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  • neutral

    by kabbu at 7:50 on 17 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    xln is the worst telephone and broadband supplier initially i was with bt and i moved over they are absolute fraud will put charges u never used like extra usage and no way they can be comparable with bt for the service and quality. worst ever customer service i stayed with them for six months and left then now. i have cleared my account when i left them but couple of days back i got an invoice with the outstanding balance. their agents are liar never beleive a single word and never go with xln though it seeems cheaper but actually they are much more expensive ...............please avoiddddddd absolute liars

  • unhappy

    by jeanette white at 20:44 on 24 May 2012 Report abuse

    XLN are the worst company I have dealt with in the last 35 years. After nearly 8 weeks of bad service i.e. 3 weeks without broadband connection and several threatenening letters from the billing department I thought this had been resolved. Oh No!! today again we have a final reminder. Yesterday we received a partial credit note but doesn't anyone communicate with this rubbish company. I am thinking of going to the National Newspapers about them.

  • neutral

    by Sally at 10:15 on 15 May 2012 Report abuse

    I had a really bad experience with XLN, but I moved to a new telecom called Commstel with a 30 day rolling contract and they value me as a person not a number. And what's more, they don't have these ridiculous charges.

  • unhappy

    by Unhappy customer at 12:04 on 8 May 2012 Report abuse

    Guys, this is what I did I instructed another telephone company to take over my business line and cancelled my direct debit for XLN. If they cannot deliver a reasonable level of service and the product that you and I have agreed to then I think we have a right to cancel any agreement that we made. Yes, they did threaten me with disconnection charge and everything else but I think this is a seperate issue as far as breach of contract is concerned but they cannot leave you without telephone service because of a dispute. Openreach is the the company who takes care of the line maintainence anyway XLN is just a billing company.

  • unhappy

    by Anthony at 16:03 on 2 May 2012 Report abuse

    I am sitting here absolutely dumbstruck at what has happened to me today!

    First of all I got a tele-sales call (despite the fact that I am registered with TPS) from a company who would not name themselves asking if I would like to save money with my phone bills. I said "No" and told them that they were in violation of TPS by contacting me.

    Instead of backing off they then started calling me every 15 minutes - a different person each time - I heard sniggering in the background. Each time the number was not displayed (or withheld).

    On one occasion today they called three times one after the other. In total I logged 25 calls. On the last call they told me they were calling from Cum Piss Power and they wanted to know if I wanted to change my electricity.

    But on this occasion they must have either done it from a different line or forgot to withold their number and I managed to get it by doing 1471. The number was 0207 820 4703 - I called this and got an automated message saying it was XLN Business Services and I should call 0808 168 3092

    I called the 0808 number and relayed all of this to the sales person who answered and they confirmed that I had been called by them today (would not admit to how many times) and they would remove me from their list. I have not had a call from them since!

    I am so angry to have been treated this way, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - they are unprofessional and rude. And in an industry where there is so much competition I do not understand it.

  • unhappy

    by zaman at 17:32 on 26 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    XLN messed us about so badly that we ended up feeling almost cornerd to go with them or face major phone line distruption and business loss. Please do not go with these freaks they have no idea what they are talking about and each time you call you get conflicting advice and informtion. They have written to me a few times and their letters even contradict everything thats been said to me. ive never seen a company so disgisting in my entire life.They talk rubbish and lie. Most of time they dont know what they talking about. I have lost most of my business due to them. they idiots. best way go with bt or virgin media

  • neutral

    by Paul at 19:02 on 11 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    We are having terrible issues with XLN, ever since signing up our phone when making calls have always had poor reception signal with other parties hearing excessive static and clicking. Alson looking at internet speeds was poor both on/off peek times when looking at Routers stats line noise was VERY high, this has never been lower than 27Db and main cause of poor connection. When we recieve phone calls it kills internet connection having to reboot the router!

    Also with XLN since first week we endure lots of automated calls and tele-sales, even a guy in India who's has phoned us while hacking my computer asking a fee to fix, this guy has called us twice hoping he understood what I said. I have to say after many years with many other phone/web companies NEVER got this amount of abuse!

    After trying to change back to BT to get some decent service back, XLN told us at first about their better package deals they were offering not listening to a word I mentioned in complete denile, which I refused telling me XLN will charge £200 if we move to BT without giving XLN 42 days notice which in my view is blackmail. Regardless what these people offer or try do I am annoyed at a point of no return.

    XLN customer service has no interest in dealing with customers, I have had so many issues with internet connection issues paying insurance with them to come out and resolve problems if needed, all they say over phone is its your line, we will come out but will charge??

    Anyone who is thinking of changing to XLN, my advice is to AVOID them like the plague, you will regret causing unneccesary headaches and pain with these awful people. I have to write a letter now giving XLN 42 days to cancel my service or they will charge £200......regardless if its spite or not, not willing to pay this excessive fee.

  • unhappy

    by sue walding at 15:18 on 11 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    I wish I had never heard or contacted this company. Instead of just transferring my line rental etc as I requested they decided to give my business another number. This line will be disconnected and I will be left with no phone line until they decide to sort it. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU ARE DESPERATE and their representatives are rude and unhelpful.

  • unhappy

    by eddshot at 17:17 on 31 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    this tracert says it all with XLN

    C:\Users\eddshot>tracert xln.com

    Tracing route to xln.com []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:


  • unhappy

    by Daniel at 21:09 on 22 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    Ugh been with XLNTelecom for couple of months and my internet connection is so slowwwwww! i cant get online on playstation games such as 'Call of Duty' , i receive 5 MBPS maximum :/

  • happy

    by Mark Saunders at 11:20 on 12 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    Hi I have now been with XLN Telcom for just over 2 years and personally have had no problems with them at all. When-ever i have had a fault, then they have alway's been able to sort it out. I'm ever one of the lucky one's or just one of those people who have bothered to post my reviews after reading all the one's that have felt neglected or ripped off. I have had to phoned only a few times about thing's but everytime XLN have been bang on getting whatever sorted. I can remember when i phoned them up cos my computer was being hacked and they recommended to me options to take to sort it out and preventing it from happening again. They sent out to me their wireless router and to secure it which i have done so. They also changed my password so whoever it was hacking could not do so either through the router or the computer. I have never had any rude dealings as they have always been polite. I have never had any problem's with connection or reception as i have alway's had full bars appear. I am sorry that there as been people suffering problem's but i'm cure that i can speak to thousand's of other's, that XLN Telcom are one of the best independant telcom service's around.

  • unhappy

    by Alan Lee at 17:10 on 7 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    This company as double my telecom bill in the last 20 months, the good news is they can no longer auto-renew any contractor at the end of this year. However I will be moving my services to the FSB as I am a member, and my current XLN excess billing will easily cover the cost of my whole membership subscription. But I will make sure my notice as prove of delivery to them.

  • neutral

    by tamara drewe at 12:47 on 23 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    Hi, I’ve used XLN for 2 years. Started off great as they were the cheapest I could find and I was starting up on my own. I had a few problems with getting through to customer service at the beginning when I was confirming installation dates and stuff. Had a few impatient members of staff to deal with but you get that with all telecoms providers even BT (who i've dealt with before) and Virgin… customer service is never going to be amazing.
    I have a phone line and broadband at the moment. The main issues for me were the setup as BT Openreach is used to this and they messed me around with installation dates. So that wasn’t great. The general service is great though…I haven’t had any issues with my internet connection or phone.
    There’s a lots of negativity around the cancellation fees on here though. I haven’t been on the receiving end of that, but from what I gather they aren’t cheap. Surely it’s the same for BT though? I remember being a student and having to pay a HUGE cancellation fee for Virgin… whoever you go with you’re going to have to pay a cancellation fee if you want to leave. I know their advertised prices aren't including VAT, so be aware of that. You just have to make sure you read all the small print…as my dad always taught me!

  • unhappy

    by caroline bell at 12:31 on 19 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    i have had a very bad experience with xln. i have been with this company for nearly three years. i run a small hairdressing shop that came with an xln line and this is the only reason am with them.i had an innitial 24 month contract that was charging me a maximum of £24 a month for my calls.xkn have steadily moved this charge up to £40 a month on average despite the fact that i now have a shop mobile phone and use their line for mainly receiving phone calls. i then decided to move to bt who gave me a good quote. £35 a month billing for both broadband and telephone line including some call time-compare this.well when xln realised this i was slappad with a massive cancellation bill that has changed with each communication we had. At first their cancellation officer keenesha plummer tried to get me back which ofcourse i wasnt going to do. once she realised this her tone and attitude changed. she now started with her warning of 42 day cancellation notice. i then gave her one which she rejected and said it had to be written. i went home that night and sent an email to afew addresses within xln but behold keneesha had now change the 42 day notice to the ennd of a one years contract. i then realised i was dealing with an corn. i then contacted my new providers and warned them about this. keneesha then rung me back at work to find out whether i had yielded to her threat. i refused to give her any details and requested that any information she wanted from me she would only get if she requested it in writing.she thaen sent a 2 line email stating that my contract ended on 6 may which is the day i started with them and i needed to reapply my notice when it was exactly 42 days before 6 may. they have now sent me a £400 cancelletion bill which ofcouse am in the processess os contesting and reporting to ofcom. i have put this up because i would like to warn eveyone not to get ripped off by this company as we all have. take head. xln can boast of how many thousand happy customers actually these are busy unsuspecting customers who do not realise that this is happening to them and i know because i was one of them for nearly 3 years. BE AWARE XLN WILL RIPP YOU OFF,they will do this gradually in your bill or in lumpsome when you try to leave them. NEW CUSTOMER DONT SIGN; SHOP ELSEWHERE. VERY BAD SERVICE.

  • neutral

    by Phillip Thorne at 21:21 on 30 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    The reason they have a 24 month contract is because they know your going to want to leave as soon as you join!
    I have to wonder if those very few positive comments about XLN on here use their internet for anything more demanding than shopping at Tesco. If they do then they may want to start buying more lotto tickets too!

  • neutral

    by TDM at 17:02 on 30 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    What i find hard to belive here is that they require 12mths notice in advance in order to cancel their services, without paying the £200+ fee(Inc Vat) which is extortion and not representitve of costs incurred by the company, 12mths notice +a 24mth min term contract
    That apparently is also auto renewing,
    Then there is anotherkey fact that they conveinenently have omitted from there T&C's
    That is customers who sign up for ADSL & land line phone will in most cases end up with their BT wholesale Line being taken over by Opal (TalkTalk wholesale) the end result being Fully unbundled FMPF this once completed makes switching to another ISP at a later date somewhat more problematic, As the line needs to be taken over by BT again (Return to donor)
    before it is available to other ISP's this can result in several days downtime, loss of original telephone number and also cost too, all this is not explained at the time of sign up or in the t&c's

  • unhappy

    by yasheen rajan at 15:33 on 29 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    My parents are getting on their years and i think are being taken for a ride by XLN as when they have tried to cancel, then have been whacked within egregious cancellation fees.

    Their t&c's do of course reference cancellation fees. My approach would be to say that XLN provide a service that is woefully below that envisaged when the contract was agreed and as they have not held up their end of the bargain, they can whistle for their cancellation fee; what's more, if they try and pursue me, I will join the 1000's of other people in reporting them to OFCOM and the consumer protection agency.

    anyone think that's foolhardy?

  • unhappy

    by Steve Loofe at 15:59 on 3 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    Oh dear dear dear!
    Expensive, very poor Customer Service, not interested in trying to help out but very keen to recite the rules and regulations. I'm having to pay to get away from them as they reckon I transfered my two lines on two different months which is actually untrue. Can't get anywhere when trying to talk rationally to a manager there. My blood pressure goes sky high when speaking to any of the next to useless staff. Rather pay double than use these clowns!

  • happy

    by Sarah Williams at 17:10 on 2 Dec 2011 Report abuse

    I've been with XLN for 3 years and I am still extremely happy with the service and pricing. Keep up the good work!

  • unhappy

    by YASMIN at 22:57 on 27 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    XLN messed us about so badly that we ended up feeling almost cornerd to go with them or face major phone line distruption and business loss. Please do not go with these freaks they have no idea what they are talking about and each time you call you get conflicting advice and informtion. They have written to me a few times and their letters even contradict everything thats been said to me. ive never seen a company so disgisting in my entire life. In a battle with them at the moment but not getting very far....cant wait to end the rubbish service! If you have any sense you will not go anywhere near this company. Its worth paying extra for the customer service itself.

  • unhappy

    by Jack E at 12:32 on 18 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Awful service had only just joined them and everything they'd promised failed you cannot get hold or in touch with anyone from there. I took a day off work to be in the house for the engineer and they threaten all over the letter that if you miss it it will cost you £100 i couldnt contact them and they were not even apologetic when I eventually did. They then decided it would take another 2 weeks to get another engineer to come out. they are not customer friendly particularly as we were brand new. We cancelled the contract while we could. I'd reccommend not even joining them in the first place!!

  • happy

    by Ian Simkins at 9:24 on 18 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Personally I have had no problems at all with XLN. I was with BT and when I needed another line my friend said I should think about XLN because they are cheaper. It doesn't seem to matter what company label is on the line, the service has been exactly the same for me.

  • neutral

    by Phillip Thorne at 1:37 on 9 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Don't forget folks, a contract is a 2 or more way thing. If the other party break it (and XLN smash it to bits within an hour!) then don't be paying their cancellation fee.
    You are after all canceling because XLN have failed to meet their promises.
    Warn them that if they even think about refering you to a blacklist agency or a baliff you will have them before a magistrate and they'll brick it, I promise.

  • neutral

    by Terry at 10:24 on 7 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    A few years ago I applied for a job with XLN, understanding how they go through their recruitment process will give you an idea of why they are so bad and why people get miss-sold the product!

    The recruitment process tried to be like an "Apprentice - you're hired" process, putting tremendous pressure on want-to-be sales people to make a sale within a week.
    The first day is a room of 50 people, sitting there for 2 hours listening to someone give a speach on why XLN are so good and how working for them will change your life. The same day people are called saying whether or not they have been selected (seems to be a random process) to go through to the next stage.
    The next day there were 30 people, all being taught on how to sell the product and compare it to BT, the evil customer hating overlord. They were then reamed with a senior salesperson. This was basically someone who had managed to make a sale within the first week and was still around for the second.

    The next day everyone was sent around London, with very little training or experience, trying desperately to make a sale. Not a single "sales" person had signed a contract, or was being paid for their time, it was essentially cold calling without being paid travel expenses, or even a minimum wage (unless of course you managed to make a sale, in which case you would get some king of commission eventually).

    I had made a sale on my first day, however my "senior sales partner" took it from me, for the reason I know now, she was desperate to make a sale to get a job.

    Ultimately, it ended up with some people so scared about losing a job they never had, they were saying anything to get a contract. One person, after being shouted out of the shop before given a chance to talk, claimed to be from BT and shouted back saying they would disconnect them! I was also told about some people signing up businesses without even going in.

    With such a brutal and immoral recruitment process, it is easy to see why people are miss-sold, never trust an XLN sales person.

  • unhappy

    by Darren at 9:49 on 4 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    Absolute rubbish, if you are thinking of joining Don't or you will regret it.

    Rep:- yes we can mach the broad band speed your getting and beat it, it will be cheaper too.

    Reality:- Less than half the speed and more expensive also a £238 cancellation fee, even though the contract was miss sold.

    Very Very Bad.

    I have complained to ofcom.

  • unhappy

    by Gillian Ramsay at 23:14 on 20 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    I cancelled my line with XLN after four years of interrupted service-sometimes a week at a time- and constant requests for them to resolve it. They sold me a new router, told me my phone line was faulty, my computer was too old, my wireless dongle needed upgrading-still no broadband. I'm trying to run a business here, so I gave notice that I was going back to BT. They have cancelled my transfer twice ( reported them to the ombudsman) are now charging me £3 per month extra for not having broadband??? and after two requests have failed to send me a copy of my contract, and sent me a letter this week saying my new line is up and running. You have to laugh or you'd cry. No problems with BT broadband who have been very helpful, even sorting out a fault that was mine and not theirs..now threatening me with disconnection fee of £278 for daring to not continue with a frankly sub-standard or non existent service. Wouldn't go back if they offered free service for a lifetime!!!

  • neutral

    by Phillip Thorne at 23:49 on 16 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    R.E Tom's Comment.

    Good old Google eh Tom? Saved you from weeks, if not months of stress!

  • neutral

    by tom at 10:29 on 16 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    wow! i was just about to transfer from BT to these guy, but decided to google the terms "xnl landline review" and have now read this!

    maybe its better to pay a little bit more and avoid all this hassle i suppose.

  • unhappy

    by Paul Clarke at 10:34 on 5 Jul 2011 Report abuse

    I signed up with XLN in Nov 2010 to switch my 2 phone lines and broadband from BT.
    I have a main phone and a fax machine on the second line. The broadband runs on the 'fax' line, easy right? No!
    5 months after the switch I get a bill from BT for £ 135 for the broadband that has never been cancelled and switched. My 'switch' to XLN went smoothly because they had never actually switched the broadband. If it had, I would have been without interet access as XLN had not sent a modem - idiots.
    The switch finally happened in June with a short disruption. £ 20 compensation towards the BT bill. Nex XLN bill and I find they have transferred my all inclusive business plan from my 'phone' line to my 'fax' line so every call I have made is being charged.
    I phone and complain and request that this is immediately resolved and want to know whay it was changed and why if this was being done was I not notified. Needless to say I get no anserws and no return calls, just refernce numbers.
    I have phoned again today after a week has gone by and just another reference number but nobody is fixing anything.
    XLN are useless.
    XLN are useless
    XLN are useless

  • neutral

    by Phillip Thorne at 1:00 on 28 Jun 2011 Report abuse

    R.E XLN Telecom Representative

    Didn't care to comment on my reply then!
    Anyone being promised an offer of resolution or compensation by this guy, be aware he is a proven liar - read my posts.
    If you call the number you will be put through to an advisor that won't have any record of these promises but will likely try and persuade you to resign (if your mad enough).
    I also have my doubts this person is an XLN rep at all.

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