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  • unhappy

    by Ben T at 21:34 on 24 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    I would not recommend using 3G mobile broadband. I'm on 12 month 3Gb contract. The connection is sooooooo slow just like using a dial up. They charge you ridiculously for going over the limit, about £10 per 100mb something like that. Not great for YouTube, it eat up your daily limit easily. I can't wait for the contract to finish. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • happy

    by aberdeen nicola at 13:21 on 23 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    not as good as i hoped. sometimes i cant get a connection for days but when i do generally not bad. can only seem to get a connection in one place in my house, very unreliable. im glad im not on a contract. i seem to keep getting connected to orange rather than 3.

  • happy

    by Toby Bowers at 10:37 on 23 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Had 3 mobile broadband for 3-4 months and previosly had vodafone one and with both i found if i did not go into settings and switch to 3g only then it would keep droping to dial up speeds but once switched to 3g only they are both fine and even with only 1 or 2 bar signal strenth i still get 1meg + all the time and normally get 2 meg , i can only asume that all the bad reviews all over the net are people that live in poor signal areas or dont switch to 3g only.....

  • unhappy

    by Ad at 8:56 on 21 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    When it works its good. Using it in the South Wales area and Birmingham and the speeds are reasonable however it keeps losing its connection. Half the time I dont bother using it.

  • unhappy

    by Dave at 12:38 on 20 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    The idea that this is broadband is ridiculous, I wish i'd read some reviews before entering the contract. I average around 4KB/sec, it's a complete joke. It's so slow, I feel like i've been transported back to the dial-up days of the 90's. Surely these companies should be held to account for such outrageously false claims. DON'T BUY IT unless you know for a fact that it works in your area (which is probably about 0.1% of the UK).

    Why are we so behind in BB technology? I want fibre optic!

  • happy

    by james Dartford kent at 8:04 on 20 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Find the connection service good a little slow at watching youtube videos. Overall a better service and no more line rental on bt. yes! Wish the speed was quicker though.

  • unhappy

    by Edward Evans at 12:57 on 17 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Absolutely awful. I'm stuck in an 18 month contract with these idiots. And i'm constantly fed up of calling the Contact Centre in India, only for them to read out a scripted "repair" list...it doesn't matter what you say, they'll just repeat the same things. If i bought a new Ford Mondeo, and it didn't drive (its primary purpose) i would have a right to take it back and get it repaired. 3 sell these modems that don't actually do the job they are supposed to do and we have no right to cancel or have a replacement or anything. The shop staff are just kids more interested in having the latest emo look, and the staff in india are literally just people off the street with absolutely no tech experience whatsoever. Please do not buy this product!!!

  • unhappy

    by Nik Andrews (Wolverhampton) at 10:21 on 16 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    I had it for the three day trial, what a let down it turned out to be. I tried it on two laptops in three locations around the UK. It kept disconecting itself and would not re connect untill I re-booted my laptops... It is a shame as I would find mobile broadband very useful in the work that I do and need to be in contact with my email etc on the go.

    I guess its new technologie though and it can only improve but reading through reviews of 3, T Mobile and all the others on this site they all seem to not be up to the job of true broadband.

    Hope this helps

    Nik Andrews (Mobile DJ Wolverhampton)

  • unhappy

    by tony from the frozen north at 19:20 on 14 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    The speed is awful, always dropping connection and trying to get any .....and I mean any .......response from the people selling or kidding they do customer service is pointless. Having used O2, T Mobile and Vodaphone as providers before I can only think we lost our minds hooking up with this shower.

  • unhappy

    by Mike, Wakefield at 21:52 on 13 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Total waste of time and money, cannot connect for more than a few mins at a time choose what time of the day or night even tho it shows a good connection. Customer support is miserable at the best of times with empty headed staff not having a clue ... dont waste ya money on this rubbish!!!

  • unhappy

    by David Stansted airport at 10:47 on 13 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Don't waste your money. This is not broadband it is dialup on the go and should be sold as such. The site mentions watch youtube on the go, no chance. This is a Email and surfing only service. as everybody says call centre in India, unhelpfull. I was told it is because I am 1 mile away from a relay, WHAT! 1 mile what year is it?
    If you want dial up it is good but it is not broadband and I am amazed they are allowed to carry on this con.

  • unhappy

    by lisa at 15:17 on 10 Sep 2008 Report abuse


    This service is absolutley awful and the so called aftercare provided is just as bad.

    The attitude of the branch staff when you have a problem is a disgrace. I have heard the manager in wolverhampton tell a customer to go on ebay to look for spare parts for his dongle today as they dont sell anything!!!

    When we manage to get a connection it very regulary disconnects itself, up to 9 times in an hour last night.

  • happy

    by Jamie Lewis at 15:15 on 10 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Damn thing hardly ever connects, very slow and disappointing

  • happy

    by mark at 13:27 on 9 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    live in rotherham and BT wanted £120 to just connect me so tried broadband was truly happy was on aol enough said this service is much superior download speed not bad and no aol crashing losing everything for you broadband in our area on landline is 2mb so all good with three

  • unhappy

    by john boy walton at 5:38 on 9 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    not very fast downloads at all! keeps on getting disscocected. not very good. virgin is the best if you are chooseing a network to go with

  • happy

    by Jason at 17:58 on 8 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Hmm connection is fine. Always connects never get disconnected. In the South East London Region, Customer Service Dont know how you got through to india, My customer service located in UK.

    Cant fault it yet, mind you i dont use it for msn or downloading just browsing.

  • happy

    by Stewart Davidson at 16:10 on 8 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Absolutely useless. After not delivering the modem when promised, they then mucked up connecting it, meaning that I had to send it back. Needless to say, I won't be asking for another one!

  • neutral

    by tracey fuller at 18:51 on 7 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    i have just purchased three broadband and it is worse than dial up speed. India are looking into this for me if no improvement i will be cancelling, as i feel that i have been given correct information regarding speeds.

  • neutral

    by J Ferrier at 16:12 on 7 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    I asked in my local 3 shop in Richmond and they confirmed there is no charge for going over for pay as you go. You just cannot continue connected once you've used your prepaid amount. If they do charge *that much* when in contract for going over the limit it seems to be that PAYG is the way to go...

  • unhappy

    by loz at 21:57 on 6 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    ive had dougle since april in south east london some days its ok most of the time very very slow i would say its a dial up connection more than broadband lucky only had it on 12 month contract cant wait to go back with AOL , i bought this thinking no more bt landline charges and aol charges but after being so slow i would rather pay an extra tenner a month and get fast broadband .

  • unhappy

    by Laura Petterson at 17:58 on 6 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Its awful!!! Frequent disconncections. Technical support based in India and are useless. Long very expensive phone calls trying to rectify problems and never gets resolved.

  • neutral

    by Ann at 14:55 on 6 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Is there any ways to check whether you excess the limit if using PAY AS YOU GO?

  • unhappy

    by adz at 20:10 on 5 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    this is **** dont forget you only get 3 days trial **THEY DONT TELL YOU** all others give you 2 weeks dont be fooled by 3 day good connection like i was (STAY CLEAR) ALSO OF THE VODAFONE 1

  • unhappy

    by James Roy at 12:51 on 5 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Amazing that the review does not mention the penalty charges if you exceed tyour allowance. This shoild be mentioned as a major con. Tut tut Broadbandgenie.

  • happy

    by Robo at 0:00 on 5 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    i have got the green and black usb pay as you go 3 modem.i find it alittle slow at loading you tube vids now and then but on the whole i find its great.

  • unhappy

    by junk at 12:19 on 4 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    nowhere near broadband speed even in max signal areas. Useless for streaming, p2p, uploading etc. Good if you just need to check your email and nothing else. Terrible customer support in India.
    WARNING: If you go over your allowance, you are charged £100 per gigabyte

  • unhappy

    by marc at 0:00 on 3 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    I have now had 3 mobile broadband for around a year. I live in South London. When I first bought it the internet worked at reasonable speed, but has only ever been fast dial-up. Over the year the speed of the service has declined markedly. It is now often difficult to get internet access. The “fast” link HSPDA continually kicks back to the slow connection, which does not work. In the evenings especially the service is unusable. I would not recommend the service, though it is cheaper than some competitors, the service is generally like a low-dial up connection. I do not think it is accurate to describe it as broadband. My observation is that South-West London is particularly slow; I have tried the internet on my laptop at a number of locations. If you want to try 3 mobile, do not go for the 18 month contract.

  • happy

    by Tom08 at 15:06 on 2 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Connection speeds generally good, but bit dodgy when travelling by train. When this happens it also doesn't tell you connections gone, and you need to click 'connect' again, this is a pain. Reasonable price, good for occasional users.

  • neutral

    by Rick B at 0:00 on 2 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Pretty slow , even though connects at 3.6MB, mostly get 256K download, though at times this can reduce to dial-up speeds - especially during evenings. Also, upload speed seems to be pegged at 58K, which means no chance of using VOIP, and definatly no video conferencing. Still for general surfing I have found it workable

  • unhappy

    by Robert at 12:45 on 31 Aug 2008 Report abuse

    It connects to the fastest HSDPA network, with a good signal, but I only get a top speed off 64Kbps. So would only recommend if you do not need Broadband speed.

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