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  • neutral

    by LAG at 22:56 on 8 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Completely agree with phillip prattley on the language issue. Free helpline which is good but never can get anyone who understands me or who I can understand. Wheres the sense in that?! Other than that good service. No issues with broadband speed. Try for offers when renewing contract and they usually are helpful.

  • happy

    by Andy at 19:40 on 1 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Have been with Virgin Since NTL started..Only ever had a problem with Internet's when Broadband was first coming out..since then never had any problem On the 20meg atm getting 50 on Thur never have felt a decrease in the service during the day..or any-time

  • unhappy

    by tony wadsworth at 13:41 on 27 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    virgin media are how can i put it TRASH i play xbox when i host games i have to come out of it because of lag and with 19.8 download 0.78 upload i host most games. ive had their joke technics out they put a modem in i know it is something to do with the cable outside my house they wouldnt put a new one in not cost effective it would have been if i stayed with them but yhey can stick the broadband right up richards a**e ime going to try be broadband does anyone know what they are like thanks

  • unhappy

    by SAC at 17:06 on 26 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    What can i say! i have been a cable customer since the Telecential days. VM is ok so long as you don't have a problem! For a communications company they have a lot to learn.

    Save yourself a phone call to their Tech support and reboot your router, modem and PC. Personally as technical consultant hate being spoken to like a child especially by someone that is reading from a crib sheet!

    The only way to resolve issues is to get access to there CEO's office its the only way you get some action, get through to the right person and your laughing. Alternately, get through to there customer retention department, to do this just say you have had enough and your moving to another ISP.

    I wont bore you with the problems like them not migrating my mail account properly and the speed issues, but to add insult to injury i have just received a letter apparently because of "Detrimental use of your Broadband connection". Basically you can have 20mb broadband but you cannot use it between the hours of 9am to 9pm. They are now enforcing there "customer education program" so beware. My view is if there selling 20mb "Unlimited" broadband it should be just that. If their network cant cope in any particular area with the throughput of traffic then its their responsibility to update the network so it can, and not punish the end user. Most of us are already paying for a service were not getting. Now they want to shove the onus onto the user because of the inadequacy of their network.

    Good: When running OK
    Poor: When you have a problem
    Customer services: Terrible unless by chance you get the right person

  • unhappy

    by philip pratley at 18:44 on 25 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    have great difficulty connecting to the broadband, probably due duff modem. Help line no good due staff with poor working knowledge of English combines with heavy duty foreign accent. Letters ignored.....at my wits end. want out but cannot contact anyone who I can understand to do so.

  • neutral

    by matt at 3:16 on 25 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    Just got 20Mb virgin broadband and its averaging between 3-10mb. Taken them over a month to address problem - I live in Buck, UK. There is not communication intergrity in virgin, its a weak brand based on my 3 years exp of them.

  • unhappy

    by Delwyn at 20:03 on 22 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    Virgin Cable Broadband is the worst option you could go for. I have the 10MB and I am quite close to the exchange (Can get up to 8MB) but 90% of the time I only get around 2MB with 24KB upload. This is after restarting everything (computer, router, etc), no torrents being downloaded. Better of with anyone else.

  • unhappy

    by Martin at 8:27 on 19 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    In my house we have had cable as long as I can remember. Since Virgin Media took over things have gone downhill. Existing customers are overcharged paying the same amount for a 20Mb/s connection as a new customer pays for a 50Mb/s connection. In addition to this my computer suddenly wouldn't connect to the router or the modem. After 3 calls to VM Tech Support an advisor said my computer's MAC address had been cloned. I have had to change the motherboard as the NC card was built in. I find theit customer service to be disgusting.

  • neutral

    by John Mason at 20:31 on 17 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    Overall, I'm very satisfied with V-M's broadband service, but don't get sucked in by the freebees.

    V-Stuff's an incredible offer, except it takes hours to upload 25 decent resolution photos to get the free prints, and you could back up documents faster with a quill pen!!

  • neutral

    by Drew Courtney at 13:11 on 1 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    Just sacked Virgin Media as the supplier of my Telephone, Broadband and TV after being with them for many years. the first problem I had was that, when signed up for Direct Debit payments at the start, they would take odd amounts of money out of my account, (seperate to my normal bill), with no explanation of what they were for. As a result, I ceased paying by direct debit only to find that I was then charged for using a diferent method, (unfair in my opinion).Then slowly but surely I had more and more problems, overcharging, poor BB speeds, a rediculous fine for late paying and finaly they took 6 months to fix the phone when it went down. They tried several times to charge me more than I should have been paying, when I started up with them it was £18 a month all in, my bills near the end were up to £60! When I refused to pay the inflated bills, they fined me for late paying and were still trying to charge me for the services they had cut off. Unfourtunately they have the same ethics as other service providers seem to have adopted in that they will try and overcharge - if they get caught out, they're not too bothered but I suspect a lot of the time, they don't get found out and people just pay the bills without checking.Crooked and untrustworthy in my opinion. Rant over!

  • unhappy

    by Ed McCarson at 18:14 on 31 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I am not here to add a review. I want Virgin to provide a map of where their 20 Meg Broadband and their 50 Meg Broadband are available. Some people will choose where to live based on the availability of these services. It is foolishness not to provide a coverage area map!

  • unhappy

    by john drysdale at 21:05 on 29 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    been with virgin 2+ years, 1st year fine, this last year steady deteriation in service reps are very polite but unhelpful.Modem became faulty mid dec last sent wireless router and then spent almost 5 hours trying to get it to work with no result.n the15th jan a second router arrived and was promised that i would be called between 2 &2.30 that day to assist in connecting to the net.today 29th jan. I rang them and asked for my MAC no. and was told that yes I could have this BUT it would cost me £95. As I have not signed a contract since September 2007 I find this difficult to understand.This is not the first time they have let me down with service problems.I could not recommend them as a providor .

  • neutral

    by unbehavable at 13:42 on 29 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    ive been with vm for 2 years . 20 meg was rock solid highest adsl in my area is 2.5mb .Ive been on 50 meg since october 2009 and its amazing i usually get 52.6mb on speedtest. You guys have probally had your mac address cloned or are on a node with lots of dodgy boxes .

  • happy

    by David Abbott at 13:25 on 29 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    Nothing but praise for all of virgin services. The broadband 20 meg service is spot on, and the tv and phone services are great. I have been with sky, and virgin comes out best.

  • unhappy

    by harry at 13:36 on 27 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    when it works the internet is superb but if anything goes wrong then prepare for a long and frustrating waste of time dealing with their customer service. Their TV service is awful, have had 3 boxes and still the TV lags a stutters constantly.
    Awful service (worse than old school BT), awful TV, good internet (assuming it works), but not worth the hassle even for fibre optic.


  • unhappy

    by John Hanger at 12:02 on 15 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    Ordered a package on 11th Nov 2009, just had the 4th appointment missed. Whilst the normal installation crew sometimes arrives, the construction crew does not.
    Have spent hours on the phone trying to get someone to take ownership of the problem, but to no avail. Have asked for a "decission maker" to call me back today, but have been advise that that is unlikely to happen.
    Have the name of the Area Manager, but he seems too scared to call.
    Customer services are very polite, but are powerless to help.
    Have complained twice on email complaints system, have recieved acknowledgement of reciept advising replys normally within 5 days, but no response after 50 days!!!!
    Wrote a letter on 14th December, which was delivered by Special Delivery on 15th December - still no response and "not on the system".
    It will be too easy to give up, so I am looking to see if OFCOM can help.
    If you have no patience - not not even consider Virgin as a supplier.

  • unhappy

    by Darren Davies at 12:43 on 6 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    Took new contract with them is December 2009, and had nothing but constant issues, support team that didnt no what they was doing, varying speeds at any time of day, lowest speed was 0.38kbps less than dial up! and avg high speed of 800kbps, despite them saying i should get 2.5mbps, constant drop outs, changed and checked everything, spent hours on the phone to them, hours via there online chat and still nothing, now they tell me they have 'escalated' the isssue and to expect a call in 5days, asked to be put through to cancellations, only for them to guarentee me a call back in 4 hours, we'll see....... Useless so far, technically gifted, i dont think so and a service thats so bad we need a new word to describe it.

    ps when my line was activated on 8th december they hadnt sent me a router, and when i called to query this they said one wasnt due to 30th dec!, still took them 4 days with guarenteed next day delivery. Avoid like the plague, id recommend anyone above these jokers

  • unhappy

    by daniel at 19:49 on 5 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    rubish. one word says it all. i've always been with bt. 50 meg. ooohhhh! that's for me. it's not even as fast as the medium package from bt. tried and tested. bought two new computers. dell xps one and macbook. their internet is so slow. in march is gonna be one year of nightmares. i'm so going back to bt.
    ps: always check your bill from them. i had so many refunds.

  • unhappy

    by the_dogg at 14:22 on 30 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    I have made recently a contract with Virgin Media for internet braoadband 10Mb, and i don't understand why they tax me 11 pound per month for phone line rental, when the internet connection is on optical fiber? can somebody explain me pls.

  • neutral

    by Colin Kitson at 18:34 on 28 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Only had 2 technical issues, first time the support team were great, second time when the same fault occurred they did not have a clue.

    On the whole, no problems with the TV/phone side, but I find the broadband to be not up to the mark when it comes to gaming on the PS3. Download speed is fine, but the upload speed is too slow. I doubt I'll be renewing my contract when my time is up.

  • neutral

    by Mike Swift at 10:45 on 23 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    I have been following this thread for some time now and i think its about time someone in Virgin stood up and responded to
    1. Poor service delivery.....paying for 8/10Mb/s and receiving up to 2Mb/s if your lucky.
    2. Non existent customer service (have you noticed its a breeze to upgrade but I dare you to cancel or complain).

    Whilst I admire Richard Branson for his achievements I think its time he came down out of space and sorted out the monster here on the ground that he seems to have a stake in.
    The executives in Virgin Media I would no doubt are being payed huge salaries....now its time to sort this crap out. Where does the buck stop? Has anyone got the balls to reply?........I doubt it.

  • unhappy

    by Justin at 14:35 on 22 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Worse customer service EVER. In the nearly two years I have been with them they have not gotten one thing right on the first try. They have over charged me massively on my account and it took 4 months for them to even credit it back to my account. You can never get the same answer out of two different staff (even the ones who accents you can actually understand) and most staff will just claim they can't help you and try and forward you to someone else when you have a problem.

    The acctual product provided isn't terrible, but in my 12 years in the telecommunications industry, working for and using service providers across the UK, US and Australasia Virgin are the least competent and the hardest to deal with.

  • unhappy

    by Neville Hughes at 20:14 on 15 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Having been a Virgin Media customer for seven years with no major gripes I expected a smooth transfer of services when we moved house three weeks ago. However that couldn't be further from the truth. After giving Virgin three weeks notice of our move I expected there would be no problems on the installation date, only to find when the engineers arrived they could not proceed due to a 'construction' issue (which should have been picked up in a pre-installation survey which they forgot to schedule, and admitted to). I complained as I felt we had given sufficient notice but I had to chase constantly for three days to get another installation date, which was two weeks later. The customer service during this period was atrocious. I was never once called back and must have spoken to 20 people during this period, having to give my account number each time despite being transferred internally within Virgin. What struck me was that no-one was accountable for my service and no-one was empowered to own my problem, instead simply passing me to the next individual. Even after I raised a formal complaint I was still never called back.

    Because we wanted to maintain our email address we decided to stay with Virgin and waited the two weeks for the next installation. In the intervening period I tried to access our personal email via their browser interface but was told our account was locked because we had moved house and the new installation had not been completed. Despite it being very clear this was not my fault, they refused (and seemed to be unable) to reactivate the account, leaving our personal email in limbo.

    Today is the date of the second install. Again someone arrived and left without installing it. My wife took a day off holiday today and again no-one called to explain why. When I finally reached someone at 7pm I was told there was a 'construction' issue and the pre-install work hadn't happened (again).

    I could excuse the installation incompetence if the customer service was good, but it has been as poor an experience as I have had (and I've dealt with the Woolwich!)

  • happy

    by sammie at 15:32 on 9 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    thinks the 2 blokes that came to mine were really polite and i have no complaints very happy with service given? especially the 1 with the cute bum

  • unhappy

    by Antony Sackfield at 14:40 on 9 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    I've ebeen told by virgin medias staff that the broadband in my area (Plymouth) is over subscibed. This is there explanation for my connection running at speeds between 0.5 to 1.6 Mbs during the day Ipay for 10Mbs but the only time I can get anywhere near this speed is in the early hours of the morning. It as been like this for 3+ months. When I asked when this would be rectified they couldn't tell me

  • neutral

    by marybecs at 20:57 on 7 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    I have been with them for a LOT of years and rarely had a problem. I pay for the lowest speed and find it is quicker than I pay for (I am mystified too!!). I have often wondered if it is because I am in a city very near to their 'gubbins'

  • unhappy

    by simon baker at 11:19 on 6 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    We were with NTL world and stayed on with virgin when they bought them out. It's a perfectly decent service when it works and we were quite happy with it untill we hit a problem that needed fixing.
    The long and the short of it - over three weeks with no internet in our house at all because of a fault that was mis-diagnosed in the first place and which it turned out in the end actually could've been fixed at the box up the street, and not by replacing the cable that supplied our house, a dug up drive that they've just left like that, and many hours wasted waiting in phone ques to eventually speak to someone a very long way away who you can hardly hear, who doesn't seem to understand the problem and with the best will in the world is entirely of no use to you whatsoever.
    And so no i would not reccomend virgin media whatsoever, they get an overwhelming thumbs down from our family, their customer service care and support is pants.
    Until something like this actually happens to you, you don't really get to find out where a company's priorities actually lie. One of the engineers in fact said to me that they are being required to make so many customer callouts in a day that it is almost physically impossible to stay on top of the workload that virgin are placing upon them.

  • unhappy

    by David at 19:11 on 17 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    They were nice as pi when I was going through the application procedure. They said that installation would occur up to 10 days later. The installation date they gave was 14 days later.

    One working day before the installation date they sent me an email saying that I already had Virgin media in my property. I phoned them to point out that I did not and they said they'd send a 'spotter' who would call me that day.

    No call.

    I phoned Virgin again (after holding for 15 minutes) and spoke to a gentleman who, once I'd explained everything including giving my kana (reference?) number, put me through to their Philippino call centre. No explanation, no warning, he just didn't want to deal with a complicated case.

    The philippino woman did not know why I'd been put through to her. I spent an agonizing 25 minutes explaining and re-explaining what the situation was. The upshot being that she will contact another department tomorrow "It's closed now", and give me a call back to let me know what's likely to happen - if I'm lucky they'll maybe install it in a couple of weeks.

    Lesson learnt: ALWAYS ask for the name of the person assisting you at the very beginning of the call AND have them tell you which call centre they are in e.g. Edinburgh. Then they are a tad more accountable and perhaps a mite less useless.

  • unhappy

    by Richard at 9:10 on 16 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    They have possibly the worst customer service of any organisation I have had to deal with. Hours on the phone, no engineers showing up for weeks with no explanation, incompetent technical support; avoid this company like the plague.

  • happy

    by Jennie at 13:56 on 13 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    I have been reading all the slating remarks on Virgin Media, and feel I have to have a say myself. I was Ntl, and stayed when VM took over. Never had a single problem with them helpwise. On the odd occasions over the years, when I did have one, the problem was resolved quickly and efficiently. Customer services have always been most pleasant and helpful. For those of you considering taking on VM, before you are put off by all the moaners, read all the slating remarks made on all the other services available - just as many!! Seems the only folk willing to write a review are the moaners - when its all good, no-one bothers!! I am completely happy with VM, as no doubt are millions of other customers.

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