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  • unhappy

    by Bombom35(bournemouth at 12:10 on 20 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    Martin118(swansea), hi we are having the same trouble with our mobile broadband, I have sent 4 letters of complaint along with numerous phone calls to their contact centre. No single person is dealing with our case, apparently they do not have a complaints department!!??
    Please please can you give me the email address of the Director of customer services. We have to get this resolved before my husband and I go insane.
    Worst purchase ever made! Worst customer service ever come across!

  • unhappy

    by another disgruntled user at 22:47 on 18 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    t is ~#@$. worse than the worst dial up. Freezes, .6kb speed with good signal, hopeless for update dowloadst is ~#@$.

  • unhappy

    by Martin118(Swansea) at 16:43 on 16 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    "Scott Hammill"
    What part of the country do you live mate????
    On 2nd thoughts you'd better not say as everybody on 3 mobile Broadband will move there and mess it up for you. All I can say is that your one lucky guy

  • happy

    by scott hammill at 11:08 on 16 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    i bought one a couple of weeks ago and it is great download and surfing is fast at all times i have had no problems with it

  • unhappy

    by Martin118(Swansea) at 13:48 on 15 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    **4th UPDATE**

    After e-mailing the Director of Customer Services, Allan Mcluckie, I have now had a response from the Chief Exec Office, Well what I actually received was a jiffy bag and a generalised letter asking me to send my "handset" back, they obviously haven't got letters for modems yet or they've more than likely ran out of them with all the people that must be complaining...!! Two days later I received a letter informing me that my contract was now void and to return the modem in the jiffy bag and that within 30days I would what they called a "final bill" I wait with baited breath because if they think I'm paying them any money, they can think again. My advice to you is to contact Allan McLuckie at three.co.uk either by e-mail or phone and try to get your contract cancelled as I have, I've just saved myself 18 months of expensive phone calls where the under trained, rude, incompetent operators hang up on you at the drop of a hat not to mention 18 monthly bills for a service I've never been able to use effectively. Anyhow good riddance to bad rubbish, I wish you all the best of luck in your fight with this really, really, really, really incompetent and "couldn't care less about the customer" company

  • unhappy

    by Karl at 13:28 on 15 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    Dont touch them with a long stick.

    Speeds are rubbish.

    customer service is worse.

    Run away!

  • unhappy

    by kail at 18:42 on 13 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    I agree with the majority here, Hutchison 3G's offering is truly awful.

    The service provided is often very slow (currently has sever capacity problems) and never achieves anywhere near advertised speeds.

    The customer service is definitively the worst I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. They are a health risk.

    Be very careful with billing. 3's on-line usage reporter can be wildly inaccurate. I'm no legal buff, but I suspect any legal challenge to an overcharge would probably be successful. As when pushed/pinned, 3 freely admit that very thing that they recommend that you use to monitor your usage is a) inaccurate & b) doesn't reflect what is billed. Huh? If you have evidence, they will eventually refund you.. by slow credit (ie. by not charging you). Double huh?

    Only recommend to low volume users & people you don't like.

    PS The service is usually OK (or, perhaps, as originally anticipated for the cost) at around 03:30 GMT.

  • unhappy

    by Happydadtoo at 17:53 on 11 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    Unquestionably the WORST 'broadband' available anywhere.
    Typical speeds are well below dial-up even with a good signal strength and HSPDA running.
    Freezing is normal; dropping signal normal too.
    Utterly, UTTERLY useless

  • unhappy

    by Martin118(Swansea) at 12:51 on 9 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    "3rd UPDATE"
    "Surprise" "surprise" Still no response from the Chief Exec Office In Glasgow, even though I copied The Director of Corporate Affairs, Hugh Davies, in on my last the e-mail.
    Today I have obtained the e-mail addresses of Allan Mcluckie the Director of Customer Services and Marc Allera the Sales Director and will e-mail them both this evening (from an internet cafe of course as I have no service via this lousy company) and see where this gets me.
    I'm now making it my life's quest to get satisfaction from this incompetent, shoddy, greedy, rude. lazy excuse for a telecommunications company and I will not rest until my contract has been cancelled and I've been paid back every wasted penny I've spent on expensive and utterly useless phone calls, e-mails plus the money I've paid for a service I've never been able to use. I will keep you updated of my progress

  • unhappy

    by Tim at 16:07 on 8 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    About 4 months ago now, I opted for pay as you go mobile broadband as I didn't want the commitment of a contract to what is a fledgling service. To begin with, speeds were fairly good most of the time, but the service has rapidly deteriorated ever since and this also seems to be the case with contract service. It would appear that as demand increases for their mobile broadband, the necessary upgrades to their servers are just not happening. Freezing is a more regular occurance now too and although disconnecting and reconnecting will sometimes cure this, the time taken to disconnect can be over 5 minutes! It's better and quicker to just switch off your computer and reboot windows. The my3 service is regularly down, which means online top-up activation and checking of balance/data usage are not possible. Unlike all of the other major networks, 3 don't have a facility to credit the cost of a call to customer services in the event of having to call to remedy a problem which is clearly their fault. After my initial top up, I had to call them to get the add-on, as my3 wasn't working. It took 20 minutes and £2 of credit just to get this done. It's not the use of credit which bothers me so much, just the shoddy, unprofessional attitude. Furthermore, having spoken to a manager about this, there are no plans whatsoever to implement such a facility for crediting unnecessary calls. My3 has been down for 2 days now! As for customer services themselves, what a joke they are. I have never experienced such a long-winded approach to getting the assistance I have wanted at various times. When my laptop crashed, I had to reinstall the modem, but the configuration data had gone. It took 4 calls, a total of an hour on the phone and repeated questions from them which are basically irrevelent. Even though I stressed each time, that I just wanted the relevent information so that I could just get on with it, the staff at the Indian call centre, insist on trawling through this unnecessary process.

    So to summarise, there is nothing positive whatsoever about 3's mobile broadband service and the interests of the customer are clearly not at the top, or even near to the top of their agenda. And for every piece of positive feedback I have heard or read, there are at least 10 pieces of negative feedback.

    3 have shown themselves to be unprofessional, incompetent and should be avoided whenever possible.

    I no longer use the service and these are my only dealings with 3. I will never have any more again!

  • neutral

    by misar at 20:48 on 6 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    I bought a PAYG E160G a month ago and like most reviewers had major issues with speed. Careful tests showed that off peak (eg 5am) I got a fair speed limited by signal strength. During the evening at home it was worse than dialup, much worse than other locations at similar times with similar signal (HSDPA with 3 out of 10 bars). It took me a long time and a lot of patience but I found their Indian Helpdesk OK and they seem to have deliverd. I did most of my communication with email from My3, getting them to phone me back with long calls. I also had to call them once or twice. They are helpful and gradually escalated me up to a complaint. I concentrated on my home postcode because that was unusable in the evening, saying other postcodes were not brilliant but were better. I had to record speed tests with BBmax after registering and give them the login details. In the end I was called by a really techie Indian guy who talked me through various tests. He then said he agreed with me and would escalate it to the UK network team. A day or so later somebody else phoned me, said the cell near my home was overloaded, and they would "fit an extra E1 board" in a day or two. The next day I noticed a dramatic improvement in the evening, although it still sticks a bit. It now seems similar to other locations in the evening which is not too bad. During the day I get much faster downloads at work (signal=4) than at home (signal=2 or 3) at similar times. Using speedtest.net (which the techie guy also uses) I get on much better most of the time using servers in Dublin, Roubaix , Gijon or elsewhere than I do with the London one. I have also used MySpeed which includes detailed quality of service data. This shows that the problems are not due to the maximum speed your signal will sustain but dropouts due to network overload. Not good news for users who want VoIP, video or games.

  • unhappy

    by mal at 19:11 on 5 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    After being over charged on my account by £150 on 1st Dec i rang the mumbai call center every day sometimes 3 times a day with no reasonable excuse for customer service. Finaly tonight (5th Dec) they are prpared to pay me the owed money back but say will take 10 working days to go into my bank thats without the £58 bank charges which ive got for going overdrawn.

  • unhappy

    by Dave at 14:14 on 3 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    I live in portsmouth and at the best get a slow connection speed. If you sign on at off peak times then the surfing speeds are acceptable but on peak times i dont even bother.I currently find myself paying £15 per month for a service that is too slow to use to any great means, i get 3GB per month and use on average 40Mb per month.I phoned 3 explaining the service was awfull speeds were slow and wanted to change my broadband contract to a mobile phone contract which they wouldn't do even after offering a cash supplement.The Indian call centre often meens you end up with an operator that you have to repeat yourself several times and then your not even sure if they understand you.I am cancelling my contract next year and never entertaing the idea of even a mobile contract with 3 EVER again.

  • unhappy

    by Martin118(Swansea) at 14:02 on 3 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    **2ND UPDATE**

    Another weeks gone by and I'm still waiting for a phone call from the Chief Executives Office in Glasgow. Obviously that place is staffed with the same useless moronic imbeciles as the call centre in Mumbai or wherever. I going to send one final e-mail to Glasgow and if I've heard nothing within 24 hours I'm going to bombard every Director listed on the Hutchison Whampoa site with daily e-mails which I will have copy and pasted all the comments from this site and see where that gets me...

  • unhappy

    by kirsty at 13:02 on 1 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    I think 3 mobile broadband is absolute rubbish, it disconnects itself every 5 minutes n u try connectin agen n it doesnt connect. So i have to pull out the dongle n put it bk it. Its not worth the hassle at all. Trust me, dont go with these, i wish i never did!!!

  • neutral

    by JerryP at 8:53 on 1 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    Mixed coverage means I get nothing or dialup speeds at home or 4-7 bars signal strength at work in Exeter. Anything 5 bars and above means surfing is repectable.

  • unhappy

    by Miss Hill at 15:59 on 30 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    When i first got 3 broadband it worked fine and now i'v had it for8months now and im not very happy with the speed as it keeps slowing down and sometimes doesnt load my homepage at all. I would not be buying broadband with 3 again.

  • neutral

    by Simon(Cambridge) at 2:04 on 30 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    For 9 months it's been slow but reliable, not bad considering the £10pm cost. Out of the blue suddenly now I can't access any secured webpages, the ones with an https. Several calls on an 0870 number to an Indian call center on my mobile has left me with an extra £20 phone bill and no result. I've tried disabling my anti virus which is the only aspect of my pc that has changed with automatic updating, I've tried using a powered usb extention, wiping all soft and firmware and reinstalling it, a different computer and nothing works.
    However, it does work now and again, roughly for an hour a week at odd times so I suspect it's not my system but the Hutchison3G network. Love to hear from anyone who knows the answer or whether I can send the dongle back and cancel my direct debit on the grounds of breach of contract

  • unhappy

    by Preman at 14:34 on 27 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    It's Mobile Dial-Up, not Mobile Broadband. Log on at 4'OClock in the morning and I can get 400k - which isnot good, during the evening only 40k on average ! A lot of the time it stops working completely and I have remove it from the USB and put it back to get my crap speed again. Connection says it is perfect.

    I will never buy from 3 again.

  • unhappy

    by Martin118(Swansea) at 13:09 on 27 Nov 2008 Report abuse


    My modem has finally been returned, surprise, surprise they could find no fault, I could have told them this and saved myself a whole lot of time and effort making costly phone calls chasing up these useless morons. I tested it last night around 8.30pm, after 16 minutes the Google homepage still had not appeared, just "buffering" flashing in the top corner. I am waiting for a member of the Chief Executives Office in Glasgow to call as to the next course of action. Watch this space..!!

  • unhappy

    by Tom(Purfleet) at 21:12 on 26 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    Easy to set up and use but very very slow.

  • unhappy

    by Alfred (London) at 19:31 on 24 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    It just doesn't work at all. The connection with 3 is rubbish. Do not give them your money.

  • unhappy

    by martin118(Swansea) at 14:01 on 20 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    "Dave B"
    If you just cancel the DD and forget about it you'll have the debt collectors around plus your credit rating will die.
    I contacted a Hugh Davies - he is listed as the media officer on the Hutchison Whampoa site (Three's parent company) He passed on my rather long complaint e-mail to Three's Chief Executives Office in Glasgow, they replied and will come back to me within 10 days (from 18th Nov) after looking into my numerous complaints.
    You will get absolutely no sense from either the managers or operators on the "Customer Support Line" so save your time, money and stress levels and mail Hugh Davies directly. I'm hoping to cancel my contract via this route, I can't tell you yet if I'll get a satisfactory result by I'm sure going fight it tooth and nail, If this avenue doesn't work I'll then move on to e-mailing The Chairman and Directors of Hutchison Whampoa themselves and see where that takes me. Good luck to you all...

  • unhappy

    by rhodri n lisa at 23:43 on 19 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    STAY AWAY FROM THREE!!!!!!!!!9 Sorry this is long but got to tell you my experience with three (i wont help you) customer services.i bought the 3gb package in the end of july 2008.... i had a terrible time trying to connect even with full bars of signal i live on top of a mountain with open terrain in wales so they got no excuse to give when i called them about it disconnecting after 5 mins of being online when i can get it to work!!
    The customer service (or customer annoyance service as i call it) are rude brainless in the world of computing and cant push through the english language barrier!! they spun me a line of you have to test the dongle outside your postcode area due to you disconnecting 'UH' hello i got full bars of signal and it still wont connect (and the other post code area is 15 miles away )but the brainless call centre anoyance guy that they call a techy didnt understand what i meant from this i knew i was in trouble!! so he went through the usual with me (i build and program computers for fun in my spare time there not much i dont know about things like these and this one beat me i tried everything i could before i called them) take the dongle out put it back in reinstall move it to different usb reinstall (do they know that if you do this it will install twice on your system and conflict with itself!!) and after all this they came out with msn messanger is having problems at the moment with disconnecting people (i have O2 HOME BROADBAND wich is cheaper than the dongle and you get free router go with O2 its worth having the phone line!!) i told this absolute newbie to computers i have no problems with msn messenger with home broadband what r u trying to say that my dongle wont work because of msn msgr!!! he replied our team is currently trying to fix this problem (but they wont fix your problem) i said that your not making sense i cant get my dongle to work never mind connect it installs gives me 5 mins of connection then disconnects But my computers says it still connected and the usage timer ticks on so im still using my usage!! so this guy goes back to try it in a different postcode area and call us back if your problem persists um im no brain box but so what if it did work in a different post code r they trying to say i'll have to move house to get the coverage or what but coverage wasnt my problem getting it to work is as he did not understand!! then hey says there may b a problem with the dongle and that i would have to pay for the repair and postage fees i said no im not paying for somthing thats gone faulty within six months (trading standards say that if a product goes faulty withing 6 months they have to prove it to you that it was the fault of you after that you have to sort it yourself) then hey says you can purchase a new dongle for £50.00 as an option um hold on i thought he's not helping he's flogging me another one so bit of advice get theyre name second name ask them to spell it if you have to get hold of trading standards get them to intervien you have a name for them to contact also report them to ofcom with the name ofcourse you obtained get it first even before you tell them the prob if theyre rude and keep hanging up on you !! so after all this i am still in the same three f**ed me over boat it dont work it wont work and never will work and dont phone customer services as they DONT WORK either!!

  • unhappy

    by martin118(Swansea) at 9:33 on 19 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    What a joke...Even the favourable reviews are critical of this totally and utterly useless USB modem...Sorry lets get it right. It's the not the piece of kit. it's the blatant over subscription of the system by this greedy company. They take your money then do not give a flying toss how your treated or even if its works. The so called "Broadband Support Line" operators are poorly trained, if at all, even if you can get the call escalated to a manager they are worse than useless themselves, full of empty promises, missed appointments and no existent manager call backs... Safe to say this shower of ***** are by far the worse company I have ever had the misfortune to hand my money over to for absolutely nothing and have them more or less laugh in my face then tell me to Eff Off....

  • unhappy

    by Dave B at 17:36 on 18 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    Seemed to install first time OK (Win 2k desktop), but then couldn't "failed to connect". I also found that I couldn't "eject" the modem, as it wasn't listed under the "removeable drives" icon in the task bar. And when you plug it back in again it tries reinstalling all over again.

    After seevral rounds of this I gave up trying to connect and came to a different internet connection to get some help on google. From the comments here, it looks like I needn't bother trying to call 3 about it, or trying to get it to work.

    18 month contract, £10/month down the drain... (that's right, you can't get out of it... has anyone tried cancelling their DD?)

  • unhappy

    by Zoe at 20:09 on 17 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    "they all seem geared to selling you stuff you don't need to try and sort out any problems you may have. Also the main call centre is in india or something so it takes 3 times longer than needed to explain any complaints / problems"

    This is spot on. Been a customer since Friday, canceled on Monday. Can't really fault the customer service side, they were sympathetic and tried their best to help, but the sales royally messed up my order, sending me a duplicate of the phone/internet, and were downright rude and obnoxious when I phoned them to originally query it.

    Go to 3 with extreme caution!!!

  • unhappy

    by Martin118(Swansea) at 17:03 on 17 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    This product is the biggest load of DOG EXCREMENT I have ever had the misfortune to buy, slow is not the word, between the hours of 3.30pm - 3am it's impossible to connect, it took 22 mins the other evening just for the Google home page to appear, I've spent 2hrs 33mins on the phone to they're so called "Customer Support" line. Never have I come across such a bunch of testical scratching, rude, unhelpful, stupid, inarticulate, morons. Also had to call an 08707 number several times, costing over £6, as the promised "call back" never materialised. They point blank refuse to get a manager on the phone when asked and when I told them I wouldn't go off the line until a manager appeared they've hang up...!! This has happened several times so far. My dongle was meant to be picked up for testing last Tue, after waiting in ALL DAY... No show...To say I was seething is the understatement of the year, this resulting in me having to phone the testical scratches again and being hung up on again.. After speaking to the call centre manager the dongle was picked up on the Wed with the promise it would return on the following Fri, Have you guessed yet..??, No show on the Fri, As I write this review I am awaiting a call back from a manager with an explanation as to why it did not turn up on the Fri or why I did not receive a call to inform me of the delay as I'd again waited in ALL DAY... I'm not holding my breath...
    If you've never heeded the advise of a review before heed this...DO NOT TOUCH THIS PRODUCT OR COMPANY WITH A BARGE POLE, IF YOU DO GOD HELP YOU

  • unhappy

    by tony at 20:52 on 16 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    **** wont load even in 3 store customer service **** its going back

  • unhappy

    by Rich L at 23:17 on 14 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    Slow unreliable .I have tried for 6 weeks now to get this going, it is awful, I have had to reinstall it regularly, use only 1 usb slot, "because of static " hehe, sent away 3 times,for "repair",, they delivered it to wrong address. Keeps calling to install a mandatory update to build 53,,,, DONT, it will crash 3 and may freeze pc. waste of time and money. Now having to provide speedtests over 3 days for them to analyse,,, hhhm it took 10 mins to start to do one test, ,I had to go into system to remove the device, then reinstall. I very much doubt that it wont work to a decent level, as I have driven to diff postcodes and it is still crawling even with 8 bars. After this latest performnce I will stop Direct/Debit if they get difficult which they did 3 weeks in, lets see if they sue, will bin my payg and 2 contract mobys as well.DONT EVEN TRY THIS MODEM YOU CERTAINLY WILL REGRET IT

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