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  • neutral

    by mercedes1954 at 11:19 on 26 Jul 2013 Report abuse

    XLN have to order fixes from BT Openreach as do most other providers using that network. They won't commit to doing it unless they're sure it's not the customer's fault and want a payment undertaking before calling engineers out. I refused to give the undertaking since XLN had sold me insurance to cover such costs. Despite this they still wanted me to state I would pay if the fault was in my building. Left them in December last year and glad I did. They still tried to get over £1,100 from me to cancel 3 lines. I refused.

  • unhappy

    by AZIZ at 16:30 on 25 Jul 2013 Report abuse

    Since last two weeks I am facing problem of disruptions bur no action has been taken by xln.
    XLN is the worst company to deal with or get any service from.

  • happy

    by ralph at 15:47 on 22 Jul 2013 Report abuse


  • unhappy

    by nauman at 16:40 on 16 Jul 2013 Report abuse

    My business broadband is been even slower then a dial up connection.been trying to get hold of the xln broadband team for the past 3 hours. The phones just been ringing and then the line drops. you dont know when you ll be connected. i ve wasted 3 hours of my time on the phone waiting for someone to answer, listening to some music. The time i should be spending on improving my business. phoned my account management team . was glad to hear a human voice but i got told that they cant do anything and they will send an email to the broadband support team to contact me on my phone. i waited till 5 pm for someone to phone me back but it never happened.

  • neutral

    by M&M at 16:13 on 15 Jun 2013 Report abuse

    XLN is the worst company to deal with or get any service from. XLN is complete rip off with lots of hidden charges. I phoned to cancel my contract and they are trying to charge me £299 cancellation fee that I was not aware of at all. They mentioning their term and conditions that I have never seen either paper or electronic copy.

    In simple words, please stay away from them. Getting my phone lines from XLN was the worst mistake of my business career.


  • neutral

    by robert Palmer at 19:45 on 10 Jun 2013 Report abuse

    share this to as many people as possible - i'm going to their head office in London in the morning!

  • unhappy

    by DANIEL FROST at 22:03 on 13 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    XLN have got to be the most unprofessional company that my business has dealt with. I moved address and asked for a full move of premises. From this they concluded that I didn't need my Internet line line moved to my new building as well as my phone line. Even if they appear cheaper you will waste time and effort sorting out problems that their undertrained staff create for you. Steer well clear, profit driven company with no emphasis on customer service, a shocker of a business.

  • unhappy

    by Mattonella Tile Studio at 16:10 on 27 Mar 2013 Report abuse

    Terrible Company. Installation took months. No response to letter of complaint. Invoices are wrong. Their call centre advised me to cancel Direct Debit whilst it was being sorted and now they're trying to charge for that too. Avoid if your business relies on the telephone.

  • unhappy

    by Joan at 16:29 on 22 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    Got a call from XLN telecoms today. I've been with them for so long they're going to reward me with free telephone calls all over the world, free UK calls to any number, free mobile calls within UK, and so on, and it'll only cost me the average of what I've been paying for the last 12 months - which he claims was £37.20. I told him my average bill per month is actually £30. So where did he get that figure from..and he said "Well, you obviously are NOT INTERESTED in my offer." Then slammed the phone down. So maybe it's time to change ISPs?

  • unhappy

    by Adam at 23:12 on 12 Feb 2013 Report abuse



  • unhappy

    by dEBBIE at 8:55 on 8 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    DO NOT USE..... THEM APPALLING COMPANY with no customer services. The worst company ever......please do not listen to the them we were advised that they could match or even better BT (which was average bill 46.00) their average bill over the past 11 months is £85.00 and now want to charge us £300.00 + for cancelling. Can anyone advise how they got out of this.DO NOT USE THEM APPALLING COMPANY with no customer services

  • unhappy

    by Craig Brown at 8:49 on 3 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    The worst company to deal with, EVER. After 3 months of trying to move the phone service to a new address we have lost customers because there was no connection/ service, still being invoiced for monthly contacts fees which we have refused to pay. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, this so company is now owned by taltalk and they are just as bad. Be careful you have been warned.

  • happy

    by Imran at 10:34 on 25 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    Great mobile offer, very cheap and I have recommend them to my other friends with businesses.

  • happy

    by Helen at 9:45 on 11 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    No problems witth phone line, just signed up to card processing too as fees for last one were too high. Their cheap and service is fine.

  • neutral

    by Taha at 4:33 on 28 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    This company is no good my business runs only through telephone n there line got down 8times in a year I lost out a lot of busines and a lot of costomers because of them. There service, staff everything is no good also they put your bill high up after few months when you joined poor v poor I recommend u don't get with this xln company u will make same mistake as me and cry

  • neutral

    by J Purcell at 11:05 on 14 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    No major problems, slow installation but Internet works really well! Never had an issue with their customer service.

  • neutral

    by Start at 10:51 on 11 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    XLN are useless, GO 2 telecom (aka Gezzer telecom)is equally useless, talk talk etc. these companies only care about getting money from consumers. E.g XLN charges a whopping £299 when a company decides to switch to another provider. That's the tactics they use to tie customers down knowing fully well they're crap. Go2 telecom is all fluff, service is equally as bad and they're so disorganised. They're cowboy company that feed off people searching for jobs. If u're with BT stay with BT. Don't get fooled by what they offer( usually cheaper prices ) got friends that have worked for theses companies and each have warned
    me about them and their tricks. They've all concluded that BT is the best and besides they buy their bundles from BT anyway.

  • neutral

    by Alan at 8:40 on 7 Dec 2012 Report abuse

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  • unhappy

    by Alan at 8:37 on 7 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    I had 2 broadband lines and a voice only line. Decided to change voice line from XLN to BT. After many calls they waived the £299 cancellation fee. My bill for the 2 remaining broadband lines for December should have been £86 but I was billed £231. I was told that in November some of my international calls on the voice only line in November (last billable month for that line) had exceeded an hour so I had a £106 charge added. Never had that condition imposed in any previous month. If they can't get money one way it seems they will try another way. Waited 2 days so far for a call back to tell me why it was billed.

  • neutral

    by peter at 22:52 on 6 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    In dispute due to loss of business broadband and phone line for three weeks and second business telephone line for one week, no telecoms at all for one week. Customer services useless and a premium rate number. No engineer sent to find out the cause of the problem for three weeks, engineer took 20 minutes to find the problem and an hour to fix it at the local exchange when they eventually sent him to check. What a waste of time money and effort those two weeks of talking to customer services was.

  • unhappy

    by nigel guest at 9:57 on 27 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    was with xln for 5 years too lazy to change but in that time i had nothing but trouble and empty promises i gave the required lengh of time to cancel my accont the said they never received it so another month paid for nothing they have now tried to take £87 pounds of me via a debt recovery company the worst company i have ever dealt with in buisenss

  • neutral

    by Alan at 1:53 on 22 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Well, I talked to them about the charges and that Ofcom had now banned the rollover contracts. At first they didn't give ground but then agreed to waive the charges. So full-marks to them in the end. If I had a fault they always called to check it was all ok again. The only problem is them asking you to pay the repair cost if it's a failure with your equipment, but I guess they get billed by BT if the external lines are not faulty.

  • happy

    by JC at 12:11 on 21 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    I signed up last year when I started up and seemed like the best place to chose. I've not had any major problems with Xln - installation was a bit slow and I was dubious at first as I'd not heard of them before. But I made the decision to keep my overheads extremely low for phone line broadband and utilities and so ended up with xln.

    I know they run off the BT network so I'm a little sceptical as I know what BT are like, but for the moment all seems fine!

  • unhappy

    by Alan at 18:15 on 5 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    I've had three lines with XLN since 2004. Two with broadband and one just for calls. Today they told me it's £299 EACH to cancel the the lines and £99 EACH to cancel the broadband services. £1,095.00 - There really are no words to describe my anger.

  • unhappy

    by Ufuk at 2:13 on 20 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    They tried to charge me £360 for moving to another service provider AFTER my 12 month contract was finished with them. they said that they took the liberty to auto renew my contract once the 12 month period was finished. This is absolutely unfair and is one of their biggest scams.

    Stay away from XLN ... I wish everyone just listen to this instead of finding the hard way

  • happy

    by Henry at 16:12 on 19 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    I've never had any problem with XLN. Broadband speed is the same as BT and TalkTalk. Customer service people seem okay. Prices a bit cheaper than the others.

  • neutral

    by Kerry at 11:30 on 19 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    Don't be tempted by their prices - they will claw these back in additional charges. Remember the adage 'If it's too good to be true........' Just ask yourself how they can possibly afford to provide such a cheap service, and then run away very quickly!

    The problems that have been described on this, and many other websites are very real and they all follow a very similar pattern of behaviour by Onebill/XLN Telecom.

    If you want to let yourself in for a great deal of frustration, costly litegation, loss of customers and trade when your service suddenly goes down, sign up with these guys - they won't let you down!!!!

    You have been warned......

  • unhappy

    by gary at 14:02 on 10 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    Terrible company to deal with, yes they appear to be cost effective but pretty much everyone there is inept. The support staff are based in India and have no clue what they are talking about, you just end up changing the microfilter and then the router. They try to baffle you with technical terms but are really full of bull.

    Avoid this poor excuse for a telecomms company and pay a little more.

  • unhappy

    by Berin jones at 12:44 on 4 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    Dear mr Nellemann,

    I am a business customer of your company and Have been since last October.

    On Wednesday 27 th June my telephone and broadband service suddenly went wrong which forced me to have to contact your 08 number from my own mobile at great expense to raise the fault with you.
    On the 29 th June I received a call from a BT engineer who successfully resolved my telephone issue and we thought at the time had rectified the Internet issue, but it quickly became clear that the Internet connection would crash every time the Internet was accessed.
    Since then I have been left without an effective Internet and have been inconvenienced  continuously by your foreign fault team trying to resolve the problem.
    Actions that I have had to do so far are dismantle the BT box at my house and connect the Internet to the test circuit, obtain a different router at my expense and inconvenience just so your team can see if the fault goes away, ring your team on the only number that they will give me, which is itself an 08 number for which you then charge me a fortune for ringing, when you are meant to be providing me with a service and resolving my problem.
    I run a guesthouse and yet your foreign call centre team continuously ask me when I will be at the premises and what time do I open in the morning, demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of my business as well.
    To cap it all, having done everything asked of me, your team now tell me at great length that a BT engineer is going to be needed, but should the engineer find that the problem is this or that or the other I will be charged £165 + VAT for the pleasure of resolving the problem that has existed for a week and that has already cost me substantially more in time, inconvenience and customer frustration. I gave the call centre colleague my terms and conditions which are that if it is found to be a fault from BT or XLN behalf I will charge you £165+  VAT. They don't seem to understand me, and when I gave my postcode to one of the foreign callers, they told me I wasn't speaking English. Enough said on that .
    My patience has now run out and I will be delighted to move my custom from your inept company at the end of my 12 month contract .

    Be assured that I will be forwarding details of the poor service to Lambeth trading standards for consideration when awarding business awards in future as well as the National Business Awards as they clearly need to hear the truth of your customer service which is provided at the expense of the customer to suit the needs of XLN and not the customer.

    Your very frustrated customer

  • unhappy

    by IR at 22:37 on 3 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    An absolute rubbish company and rubbish customer service. We wernt receiving internet connection and so we rang up to complain a various number of times but was passed to one department after the other.They stalled us for a couple of weeks but by then the 14 day cancellation period was expired and now they are expecting a cancellation fee of £300+ WHAT A JOKE and when I rang the company about the internet connection they redirected me to the BT customer serivce!!!!!

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