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  • happy

    by John @ Gatwick at 0:22 on 30 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    No problems with 3 pay as you go broadband, use it at home and on the road, it makes contact evey time, normally HSPA.

    It work and for £10 PAYG its good

  • neutral

    by Broadband Genie at 10:50 on 28 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    We contacted Ofcom for you, Mike. Here's their official response - hope it helps:

    "The consumer should complain to Three and go through their formal complaints procedure and then proceed to Alternative Dispute Resolution should they not get anywhere with Three. We have a guide for consumers on our website on how to complain about a service here: http://www.ofcom.org.uk/advice/guides/complain.pdf.

    Separately, as you may have read in the Guardian, but is not yet fully public, the Mobile Broadband Group, representing the 5 MNOs and Virgin is planning to publish some principles of good practice for mobile broadband. While this won't help the consumer now, going forward there will be clear principles for the MNOs to follow when selling mobile broadband services."

  • unhappy

    by Mike Gadd at 13:23 on 24 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    I purchased a pay as you go E160G USB Modem in October 2008 from a 3 store. BIG MISTAKE. They provided me with a top up voucher which worked once the account had been set up. After using the allowance which disappeared rapidly I set about topping up my account. NOTHING. They then informed me they needed 7 days to clear a credit card on the account. The store failed to mention this when I purchased it but hey we all forget from time to time. 10 days later lets top up the account and get surfing. NOTHING. Followed the instructions to the letter. Call customer services came up again so without further ado I did just that. I was then informed that they had a problem with the top-up system and the only available way was the £1 per MB but they were working on it. January 23rd 2009. Tryed again to top up. NOTHING. Contacted customer services chat room, had a chat with somebody who's name escapes me as they do, who told me to phone 3 customer services as he could not deal with it. USELESS A***. Customer services were about as much use as a chocolate teapot. SOLUTION. Inform trading standards and buy a Vodaphone or T-Mobile. I would be interested if anybody else has had the same problem.

  • unhappy

    by Mike at 1:18 on 24 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    I am on the three network for mobile broadband and have been for the last 4 months or so (since august) and all i have received is terrible service, in an area where the signal on both modem and my 3 mobile phone are perfect, according to customer services they operate no mast near me, contrary to what their site says, so i contacted ofcom, who told me the mast the i can see from my home, about 200 ft away if that is owned and operated by 3 and using their 3g technology, so i was lied to... i am lucky to get download speeds of 30kbps on a good day and customer service is terrible, i have written to 3, ofcom and even Hutchison Whampoa in hong kong about the problems, but it turns out mobile providers do not come under the same terms as fixed line ISPs so ofcom cant do much, it really is a terrible service and everyone ought stay well clear, spend a little more and go with vodafone, orange or t-mobile.

  • unhappy

    by Martin118(Swansea) at 14:04 on 21 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    "Kelly"...... If you tab down to an review by "Kail" on 22/12/08 he has posted a web site where you can get the e-mail address of Alan Mcluckie, he's 3's director of customer services, I e-mailed him with my complaints and had my 18mth contracted made void without penalty, going through Glasgow is like hitting your head against a brick wall so take my advice and send Alan Mcluckie e-mails, also if you could update us here on your progress I'm sure it would help other disgruntled 3 customers. GOOD LUCK

  • unhappy

    by Gino at 20:54 on 20 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    I have now had 3 mobile broadband for 8 months and have only achieved 1mbps on 2 occasions. They are a very sorry excuse for a internet provider. My contract is only for 12 months (hooray) and then I will contact a real provider. I pay £25 per month for a 7gb download and have never been able to download an entire film yet. (T - Mobile downloaded the film on my mates computer in 18 mins) I knew i would never get 2.8 mbps but did expect at least 1 mbps. I can;t make up my mind to go with T - Mobile or BT Open Reach any suggestions?

  • unhappy

    by Kelly at 14:24 on 20 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    I am so diasapointed with 3 - WHAT POOR SERVICE! Im in the process of trying to cancel my contract without paying the 500 cancellation fee they want from me. First week in December the internet stopped working after only one week from purchasing it. I rang CS at 3 and they told me the mast was being worked on and it will be fixed by the 2nd week in Dec. It wasnt so i called back again and again and again! Ive spent over 60 pounds in calls to them. They refunded my last months payment as my connection was so poor but wont refund my calls. Why should we pay for their problem?!? I work in a call centre and would be sacked if i gave the sort of CS they have given me. I only receive 8KBPS and its been this way for 8 weeks.Ive sent a letter off to their Head Office in Glasgow so waiting for a respose. Has anyone actually managed to cancel their contract due to poor service as i want to go out and get a new broadband but dont want to be paying for two! Its so frustrating.

  • unhappy

    by OLA at 11:42 on 20 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    In all honesty, 3 Mobile broadband is a very pathetic and extremely sorry excuse for an internet service provider. Their customer service is excruciatingly painful, tech support are the most unprofessional people I have ever spoken with. They all lack ethics. But do they care, NO!

  • unhappy

    by reg at 18:23 on 18 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    Do NOT sign up for 3 Mobile USB roadband service. Unreliable and erratic, constantly being thrown off and having to reconnect. Support is a joke and seems designed to waste chunks of your life to no avail. I have to repeat that this is rubbish. I have unfortunately signed up for 18 months and am trying to get out of the contract without paying there extortionate get out fees.
    I was with T-Mobile for my previous contract and should of stayed with them, much more reliable service.
    I have to repeat DO NOT sign up for 3 Mobile USB Broadband.

  • unhappy

    by Chloe, Aberdeen at 20:33 on 14 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    Agree with Garry, mine worked brilliantly to start off with but is now totally unusable, I pay 25 for 7 gb but its not possible to get anywhere near downloading 7gb so what a rip off, and I'm on a two year contract.

    I'm really disappointed!!

  • unhappy

    by Dave, Hull at 20:16 on 14 Jan 2009 Report abuse


    I have been 'using' this 'service' for three months, and I am getting violently angry with it. HSDPA service works only 10% of the time, and maximum download speeds are about 8kbps, thats after waiting a minute or so for a web page to load.

    The service team are rubbish - so rubbish that I have not got through to a human yet.

    3 Mobile are marketing and selling a service which is absolutely not fit for purpose. Stay away.

  • unhappy

    by maas101 at 19:44 on 12 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    I signed up for this because I work in London during the week and staying in hotels I wanted a broadband service I could take with me.

    Sadly the speed is awful. I'm in central London for god's sake! Upload averages 50kbsec download 20kbsec and ping 600ms. I've tried this on 2 separate laptops, one windoze one linux so it's not a config problem at my end.

    I'm going to customer support next and if they can't get me a reasonable speed I'll be dumping the contract. Yes, I signed up for 18 months but if they try and hold me to it I'll see them in court.

  • unhappy

    by scaffolderus at 19:06 on 9 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    I've just got my internet back after over a week of completely unusable service. I was getting a full HSDPA signal (the mast is ony 400 yards away) but "local" or "limited" access only which is no good for the net. All the signs were that it was a capacity issue with their server (e.g. network map showed local server to internet was broken) but like an idiot I allowed the clowns at 3 (several useless emails and misleading calls) to convince me it was my problem. They had me uninstalling and reinstalling, manually searching for signals, deleting cookies, restoring the system, adjusing my security settings, etc, etc when it was THEIR PROBLEM all along. Came home the other night and hey presto its fine. It's actually faster than it ever has been even if I get "access denied" to some sites. So I'm a happy camper aren't I?

    No way, I've been conned and lied to and messed up my PC in the process. And I'm very angry about it.

  • neutral

    by to 3 or not to 3 at 14:15 on 8 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    well, i got a cell phone contract with 3 and its been perfectly fine for over 3 years, however when i decided to make the hopeful jump to "mobile" broadband i thought i was in luck... now i wish i never did it. its too slow for my liking and sometimes it dosn't work.
    my dongle E169G has broken down twice and the last time it stopped working i sent it off, only to find that they said it was ok.
    and it was, im on it now... i don't understand how a company can provide us the customers with such a poor service for broadband.

  • unhappy

    by Garry, Dundee at 0:11 on 8 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    Not a great service here at all. Have had to tape up the modem as the sim keeps springing out, speeds are very slow most of the time, downloading a film from itunes can take hours. Freezing occurs evey day and crashing occurs on a daily basis. Contacted customer services who said they would take the modem to fix but could take weeks and would not offer a replacement while modem was being replaced. Would avoid 3 mobile broadband at all costs, definitely not worth the money at all. Have seen modem not picking up a signal for hours and as its for work from home this is very frustrating. To put it bluntly 3 mobile broadband is absolutely crap.

  • unhappy

    by zig at 0:05 on 8 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    I have to say that after a long 11 month of sufferings of the contract with 3, will be giving them my notice at the end of this month. What a relief. I completely agree with all of the previous reviews of the service. it works only in the middle of the night and only on very few occasions.
    how bad must be a service if the company refunds two months of the contract for providing really dreadful service. To tell the truth i wanted the service rather than the money.
    although the customer service is very polite, they drive you crazy reading scripts and blaming your location for luck of service.
    It is called mobile broadband, but i didn't know that it was me who has to move to get the service.

  • unhappy

    by XJMatt at 21:28 on 7 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    well if i was going to say my real opinion, it wouldnt be too polite.

    i wouldnt trust 3 with a contract atall, or pay as you go for that matter.

    Their customer service is Abismall, its like talking to a brick wall and expecting a response.

    My phone that i had on their network was a decent handset which has done me well, but. i did accidentally damage it at one point and would need to it repaired, so with trust in 3 i sent it off to them to take a look, the damage was the sound was gone on the speakers and i couldnt use the camera. so all sent off, i got it back a week later........untouched, nothing had been repaired or even looked like it had remotely been fiddled with....yeah, thats really repairing it.

    my time with 3 was.....well i wont be using them again...


  • unhappy

    by Sparki at 21:17 on 7 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    Ive had 3 mobile broadband since november, it was ok to start with but decided not to work in my frontroom. Only place it works is my bedroom so if anyone wants a go on it we have to camp up in my bedroom and go on the net. Its got worse because when I received my download allowance from 16th December till 16th Jan Ive apparently gone over the download limit of 5gb. I check my download limit on 6th Jan (yesterday) and it said I had just over 1Gb left so I thought ok I wont download at all till 16th. I put it on today and it tells me that I have NOTHING! left and that I owe them £15.22 cos Ive apparently gone over the limit. I know that I havent as like I said before I still had enough left and I didnt download anything last night at all.

    I rang the customer service number and all I got was aload of crap from some Indian I couldnt even understand. She said I was apparently sent an email on me USB stick to tell me that I was over my allowance but I never received this! I have checked numerous times and it defo wasnt there. I apparently owe £45.22 as I pay £30 already and they charged me £15.22 cos of this supposed extra charge on downloads.

    Im taking the laptop back and the dongle to the 3 shop and am gonna say I dont want anymore to do with 3 as there are worst provider ever! so looks like it back to me goin down the library in the cold to go on the net! Ive lost all faith in mobile internet as I believe its not fully up to scratch.

    Im cancelling my direct debit with them as Im fed up with it and if they get on my arse about a cancellation fee of £500 then Im gettin Watchdog on the case and also Trading standards I know my rights! and Im not gonna let some tin pot company have my cash its just after xmas as well times are hard! I would like to see there house robbed and then they would feel how I feel.

    Screw you 3 mobile im off


  • unhappy

    by ray at 14:23 on 7 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    completely the same im not able to get a service of more than 16kbps when doing that speedtest. Im told a technician will come visit me but what use is that the product doesnt work in london. i was also refunded 10 pounds but what use is that.
    terrible... am submitting a complaint to ofcom.

  • unhappy

    by Martin118(Swansea) at 13:42 on 5 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    Have you seen the flashing advert for 3 broadband that appears to the right of these reviews..!! " No landline, no wires, NO HASSLE" My God nothing could be further from the truth. If it wasn't so laughable I'd have gone insane long ago

  • happy

    by Philip at 12:52 on 5 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    We just got the pay as you go package. The modem is the E169, we got he router with it too.
    Signal strength is good in our area, 9 of 10 bars.
    Download is slow and so is upload compared to ADSL.
    However, we can use Skype, play games like Starcraft on PC, Mario Kart on Wii, all fine. I tried to play BF2 online, it works ok, but the ping time is too high, average 200ms, which gets you auto kicked from most servers, was a bit jurky too.

    Using the web can be a bit annoying sometimes as it can really slow down.

    So with the above in mind, for us it's a good deal, £10 per month, and a good package. Does what we need and we don't have a phone line.

  • unhappy

    by bombom35 at 12:20 on 5 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    Thanks Kail & Martin118(Swansea)
    Sorry for late reply.
    Will try that email address and keep you posted.
    They totally stopped trying to help us now and believe that crediting our account £10 is going to make up for all the problems.. As if!!
    Still only receiving lowest single on mobile broadband and find it impossible to get onto major sites like direct.gov, argos etc.

  • unhappy

    by kail at 20:27 on 4 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    By email I recently asked 3's Customer Services, what I thought was, a relatively simple question. "When will 3 resolve their current capacity problems?". Firstly, the question was ignored & I was given, what looked like, a standard script response into sorting out the USB dongle. There's nothing wrong with the dongle itself, so I persisted. Many days & emails later, I still don't really have an answer. I was eventually told ".. you feel that there is a capacity problem is from our side". So, finally, they understand the question. Did they answer it? No they did not, they persisted in rambling on about "coverage" & such things. But, they did define "capacity" for me in 3 points.. "• Many people on the network in particular areas, whether for data or voice", "• How far you are from the cell site/mast" & "• Peak times when the network is busiest".. erm.. how sweet of them. These people are either completely insane or have been instructed (if not trained) to drive their customers so.

  • unhappy

    by Kevin Gannon at 17:46 on 2 Jan 2009 Report abuse


  • unhappy

    by Martin118(Swansea) at 11:19 on 2 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    Sorry I haven't replied sooner but I've been unable to post here for some reason.
    I see “Kail” gave you a website with the e-mail address you needed plus some useful phone numbers. It would be interesting and helpful to the numerous 3 customers that are having problems if you could update us here on the progress of your complaint. Cheers

  • unhappy

    by paul p at 9:01 on 31 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    yeah, my mac crashes with it too. ITS THE ONLY TIME MY MAC CRASHES. takes some doing to crash a mac, well done 3. good job. slow speed, but its ok because there are some good cheap deals at the moment, so as an emergency device it isnt too bad, but dont rely on it too much if you are a mac user.

  • unhappy

    by Deb Brownlee at 22:09 on 27 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    If you want to be insulted, mocked, laughed at and told to leave the store because you refer to the customer service as scandalous, go the 3 Store at Merry Hill, Dudley, West Midlands. I am 51 years of age and have never been thrown out of a shop in my life. Such is the price I paid for trying to renew our mobile broadband in store as we have been doing for over a year. The service has been withdrawn, without notice, and the staff appear to have been told to insult customers out who complain.

    I most earnestly advise everyone to avoid this company, they are arrogant and rude and do not deserve to survive.

    Buy from somewhere else, and check out the complaints website first. I wish we had.

    Deb Brownlee

  • unhappy

    by AJ at 3:14 on 22 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    This dongle will crash your Mac. Have had it for a week and the connection is really slow. Constantly disconnects and drops off connection without indicating that it has. But the absolute words problem is that every so often i'll be in the middle of work and I'll get the grey screen of death on my Mac caused by the dongle. Grrrrrr - don't buy it!

  • unhappy

    by kail at 2:16 on 22 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    Bombom35: Recently found the URL below, the page has what you want & some other interesting 3 related info. I hope it helps (pls post feedback). http://www.threecomplaints.com/2008/10/three-email-and-telephone-contacts.html

  • unhappy

    by PHILIP STROTTEN at 1:57 on 22 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    TOTALLY ****

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