Internet users don’t care about the financial impact of blocking ads

New research has added further concern for web businesses fighting off the growing trend of users activating ad blockers with findings that show the majority of internet users don’t care about the financial impact, with many saying they’re unwilling to financially support a site using alternative methods, and more than half concerned about advertising posing a security threat.

  • 82% said they're not concerned about the financial impact ad blockers can have on businesses.
  • 67% said they wouldn’t be interested in alternative financing methods in place of advertising.
  • 43% found ads on a mobile device more annoying than on a desktop, with intrusiveness cited as the main reason.
  • 59% said they believe ads pose a security threat.
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Research carried out by the independent broadband, TV and mobile switching site Broadband Genie has revealed that 82% of internet users aren’t concerned about the financial impact ad blockers can have on businesses, whilst 67% said they wouldn’t consider alternative funding methods such as subscriptions.

The research comes about as there is a growing concern among internet businesses that ad blocker software is starting to have a serious impact on their revenues. This concern has increased recently with Apple now allowing ad blocking apps on iOS devices, which could potentially lead to even more mobile users shutting ads out. 

Broadband Genie’s survey also revealed that users find ads more annoying on mobile (43%) due to the ads being more intrusive than on desktop (35%).

Rob Hilborn, head of strategy at Broadband Genie, says: “The number of people using ad blockers has seen huge growth over the last few years, and site operators are becoming increasingly concerned about the difference this could have on their bottom line. Many sites have even started displaying messages asking users to allow ads when browsing their site, or even gone to the extreme of blocking ad blocking users altogether.

Worryingly, more than half of users (59%) believe ads pose a security threat, which is unlikely to support the argument for not activating ad blockers.

“Ad delivery companies and marketers need to do a better job of serving high quality, relevant and safe ads to users. Rebuilding trust and taking the frustration of seeing irrelevant ads away should be a top priority if these companies are serious about trying to curb the growth of ad blockers. At the end of the day, ad blockers have only become popular because users are dissatisfied with what’s currently being displayed.”

Notes to editors:

2,501 internet users from across the country were surveyed. The research was conducted online between the 15 – 23 September 2015. The full data is available here:

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