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  • neutral

    by Danijela at 19:45 on 10 Jul 2012 Report abuse


    i have 1 month contract for huawei 353u dongle and it cost me 15,99 per month.
    on 08.07 2012 at 14:05 i have used monthly allowance.
    on 08:07 2012 at 14:48 i had message that i have spend 20 pounds on top my montly bill.
    this was my most expensive halfen hour internet in my life.
    I think this is not right from 3 store to have prices like this or they have to give to us price list after montly allowance that the customers are not paying such high extra bills.
    i will inform consumer protection organisation about is and i hope not more customers will have experience like me.

    i have sent email to [email protected], [email protected] and to see what they say for the case like this.

    i will never want again service from 3 store because they are very nice to you until you sign a contract and after they are sorry but they can not do anything about it because i used halfen hour internet for 20 pounds.

  • unhappy

    by Maria at 20:31 on 8 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    I live in paisley town centre (biggest scottish town). My 3 signal is shockingly bad. Coverage states that it is excelent. What a lot of rubish. I am unable to watch a 3 min song on youtube. Cuts out constantly regardless of site used. Be warned do not touch 3 mobile with a barge pole. My £15 monthly contract has now cost me £27 so far this month as takes several atemps to do anything online. You have been warned. My friend is in the same position. So nothing to do with my laptop. Needless to say l have had to use my o2 mobile online to complete this. Extremley angry, Paisley.

  • unhappy

    by paul at 17:37 on 4 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    just a few words what the hell has 3 dongle doing to the signal down here in cornwall get 3g then hspa then hspa+ they say problem with mast well if it is get a move on and fix it it was working fine a few weeks ago 15 pounds for 15gig a month thinking is it worth it ..not at moment..anyone eles got same problem.

  • unhappy

    by Jacky at 13:02 on 3 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    3 broadband used to be ok when I first started using it about two years ago, however since they have introduced "all you can eat" data plans on monthly subscription smart fones the service is mostly unusable, in fact the only time I can use it is at 6 am in the morning!
    I live near a university and suspect a lot of students are streaming on their smartphones to the detriment of people like me on PAYG mobile broadband
    The network seems to get worse by the day and is mostly unusable.

  • unhappy

    by Rosie Jones at 12:20 on 3 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    I feel the need to share with other consumers and consult anyone in the broadband industry with regards to my ongoing experience of one broadband provider in particular: 3 Mobile Broadband.
    I joined 3 in 2009. I was seeing someone overseas and wanted to use skype etc. I bought a package from Currys on the high street. The person serving me said that it would work from my flat. I don’t think he actually checked coverage in my area though. I signed up to a 15GB a month package for £15.
    Initially I had endless problems with reception. I kept being told by 3 that a mast was down in my area. It just seemed like a generic excuse. I was never sure how in touch telephone operators in India with were things on the ground in Devon.
    During my first year of subscription there were countless technical problems and far too many calls to India which were in themselves stressful due to us not always understanding each other.
    I waited until my two year contract was up and got ready to tell them I wanted to leave. When I rang up to cancel I was of course NOT transferred to the cancellation team but to a person whose job it was to persuade me to stay. He said that I wasn’t using barely any of my 15GB and that he could arrange a more moderate package for me. He said he’d throw in the latest dongle. I was annoyed because when I’d complained countless times about my connection, I was never offered the latest dongle. However, when I wanted to leave it was a different story.
    Somehow this guy convinced me to take on another year’s contract but reduced my allowance to 7GB, however, he was going to charge me only £3 less per month for this deal. I was completely bamboozled by the conversation and must of agreed.
    Of course I then went way over this allowance and was charged through the nose. When I rang to complain that this clearly wasn’t a tailor made package, the operative actually said, what did I expect, why had I agreed to 50% less data allowance for only £3 less per month. I felt very stupid. I also could not believe that someone who worked for 3 was openly admitting pretty much that I’d been conned.
    My contract is up in October. I am always worried I’m going to go over my allowance, so I don’t enjoy using the internet but rather feel anxious about it and of course, I feel generally ‘mugged off’. I’d like to share this experience so that at the very least no one else falls into this trap, and perhaps someone out there can comment on it. Thanks.

  • unhappy

    by elaine at 14:06 on 2 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    sorry I missed the chance to cancel the contract when I could without having to pay to get out of it! I have a £15 a month contract for 150 hrs @ month could not use all my allowance last month cos I could not stay on line once I got on to the internet. and looks like the same thing will be happening this month. Rang cus service once about replacing a broken dongle felt like the only person I did not speak to was the cleaner although I got what I wanted it was a long costly and unsatisfactory experience. one of ten for performance at the moment!

  • neutral

    by Graham at 10:32 on 26 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    Two comments in one review!
    I am surprised that the Trading Standards/Trade Descriptions, and, even Ofcom allow this product to be descrided as "Pay As You Go". With the built in monthly expiry dates you are paying for something even when not using it. Clearly then, by definition, it can't be "Pay As You Go"
    Has anyone else noticed that with the maximum charge for data whilst roaming that the EU are bringing in from the begining of July, even with currency exchange costs, it will cost less to use a foreign dongle in the UK with the deals that are now available with those than it will to use this UK product in the UK.
    I have never thought that the EU were good for much but if this action is going to introduce genuine competetion into the UK mobile broadband market, then God Bless 'Em!

  • happy

    by rob chambers at 11:02 on 24 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    hi, all you people complaining about internet speed!! did you know i was on vista and got 4mb speed 99% of the time. i upgraded to windows 7 and my speed dropped to 1mb, couldnt evan watch youtube without it freezing. i new it was my pc not the network cause it worked fine befor. then i tried a speed checker- i used this to sort out my pc files and my speed went from 1mb to 3mb it cost £22 i clicked on free download and as always they wanted money at the end (more than £22) so i went into programmes and un-installed, then i got a pop up offering me half price about £12 so i downloaded it again. this was going to be for 1 year or i could pay £22 and have for ever and on multiple pc`s. i was warey of it being a con but decided to gamble the £22 and it worked, i was so happy. i hope this helps most people with slow broardband

  • unhappy

    by michael at 8:39 on 23 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    Hi, I agree with all the comments by the people giving their revue. I have had a modem stick with 3 for a nunber of years, and at the end of the contract time i to tell them i wish to leave for the connectivity reasons, and lackof understanding with the indian/scottish languge way of cheap buisiness practice, plus one or two other issues. I get told exactly the same re` the connectivity when complaining, but nothing ever gets done by 3, yet we read of all these wonderfull [so called] reviews that 3 is the best thing since sliced bread,???.
    Perhaps 3 would like to comment on the customer flustrations, and give them the truth about their lack of ability to provide a satisfactory servise,?
    My situation re ` modem stick is because i live in a community where we are unable to get a phone line,[yes there are such places] although i am limited to what network provider can give a service,so i have no choice if i want to use my lap top/tablet etc`. Come on three, practice what you preach

  • neutral

    by Maggie at 14:36 on 22 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    I've had my 3 dongle for 3 years now. It wasn't too bad to start with, but recently it has been driving me mad as it keeps disconnecting itself. Mine gets hot too. Want a mobile dongle as my mum hasn't got broadband and I spend a lot of time with her. Anyone found a really good one?

  • unhappy

    by clay at 18:36 on 21 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    A Premium dongle is no better than standard. ... At peak times (most of the bloody day with Three) it's slow - it's wonderfully fast around 3am. Another thing... when they 'improve' - meaning ruin - the signal in you area you're b****red - it's happened to me several times (south London), this latest tweaking of the signal has meant no data being up/downloaded. So I'm ditching Three and PAYG... I've tried O2, T-Mobile (which uses the same bloody signal as Three), and Vodafone.. all useless.

  • unhappy

    by Tembeka Mqadi at 4:05 on 17 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    I got a 3 dongle pay monthly 5GB, really rubbish experience because of slow speeds and low signal strength, dongle gets really hot, not able to download completely and so wastes download allowance. I let them talk me into staying after I called up to cancel, by telling me that the mast is under maitenance which would be completed by 24th June. I wish I hadnt after reading this, I fear its just a delay tatic to keep me on. I cant do anything accept browse supposedly until 24th and if it doesnt get fixed by then, I dont care what they say I will cancel and get Sky.

  • unhappy

    by Jo Collins at 14:07 on 16 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    I've had a 3 dongle on payg since 2009 & usually spend £10 to £15 a month with them. My main problem with them is just what has been happening recently; I cannot top up on line, I get an 'error; you are not connected to the internet' message, so every time it runs out I have to phone them using my only phone; a payg Virgin mobile. I then have to go through exactly the same explanations every month & its happened now so often that they now recognise my voice! It is so very difficult to understand what they're saying, you end up with headache trying to understand & they can get quite nasty & impatient with you if you keep asking them to repeat things. When they do repeat things & still can not get beyond the language barrier. You get so desperate & weary that you'll just say yes to whatever solution they suggest & hope it works! In the end I've used up all my credit on my phone so its cost me £20 to top up every month instead of £10! If they're in a good mood they will phone me back, but just lately they've promised to phone me back in 2 mins & had me waiting all day so I have to phone them again & go through all the explaining to a different call centre employee! Its absolutely mental! Soon as poss I'm changing to another provider!!!!!!!!!!

  • neutral

    by barbara at 11:16 on 16 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    thanks for writing these blogs- I am buying the product for the first time and its so helpful

  • neutral

    by Hannah at 0:51 on 16 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    Been using a 3 mobile dongle for about 3 years but I'm giving up - I would literally rather have no home internet than this. Every now and again the speed is reliable enough to stream from BBC iplayer with maybe 4-6 pauses per 30 mnute programme (I can live with that). However for the last month I am getting a downland speed of under 1mb. I live in central London FFS! This is a joke and not what I paid for. Bye bye 3mobile.

  • unhappy

    by Evaldas at 10:49 on 13 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    Update: Have been contacted by 3 Customer Support staff at least, but only to reassure myself they are not telling truth at all. I do measure my internet speed regularly and I also work with software, which shows connection properties all the time anyway. And I see that the signal has slowed down 10 times compared to that 5 months ago! 3Mobile chap told me that it is my SIM and my router to blame. Not the case! They messed the signal and they were persuading me to sign for other SIM deal, which eventually is even more expensive rubbish. My current SIM is PAYG unlimited data, but recently 3 has made it worse to use. IS IT THE TIME FOR 3MOBILE TO STEP INTO 21st CENTURY AT LEAST!!!??? OR IS IT THE RIP-OFF TACTICS???

  • happy

    by Anna at 19:59 on 8 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    We have been using 3 mobile broadband since Christmas and, although we live in a very poor signal area for all servers, we have found it to be relatively fast and reliable. Much more so than O2 which we used previously.
    We are now looking into 3 Mifi. Fingers crossed!!

  • unhappy

    by G Blackburn at 16:33 on 7 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    Switched to 3 network about 2 years ago and was happy with service compared to terrible experience with Virgin Mobile. At the time rated 3 netword 4 out of 5.

    The last 6 months in particular the 3 network has degraded to the point that I now regularly get disconected after only a few minutes, making day time use bearly worth using. I find I have to keep unpluging and repluging the dongle just to get a signal to log in and then only stay connected for a few minutes more often than not. I know it's the service as between the hours of 12am to 6am the connection stays on much longer. £25 for 7gig of data is not cheap and I expect a decent service. If things continue as they are then I will discontinue using the internet.

  • neutral

    by Charles R at 10:07 on 2 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    Signed up to 3 several years ago using the mifi pebble. Could live with the 5 device connection limit and all was well. Speed was ok until last August ('11) when the service was so inconsistent I started to complain. Upgraded to the Web Cube which I could not get to work and so bought a 3G router. 3 then seriously restricted the bandwidth and said that it was my equipment. The end game came when they initially lifted the restrictions and then, after I downloaded a film (5gb) throttled the speed to 200kbps saying the restriction would be lifted after 7 days. 2 weeks of complaining and threatening non payment finally resulted in being released from the 24 month contract without penalty. Deeply unpleasant experience and I shall never use Three Mobile again nor enter into such a long term contract.

  • unhappy

    by Evaldas at 17:44 on 31 May 2012 Report abuse

    I REGRET CHOOSING THREE INTERNET!!! In the first year it was okay as for mobile internet used only on the phone (it was £5 for 2G a month PAYG). Later I needed more than that, as I bought wireless 3g router and wanted to connect my laptop and IP alarm to it. Appalingly their 'All you can eat data' deal, for which I pay £15, got so bad that I cannot even open my email online. It is slightly better in the early hours (up to 10am), but later there is no signal at all. I have tried to contact 3, but still have no answer.
    Now I cannot get any help from 3, no refunds and no service improvements. They keep changing the sim cards, and every time their new deal ir more rubbish! And they route the signal god knows where for filtering, affecting speed too!

  • unhappy

    by YC at 10:52 on 31 May 2012 Report abuse

    I've used Three Connect PAYG dongle before and have had no problems with it. However, after spending time abroad and returning to the UK, I'd inadvertently stored my Three Connect dongle amongst my vast possession in storage and have no access to it. I thought by investing in a new one would be my answer. I had (last week) ordered another Three PAYG dongle (though not Three Connect but the current on sale which boasts speed up up to 7.2..) and much to my frustration and huge disappointment, I found on the first few times that the dongle stick kept heating up (hot to touch within 5 mins) and disconnected. I've tried putting a fan next to the stick to cool it down and initially it worked a couple of times but then continued to disconnect after every 15 mins (if that) or so. The speed is incredibly slow and to be honest, given my experience of this, I'm surprised I have any hair left!! How it's won so many awards beggars belief! A complaint letter and a refund is on its way. Forget the ranking on this website, avoid at all cost!

  • unhappy

    by Mark D at 22:15 on 27 May 2012 Report abuse

    Wow, its interesting to see so many people having the exact same problem with slow speeds that i'm having. When i first got the one plan, i speed tested at 6-7mbps, now i get 0.10mbps, sites don't load, youtube is useless, downloads take hours and cancel themselves.

    I've been on to the executive office asking if i'm being throttled, as the max speed i'm getting, regardless of which town i'm in, is 0.5mbps. The person i spoke to swears that he's checked and i'm not being throttled, so it seems that three's network isn't up to scratch. I'd imagine they're going to lose business if they continue to lie and ignore customers, as these speeds really are unacceptable. I need at least 2megs for a modern internet experience, i like to open sites, view videos and download stuff, all of which are becoming increasingly difficult.

    I've been given the option to get out of my contract early, but after reviewing several competitors, i feel that three still offer the best value. I really wish some of the other companies would offer a viable alternative to the one plan, i'd change in an instant. o2 and vodafone only offer a measly 1gb which is totally useless, t mobile have the full monty plan but i've read its not as fast as three. Might give it a shot tho.

  • neutral

    by Gerardus Kohlinger at 13:19 on 25 May 2012 Report abuse

    I have 3 for many years now,admit in the beginning it was not always perfect,However they slowly improved in the last year or. However the service by phone and email id still absurdly bad.Answers are hard to come by and explanations are in a Language I do not understand easy.I could not get connected from NL/G/DK, explanation..none.Was told I had a new extended contract while I did not have given them such an undertaking.Still their UK reach is good.

  • unhappy

    by Lucy Dezel at 19:47 on 18 May 2012 Report abuse

    Be very cautious before getting stuck in a contract with Three Mobile. Back in 2009, I suscribed to a 5gb monthly wifi dongle 18 month contract offer, however I had no broadband access from my residence, I was never provided with assistance over the phone, refused my right to cancellation within the acceptable time frame, the only advice I got was to go and log in from friends or the local library to be able to use my dongle (haha ...). I finally managed to cancel the contract after threatening to start a lawsuit complaint. I then moved abroad for 2 years and recently came back to the UK, Now in 2012 I have credit companies that are harassing me to repay early cancellation fees and alleged internet services used from 2009 until 2011, from Three Mobile. Three Mobile never replied any of my registered mail, emails and aren ot willing to comment over the phone. Avoid them like the black plague, they are scammers who have no standards or customer service skills whatsoever.

  • unhappy

    by Brian Masson at 1:54 on 17 May 2012 Report abuse


  • neutral

    by Paul at 23:18 on 16 May 2012 Report abuse

    Let me get this straight- You're COMPLAINING about 100kps? When I was on o2, my max speed at any time was about 2kps! From your 'angry' comment, 3 sounds brilliant.

  • unhappy

    by Karen at 12:47 on 15 May 2012 Report abuse

    Please stay away from 3,i was with them for 3 years and it was a nightmare! They are harrassing my family and I for not renewing for the forth year! They have overcharged me several times and they want me to pat another 60 euro for stopping my direct debit and cancelling with the wrong department of 3 which was customer care,they are the most vile rude people and are clueless on how to treat their customers,what a horrible crowd and you cannot understand a word of their broken english!!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Molo at 22:46 on 11 May 2012 Report abuse

    Crap speed. Cannot even open the web page Unlimited s**t for 35 puinds. AVOID IT!!!

  • unhappy

    by fedup at 20:14 on 10 May 2012 Report abuse

    3 mobile broadband is the worst i have ever experienced with rubbish signal and very slow on startup. Trying to cancel your contract with them is a excruciatingly long and painful process. Best to avoid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Angry 1 at 12:19 on 6 May 2012 Report abuse

    Be very aware of the One Plan, it might be ok for you for the first few months but if you use your phone regularly or as your main internet connection, they will slow you down to connection speeds of 200kbps download and upload from 6pm to 12 at night. So yes it is all you can eat at almost dialup connection speeds (100kps), and also they claim there are no fair usage policies in place. So excuse me but limiting your internet speed is not considered fair usage policy?.

    Not to mention that they will not inform you of their decision, only when you call them they will recognise they are capping the connection speed of their users so everyone can have the same awful connection speeds.

    They are happy to call you when they want to offer you another phone as a loyal customer but they won't call you to inform you they have decided to slow you down because their phone masts can't cope.

    Believe the hype when is too good to be true is too good to be true.

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