complates the sevice has been ist class and had no problem with them at all. may it last.

  • happy

    by delbhoy at 10:09 on 15 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    virgin ok - not bad value - who taught the guy below English? " It get worst" lol Very good Ibrahimi !

  • unhappy

    by ChenMcGen at 4:51 on 9 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    I hear of people complaining about when their service goes down to 2.5MB/s WOW! I get exited when I get 40kbps. I don't bother to call the help center because I know it will achieve nothing. It can take up to 27minutes to watch an average Music Video on Utube. If you wanted a faster service you could save your data as a voice message in loop on a solar powered MP3 player and strap it to a goats back and for a better customer service you could crawl behind the goat and talk to the back of it..

  • happy

    by james at 16:57 on 6 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    From all these reviews Virgin dont sound to good. Was gonna join but from reviews i just stick to broadband or sky.

  • unhappy

    by Ulrich Landbeck at 16:14 on 29 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    I signed up for a Virgin Media package 50MB Broadband + Phone Line. This should have cost £35/month. Instead I received Broadband + Phone + Television although I hadn't ordered the latter. The total package price is now £55/month and I can't proof that this is not what I ordered as I ordered on-line. I am being ripped off. In addition the first bill was over £150 for reasons that I don't understand. Be warned! High Street Robbery!
    50MB Broadband speed is ok though. I measure 47MB download and 3MB upload.

  • unhappy

    by Ibrahimi at 19:36 on 26 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    one of the WORST broadband i ever had.

    we are with virginmedia for the last 6 years. it was better when it was under telewest, since virginmedia takeover NTL and telewest, it get worst.

    they changing plan and price without letting know their customers.
    and their customer severvice is very poor, no manner at all.

    for those who are deciding to choose virginmedia PLZ DONT.

  • neutral

    by tom cantwell at 19:58 on 22 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    Currently getting 512Kb but paying for the maximum 8Mb. Always very slow and never near 8Mb. Sometimes speed is less that 100Kbps. With Virgin for years, loyal customer but endless complaints, letters, emails, phone conversations with tech support it never changes. On the occasions when I get 2MB or even 4Mb I can at least work but when it's slow (every evening) it's just unusable. And i'm on the most expensive broadband package that they do.

  • unhappy

    by Derek at 15:35 on 16 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    Most fustrating & in-direct support mechanism on the market.
    If you like being passed through numerous departments, fobbed off with further numbers to call & wait in a queue. Just to be passed to someone else. Been 2 weeks since I logged a problem & am no nearer a solution or anybody at Virgin who can help.
    Total time burners.... AVOID!

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