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  • unhappy

    by S R C at 11:58 on 4 May 2012 Report abuse

    If you would like to talk to some from Three in the UK, please call 08433733330. This is the number for Three's executive office in the UK.
    I live on a boat and have been experiencing extremely slow internet speeds for the past 2 years.
    After months of troubleshooting with Three in India, I was told that the reason I was experiencing extremely slow internet speeds, was because I lived too far away from my local mast.
    I was totally fed up at this point and wanted to cancel my contracts. They said that I would have to pay a cancellation fee of over £600.
    I told them that I couldn't afford to pay the cancellation fee.
    So I was forced to move my boat closer to my local mast to get better internet speeds, as this is what the troubleshooting had established.
    I now live 0.01 miles from my local mast. And of course is hasn't made one bit of difference.
    I Then call Three in India and I told them that i had moved and that my internet speeds were still extremely slow.
    They asked my to email the evidence of the move. So I scanned in my new mooring contract and emailed it to them.
    One week later, I had a phone call from the Three Executive office in the UK.
    I now get 60% off the price of my contracts.
    You could be entitled to some kind of discount on your contract.
    Call the Three Executive office on the number above and ask for details of their complaints procedure.
    You should get somewhere with these instructions.

  • neutral

    by Peggy at 20:55 on 2 May 2012 Report abuse

    Three offers a fast Internet for mobile with unlimited Internet with my new phone
    X peria. I am able to open the hot spot button to share my Internet as well. Great customer service, I am pleased that I am with three now.

  • unhappy

    by angry customer no.10000000 at 20:22 on 1 May 2012 Report abuse

    tbh i now hate 3 i currently have a zte dongle with 5gb package for 16 quid a month excpet as soon as i breach the 1gb mark and i connect connection seems to drop even tho it claims to be *5 bars* yet it disconnects randomly like my internet just cuts off and makes me have to connect again and that takes the piss yet when i connect again and wait 30 secs all i hear is "cling clung" disconnected....

  • neutral

    by Thomas at 15:57 on 25 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    I've been with three for about three years, and they used to be the best on the market.

    The last few months, however, they've introduced packet sniffing and DNS level content filtering. The latter is fixed by simply using OpenDNS, but the former is impossible to avoid. Previous download speeds managed 160kb/s but since the introduction of packet sniffing, you're capped at 40kb/s or 16kb/s during peak hours.

    You can attempt to contact customer services to complain, but it's impossible to get past the call centre staff - who don't even know what packet sniffing is - and get to somebody who knows what they're talking about.

    Indeed, this is why I'm at this site in first place - it's time to find a replacement.

  • unhappy

    by Malcolm Bailey at 16:37 on 23 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    Have a Pay as You Go system - unable to send email via default SMTP server - could not find information on their web site - so useless for my business needs! I am sure there are better systems!

  • unhappy

    by red at 12:10 on 16 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    i have been wiith 3 on payg for around 2 and a half years and used to regularly get speeds aproaching 6mbps,and i was very pleased intially.i used it for work and online gaming too.however over the last month or two the speed has dropped to 0.16 mbps,i have 3 different dongles that i use for my firm and all are reading the same pathetic connection speeds,i have tried to contact customer service,but predictably i never recieved any response.i thank god i didnt take a contract out with these jokers,as i liive in the finacial disrtict of the city of london.if i cant get a signal here then really i dont hold out much hope for thier buisness,infact i hope they fail.i will never go back to b.t or vodafone either,they were equally shoddy in their customer service and conection speeds.i am now stuck as i see no viable alternative.i will never go back to a contract,as i ended up paying for a non existent service,even threatening them under the trade discriptions act did nithing as they are based in india and have no grasp of british consumer rights.

  • happy

    by DBugler at 21:02 on 15 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    I have been with 3 both mobile and dongle with no problems...last phone upgrade had my new phone the next day at 09.00 hrs....Broadband Dongle no probs and faster now than last year..

  • unhappy

    by Dorothy at 13:59 on 5 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    I had a 3 dongle in 2008. When my 24 month contract was nearly finished, I was contacted
    by 3 who sent me a new model of dongle as the service did not seem as good on the old one. This contract was for 18 months. Because I still couln't get the speed I wanted, I never used it but continued to pay my money each month expecting the contract to come to it's natural end in August 2011. OH NO IT DIDN'T!! In October I rang them to cancel it. They tried to sell me an iPad on monthly terms. I said I would think about it (just to be polite). ANOTHER MISTAKE!! Money was still taken out of my account until I cancelled the direct debit with my bank. That should do the trick I thought. OH NO!! I have received loads of calls from 3 over the last week. When I finally called their customer services they said I OWED THEM!! I could not believe that after having paid over £200 for no usage, that they still wanted more money.
    Eventually, I found out that because I had said that I would THINK ABOUT having an iPad, that was a green light for them to continue with my contract and the direct debit.
    The person at customer services said he would cancel outstanding money owed and send me a nil statement. I am waiting for that with fingers crossed!

  • unhappy

    by Lizzie at 22:31 on 1 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    Never suscribe to Three they are scammers ! Back in 2009 I tried to suscribe to the 3G wifi monthly dongle service, there was no signal in my area and customer service never provided assitance or prompt resolution of the case. At some point I managed to cancel my suscription. Now, 4 years later, I have been contacted by a credit company called RED to repay an amount I owe, about 400£ to 'Three Mobile'. Three doesnt reply to my letters or emails, and the credit company is blackmailing me saying they will send me for legal action without providing me with further evidence. Save you the trouble of these scammers NOW ....

  • unhappy

    by Fuzzy at 11:13 on 28 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    Sadly now a very bad service , slow and connection constantly dropping , we just had an upgrade in our area and this made things worse , at one time 3 was the fastest and most reliable you could get in the UK in my opinion, now it is very very bad , and the Tech support is well pathetic , sadly now a NO NO .

  • happy

    by Jammo at 1:00 on 24 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    I have mobile brodband with them unfortunately, but not for long and never again...
    They overbilled me few times, but once I knew they cheating on me (traffic monitoring) so I was firm, and after several phonecall eventually they gave up and cancelled the excess bill.
    About the speed:
    When I had a compliant about the speed they tested and obviously they find it perfect, then the guy adviced me stupid ideas how to make my net faster. Yeah he said what should I do with my browser but he didn't care, my network and different traffic were dead slow even beside an switched off browser.
    Useless, and You will feel the bitterness in your mouth all the time if sign a contract for 2 bloody years. Don't do that!!!
    I'm happy, because my contract going to finish very soon...

  • unhappy

    by Caroline at 18:38 on 20 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    Don't take out a contract with 3 is my advice.

    Poor, poor, poor is the only way to describe the service and support from 3.

    The camera on my phone (HTC Desire 6 months old) has stopped working, just stopped one day. Duly sent it off for repair, it came back 4 weeks later with a form letter saying sorry, your mobile cannot be repaired - no reason.

    No replacement - just buy a new phone is the only offer they have made.

    It seems reasonable to expect that 3 should provide a phone in fully working order for the full duration of the contract. If the phone was damaged in some way then that is a different matter, but just a we can't repair it you need to buy a new one is unacceptable.

  • unhappy

    by john massam at 20:25 on 19 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    Worst phone ive ever had.Anyway,i could not receive incoming calls so i sent the phone off for repair 4 weeks ago.I haven't received the phone back as of yet!!Ive called several times,and the gist of the conversations are...i think(Not that i can understand the operator on the other end) that they are trying to track my phone down as they do not know where it is.So i phoned back today as i was told they would contact me back and inform me what was happening several days before...which they didn't!! Ive now been told that it will take another 48 hours to find out some more information.

    I can only see this ending with them sending me another phone,so they should just cut to the chase and just do it!!

    Certainly the worst mistake ive ever made was joining 3 and i would love to be able to leave 3 but sadly i am saddled with their ineptitude for another 10 months.

    Well im now 2 weeks on from my original post and i seem to be even further away from them solving the problem of "My missing Phone".Ive now spoken to about 11-12 different customer service staff,and have been told they would call me back to let me know.Not one of them did.

    Each one tells me that "another department "they wont tell me what department is dealing with the problem,in other words,im being fobbed off.

    I just yearn to be able to speak with a Brit as i have now finally lost the plot and want a definitive answer.Is there another number i could call to speak to a Brit with authority?If i went to a "3" shop and spoke to them,would that help?

  • unhappy

    by Pete at 21:40 on 18 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    Worst customer service I've ever experienced. AVOID 3 MOBILE BROADBAND LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

    I took out a rolling contract with 3 mobile as a stop gap whilst I moved house and got set up in a new area. It wasn't brilliant but did the trick and today I phoned to cancel the contract which I assumed would be a simple task. I told the operator I'd signed up to Virgin so wouldn't need a dongle anymore and that I've got a mobile with internet which will serve my roaming needs. Well to my amazement after only 6 months I'd qualified as a 'premium' customer so was able to take advantage of a host of special offers. I explained again and again and again that I don't need mobile internet, I don't want a new ipad, I don't want a laptop, I don't need it as a back up, I JUST WANT TO CANCEL!

    Eventually the first person I spoke to got the message but then decided to pass me on to his manager to confirm the cancellation. But strange I thought but whatever. Said manager then offered me the same amazing offers for 'premium' customers. Now I'm mild mannered to a fault but by this time (30 minutes into the simple cancellation process!) I was really getting wound up. I had to be rude enough for him to get the message so he said he was canceling the contract but I could take a code and use these 'premium' offers in the next 30 days for myself or family/friends. Whatever I thought, so I took down a code and just as he was about to hang up I said just to confirm the contract ends on 17th April as discussed?

    'Oh no Sir, now you have this code the contract will continue until you cancel!'.

    Well that was the final straw, I congratulate 3 for making me lose my temper as very few things or people have in my life but they really were extracting the michael! I think I managed to cancel it in the end. He told me the last payment date so as soon as that goes from my account I'm canceling the direct debit.

    I was so annoyed with 3 that I immediately phoned to cancel my 3 mobile phone contract which was due an upgrade. They seemed to sense my irritation and that was quite a simple process. In short 3 are a bunch of crooks and I will make every effort to tell people of their shoddy practices!

  • unhappy

    by Sam at 10:48 on 18 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    I am very disappointed by 3 - I have had endless trouble, and no attempt to make things right from the store.

    1. I order 3 data sims from Cancom for tablet computers. £5 for 10Gb in the first month, and £15 for subsequent months. They arrive and I am very disappointed to find they are micro-sims and do not normal size sim cards. I have 2 Sony S and 1 sony P tablet which I want them to fit into, and they do not fit. At this point Three have already disappointed me, as you should have sent out all sim cards in this form, to avoid this problem. http://blog.dk.sg/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/iwqau41b.jpg

    2. Cancom tell me that I can use a sim adapter, so I get 3 sim adapters from the Three store - but the slot on the Sony tablet is too thin, and it it truly impossible to get the microsims with the adapters into the slots on the tablets. Again disappointed about 2 things. A) that the micro sims aren't thinner. b) that they couldn't switch them for normal sims right there in the shop, but had to wait for me to register them against my credit card and address before switching them over.

    3. I go back to the office, consider registering with the office credit card (which is what I would have done) but in the end decide that I must use my personal credit card to reduce the risk of anything else going wrong - this creates more work for me though, as I will have to keep all receipts and claim them back.

    4. I register the sims, head back to the store - but they can't change them because they have not shown up on the system yet - WHY NOT?! They said it would take up to 24 hours. I then phone them and ask them to check the system with my name and address - they refuse to check on the system and tell me that instead it will be between 24 and 48 hours for the numbers to come across...

    5. I'm running out of time - I have less than 24 hours now until I meet the people I am lending the tablet computers to, and who I want to also lend the sim cards to. I call customer services - they in fact tell me that I am on the system already, and that it's not 24-48 hours, but less than 24 hours for me to show up. It's 6:30 and the store closes at 7pm so I head back to the store. I'm not on the system still! Very disappointed - both because customer services lied to me, and because this problem shouldn't exist in the first place. I have now missed the chance to give the sims to my users who are borrowing the tablet computers.

    6. I go back at 9am next day. I change 2 of the sims (for the 2 sony S tablets) to full size sims. I get charged £5.11 for the privilege, when apparently this used to be a free service, and is still offered free at the call centre. Disappointed.
    Finally I am able to meet my users again (they have to make another trip to see me specially) and give them the sims.

    7. I immediately get 3 more tablets to extend my study. I go to the store and ask for 3 full size sim cards with data for tablet computers. I decide this time to get the 1Gb pay as you go data sims. I buy three of these, and head straight to the house of the next users. I arrive there, and open up the bag from the Three store, only to find they have sold me Micro-sims YET AGAIN! I can't believe it. I asked for full size sims! It's too late yet again, and Three has wasted my time and the time of my users. This is not acceptable.

    8. After the user meeting I return home. Previously when a bike store fixed my bike wrongly and I complained, they came to my house to fix their mistake. I want to give Three the same chance to make things right - so I try calling the store 5 times over 1 hour period on a Saturday. ENGAGED every time. Why have a phone number for a store if it is always engaged? This is getting ridiculous. At the very least it should failsafe to central customer services when engaged, not be engaged 5 times.

    9. I am forced to spend my own time heading back to the store to fix your error. I ask for the manager so I can make a complaint. I am told they are all busy. I refund 1 sim, and switch the other 2 to normal (full-sized) sims. I try to make a complaint, and I try to find someone who has the authority to offer me something to make things right. NOONE HAS THE AUTHORITY! I am told I have to go through customer services who will assess my case. Again I am disappointed. The very same salesman who I asked for Full Size data sims and sold me micro sims, denied any responsibility for error and blamed it all on me for not checking the packaging. I am disgusted.

    10. I make a complaint to you on twitter. No response. At this point, I think this is typical of the poor customer service that Three provide. I now realise I need to take a copy of this email and post it as widely as I can in order to publicise this experience.

  • unhappy

    by bex at 22:18 on 10 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    6 months ago i had a refurbished nokia e5 on a 18 month contract from 3 it had a 2year warrantee, about 2 weeks ago my phone started saying it was in offline mode and to insert the sim all functions on phone were working perfectly except i couldnt acess internet or make calls i sent it back for repair on the friday and on monday i had a letter saying they couldnt fix my phone as it had water damage as a result of water damage from either being used in the rain or condensation build up so its not covered by the warantee they want me to pay £20 for looking at my phone and are not willing to help me with a replacemant phone unless i pay full price for a new one now i,m left with no phone and am stuck in a contract for a year and a half for nothing.ive rang them 6 times for about 30 mins each time on a national rate number and struggling to hold a conversation with the people from india they,re no help at all i keep getting promised a call back from a manager the next day but noone rings back i did manage 2 speak to a british engineer in 1 call who told me water damage takes months 2 effect a phone ive had it 6 months its always been kept in a protective case so i cant see that i,ve caused the water damage any ideas to help me sort this matter out please??

  • unhappy

    by Dan. at 22:57 on 9 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    I have been using three now for 2-3 years, starting out with a 3.2mbps huawei e356 then purchasing a ZTE MF112 7mbps dongle. now beleive it or not but i actually manage to play with my ps3 online with it linked to my computer via ethernet. thats even with the 3.2mbps huawei.

    with the 7mbps dongle i have consistently until recently always had a fairly GREAT connection (1.5 - 2.0 mbps download, 1.5 - 2.0mbps upload at peak times, and upto 5.0mbps download 1.5 - 2.0mbps upload off peak times) however since the 14th of february i have been facing HELL with it, it would barely break the 0.2mbps mark download speed.

    I rang three and they told me there was nothing wrong with the service in my area and it must be something to do with my computer, however since i use linux they could offer me no support. then i top up my internet 2 days later hoping tht the problem would just sort itself out but it didnot, so i ring three up the same day and they inform me that "actually there is a problem with the network in your area" and quoted me 28 days to fix the problem and gave me 15pound free credit.

    so i had these terrible speeds still for upto 28 days :( they informed me on the 5th of march the problem had been resolved (an upgrade is what they had done??) but yet even now i face terrible speeds. no ps3 play for me. last time i connected i got 4.5mbps download i connected my ps3 played GT5 for 5mins then cars were all over the track just spinning (LAG) i do speed test again and im getting 0.13mbps.

    i tried ringing them up to explain they must be mistaken as i still get these awful speeds, but they insist its all working as normal. I live in Hull in yorkshire so seems there is a national pandemic with there network just lately, i beg to know if anyone facing ridiculous speeds now ever had good speeds before February? I think three are now throtteling the bandwidth but they say they arent but i learned you cant always trust what there customer services tell you.

  • happy

    by pete at 4:25 on 9 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    I've been with 3 since they started. My first phone was an NEC 606 flip :)

    Never had a problem with them. I am about to upgrade to an Iphone4. I have the 2010 one plan (another upgrade in 2010) I am on my mobile right now via USB tethering. Never had a problem.

    I have a Mifi on 15GB/£15 a month too. I get slow speeds on that compared to where I used to live but I can put up with that for 6 months. At my old place which is out in the sticks near Bristol I got 16mbps down and 3.7mbps up!. So it can sort of achieve those speeds.

    The Iphone does 14.1 so I will be using that aswell but I am very happy with 2. Every time I have called they've understood me and also sorted me out.

  • unhappy

    by john massam at 15:02 on 5 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    Worst phone ive ever had.Anyway,i could not receive incoming calls so i sent the phone off for repair 4 weeks ago.I haven't received the phone back as of yet!!Ive called several times,and the gist of the conversations are...i think(Not that i can understand the operator on the other end) that they are trying to track my phone down as they do not know where it is.So i phoned back today as i was told they would contact me back and inform me what was happening several days before...which they didn't!! Ive now been told that it will take another 48 hours to find out some more information.

    I can only see this ending with them sending me another phone,so they should just cut to the chase and just do it!!

    Certainly the worst mistake ive ever made was joining 3 and i would love to be able to leave 3 but sadly i am saddled with their ineptitude for another 10 months.

  • unhappy

    by Ian at 9:24 on 19 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    I´ve been on 3 PAYG for a couple of months now. We´re only using mobile broadband due to be being in a rented house for a short time only, previously we had landline broadband for seven years without a single problem. Since using 3´s mobile broadband my internet usage has dropped considerably. The service is completely unreliable, it may work ok for 5 minutes or maybe a couple of hours, it then drops out and I can´t reconnect for ages. I don´t know what HSPA+ is but it appears to be what I am connected to 80% of the time.
    3´s service is basically an emergency reserve last resort internet connection for people who have no other way to connect to the internet, I would certainly never recommend anybody ever actually signs up to any sort of contract for this rubbish.

  • neutral

    by Chris Toon at 2:03 on 17 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    I dont understand why 90% of you take out these 24 month contracts,why dont you use PAYG first to see how your connection is in your area,then think of all the money your be saving rather than just wasting it. I am curently a PAYG user with 3 ,the internet is really fantastic on my Motorola Xoom.I can Stream BBC iplayer and Twitch TV with no problem.Overall happy with 3 Services (Note: with 3 contacts you get a 3 day trial period where if your not happy with your connection or change your mind about having to pay monthy you can always cancel within the 3 day period,but sounds like to me that most of you dont know that.

  • unhappy

    by Guido10_0 at 16:12 on 15 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    I have been getting poor service from my 15GB/month service. When ever I try and watch a film from BBC website I keep getting Insufficent Bandwidth to view program. So I have contacted 3 about the issues I am having and they have stated to me that because I am trying to watch films during their peek time this is why I am having the problem. So I have started to watch films outside that time period and I am still coming up with Insufficent bandwidth to stream program. So I spoke to them today asking if I could speak to a manger as the service I was getting was not doing what it should. The guy on the other end was from India so had a difficult time understanding what he was saying and at the end of the conversation he said to me that if i was not happy with the service the best I leave. I asked if he was a manager and he replied that he was but that he had a manager, so I asked if I could speak with him as really this guy didn't know his ass from his elbow. He informed me that I would have to arrange a time for his manager to contact me which I have do so now we wait and see what this manager has to say. I'm on the £15.99/month 15GB service. The problem I am having is that when I try stream a film from the BBC weside it keeps coming up with Insufficent broadband to view programm. Why is it that we have paid for a service that comes with conditions as to when you can use it. I have also run ping commands to websites like Google and BBC which keep dropping off or have very very slow respond times. The guy from 3 said that that can be affected by weather, signal strenth, building, trees etc etc. The signal strenth on my idicator is at its highest which blows that out the water.

    Question:- Do these big companies thing their clients are muppets.? Where is the service we are paying for? They should be held up to provide the service they said they would provide when they sold you the contract.

    Anyway will keep you posted on what the next manager has to say about their POOR service.

  • unhappy

    by mark at 8:45 on 14 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    ave just changed over from 02 startin to regret that now .takes ages to load pages ,s**t signal . oh well u live an learn .

  • neutral

    by Mike Tighe - BBC Radio 4 at 16:03 on 9 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    Hi there,

    My name is Mike Tighe and I'm an Assistant Producer with the BBC Radio 4 programme 'You and Yours'. I'm currently looking into a story about long-term contracts with mobile and broadband providers. I'm particularly interested in Michael's post on the first page, but if any of you have signed up for contracts and are now stuck in a long-term direct debit which is offering little service, I'd love to hear from you. You can contact me on the details below and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Best Wishes,


    Mike Tighe
    Assistant Producer, BBC Radio 4
    020 7765 4919
    [email protected]

  • unhappy

    by Peter at 1:46 on 8 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    I am furious with this company. It has taken me three days to change the card registered to buy topups on their payg mobile broadband.

    The web site is completely hostile. You get half way through, then they ask you to find the last few digits of the SIM card. Which you then have to take out of your computer, thus disconnecting yourself and forcing the whole process to start again from the beginning. At one stage, late at night, the process actually asked me to supply a number which was in the plastic surround in which the SIM card was originally supplied, and which I threw away several moths ago.

    Today I went to their Camden Town shop to get help on this process. I had to bring my own computer; they said they didn't have any. Which is surely rubbish. I waited 40 minutes to be served. And then I attempted to show them the problem. On their particularly slow network, it took some time even to load their site. Their assistant, without so much as a by-your-leave, walked away from me and started serving somebody else. I complained. They then said none of their staff would serve me.

    Eventually and by myself, I figured out how to register the new card. But their site says it takes 7 days to become active. The site suggests that one should register a second card in that case. Which, I presume, would also take 7 days to become active?

    I attempted to communicate all this to them via their "are you satisfied with this site?" link on their web page. When I pressed submit, it crashed on the error "something has gone wrong". I repeated the process. I got the same result.

    This is me trying to pay them. They make it impossibly difficult. And if one succeeds, one gets a very slow network that keeps on dropping.

    Angry is an understatement.

  • unhappy

    by Andy at 21:45 on 7 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    3 Mifi dongle 15GB a month for £15.99. After data usage runs out there are no bolt-ons, just a £10 per MB charge. So my 15GB ran out after 2 weeks with a few hrs of usage a night. So if in two weeks i used 15GB, does that mean for the other 2 weeks of the month i might run up a bill of £153'600???
    Because 15GB = 15360MB

  • unhappy

    by Padre at 17:30 on 7 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    Excellent signal when initial connecting but useless thereafter. fails to load pages, signal drops to nothing and this is living in london where masts are everywhere. once i disconnect and reconnect its ok again for a few minutes then back to rubbish, do not recommend at all

  • unhappy

    by Boat Gypsy at 12:04 on 1 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    I'm on 3's 15gb a month for £15, which I thought was a good deal, until I realised that if I use my monthly allowance up they always allow you to go a small amount over before telling you your allowance is up. They then charge a huge amount on top for virtually no data. For instance, whilst I should be paying £15, on every month where I have used my data up I have been charged £35.99. The amount of data used over my allowance is always, suspiciously, exactly the same amount, so clearly they have set their system up to do this.

    In addition despite coverage being good and being able to get a good strong signal, I regularly get dropped connections, sometimes every few minutes.

  • unhappy

    by Maxi at 18:23 on 31 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    I am very angry with 3 connect! I signed a 15 month contract and the signal was always low! Impossible to use it during weekends.

    I want to end my contract but after having 1000 phone calls they are not giving me any service.

    I feel so frustrated! I will make a formal complain to any UK agency.

  • unhappy

    by Jonny at 15:02 on 31 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    Avoid 3 like smallpox. They are absolute crooks who will have debt collection agencies calling you with threats should you ever attemp to close your contract or have difficulties with your account or service disagreements.

    I eventually rid myself of them to my relief. Do not enter into any contract or agreement with these criminals

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