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  • unhappy

    by charles at 17:07 on 2 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Just want everyone to know I bought the 18 month 15.98 per month dongle stick, i thought i was getting a good deal and expected it to be super fast, but i am wrong, it sucks, worse than the vodaphone i had before, i even live at a high location on a hilltop without any obstruction around the aerial, in one of the major top 10 cities, and the signal's still crap, that doesn't say much about 3, it must be even worse in small towns and rural! No I wouldn't recommend them at all. I can hardly open more than 3 tabs simultaneously without being cut off all the time, and having to reconnect! very very annoying!

  • unhappy

    by george at 0:28 on 2 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    I live in London with the best possible coverage and downloading speed is 57 kbps. If you enjoy dial-up speeds in 2012 be my guest. When you are close to the download limit there is always a problem with checking your allowance - but no problem if you are far from your limit. If you go over - they don't warn you but will charge you a hefty fine. Connection keeps dropping. Periods of days without connection are not unfamiliar to me. Customer service is appaling. Seems a good value on paper but it is not. You've been warned.

  • neutral

    by Nirita at 22:27 on 31 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    It's just a warning for everyone around EX17 : Don't go to 3, they don't provide any service here anymore! It really seems, they are cutting off this area. It was working fine here until about 2 month ago - then it started to have problems, then more problems and now it is impossible to get any broadband connection in this area.

    So, if you are expecting more than "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" - go wherever you want but never to 3!

  • unhappy

    by Nick at 21:54 on 31 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    Allowed me to go over 5GB limit by about 200mb without telling me that this was possible before I signed up and charged me 20 quid. They say they sent alerts to the dongle which cannot be accessed. The allowance indicator on the website login is not in realtime or updated regularly. Customer service is extremely poor. They will not budge, give me anything in writing regarding charges, proof of sending alerts etc. I just have someone's word in a call centre to go by. Going to ofcom on this one. They are robbers.

  • unhappy

    by Paul at 15:58 on 31 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    I agree with many angry posters on here. 3 Network are unbelievable. Rude, persistently calling on a daily basis, will not cancel at the end of a contract. Avoid these vile ignorant people. The company is a disgrace and should not be allowed to operate.

  • happy

    by tom at 16:23 on 16 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    3 have been spot on with me. I get a faster download speed with my dongal than my broadband at home! Ive been with them for 18 months and only once had a problem connecting that was sorted after a few hours. good fixed price for 15gb!!! means i use it for films, youtube and xbox live with no lag at all. As with any provider though, all this depends on signal strength, im lucky im not far from a mast. Check if you get a good signal in your area before buying.

  • unhappy

    by toni at 4:43 on 16 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    Very bad support. Don't go there.

  • happy

    by jinn at 19:16 on 8 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    @Nirita Hi what kind of dongle do you own ? is it the offical 3 one ?? also what kind of laptop you own ? also where in the house do you sit to connect to 3 ? why i am asking this is the 3 dongle is really good, but make sure the dongle firmware is up-to date...

    Also make sure your laptop is up to date with windows update if your on vista dump it get on windows 7 ultimate ASAP... The other thing to watch out for, if your using the dongle in your living room and your house is made of old brick then you will have some speed issues, try this move up to the bedroom then try to connect it will be much faster that way..

    And if you own a smartphone and you are on 3 payg top the handset up with £15 then purchase the £15 addon that gives you 300 anytime mins 3000 any network texts and unlimited data if you keep having speed issues with the dongle then connect your laptop via your smartphone that way you can have much faster download speeds.. As todays smartphones like the Galaxy Note, Galaxy 2, iphone 4, 4s & 5 have some really powerful modems built in so you get true mobile broadband speeds on the go :)

    I hope that helps :)

  • unhappy

    by Nirita at 20:19 on 7 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    Jinn - lucky you!

    After my two weeks nearly no broadband access (I really have no idea for what my data allowance was used?) , several useless calls from the customer service telling me, everything will be better shortly - I had now 5 or 6 days perfect internet access without any problems - yes, with 3 !!

    But now we are BACK TO NORMAL: "Internet explorer cannot display the webpage " ... "No Service ..." I give up contacting them - useless!

  • happy

    by Jinn at 16:01 on 26 Sep 2012 Report abuse

    i cant believe some of the comments on here ?? seriously are you having real issues i been with 3 for 7+ years they rock i get 5+meg download speeds on my GNote never had a problem once i did have a issue with them overcharging me 10 pence or something like that i called them with in ten mins they gave me a fiver :) people no offense maybe its your attitude when you ring up customer services with me they been so cool they rock :)

  • neutral

    by Nirita at 18:44 on 14 Sep 2012 Report abuse

    Almost no Internet access since two weeks now!!!

    I'm using 3 broadband now since more than 3 years and it was absolutely fine - but I think they are going to reduce their services now? Since two weeks I have nearly no internet access (sometimes a few minutes a day - but how to find out which minutes that are?). Several calls to the customer service were really waste of time.

    I think they are cutting down the access for this area now completely, even I don't understand, why? However, after all this time I have to go for a BT landline now. It's a little bit annoying, having an online shop and no access to it or always running to the library at their opening times, just to have a look what is going on.

  • unhappy

    by Paul R at 17:33 on 11 Sep 2012 Report abuse

    Three - Joined April 2005 with a really stupid cashback deal got £90 back every 3 months.
    The network at that time was patchy, which basically describes my time with Three.
    In the beginning it only worked at Work & Home (a second floor flat on a hill) but not in between.
    When we moved it only worked on 2G (Orange), they turned this off late 2010. So my phone was used via VOIP with my home broadband. It worked perfectly at work as the mast was 600m away in the bottom of the car park (2008).
    Home Then Three got in bed with T-Mobile to share mast locations so we got a mast this side of the hill, on the Water Tower the other side of the County Hospital, so during visiting times the signal drops to nothing.
    2012 The mast at work (No CV0276) was upgraded to HSPA+ in March, it was then found that 3 of the 4 emitters were not functioning, Repairs in April & May & upgrades in June / July & August have failed to rectify the problem.
    I checked in the Three shop in Leamington Spa today & it is shown on their system as being down.
    This would explain why the Excutive Office so readily cancelled my Data contract after 6 months of HELL. They also stated it needed a major repair / upgrade which would not be completed till after Christmas.

    The area affected is Tachbrook Park, South Leamington Spa, Whitnash & Warwick Gates.

    The Technology Park is not affected as they have their own low powered mast.

  • unhappy

    by D axton at 16:31 on 29 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    I stopped using 3 network on my iPad 3 months ago and since then I have received many phone calls on my landline about the bill they say I owe them. I have asked them to send me a bill but none have been sent, but the calls continue.

  • unhappy

    by David at 17:27 on 23 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    Avoid poor connection, low speed dreadful technical support.

  • neutral

    by Roo at 17:00 on 23 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    Have been with 3 on an "all you can eat" since Dec 11. My experience is that mobile signal and 3G coverage is no better than average although I've had no download issues when there is a signal.
    My biggest issue is that 3 cannot honour the simplest term of their contract - the price. They have imposed a price increase (yes on a contract) within the first year. It may have gone up by only inflation but this is within 8 months of the contract start. At this rate they can squeeze in another 2 price rises before the contract expires.
    Although their terms and conditions allow them to do this (well of course they do!) while the customer has no recourse, it is a cynical and blatant disregard for the spirit of a contract.
    The very simple fact is if they could not afford to honour the contract (hmm - just watch their profits rise) they should not have offered it in the first place.
    Their customer services aren't interested and the service they offer is generally poor.
    It's a personal choice who you go with on a contract but buyer beware - you will have no idea how much you will end up paying with 3!

  • unhappy

    by Tony G at 0:52 on 22 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    3 network are crap. I got a payg dongle for my pc and watch quite a lot of stuff on youtube. Its permanantly buffering which is maddening and overall its very slow. The other thing is if you dont use your allowance by a set date you lose the balance, Its going in the bin once i have used the last credit on it!

  • unhappy

    by Andy (Electrician) at 15:06 on 21 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    I suggest we all go to this site and make our complaints matter because 3 don't give a flying f***! www.ofcom.org.uk/

  • happy

    by Kyle at 19:08 on 20 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    Great dongle, purchased mine about four months ago and used the data very sparingly, recently found out about Samba Mobile and now use their SIM in my dongle ;-)

  • unhappy

    by steve at 17:02 on 9 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    I'm with 3 with all you can eat data on a 24 month contract. In theory this is excellent. In reality I feel totally conned. Their coverage is poor, customer service at the call centre in India is poor, tethering to my laptop from my iphone is poor. But even worse than all that is that 3 mobile take it upon themselves to censor what you can see and download from the internet !! They apply an "adult filter" which stops quite a large number of sites (not all to do with porn, by the way) downloading. So far they either will not, or are unable to, remove the filter from my account. So I'm paying for a full service but only receiving a fraction of that service, with no refund. My last contract was with Orange, although they cost more, their service was always excellent. I still have a dongle with Orange for £10 a month for 1.5 gigabytes, which never censors what i can download and connection is always excellent. I now realise this is quite good value. As Duncan above says - dont bother with 3.

  • unhappy

    by Duncan Bickley at 9:48 on 9 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    Three mobile are not a reputable company to deal with. I would strongly recommend that everyone avoids dealing with them. Not only was reception rubbish, despite what they claimed it would be, but when I gave the required one month's notice to cancel they deliberately ignored my instructions. Having charged me another month for a useless service, they simply refused to cancel for a further 30 days. Do not touch Three with a bargepole.

  • unhappy

    by derek tegg at 10:50 on 5 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    why is it that 3 mobile boasts 97 persent signal and they only have 66 persent i am not paying for a propery signal when 3 mobile cant sort this out i have emailed 3 mobile 14 times

  • neutral

    by C. Oshida at 7:46 on 5 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    I've been on the 3 net 15Gb a month package for 23 months now, and lived in London, Brighton and Portsmouth during that time. In Brighton, with the dongle less than a Km from the mast, downloads were at 4.5 Mb/s. The service ran slow from about 0800 as other users joined, and became choked at around 17:00 most weekdays, becoming free again at 20:00. In London, much the same happened, but the service worked well, by and large. In Portsmouth, 3 Km from the cell, speeds seemed to depend on the weather. My router showed 3G signals of about 29 per cent - low- but again I got decent speeds in the morning, slowing to the point of unusable during school run periods or (oddly) cloudy wet weather. It got to the point where if the weather forecast was bad, I'd loose my broadband.

    Last year Three started traffic-shaping my connection removing the ability to watch iPlayer. This is understandable, but annoying. Traffic shaping seems to run in one-week blocks. If you watch or download on a Monday, you'll be hit until the next Monday. Seems a little heavy handed.

    Now I live near Winchester, about a Km from the mast. I upgraded the dongle and now have a 4-6 MB/s connection. I've once seen 10MB/s on a speed test which is astonishing.

    What you get from the Three network seems to be too variable to predict. Traffic shaping, local user density and variable signal strength all vary.

    The best advice is to buy a dongle and a PAYG SIM from Amazon or Ebay,and try it out before you commit to a contract. Traffic shaping on video feeds on the £15.99 a month contract is nuisance if you download video or P2P.

    For me, running mobile broadband at home saves having a BT line. I use a 3G wireless router with the 3 dongle plugged in to give wifi all over the house, and at the moment it's working well. Speeds can slow in urban areas with lots of users.

    For me, paying £15.99 a month for this is ok, but mobile broadband is not without its hicccups which can at times be utterly annoying. The miracle is that it works at all.

  • unhappy

    by Don at 14:31 on 1 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    Am using 3s £15 a month "all you can eat" data package, tethered from SGS and are constantly getting "page cannot be displayed" or "connection was reset" message, it never gets above 10kbps in the day and 150-250kbps on the night, it takes an eon to load a page, if at all.After midnight it gets a little better 300kbps, but on the whole a lot different from "up to 21Mbs" they may as well say "up to 100Mbs" as they are never going to achieve these lofty nonsense speeds.Would not recommend.

  • unhappy

    by Rob M at 11:42 on 28 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    Avoid - used to be good but now it seems they have too many users for the network to cope, have good signal close to the mast however on a mifi on hspa+ my speeds hover below 200kbs, only hitting above 1mb at 7.00am, after this its just pants !! I did 46 speed tests over 3 days and only on 9 occasions did it get above 1mb, mostly below 2-300kbs and quite often around 150kbs. Doing same speed tests with 02/giffgaff i get 3-5mbs.
    it took over a month of calls to the technical dept and customer service for them to realise it was due to heavy capacity on the mast and not a techinical fault, which I knew in the first place.

    Avoid !!!!!!

  • neutral

    by david forret at 20:25 on 27 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    my mobile phone says ive got £6.04 but its telling me ive got insufficient funds to use why??

  • unhappy

    by Chris at 17:01 on 26 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    3 Mobile use the tag line 'Built for the internet' but from my experience I suspect that the internet that they are referring to in this phrase, is dial up, because the speed and comparable level of service is around that of a 1997 vintage 56k connection (assuming you even manage to progress beyond the endless rounds of 404 error pages). Despite, living close to a '3' mast and having a 5 bar rock solid connection as a result, its still virtually impossible to surf anywhere on the internet using my '3' dongle, and even entering the google url constantly fetches a 404 page.

    If you disconnect and reconnect a few times, you *may* be lucky to finally get a web page, although even when it does decide to load, its painfully slow, and often I feel like i'm going to end up being a cobweb covered skeleton sat in front of the PC before it actually fully loads the page that I'm looking for.

    If you do manage to actually surf to where you would like to go, the connection is generally only temporary, and soon resumes the mundane round of 'page not found' reports, normally when at a critical moment such as making an online payment, or placing a bid on an auction site.

    Don't be drawn in by 3's promise of large Data (10gb and 15gb packages) allowances as between the dire speeds and seat of your pants connection integrity, you probably won't be able to connect long or reliably enough to use a fraction of that.

    In frustration, i've now invested in a T-Mobile and Orange dongle, both of which connect for long periods of time, with only the very occasional drop out.

  • neutral

    by Brendan at 0:32 on 25 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    Let me be frank... I hate all mobile phone companies.

    I am sick to death of T-Mobile regularly and actively blocking Gmails from my S2 smartphone (a widely-reported issue) so reviewed this site for the 'least-worst' of the bunch.

    I can only assume the reviewer doesn't want to upset mobile operators for some reason - judging by the number of bad reviews.

    The feedback isn't unexpected, but evidently not a site that is able to offer reliable objective reviews in the articles. My search continues :(

  • neutral

    by James at 16:50 on 16 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    Thanks for the info guys, will not be using 3 when return to UK.
    3 ....are you listening ?

  • unhappy

    by Mad at 21:03 on 13 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    I cannot for the life of me see how 3 wins awards My dongle gets very hot due to poor/weak signal I am sick of seeing No Network--cannot connect to 3 server--cannot top up-- will not disconnect so locks laptop I have to remove dongle And anyone is totally ignored by email or letter to head office How anyone can say this sweeps the board is beyond my comprehension is a turkey sent at Christmas?? Mad in East Yks--- Brid

  • happy

    by Peter at 22:45 on 12 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    I have had a three dongle for three years and it has been absolutley fine. I broke the first one and bought one off eBay with an antenna plug. I have a holiday home in Cornwall where I dont even have a mobile signal. I have an outside antenna off eBay and a wireless router you plug the dongle into. I have wireless all over the house off this and have 6mb + speed 100% reliable. I get tired of people knocking the three service. I have 7gb and never used all of it. I am an IT professional and download a lot of software. If you are watching catchup TV or downloading films this is not the product for you.

    Brilliant product. If your signal is weak you will be disappointed.

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