Broadband Genie Features

  • What is satellite broadband?

    by Matt Powell

    Sky has been beaming TV into our homes via satellite since the 90s, and more recently it got into the broadband game with no small degree of success. So if you hear the phrase satellite broadband, Sky... more »

  • What is Wi-Fi?

    by Matt Powell

    You’ll be familiar with its yin-yang logo from the ubiquitous stickers advertising public internet access in pubs, hotels and coffee shops across the UK. But what actually is Wi-Fi?... more »

  • What is wireless broadband? A beginner’s guide to wireless internet options

    by Matt Powell

    What is wireless broadband? Wireless broadband is a connection that doesn't use cables. This may refer to Wi-Fi networking, or the broadband service itself. Wireless broadband... more »