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  • neutral

    by Johnnie322 at 22:51 on 18 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Bought my 3 mobile dongle from Tesco........spent hours patiently touring round trying to get a signal.
    Realised I'd wasted £40!
    Tried Orange.......fantastic.....brilliant coverage........anyone can have my 3 for free !

  • unhappy

    by Amy Wai at 18:53 on 16 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Had a modem for roughly four months on a 30-day rolling contract and was promised 7.2 mbps couldnt complain at first as it hitting nearer the 8.1mbps which is super fast for my little net book, and now its more customer service is dreadful and useless, its impossible to cancel although a 30 day cancellation policy and the speed has dropped to 1.2, and thats at its best during night time in a city centre location. During peak times i'll be lucky to get 0.7mbps and all customer services do is mock you for having no intelligence and avoid in anyway possible to give a half arsed decent solution. Thank you, 3, but i'll have you know OFT and OFCOM aren't going to be very happy...

  • neutral

    by Paul at 1:20 on 12 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Well I finally got my 'dreaded' laptop today. I have to say I'm extremely impressed. All the bad reviews I've heard of 3 have not happen to me at all. I have a great 4 to 6mbps connection all the time which is more than adequate. I even had a nice email from a staff member after asking a question who offered me a £10 off voucher for 3 for the future. So all in all I now have a great laptop,connection and fingers cross no problems with 3 what so ever

  • happy

    by Andy at 19:40 on 6 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Had Three mobile running for a week now and it seems great for me. I live out in the country and have had Sky for a year charging £17.50 a month with speeds ranging from 3mb to .25mb. Three has been up to 6mb and has not yet fallen below 2.8mb at peak times. For £15 a month for 15GB, well happy. Sky already cancelled .....

  • neutral

    by Paul at 4:07 on 5 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Well,first off cheers Daniel. Apparently it's on it way from 3 (laptop and dongle) but after all the bad reviews I've heard I wish u hadn't bothered. I've constantly ripped mates having a 3 network mobile fone and I think I've set myself up for a fall. It's a £35 a month deal but apparently even if I send the gear back within the 14 days ( which I've read from many is almost impossible) I'll still get a bill for first month,admin fee AND a cancelation fee? Probably close to £100 I'm guessing? Which is part way to a mid range laptop anyway. Hmm...I guess time will tell,but gotta say I feel very uneasy now.

  • neutral

    by colin shaw at 6:53 on 4 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Dont waste your money on 3 broadband, everywhere we took the laptop ther was no service. Vodaphone much bettter.

  • neutral

    by Daniel Macedo da Silva at 22:44 on 3 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Hi .Paul. I wish you all the best with this company their customer number Is:
    0843 373 3333 - for any 3 mobile question.
    0843 373 0500 - for any mobile broadband question.
    I hope you gonna have better luky than me, because their numbers just work for sell products.

  • neutral

    by Paul at 15:55 on 3 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Went for the laptop deal with 3 last month but nothing has arrived yet. Could anyone give me a customer call number where I can speak to a human? I'm going to get charged soon and would like to either cancel or discuss the matter. Cheers

  • unhappy

    by Rod Spinks at 20:00 on 28 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    I use my 3 dongle with my laptop.Surfing the web its very good,BUT as soon as I try to send emails it go's of line and I have to keep dialing up?
    Please advise

  • happy

    by Gino at 19:22 on 20 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    Just had a text from 3 mobile to say how they have vastly improved the service they provide, does this mean they are getting better at telling lies? the service is getting worse not better, or perhaps they are sending their staff to english lessons so that they can actually know what people are saying when they complain about the rotten service they receive, the one good thing about the text is it makes me laugh just thinking about their claims

  • unhappy

    by Daniel Macedo da Silva at 23:37 on 10 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    Finally I had someone from the 3 custumer services awnser my calls. Their English wasn't the best one I ever heard but at least I could let them know if they want more money from me they must take me to the court.
    It's pathetic after 18 months contract they charge you money to be free from them.
    Please everyone be VERY carefull with the contracts.

  • neutral

    by matthew at 6:39 on 7 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    I have dongles with o2 , Vodafone and three. The 3 network is the only one I can rely on to work and keep me connected whilst travelling round Derbyshire. At home I have no land line and use 3 mifi unit. again no network problems. the call centres do need sorting out though. We in Britain like to moan. We have very good mobile services compared to many places. We would be upset if these companies placed towers on every street and to get the coverage some people expect at 2300 frequency range that's what would be needed.

  • unhappy

    by Daniel Macedo da silva at 1:16 on 29 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I am one of those people who had the bad idea of to be a costumer of this company wich tey call themselves the best in the mobile broadband.
    I did a contract of 18 months and every time I exceeded my allowance they never send me a message to advising me I was over and in the end of the month I had to pay four times more than the contract.
    My big problems started when I tried contact the costumer services they never answer,
    because of this in the end of the 18 months I cancelled the direct debit.
    Now they keep send letters telling me I've got an outstanding balance and every month
    they add more money to it.
    Every one must be very carefully with this company.

  • unhappy

    by Will at 16:16 on 28 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I was talked into this 15GB deal for £15 by a salesperson and singed a 2 year contract. I must say this has come to be the biggest mistake ever. After not even a month of use I realised my account balance is £90, already gone over the 15 GB limed. The salesperson convinced me it’s currently the best deal available, that turns out not to be true. The broadband speed is pathetic and not at all what is advertised. There customer service in India will take years off your life. They really should change their name to 3 rip-offs. My advices do not ever get involve with this company or even think of getting the 15GB deal. If you already in a contract and want to get out stop your debit order and take them to court!

  • unhappy

    by disgusted at 13:30 on 27 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    Again no service. Since the England game with slovenia i living in north london have had mostly no service. I hope i get to this review without a break in it. Having spoken to India of all places they have no idea what i am talking about. They fooled me into buying for 3 months and when you buy extra its only one month. Clearly the carphone warehouse contravenes the trade description act. Please tell me which is the best provider.

  • happy

    by TonyStrud at 12:52 on 26 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I've been reading these posts with some interest as they mostly do not reflect the experience I've had using my 3 Dongle. I got the pay-G dongle as a freebie when I purchased a netbook from Argos.

    I must admit that I only use it sparodically when I'm travelling and then mostly during normal working but I can say that I've not experienced the dropping of the connection like many have commented on. Yes I've found the speed to be slow but I never expected it to be anything like what I have at home. The only connection problems I've experience were in a location near Hull and on an RAF base where no dongles seems to work.

    I've not had cause to call customer service so I cannot comment on how they perform but when then sent out an upgrade for the dongle it installed with no problem.

  • happy

    by tedster at 22:08 on 25 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    Dunno what you guys are moaning about , i've had my dongel aprox 12 mths , and have had NO problems at all , as a matter of fact they are the only company whos service works in my part of cornwall , i connect everytime and stay connected for as long as i want , no problems or issues at all , and the free laptop is awesome , very pleased with the whole deal , cheap and works what more does anyone want :) .

  • happy

    by Tommy Maher at 16:58 on 23 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    3 are really,really poor, very slow, patchy reception, poor quality, poor customer relations, poor website, poor checking system for amount MB/timeyou have left. Inb short v poor
    They ought to be investigated for selling a service which often doesnot work.
    Look for another provider

  • unhappy

    by Tim Robinson at 23:07 on 20 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    Isnt it funny that 3 can find many, many thousands of pounds to "boast" about how they are "improving their network" with a new TV advertising campaign, that I am sure will draw even more people onto their already overcrowded network. And where exactly are these improvements taking place ? Certainly not where I am, or anybody else I know who is in the unfortunate situation of being with this bunch of cowboys. Same problems as many other people here have stated, pitifully slow speeds which make dial-up look fast, and the inability to stay connected for any kind of reasonable time. And of course its the same old response from their so called, script based "customer support", "It can't possibly be anything wrong with our network, it must be your computer". Personally I am sick and tired of this company and I am no longer going to put up with it. I am no longer going to pay for a service that is so blatantly misadvertised any more. Therefore I am cancelling my direct debit arrangement and I look forward to seeing them in court. In fact I'm really going to enjoy it.

  • neutral

    by Ed Brumby at 18:27 on 11 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I would like to communicate with Brian re 3 mobile in the Elgin area. I have just bought a pay as you go and am having problems. 3 mobile have been very good, but I would like to discuss issues with Brian. I haven't used this system before so hope ok.
    edbrumby [at] btconnect.com

  • unhappy

    by Owen at 17:15 on 7 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I am a 3 mobile phone customer & have just upgraded my phone because I have been generally pretty happy with the company over the last 2 years. I also had mobile internet with 3 for 2 years a while ago and admittedly the speeds were slow.
    The new special deal of £15 a month for 15GB they tried to seel me when i was upgrading my phone seems like great value but having read these reviews there is no way I'm going near it! If its slow now its only gonna get slower when more & more people are taken in by this seemingly amazing deal and thereby increase levels of traffic even more.

  • happy

    by Mike Dean at 16:55 on 6 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I was having problems with my dongle reception but i went to a site called www.antennasonline.co.uk this sorted my problem. Highly recommended.

  • happy

    by Ged Haywood at 11:06 on 3 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I just asked a question on the "3 Live" online chat service. All I asked was if they support Linux.

    After waiting an hour for a reply I asked if they should be called "3 Comatose".

    Of course I also told them that I would be looking elsewhere.

    I was very happy to have found out how bad their customer service is before I made the mistake of becoming a customer.

  • unhappy

    by Skulli at 11:51 on 29 May 2010 Report abuse

    actually very disapointed, have had it for few months now and only first few weeks were acceptable. rest of the time, mostly cant even connect, even snail is quicker than this speed or loose connection after few minutes been connected. Now stuck with the contract and dont really know what to do.rubbish!

  • unhappy

    by P. George Stewart at 21:32 on 27 May 2010 Report abuse

    I can't express how awful this so-called "broadband" service is. I'm on PAYG, and I've lived in two places in the past year that are supposed to have excellent coverage, and in both places the service has been absolutely abysmal during peak hours. The curious thing is, between around 2 and 4 am, it's actually quite good - it streams ok and you can even play an MMO on it - but between 7 and 11 pm, forget it, it's just useless for all but the most basic text-based web browsing and email. Forget about BBC or YouTube. This disparity between the early hours and peaks hours seems to suggest there's something fishy going on. I mean, one might reasonably expect not to get high download speeds at peak hours, but one might reasonablly expect to watch low resolution YouTube clips and such, if the bars are full and it says "HDSPA" - or are my expectations too high? I don't think so. I fear the truth is this company is greedy and doesn't give a toss.

  • unhappy

    by Donny at 19:37 on 27 May 2010 Report abuse

    I had the worst experience with 3, i got into a contract with them and soon had to move places and at the new place the coverage wasnt that good. tried complaining to them spending over 100 GBP out of my own pocket and nothing. they claim 3g coverage in that area but its not true. Had to end the contract and ended up coughing up the whole contract amount. totally unfair business practices. Despite paying the full contract amount they demand an extra 15 GBP to unlock the dongle.

  • unhappy

    by BRIAN at 16:06 on 26 May 2010 Report abuse

    I bought a 3G PAYG Broadband dongle, E1550 via Tesco to use on my laptop when visiting customer’s houses in the Elgin area. I loaded everything onto my Dell Windows 7 Laptop. The software would declare No Signal, but modem would show constant blue light. Unloaded software and re-loaded same again.

    I contacted the Broadband help desk by telephone and spoke with a person for about an hour with not one bit of problem being solved, the statement being by the help desk person, “what do you suggest " and after that I was hung up on.

    The bottom line was that I did a tad of research and found new software, loaded it and way ho, got it working. Points scored

    Me 10
    Help Desk -100

  • neutral

    by Ryan at 13:45 on 25 May 2010 Report abuse

    Well I don't know what the fuss is about, 3 customer service is a little annoying in terms of some of the advisors English, however the products are better value for money than anywhere and the speed, I use my 3 sim on my iPhone and then speed os rapid, almost everywhere I go, I also had a 3 laptop, the speed was great however the actual single hardware was rubbish. My personal opinion is 3 are a good company and don good for me

  • unhappy

    by Robert Westwood at 22:56 on 23 May 2010 Report abuse

    When i joined 3 earlier this year i could not have asked for a better service! I must have been have been wearing rose coloured specs or something as since march [coinciding with the "improved service" upgrade] i have nothing but trouble, days on end with no service, unstable connection etc. 6 weeks of hell so far,even as i write this trying in vain to listen to internet radio, i only 128 kbs but my usage moniter is saying 34 kbs. I contacted 3, they sent me a new dongle. Amazing! no improvement whatsoever. Worst of all i am tied into a 2 year contract at £40 a month. It is disgusting to sell a contract on a network that is not up to the job!

  • unhappy

    by Anonymous at 22:18 on 20 May 2010 Report abuse

    This is pathetic. For 6 days 'there has been an issue with the network', and connection drops roughly every 10-20 seconds. It's only at non peak times such as 4am in the morning where the internet is semi workable.

    Current download speeds at 300kb/s, which is bloody pathetic for a so called 'broadband' service. What's worse is where the the signal decides to drop for a millisecond and boom, reconnect. And it has to open the 3g site everytime it disconnects too!

    Eugh, pretty sick of this company.

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