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  • neutral

    by XLN Telecom Representative at 9:30 on 27 Jun 2011 Report abuse

    Mr Drake, I am sorry to hear you've had a bad experience with XLN. We try to offer the best possible service to all our 130,000 customers but when we don't we like to make amends. If you're willing to speak to us despite what went wrong, please call us on 020 7793 5514.

  • unhappy

    by Max Drake at 16:24 on 23 Jun 2011 Report abuse

    XLN are without doubt the worst company I have ever dealt with. If you are looking at this review page to help you decide whether or not to give them your business, please do yourself a favour and run a mile.
    Since we tried to cancel our service with them back in March this year - the broadband wasn't working and they showed know willingness to try and fix it - we have been harrassed and abused by their cancellations team and their credit control team. They have consistently failed to return calls, to deliver promised letters or emails, and have only sent us bill after bill for services that we have not been using, and that they have not been providing. We have got to the point now where we feel soiled every time we have any communication with them. I wish the accounts of their behavior on this forum had been available when I first decided to use them, as i would obviously have gone elsewhere and would be happily cruising along with someone more competent right now.

  • neutral

    by Phillip Thorne at 21:35 on 23 May 2011 Report abuse

    To XLN Rep?

    How did you speak to James when he has left your company and returned to New Zealand months ago? I refer to my previous post (that you apparantly read) and the last reply I had from James.

    Hello Mr Thorne,

    I am truly sorry that I could not fix this connection problem and I also cannot see a way forward from here as we have essentially checked the entire network and still the fault exists. Due to this I am releasing you from any contractual agreements with XLN telecom meaning that you will not be paying any cancellation fees. I would have contacted you by phone but I am out of the office until Tuesday. Thank you very much for the kind words its always great to hear some feedback (it is always a lot easier with a very co-operative and knowledgeable end user!) and I wish you all the best in the future, as for me I am returning to New Zealand shortly to begin post-graduate studies in computer and information science and a warm summer. One small piece of advice if you are by chance changing to any supplier using CPW’s LLU Networks (The Carphone Warehouse) you will be on the same network, so it is advisable to try another supplier to see if this will rectify the issue.

  • unhappy

    by Melissa at 11:00 on 23 May 2011 Report abuse

    Phillip, I think your concerns about not expecting a resolution to your problems simply by phoning the number quoted are perfectly reasonable. I responded to several invitations from XLN to 'call this number' and all will be sorted. But apart from the fact that each time I had to recount the whole saga again in as much detail as the last - it just resulted in one deadend after another. Finally I stopped my standing order, migrated to another provider and forced XLN to be the ones chasing me when they realised they weren't being paid for their shoddy 'service' anymore. I also reported them to the regulatory Ombudsman which I think ultimately is the only way organisations like XLN can be dealt with to the satisfaction of the customer. If XLN want to avoid having negative posts like these publicised, even if only to protect their profit line, they need to either publicly explain whatever logistical factors are causing them to under-deliver to the extent they obviously are, and give some reassurance that they are committed to improving the service, else fess up and admit they have no intention of improving, get their pricing structure inline with a 'no frills' service and have a better chance of attracting a core market that is less likely to expect such a professional service as individuals like you and I.

  • neutral

    by XLN Telecom Representative at 9:28 on 23 May 2011 Report abuse

    Mr Thorne, before I made my last post I read your post and having checked with the person you spoke with I was fully aware of your situation as an ex-customer. On that basis I made a friendly request for you to call us so that we could offer you a goodwill gesture.

  • neutral

    by Phillip Thorne at 2:47 on 22 May 2011 Report abuse

    R.E XLN Telecom Representative

    What are you on about? What are you going to sort out if I ring you that one of your support staff (who was actually quite knowledgeable) could not achieve within 3 months and advised me to go elsewhere?
    Had you of even bothered to read my posts you will see I am no longer with XLN and have not been for months!
    So why exactly am I supposed to call?
    I'm seriously doubting if you are an XLN rep at all but if you are then it explains why XLN offer such terrible customer service when your promising to resolve peoples issues on here having not read or even worse, understood any of this thread!
    If you paid me I wouldn't go back to XLN!

  • neutral

    by XLN Telecom Representative at 12:06 on 18 May 2011 Report abuse

    Hello Philip - we take customer care seriously and so responding to complaints will always be important to us. It sounds like you had a terrible experience, and that we've failed to meet our own high standards. Give us a ring on 0207 7935 514 and we'll see what we can do to make this right.

  • neutral

    by Phillip Thorne at 11:32 on 18 May 2011 Report abuse

    Funny how that XLN rep keeps jumping in to defend his company with promises of resolving issues and customer care. How many more negative comments is it going to take before it's going to be just too embarassing for him to continue I wonder!
    I should point out that I was actually told by their online support after 3 months of trying to fix my service that they could not resolve my issue of awful slow speeds and DSL drop-outs and to go and find another supplier.
    I signed up with 5G Communications (real business broadband) with a truely unlimited download rate and once I got off XLN's LLU network rubbish my speed increased by 6MB! I have not had one drop-out, customer support answer within a minute and there is only a few departments that actually are aware of what other departments have done with your account!
    It costs £10 a month more than XLN but if it were £20 I'd still pay it.

  • neutral

    by XLN Telecom Representative at 9:36 on 18 May 2011 Report abuse

    Hi Piotr, despite what you've said, I want to assure you that we really do care about giving you the very best experience at very low prices. All unlimited policies in all telecoms providers have a fair use policy: to stop people who use large amounts of data from exploiting the 95% of people who use a reasonable amount. Moreover, the fair use policy was in your contract, as it is in every customer contract. We'd love to talk about how we can keep your bills low and your connection fast, though, with increased data allowances. Please give us a call on 0207 7935 514 and we'll try to resolve this.

  • unhappy

    by piotr at 18:31 on 17 May 2011 Report abuse

    i signed up for unlimited download and after 3 months they are telling me that there is a limit on my unlimited contract!!!!!!!!!! what the? apparently they operate with '''fair usage policy'''that was never mentioned to me at all, so guess what, I called them and complained not only about that but also about extremely slow connection, has anything been done about it????????? nothing and there is many many more issues with it.... if they fall under Ofcom regulations than they should deal with customer problems ASAP and they should stop insulting my intelligence!!! the package was business package as I have to run 3 different businesses , how am I suppose to run my business with 4MB of speed? saw telecom representative comment about being sorry, jeez how humiliating...let me answer it for you dear XLN representative because in fact you wanted to say....'' we dont realy care what you say or what your problem is dear customer and we wont attemp to resolve the problem so enjoy slow speed, no connection at times if not all the time and hope you wont get heart attack soon!!!!'''
    bankonit your comments (facts) are spot on

  • happy

    by XLN Telecom Representative at 17:09 on 5 May 2011 Report abuse

    Hi B soul, sorry to hear about your broadband problem. Please do give us a call on 0207 7935 514 as there may well be something we can do to boost your internet speed. Thanks. XLN Rep

  • neutral

    by B soul at 17:20 on 1 May 2011 Report abuse

    Avoid xln!they are getting quite big now and unfortunately they compromise customer service. I signed up to them as a business in 2009 and now in April 2011 for 2 weeks I have had such slow broadband for my business and we rely heavily on it. Avoid xln completely don't be tempted by cheap offers. You will suffer in the end. I have taken legal advice and I'm going to cancel my debit with them as they have not taken any measures to rectify my problem.

  • neutral

    by XLN Telecom Representative at 14:31 on 11 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    We're sorry to hear some people who have posted here have had a bad experience with our service. XLN Telecom aims to provide the best possible service to our customers. Please call us directly on 0207 7935 514 and we can help resolve any problems.

  • unhappy

    by Richard Price at 19:14 on 8 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    After being with XLN since April 2007 (nearly 4 years nows), I was told it was a 60 days trial so basically sign up and and if you don`t cancel within this period it extends to a 12 month contract then its monthly thereafter. I contacted them today to cancel with option to port number out but now have to wait 42 days before cancellation otherwise £200 charge. Asked me reason and I stated we wished to transfer to a fully managed IP PBX phone system which is fair to say. Was told oh we also offer this service, someone will call you back. Nobody called and then I contacted them again and they offered me the same package which others proposed at £20-30 at a whopping £90 per month. I`m now awaiting their cancellation confirmation.

  • unhappy

    by Melissa Needham at 14:16 on 29 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    XLN are by far the worst utility provider I have ever dealt with in my business experience. In fact I'm unfortunately having to continue to deal with them due to the fact that migrating away is proving as painful as the desperate attempts to get them to do anything remotely efficient for us have been been in the first place. I could go into great detail as to the extent of their incompetency but it's much simpler for me to just advise anyone who cares to read this, - steer well clear. They are an absolute nightmare! I've even email their CEO to tell them how badly his company have treated us. Needless to say I haven't had a reply but perhaps that in itself speaks volumes.

  • happy

    by Phillip Thorne at 16:00 on 21 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    R.E. Rod Rage

    You don't have to pay anything to change your ISP in the UK. I don't belive you need a MAC code for XLN either as they use the LLU equipment. It is now requirement by LAW that they allow you the information or right to change subscriber within 48 hours of requesting it. However if you arre in contract and do not have a valid reason to cancel your contract early you will likely be liable to pay an early termination fee.
    My advice to you though is to read the contract, most ISP's break it on a daily basis!
    Once you have your new service activated on your line and your line rental with the same or a different company , your old ISP cannot restrict your service.

  • neutral

    by Phillip Thorne at 18:42 on 19 Jan 2011 Report abuse


    You sign up with them then! And what are you on about 8mb? If you have ADSL2 and transfer your BB to another company offering ADSL2 using the same line, your speed should not drop and continually lose sync.
    Had you of bothered to read the issues I had with XLN you would see that I did complain and it ended in three months of support not being able to resolve the issue. All other complaints are re-routed to the wrong department - Don't believe me then try it chum.
    Also you are incorrect in your assumption that XLN are very successful. They were but the last two years are showing them losses and 'Zeus', one of their biggest investors has pulled out of the company. Besides you cannot measure an ISP's worth of providing quality broad-band by their profits which is evidential of the number 1 UK ISP being Talk Talk at present. Maybe it would be an idea to do some research or speak from experience before posting your irrelevant comments.
    On a separate note with reference to 'James Petterson' comment, the ISP 'Daisy' you mentioned I came across recently at a customer's business and it seemed incredibly fast for the area. I will be looking into them more with a view of signing up with them.

  • neutral

    by Rod Rage at 15:55 on 19 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Just wondered what happened. Am trying to get away from XLN without paying over £200.

  • neutral

    by jessie at 0:18 on 18 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    If any of you read your contracts with XLN, you will see that your 8Mb Broadband is a speed UP TO 8Mb, so Stop complaining and learn to read contracts. Also, why dont you try making formal complaints to the company instead of writing them on a forum where they go un noticed. trust me they will listen.

    But the company is very sucessful and if they were so bad they would be bankrupt, but they arent, so obviously they are doing something right.

  • neutral

    by james petterson at 10:22 on 22 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    I did my homework before switching provider, I checked on Google first to see if any customers had any problems or just generally being ripped off. There are a lot of mixed reviews about XLN as it seems they are very cheap but lack in customer service ect. I decided to test the companies that I found before I signed up to anyone.

    I called their customer service to see how long it was before the phone was answered, their faults team to see what the response was & I also checked the contracts to see who had unreasonable terms (trust me there are some very unreasonable terms out there) such as termincation fees etc.

    After all of my research I did find a few companies that were good value for money and would definately recommend:

    No1 : Tycoon Telecom - http://www.tycoontelecom.co.uk
    No2 : Opal - http://www.opal.co.uk/
    No3 : Daisy PLC - http://www.daisyplc.com/

    I hope you find this useful.

  • unhappy

    by Phillip Thorne at 1:30 on 5 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    Failed for a third time to transfer to BT. No other ISP can give me a service on my existing line if I want to keep my same telephone number as apparently the equipment is incompatible!
    If that is correct and 4 ISP’s have said this now then is that even allowed? I thought there was a code of fairness introduced by OFFCOM? That hardly seems fair to me. Now we got you, you’re going nowhere!
    Had no choice but to go back to XLN to retain our business phone number. Since the switch back our broadband had lost 4MB and loads web pages like a 56k modem during the day.
    Downloading is awful and unless urgent not worth doing. Virtually every port under the sun is set up to throttle bandwidth!
    If you’re thinking of going to XLN, just plain DON’T!

  • neutral

    by Phillip Thorne at 7:14 on 27 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    Further update to XLN issues.

    Since I last wrote on here I have tried unsuccessfully 3 times to transfer my telephone and broadband account to 2 other internet service providers.
    The first was Talk Talk who informed me that because my existing service with XLN was with a company using a 'New Generation' exchange system it would take 10 days to transfer the line and then I would be without broadband for 5 days while it was re-activated. I agreed to this although it wasn't the best news when you’re trying to run an IT business!
    13 days later I got a letter from Talk Talk saying they were working on the transfer but it would take a little longer than first assumed. After another week I rang them to enquire as to what was happening to be told my order had been cancelled as ‘Opel Telecom’ had refused to allow the transition! I thanked them for not letting me know, reminded them I was trying to run a business and refused their offer of trying again to wait another “10 days” to see whether a second shot might be successful.
    I now know Opel telecom to be the service that operates XLN telecom and is Part of the Carphone Warehouse which (and the mind boggles) as is Talk Talk. So in effect they were turning down their own business - with that in mind I decided to steer clear of those bimbling fools and go for the only other service I could think of that might offer human English non-recorded support for other departments than just billing! So I called the overly expensive bandwidth throttling ISP known as BT!
    I spoke to a chap who appeared very sympathetic to my situation. He said that BT could take over the line (again within 10 days) and that I could keep my existing business telephone number. I asked him if I would lose broadband for a time as Talk Talk had stated but he said that would only be for a maximum of about an hour while the line was switched. Great!
    10 days later the BT business router had still not arrived although I had been emailed all of my login details and new BT Click email addresses with passwords. I could also log into my BT account online although the only details it had were my name and address and it was unable to track my order from the order number provided by BT.
    So I called BT and no one had a clue what I was talking about and I had mislaid the name of the person I had spoken to originally. They also could not trace me through my phone number as it was still with XLN and for some reason the fact that I had applied for it to come ‘back to BT’ with this new order it was not being tagged to anything on BT’s systems. Now I was worried again.
    After 40 minutes of being passed from department to department and once being cut off I was put through to the residential sales department. Although up until this point I had made it quite clear to every BT rep I had spoken to that I was a new business customer it turned out to be a good thing as the woman had a glimmer of intelligence and traced my order through my mobile phone number that I had provided when I first called. This was some progress but although she had located me her computer would not show her any further information as it was only accessible by the BT business sales department!
    27 minutes later I spoke to a lady called Jane who was very pleasant and promised she would find out what was going on while I was on hold. Within a short while she returned to say that the chap I had ordered the service with did not complete a necessary document, went on holiday and my order was cancelled!
    I can honestly say I have never felt so stressed on the telephone before as I have dealing with this XLN transfer and at this point didn’t know if I was raging with anger or in total despair. It’s not like I need internet to watch stupid You Tube blooper videos and a phone to bitch to my mates about Eastenders, my entire income that I use to support my wife and 3 children family relies on it working and it is the backbone of my successful 5 year old I.T business.
    Jane said I had 2 options, either a new line installed or another shot at taking over the existing one but this time she would do it correctly.
    Well to me at this time it seemed almost crazy to risk another order being cancelled so after confirming with Jane that my existing 5 year old business number could be transferred to the new line when installed and that I would not lose any service in the mean while I agreed to have it installed and she booked an engineer for 28th November to come and install it.
    She advised me that it would be free installation if I took out a contact for a five year term to which I agreed and told me that BT Openreach would start working on the transfer within a few days. I didn’t realize it was so much of a complicated task and stupidly assumed it would be a case of pulling 2 wires out of a terminal block at the exchange and putting them in another. I believe it’s called ‘Porting a copper pair’ in BT jargon as I recall an Openreach engineer telling me once. It didn’t take 3 days in the 1930’s for a switchboard lady to plug in 2 Dolly plugs so I can’t help wonder why it does now!
    An hour later there was a knock on my door and there stood 2 BT Openreach engineers in yellow high visibility vests and equipped with a measuring wheel device. WOW that is what you call service and for a fleeting moment I felt like the sun had come through the clouds. Well just a moment though as it soon disappeared when he told me there was no room left in the junction box on next doors wall for a new line to be installed. Funny, I had imagined when the engineer arrived he would be up the telegraph pole while his mate fed new line from a spool in the big works van up to him then up a ladder on my house fitting the high tension bracket to the wall before drilling through the cavity wall and fitting and wiring a new master socket in my home. Not tacking 6 foot of domestic telephone cable to the mortar between the bricks and through the oversized existing hole BT drilled 5 years ago! Free installation if you take a contract for 5 years – How do you do it BT!
    Now as if that wasn’t bad enough the Openreach blokes are saying the 7 meters of pavement they would have to dig up (or realistically chase out in 15 minutes with an angle grinder) would incur fees not covered by the 5 year contract deal. He couldn’t give me a figure but when pushed he said, and I quote, “well you will be looking at an easy 4 figures!”
    I offered to dig up the 6 foot of front lawn on my property. I figured I could scrape enough of a saving out of that for a family trip to Disneyworld USA for a couple of months but told them I would call BT back instead. I then noticed a blacked out window in the BT van and I started to laugh and nudge the Openreach engineer playfully on the shoulder. Actually it wasn’t his bewildered look that convinced me to re-assess the situation but the sudden recollection of Mr. Beadle’s death last year. That is unless his soul was refused the transition from this life to the next by Opal Telecom? Need I say that didn’t really happen? I shall now return to the factual events!
    I suggested to the engineer that they could just ‘port the copper pair!’ of my existing line and put on the BT exchange, like if you have a terminal screwdriver and a spare 4 minutes to complete the mission. He said they could not do this as it had to be authorized by XLN Telecom first so I told him about the 6 weeks of technical support I had from XLN to cure the DSL broadband signal from dropping of my line every 15 minutes that could not be solved and the XLN email I have containing their digital signature and the content agreeing to release me from any contractual agreement terms of the service. He seemed in thought about this and said he would see what he could do and let me know. I never saw him again.
    After Openreach had left I immediately phoned Jane back. This time I had taken her name and phone number and not lost it. In fact I will never lose it as I had etched it into my oak desktop with my toe-nail while talking to her and the dried blood makes a noticeable highlighter. Sorry but if I don’t laugh at this it will destroy my soul and it only gets worse.
    At first I don’t think she actually believed me that the Openreach engineers had been round that quickly but I managed to persuade her as I didn’t know anyone would come before the 28th October anyway. Jane said that she was sure there would be no charge even though the Openreach engineers had been convinced of it. She suggested that we also try again to transfer my existing line and phone number from XLN to BT and provide BT business broadband. She said that she would personally keep an eye on it and not allow any charges to occur without first confirming them with me. However, at the time she said if they could transfer my existing line it would be quicker than waiting for the new installation and that if that happened it would automatically cancel the other order anyway. Great a plan! You think?
    About 10 days later (25th October) my Netgear broadband router would no longer connect to the internet. I had a feeling this might be down to BT although I was assured I would not lose the internet at any point before the 28th October. I tried to connect with the standard BT Home hub username ([email protected]) and no password for residential BT customers. I didn’t try the BT click login I was given as this was for the first order prior to speaking with Jane that was set up by Mr. Earn enough to go on holiday even though I can’t do my job right.
    The Home hub username connected me to the internet straight away and my XLN login no longer worked. Great, I thought things were finally progressing!
    Yesterday (26th October) at about 8am my 3 year old started getting a rash that we thought could have been measles which was concerning as she had had the MMR vaccination. My partner phoned the doctor on our landline to book an emergency appointment for the same day. The doctors receptionist said that she would phone back soon with an appointment time for us to take her in but over the next few hours the rash started to recede so we began to think it was something she ate or just one of those kid things. My partner was very upset though that our family doctor had failed to return the call for an appointment when it got to around 6pm.
    With a massive boom in work recently, the issues with the phone transfer and the feeling it was all in hand it had not dawned on me until late last night that my usually ‘ringing off the hook’ until 9pm business telephone had been silent for hours. With true fear and loathing and the knowledge my phone works as my partner had used it, I telephoned the BT engineering circuit test 17070 number. The automated reply was, “This circuit is defined as 013.......” not my phone number. Not a number I have ever seen before or been notified of or asked to change to and have only pointed out on each occasion to every person I have spoken to from every telecom company that no matter what happens or can’t happen my telephone number must not be changed as it is a business number connected to a 5 year old busy I.T firm with over 300 regular customers on file and months worth of advertising internet links on over a hundred high ranking websites including being at the very Top of Google and Google maps for related services in our area. That’s without mentioning the £1000 per year or so we spend in paid advertising with Yellow Pages, Yell.com, Scoot, 118 etc.
    Now I’m not angry or in despair but genuinely feel like crying as I am all of a sudden unemployed and likely face watching the successful business I love that my partner and I have fought to build in such a competitive market crumble away in front of us with nothing we can do about it.
    It was gone 7pm when I called BT yesterday but at least I’m a business customer and so get 24hr support right? I always knew that even though I worked from home and could get a much cheaper residential phone and internet package it was not worth risking if I needed fast support for the backbone of our business.
    It took forever to locate a business contact number from the BT website even when logged in with the BT Click account details my computer had saved that the first chump emailed to me. I thought it was just me not concentrating as I was virtually shaking with worry but I tried again today and clearly they make it difficult to find, hiding the phone number in a flash movie that you have to answer lots of pointless and irrelevant questions in a certain order before it is displayed. If you want to email them about anything though or you want to pay your bill, finding that contact information is a piece of piss!
    I rang the higher rate premium number to be told that I would have to call back at 8am the next morning as sales were dealing with my account and no one could help me at this time of night! I had to try and ask for some advice though or I wouldn’t be sleeping much that night but she assured me that all that would happen was a simple ‘port’ of my number from XLN to BT which can be arranged the next day. I didn’t sleep.
    The next day is today, well yesterday now I have been writing this for so long and when I called it took BT another 15 minutes trying to locate my account as I was still not showing as a BT customer. I explained that I no longer had my telephone number and that I was logged on to BT broadband because XLN no longer worked and that I was an experienced I.T professional but the woman still seemed to doubt what I was telling her for some time while faffing around with her keyboard.
    She put me through to someone else called Kieran with a heavy foreign accent who informed me that BT had not taken over the line yet. I told him I was calling him on the phone my number had disappeared from and he suddenly got more details. He told me I was not officially live yet for another 2 days. I told him I was told that would not happen. He apologized so sincerely for all the issues I had faced as they always do when they couldn’t care less.
    I was getting nowhere with that guy and according to him if it wasn’t impossible it would take months so I asked for a manager.
    A manager called Alan Ferris joined the 3 way call and again doubted I was even connected to BT although I was talking to them on their own system and number they transferred to my line without authorization. I then noticed my internet light was red on my router and got the ‘well that makes perfect sense, everything I am telling you is correct’ spill off of the ‘gobby’ salesman type geezer.
    I asked them if I had been allocated a BT login yet and Kieran came back on the line and read out a BT Click login and password for me to try. It was the same login on the first email I got from BT that holiday boy sent me and it connected straight away and has worked perfectly since.
    I voiced my major concern about my business number to Alan but got nothing except negative comments on getting my number back from XLN. He then went on to say that Opel Telecom had refused the number transfer from XLN for a second time and that it was not BT’s fault it had happened. Clearly he was just trying to wangle BT out of blame and didn’t give a damn about actually dealing with this issue or getting my number back and also forgetting to sound like he gives a s**t when apologising for closing down my business overnight. According to him he couldn’t even raise the issue of getting my number back from XLN for another 3 days then it would take the famous 10 days to do it and I would lose all my services and need to re-apply for them again.
    I felt a strong distrust of Alan from the moment I spoke to him and I had a feeling he was lying about Opel Telecom refusing the transfer. I also didn’t bother arguing with him that as I had always stated nothing should have gone ahead to put me in a position of losing my phone number. I told him I would keep the number and not to do anything about it as likely I will just end up with a dead line if he gets involved any further. I intend to call Jane today who originally put this through. She might have made a mistake possibly although you never know who to believe but she was certainly motivated to help and try and get things right.
    Hey..... And there’s more!
    I sat down for a cup of tea after that call and the post arrived. For some reason our postman comes at random times of day now and rarely in the mornings. There was a letter for me, from XLN. TERMINATION OF CONTRACT CANCELLATION FEE INVOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! £233.83!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Man I flipped like never in my life before and wanted nothing more than to go to XLN and the BT exchange and strangle all those clueless, useless (just imagine the other words as I can’t write them here – you won’t be far wrong) morons with their telephone cords until their last breath of oxygen has expired! Fortunately for them I’m not a psycho but someone will be one day and the way it’s looking it’s going to take that much of an incident to change the system! If indeed there is any system with ISP’s.
    I phoned XLN and I got to say, even from day 1 I have always been treated with genuine importance, always been identified within seconds, never been lied to or promised a call back that wasn’t returned and on time. There were so many calls too and the support tech, James really knew his stuff and did everything he could think of to resolve the faulty broadband. My personal opinion of XLN based on good experience is that it is their network that is crap and not their staff. Unfortunately that doesn’t help.
    Interestingly the XLN lady I spoke to is as positive as she can possibly be that Opel Telecom has not once had a request to release my line. She said that even if as BT claim it was applied for and rejected she would have ‘Stop Codes’ on her system and she states not ever previously seeing a situation where this has not happened before. And I’m kind of inclined to believe her.
    She had their support department run a line test because she was also convinced that I was not with BT and still with them. However the test came back as reporting an error at the exchange but then if BT have just pulled my line off XLN’s exchange and never notified them of it then that may explain the above. Another piece of evidence to suggest that may be the case is my old number still rings when you call it. Is it ringing at the exchange with nowhere to go?
    Anyway she is going to call me back today and I will be on the phone all day every day until I get my number back. Any advice you may have to offer is greatly welcomed and I hope this may have been an insight to someone else before ending up in n this situation.
    Hopefully there will come a time when I can post a happy ending to this awful situation

  • unhappy

    by Phillip Thorne at 3:59 on 25 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    Update on previous post:
    I am sad to say that the errors on my line returned within 2 days and have become much worse. Sometimes I now lose the internet for hours instead of minutes (funny enough it's gone again now for the 8th time tonight!)
    XLN have billed me now twice in under 2 months, the first bill for £76.00 and one today for £64.00. Only £14.00 was for call charges but XLN customer services refuses to refund me anymore than £17.00 for the faulty broadband.
    James ordered a 'lift & shift' at the exchange and it was completed a week ago. He has now said there is nothing left to do even though he can still see the constant drop-outs. He has agreed to release me from the contract without fees but that in no way makes me any happier about it.
    All I know is that in the nine years I have lived here (in town within one mile of BT exchange) and had broadband for 6 of those years, I have not had an issue this bad and especially not one that was irresolvable.
    I still rate James highly; he is a true professional but sadly seems to be the ONLY professional at XLN.
    I have included the email from James but edited his surname for his privacy.
    I would therefore strongly advise against anyone signing up with XLN and if you do and have the same problems you can expect to pay over one hundred pounds (with some ISP's) to transfer to them as XLN are on the 'New Gen' system that doesn't use migration codes.
    LOL! One hundred and eighty quid for less than two months of awful broadband! Jesus’!
    James final email:

    Hello Mr Thorne,

    I am truly sorry that I could not fix this connection problem and I also cannot see a way forward from here as we have essentially checked the entire network and still the fault exists. Due to this I am releasing you from any contractual agreements with XLN telecom meaning that you will not be paying any cancellation fees. I would have contacted you by phone but I am out of the office until Tuesday. Thank you very much for the kind words its always great to hear some feedback (it is always a lot easier with a very co-operative and knowledgeable end user!) and I wish you all the best in the future, as for me I am returning to New Zealand shortly to begin post-graduate studies in computer and information science and a warm summer . One small piece of advice if you are by chance changing to any supplier using CPW’s LLU Networks (The Carphone Warehouse) you will be on the same network, so it is advisable to try another supplier to see if this will rectify the issue.

    Kind regards,

    Hi James

    Well it is continuing to persist and I’m pretty much convinced that it is simply because XLN are s**te! Next time I should ‘Google’ the company ratings before signing up. Had I of done that with XLN I wouldn’t have gone any further!
    I have signed up with another ISP now as it now looks certain there can be no other resolve to this.
    However I do thank you for your professional assistance and returning calls when you said you would. In the 4 years I have been dealing with my customers various ISP’s I have not spoken to someone with anywhere near a hint of your knowledge. Personally I think you’re wasted there and think it safe to say there are bigger wage packets easily within your reach elsewhere.
    Anyway thanks again and good prospects to you.

    Kind regards,

    Phillip Thorne.
    Dorchester Computer Repairs

  • neutral

    by Phillip Thorne at 10:42 on 14 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    I always had DSL issues on my line but they appeared to stop when we subscribed to the Post Office for broadband. We then decided to move to a new provider as the Post Office (as good as they were) only offered an 8Mb service. We found XLN who offered an 'up to 20Mb' service so decided to give them a try.
    Within hours of going live the old DSL dropping in and out problems re-emerged so I contacted XLN and was put through to a chap called James on the technical service team. Over the course of a week and a half he tested my line, phoned me back on my mobile with the results when he said he would, each and every time, arranged an engineer visit that arrived on time and fortunately I got an Open reach engineer that was a professional more concerned with the job in hand than being late for his lunch!
    The engineer (Mark for Dorchester) couldn't find any faults but replaced my phone socket with a more modern one and re-terminated the cables in two of the street boxes.
    James spoke to the engineer while he was here and said that the errors on my line went to the lowest they have been late last night, although the reason for this seems to be unknown.
    My position now is a solid fault free 10Mb line speed (All my neighbours only get 8Mb or lower) and James is going to call in 2 days to check the results. If there are further problems he is going to have my line moved to a different circuit on their server at the exchange.
    This is my experience of XLN and I have never seen such professional service from any ISP before which includes all of the well known ones. I am also an I.T engineer so my experience in dealing with them is higher than most peoples.
    I have read allot of bad press about XLN and kicked myself initially for not researching this first. I'm sure they must have been pretty bad at some point but as far as I am concerned and with that level of technical support I will continue with their service for as long as I require broadband and telephone.
    Thank you Mark and James for your professionalism and getting the job done well and in good time.

  • unhappy

    by Bankonit at 23:50 on 8 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    Advantages: It's all negative! Should not even get 1 star, utterly dreadful
    Disadvantages: Very slow speeds, hidden charges, poor customer service, no customer support, expensive
    We moved to XLN Broadband as they informed us of a decent package they were offering. The deal was not particularly good but unfortunately we live in an area where there is not much choice.

    I will try to highlight some of the reasons why you should avoid this company. I stress that you should do absolutely your utmost to avoid this company. Even the likes of BT and AOL and much much better than XLN. XLN are easily the worst internet provider that I have ever encountered.

    The company purports to offer competitive packages and even compares other companies on their website to show the benefits of going with XLN. Do not believe this as it is completely false and based on selective information. Firstly, they conveniently do not show that they charge you an extortionate fee for a router (more if you want a wifi router) this compares to the others which give them free with their packages. XLN charges 3 times the retail price and if you decide not to buy they will state that you will not get any customer support at all. This is bully tactics, either buy their expensive gear or receive no customer support (which is terrible by the way).

    Furthermore, XLN will add extra charges to your account even if you explicitly state that all you want is broadband. These are usually hidden on your bill as indescript items which you will need call to find out about. They offer no freephone or local rate lines so anytime you call the expense will rack up as they enjoy keeping you on hold (usually until you hangup). When you discover, these hidden charges they will not remove them as they want you to write to them to get such charges removed. No an email will not do, you will have to post a letter with proof of postage and then they will cancel these hidden charges after 30 days. This is theft!

    XLN were awful in this regard as they failed to tell us when our account was going to go live (we were migrating from AOL). They provided us with no deals regarding account name, password so we literally could not use the service. After phoning they stated they had sent two letters but these letters had no details but were just spam. Remember, you get no customer support unless you buy their extortionate router.

    In our area we can get about 8mb confirmed by BT, XLN and what we were roughly getting when we used AOL. For the first few days, the service was about as good as AOL. However, after those few days the speeds have been terrible and can in no way be described as broadband. It reminds me of the 56k days! There is absolutely no chance of using services like iplayer, youtube unless you want to wait hours for it to buffer. This is no joke, it is reality with XLN. The speeds are no way near what you'd expect or should receive. It is completely unacceptable!
    Despite opting for their most expensive package, they seem to be restricting speeds or just offering a substandard service as the speeds make browsing very difficult. I have gone to using my phone on 3G as it is faster.

    The service is not just occasionally slow, it is continually slow. We are using it as a home connection but I feel sorry for business users as the service is not capable.

    Incompetence and being on hold is what you will receive. You'll get used to spending an hour on hold and getting passed from pillar to post to be finally told that there are no problems and you are just imagining it! I'm sorry but when the 24mb line you purchased is incapable of using youtube and struggles with browsing then there is something wrong.

    Unsurprisingly, they do not offer any trial period which you can cancel. Furthermore, if you do want to cancel, then you will have to pay for the entire length of the package which is 2 years and on top of this you will have to pay a cancellation charge.

    A completely pathetic company which should be bankrupt as they are beyond terrible. Abysmal service and speeds at the best of times. Do not use this company as I can not stress how rubbish they are. If you do not believe me, then google the company you will see complaints and negative reviews are the only thing this company is good at!

    Just got off the phone to find why video streaming like youtube does not work unless you let it buffer for an hour. The response I got was that BT have pulled back the speeds on this as it is deemed not business use. So, I spoke to BT and they say this is complete nonsense and that you are free to use this service and you should be getting your correct speeds when accessing these services whether you are a home or business user.

    UPDATE (AUG 2010)
    The awful service reaches new heights! I am on an unlimited business package for my broadband. Yet, they still feel the need to send me a letter saying they will restrict my speeds as I am taking too much bandwidth (I have yet to exceed 20gb per month!). I thought an unlimited business package would give me piece of mind, not a hole in the head!

    I though ISP such as BT, NTL, AOL were bad. XLN Telecom reaches new heights and is easily the worst Telecoms provider you will ever use. I am just ashamed that I have to run down a 2 year contract with them before I can switch. Which I most certainly will be doing!

    UPDATE 2 (AUG 2010)
    Have just been advised that I should not use youtube, BBC iplayer, 4OD, Hulu, any streaming sites. Despite, being on their top unlimited broadband package, I was advised that using these sites are considered abuse on their fair use policy!

    What utter rubbish! I challenge you to find a worse broadband provider, I simply do not think it is possible!

    UPDATE (SEPT 2010)
    Complained about extremely slow speeds (similar to 56k!) and was advised not to use the internet at peak times. I can not believe this I am on their top unlimited fastest package.

    I think I should notify Trading Standards and OfCom

  • unhappy

    by Russell Mitchell at 22:45 on 23 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    This service was here when I moved into this property they offered me 8mb broadband which seemed attractive at the time since then the speed has dropped to sometimes less than 300kb and the upload speed is not even worth mentioning. Im paying a lot of money for this so called service which they rant about being supreme and having Bt Openreach engineers to service the lines should you have any problems!!!! well It makes me laugh I have contacted BT to complain about a post code mismatch that sky picked up when I tried to change my supplier and they dont even reconise my number!!! and would not talk to me due to not being a BT customer, XLN say there is no post code problem so where do you go from that???

  • neutral

    by A at 11:42 on 25 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    We have XLN broadband at our commercial premises.
    I do not recommend it. It may be cheaper, but the upload speed is crap. If you want to watch your CCTV over the internet it is too slow.
    Also have to restart the router a lot. And we have bought brand new routers still have that problem.

  • unhappy

    by MZ at 15:13 on 8 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    We got XLN for our office, and the connection is absolutley diabolical to say the least! many times unable to send email, even from webmail!!! trying to configure other services so can access remotely useless!! their upload seems to be utterly useless!!! and new we try to cancel they telling us it's going to cost almost £200!!!! crazy or what!!!

  • unhappy

    by Amish at 23:55 on 29 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    I got a xln telephone line and never had any problems with them, so i changed my isp from bt to xln broadband as xln offered me cheap rates. However there internet service is shocking, they say you get a 8mbs service, but at times the speed drops to 1mbs. My router kept restarting, i thought it was a faulty router so i purchased a new one...still the same thing happens. I called xln and they tried to help me solve my problem, i still lose internet connection every 20 minutes or so.

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