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  • unhappy

    by k. Bacon at 17:56 on 3 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Ive been looking for another network other than three as i have been having so many problems with mine and just came across this site and can see i am not the only one having this problem with my mobile modem, i too canot stay on the internet for longer than a few minutes each time without having to shut down my modem and reconnecting it. its a joke have been sent a replacement and nothing has changed at the moment ive been told they will do what they can . After 3 days they DID ring me back to say its not a minor problem its major and will need 21 days to sort it. Ive given them one more week and if not satisfied am cancelling my contract which they have agreed to do ! Diabolical service

  • unhappy

    by dmacdotcom at 10:55 on 3 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I am so sick of this. I bought the 3 dongle for a brand new netbook in Nov 09, now 03/03 and connection keeps dropping every 20 seconds to 2 mins...Sent away dongle and recieved a replacement with exactly same problem. In PH1 postcode and about 200 meters away from transmitter. Tried it on another brand new laptop at different location and exactly the same. 3 trying to say it's my computer. I'm lucky I can stay online long enough to write this. FED UP!

  • unhappy

    by barbara busby at 12:16 on 2 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I can't praise the staff about their helpfulness but the dongle network is dreadful. If you live in surbiton or cobham don't even consider it. The problem is that when the network is bad it freezes your computer. Many people I have spoken to, including those in PC world have advised me against it, never agian, complete waste of money.

  • happy

    by daniel green at 6:35 on 28 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    i cant praise 3 enoughh, i live in a town thats in the middle of nowhere and 3 are the only network with 3g coverage, i always have a 4-5 bars of signal and norm get at least 1.5meg of download speed, i browse the web for various things everyday and find 15 for 3gig payg is more than suficent, i norm still have 400 mb left and the end of the monthi think once in a year i have had the signal drop, a lot of people slaten 3 saying there bad but i think if u get the signal then its great

  • unhappy

    by Fionnuala at 10:14 on 24 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    I purchased the 3 mobile broadband with the laptop, and initially the internet was great. Well, ok, it was slow, but it worked fine for all I needed it for. But I moved house, into an area that they highlighted as having excellent service. And NOTHING. No signal, no nothing! After 6 attempts to get through to their customer service and not get hung up on, I spoke to a guy who said I should try standing outside as the house might block the signal. Stand outside?! With my laptop in the rain?! And he was deadly serious! So I have been paying for this internet that doesn't work!
    Stay well clear of 3, their broadband is, in a word, awful. Their customer service is a joke, and they have no concern for their customers. It is all about the money! Stay away!!!!!

  • neutral

    by steph at 9:14 on 24 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    Was very happy with service, then moved house. I knew this before signing up, so checked BOTH old and new addresses, now have AWFUL reception, 2 weeks with no coverage! Customer services were VERY hlpful, but offered no refund, instead telling me to go into a coverage area to use. Not very good advice. Lower the taffif then cancel.

  • neutral

    by Jay at 0:34 on 22 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    I have used 3 USB on Pay as you go for 6 months and surprisingly i've been getting a realtime speed of 3 MBPS (better than my home BB AOL 1.2 mbps). It is relative to which area you are in and how many people are connected to the same cell tower (mast). My modem is 3.6 mbps capable so i guess its the best ive ever got untill....i installed win 7 and it just does not want to send and recieve data. Customer service has given me 40£ credit thay sort it out in MONTHS!!. so im using T-MOBILE which is more or less runs on 0.5 to 1 mbps if im lucky at times. so for me t-mobile sucks!!

  • unhappy

    by r.hawksworth at 14:32 on 19 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    I did have the 3 dongle and it was absolutly useless! I had alot of trouble trying to cancel the contract, they have bad customer service and the internet never worked at all, even though i was in the best possible area to receive it!
    My advice is, stay well clear of 3.

  • neutral

    by Alison at 15:15 on 16 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    its rubbish worse than the old dial up. it is only ok for business and students if all you do with it is surf web pages and email even then it can be annoyingly slow. but as a home usage thingy i found it next to useless.i dont give a flying rats ass if they wreck my credit rating for 5 years when i refuse to pay them anymore for this rubbish so i have cancelled the dd and let them chase me.

  • happy

    by Peter at 22:37 on 6 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    I have had mobile internet from 3 for 18 months. Initiallly it was rubbish. Then I bought a different dongle (hauaweii 156 or something) after my friend pressed on the original dongle and broke it. The software was different and immediatley I had a big improvemnet.

    Its not as good as my house where I get 2mb but works fine out and about. I have a house in Cornwall with no bars showing at all and it still works quite ok - not brilliant but acceptable.

    I think its good, its also very cheap I got a deal for £7.50 for 3gb a month as long as I keep a phone with them.

    Come on complainers, this is mobile internet over a phone network, theres bound to be some downside. In my expereince it drops connection frequently when you have a poor signal. In my house in Cornwall I bought a 3G repeater for £190 on eBay and I have 4 bars now and it never drops the signal.


  • unhappy

    by Richard at 9:25 on 6 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    I've had 3 mobile PAYG broadband for about 4 months and it is rubbish. I can't watch video clips or listen to music because it is so slow, even though I'm supposed to be in a good coverage area, so no youtube or BBCi player. It just cuts off when ever it feels like it even though its telling me I'm still connected. In peak times you are lucky if your pages will load. I could do a better service with a piece of string and two tin cans. Please avoid at all costs, total waste of money and dont expect any help from the call center when you complain, that is if they even answer your call.

  • unhappy

    by John Crittenden at 13:22 on 1 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    What a con! I was sold £mobile PAYG for connection throughout europe. No problem the salesman said...just keep your balance in credit...and it was. I have just returned from 4 months in a motorhome touring thru France, Switz, Italy and Spain and I can honestly say I have never made a successful connection. I have a brand new laptop, so the hardware is the latest. You can't even contact the company to ask a question unless you use a landline and then they keep you waiting so long you give up! DON'T buy a 3 mobile dongle to use abroad. They don't work

  • happy

    by Christian at 9:31 on 27 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I live in the North West and have had a 1 month rolling contract for 5 months and I can't complain. I get over 3Mb speed for download which is really good I believe, upload speed is down to 30Kb unfortunately.
    I visit my parents in the South East now and again and although the signal is better I can hardly connect during the day. So I guess it depends on the traffic in the area were you live. So I would test it in your area first and if not go with other provider. I got a good deal 15 pounds for 5GB on a 1 month contract so can cancel anytime, thank goodness to rolling contracts, while their around never getting into long term contracts again with anything because a better offer may appear.
    Good luck.

  • unhappy

    by Paul at 23:07 on 26 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    SIgned up with 3 mobile broadband. £20 a month for 15gb and am only getting 0.16mbps at peek time.

    They are not getting a penny from me for such a rubbish service.


  • neutral

    by mr fox at 9:10 on 21 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    i was on 3 [hutchinson] they removed the mast from my area with out telling me so i asked OFCOM for advice, they said 3 were not providing a service so i could cancell my contract which i did no problems with 3 when i produced the papers from OFCOM. people in ireland are having the same problem with this firm and are taking them to court

  • unhappy

    by Steven Fed at 22:31 on 20 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I'm with 3 mobile from their beginning as the money for mints is good. Their mobile coverage around London was kind of bad indoors and they had strange issues like not delivering sms texts to some networks in Europe until 2009... For the past year and half was without coverage for several different weeks due to maintenance work and masts upgrades in London N4. If I needed an ambulance I would be dead by now. This got better but still whenever I am left a voicemail most of the time I don't get any message to inform me of it.

    Now I got pay-go 3 broadband in September 09 attracted by the prices and by the fact that I new they had upgraded the masts in my area - London N4. The mast are at the top of a high building down the street. Big mistake!

    Using their recommended site to test the speed, http://www.speedtest.bbmax.co.uk/, average download speeds of 100-200kbps. And again in October 09 for two weeks was without internet and mobile connection as they did, once more, work on the masts.

    After that got downloads of 600kbps and that was one day miracle. Average download speeds were 200-400kbps and 50kps upload maximum (this at 1 am, otherwise from 6pm to 12 impossible to be online).

    Go on holidays, come back 4 weeks later in January 10, it connects however doesn't load any pages. 6 very long calls to India: some calls disconnect and you have to phone again and explain everything from the beginning; sometimes difficult accents to understand; being put on hold for minutes; being read scripts and ask to do this and that; some of the corrections they try you to do are not properly scripted for Firefox on Mac and therefore are not in the places they insist they should be...

    Was then sent a new dongle, same problem... Call again. Was sent a new sim card, same problem... (each of them arrived in two working days which was great, but the problem still remains).

    In the meantime 3 program messed up my network preferences and system start up errors came up every time I log on. Uninstalled it and run disk utilities to repair disk and system preferences. Reinstalled program again, also did a flash upgrade on the dongles with the updated firmware version from their website, still no luck in loading pages even though it connects and I get a signal form 31% to 48%. (4 to 5 bars out of 10). Network preferences are altered again (don't get errors anymore at least).

    Funny thing is if I tether my 3 mobile to my Mac through bluetooth I can access the internet at 3G, like I am now while writing the review - as I get internet allowance for every calls top up I do. However it doesn't load some webpages, like hotmail, and its at 150kps download and 20 kps upload (using this method used to actually be faster last year, sometimes even faster than using the broadband - I've been told in this recent phone calls that the dongles modem need a stronger signal than the mobile phones). If I try the mobile sim card on the dongles it connects but doesnt load pages. If I try the broadband sim cards on the phone to access the internet tethered to the computer they connect but don't load pages...

    Phoned again, another 29 mints spent in vain, to be told to go to another postcode and see if it works, to make sure the problem is not with my computer, so they can escalate the problem to second level and investigate further more and "fix the problem forever" - exactly as she told me.... loved the "forever"

    £25 top up there converted to 7Gig Add on, the only reason I'm still phoning as it cannot be refunded and can only be carried over to the following month after the problem is solved. And yes, you must have a Buddhist Zen Patience, otherwise you feel like jumping out of a window.

    And I had read the reviews before... but I knew the masts had been upgraded, were down the road, and the prices were the best around... and you think with you it will be different from the 90% bad reviews or that people were exaggerating...and there is always a good review somewhere to give you hope that you'll be saying the same if you buy it... Wrong!

    Mobile phone operators reviews in the UK are very very bad so there's no much choice, specially for broadband service.... it's all so bad it seems. Anyone in N4 with any good service unless you live on the building were the masts are?Maybe there the connection will be good but your cancer treatments in the future very painful.

    Fortunately I am not in a contract, as everything I read from contracts with 3 are horrendous. I also had a bad experience in the past with a contract to Vodafone (mobile phone service) through a service provider I don't remember the name from phones4u, who didn't provided me with realtime usage; as I were phoning abroad a lot I would control it by phoning to check my balance to be told a certain amount and then a few days later a completely different amount and at the end of the month a totally different one. Had 2 bills of £900 when was expecting £200. The manager was so verbally rude and aggressive when I explained them they didn't provided me with an up to date information as they should, and that I could not pay that at once. Had to arrange to pay in instalments and my credit rating was affected for 5 years. That's why today I don't want contracts with any one.

  • unhappy

    by sarah at 22:10 on 19 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    If anyone is thinking of taking mobile broadband with 3 then don't. Ive been stuck in a contract with them for 18 months and have constantly had crap access, continually cutting out, failing to find a connection and/or website. I have contacted 3 a number of times to be told that they knwo its a problem in my area (west midlands) as they use their laptops here too! they want me to pay over £50 to cancel my contract! absolute rip off, don't touch them, don't give them your money!

  • unhappy

    by ram at 20:55 on 19 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    Havent been happy with the service provided from day 1. This is one of the worst networks to go with .Please do not choose this network and repent later.

  • unhappy

    by Stu at 12:47 on 19 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    Have had 3's PAYG for 16 months now and has been constantly dissapointing with its inconsistent and slow (rarely above 100kbps) and many disconnections.

    I have frequently rung to complain but the usual answer is to put you on hold or put you through to the "second level" only to be told that the service is experiencing problems in my area (really?).

    I would change from 3, but there looks to be little alternative without facing similar problems or being ripped off altogether. But if you are looking for quality mobile broadband service, do not go with 3.

  • unhappy

    by Roberto Zaccardelli at 15:18 on 18 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    An absolute disgrace !
    This company shouldn't be allowed to trade. For the last year they've been fobbing me off with allsorts of crap ! Only on one occasion have i been able to top up via computer, all the other times it's cost me to call some foreign call centre. Anyone thinking of 3 mbb , DONT, you'll regret it.

  • neutral

    by Ashley-Charles at 19:23 on 15 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I can't agree MORE with the above comments. Stay WELL clear from 3's mobile broadband unless you're using it occasionally. Not worth the money, and the reliability is horrendous...

    Same for the mobile network itself. 4 out of 10 calls people make to me result in "Sorry, there is a fault. Please try again later."

    Not acceptable. They're not providing what they promise. Horrendous service in the shops, just STAY CLEAR!

  • unhappy

    by lauren cooper at 10:17 on 15 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    i have had my dongle for a while now and pay £15 per month, and quite honestly its absolutely rubbish. i am forever gettin disconnected of the internet id say every 5 minutes then it takes a fair bit to get back on. its not my coverage either as that is fine. i will soon refuse to pay for it and dont see why i should pay £15 a month to not actually get on the internet. i cant wait for my contract to be over with them!! its absolutely rubbish and i wouldnt recommend it to anyone!!!!!!

  • happy

    by Mark at 9:52 on 15 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I live in rural Norfolk, my landline broadband speeds are no more than 512kbits due to the poor quality and long line.

    I discovered in December I might be able to get 3g broadband by Three - the map actually has a white square over my area suggesting no signal but adjacent land is in a ok signal area.

    I just thought I would have a go and got a PAYG dongle and since December it has worked really well with download speeds averaging 1.5mbits which is much much faster than I can get at home. It works at peak times in the evening and is generally reliable.

    It has worked for me so far. I don't think I will turn to a contract though. The only problem I find so far, is that the "My3" page to top up often seems to be offline. Otherwise I am happy overall.

  • neutral

    by David at 0:29 on 15 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I am located in a rural area near Deal Kent,earlier this week 3 carried out an upgrade of their system,this has resulted in a tremendous improvement in the service,I can now achieve downloads of 3mbps and uploads of 233kbps,very respectable!

  • unhappy

    by paul at 22:02 on 11 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I have had a 3-contract for almost two years and in Portsmouth it is absolute rubbish. At peak times the service is pathetic and I rarely obtain speeds of 100kbps - if anything at all!!! Off peak at around 0300hrs it works reasonably well. Clearly '3' are oversubscribed in this area. On 11th November an upgrade was carried out and this worked until the snow last week. In fact it was exactly what you should get but only for two months.
    Now it is back to being absolutely rubbish. Coincidentally the 'upgrade' and improvement in service came at around the time of my contract renewal. I have a Vodafone PAYG dongle and that works every time so I can get on the net when I need to and it is not my system that is wrong. Trading standards here in Portsmouth don't give a damn. They had a mobile 'Come-And-Talk-To-Us' van in Commercial Road a while ago. I explained the problem with '3' and they could not give a damn. Very, very disappointing. The "Oh there's nothing wrong with our service" '3' shop was a few yards up the road and they Trading Standards could have gone into the shop and seen the bad service for themselves.
    As for '3''s call centre, well you might as well go and ask the cat. They are a complete waste of time, know nothing about computers and cannot do anything but go through their check-box screen prompts. AND they charge for calling then from a '3'-mobile. I have a Vodafone contract mobile with that Stop-The-Clock so they'll be getting a good hour a night from me. It won't solve anything but stuff them.

  • neutral

    by Phil Shard at 11:10 on 10 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    Just read some of the reveiws here and i have to agree that the service from three is rubbish i have had the broadband contract for over twelve months i had to renew my contract to get a new dongle because they said i could send my old one back to them to see if it was faulty which would have left me with even less connection time ie none why they had it i then went and bought a router out of my own pocket so that i could move it round my house to find a better signal (which i asked them to provide in the first instance after finding out how good there signal isnt but they dont do that) which to a certain degree works but most of the time i am getting download speeds of less than 1meg but after moaning to customer services and being put on hold for 15-25 mins at a time i got my 70quid back (routers 50 quid now) and have got my 3gig per month for £7.50 a month but it did take a lot of moaning and extra expense to sort but for the price i am paying now i can live with it but in general its rubbish there customer service is worse if you are reading this before you buy dont do it if you are reading this after get yourself a phone with a speaker on it and be prepared to sit on hold for a while but keep nagging them it worked for me

  • unhappy

    by Lynsey Manton at 22:35 on 3 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    3 are rubbish. I've had this mobile dongle about 3 months. The internet connection is so hit and miss, in fact the better the 'supposed connection' is, the less likely that I can get on the internet. It's dreadfully slow and I can't watch video/news clips. I can never access the three website to check my data usage or to top up and I've wasted god knows how much phoning their useless contact centre in some far flung country just to get fobbed off with excuses.
    Tomorrow I'm going out to buy a different networks attempt at mobile b'band and will see how that goes.

  • neutral

    by Mick at 8:02 on 2 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I have had a 3 mobile dongle since March, apart from one instance this year where they were upgrading the service and I was unable to connect before midnight (?!?!) for a week.

    The last two weeks have been horrendous though, I'm putting it down to the bad weather or basically 3 has gone crap all of a sudden, I keep losing connection and everytime I have contacted 3 (India) they have fobbed me off with 3 different excuses and finally one agent suggested I go on google to figure the problem out.

  • unhappy

    by Laura at 4:29 on 28 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    3! Well I had this dongle one day, and it just would not do a single bloody thing!
    I tried to connect to the internet, it failed, I tried again, it failed. I tried again, it worked!! Then I got disconnected!
    After calling customer services, the man told me to do this that and the next thing, tried it all, and still no joy, he said it was a fault with the dongle, he put me on hold, i spoke to a manager, they told me to send it back and i would get it repaired, done so, 8 weeks yes, EIGHT weeks later I got dongle back, I could log onto msn but do nothing else. Although 3 did compensate me by givin me the credit for the time i used it. I guess thats kinda positive!

    But on the other hand, what a waste of junk, If you think going out and spending £30 on one of these things, don't just go to shop, buiy a penny chew and stick that in your computer, it'll probably work better!

  • unhappy

    by Paul Cunningham at 20:10 on 18 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Major problems with broadband service- Crap reception at home and useless abroard. Have 3 blackberry bold 9000's 2 have been replaced and one of the repalcements broke down yesterday.

    Upon complaining to India and I have been told by their call centre abroad that if I want them replaced than it will cost me 340.00 each or I should pay up on my contract and leave. Great customer service eh?

    They dont think the phone batch is faulty and think they are in the right.

    Spoke to OFTEL who gave me a UK contact number in Glasgow. That was incorrect. Got through eventually and low and behold discover that they do not have a UK Complaints Dept. Got an e-mail address to send my letter of complaint to the CEO Kevin Russell, confirmed it twice and guess what? It was incorrect and bounced back. Need to send it Maidenhead as if it goes to Glasgow it will never surface.

    They have even added the remaining term of my contract when I upgraded to the new 18 month contract making it 23 months.OFTEL have siad this is not allowed. I will wait and see,

    Any direct contact numbers for their CEO or board Directors?

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