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  • neutral

    by Clare at 20:50 on 27 Jun 2011 Report abuse

    A couple of things that I would like to comment on. Firstly Beverley writes how she is impressed with her 1GB package. 3 do not interfere with 1GB package users as they pose no threat to resources and are the lightest of users. It's those with contractually agreed 15GB packages like myself who suffer enormous interference because our provider sold us packages which cannot be serviced properly. Secondly, Kath writes how she was impressed with customer services. I wish I could say the same. In almost a year 3 have failed on every occasion of many to address my queries regarding the service and have consistently either ignored it or attempted to fob me off with excuses which do not match the situation and this view is clearly shared by many, many customers. 3 are very well known for their abysmal customer service operation which has drawn a lot of criticism and is highlighted by the Broadband Genie team and other website editors as being of a very poor standard. My most recent question to 3 was about their claim to be the market leader in mobile broadband and listing this on their media centre website. I have asked 3 to explain how this is a "fact" and unless they can do so fully, then I will be reporting them to the Advertising Standards Authority for wilfully misleading the public.

  • neutral

    by beverley gant at 17:28 on 22 Jun 2011 Report abuse

    I have had a 3 dongle for about 4 years now on the 1 gig allowance. I agree 3 customer services leave a lot to be desired and the staff at some of their shops are insultingly ageist. (HULL) However apart from the school summer holidays when I don't get good signals and speed the rest of the yearings130 on both my phone and dongle are excellent round the clock.

  • unhappy

    by Angry Consumer at 18:27 on 18 Jun 2011 Report abuse

    Something has happened which I didn't think was possible with 3,,, the service has got even worse,,, I shouldn't be surprised really.
    Ever since 3 introduced unlimited downloads for their precious smartphone users the connection has never been so bad and I think it will only get worse.
    The regulations in this greedy, corporatocracy based country give the illusion of giving consumers rights, when in reality the bigger multinational companies ride rough shod over all in their path, disregarding customer complaints and constantly banging on about how they are better than their competition,,, this is B*LLSH*T.

  • happy

    by Kath at 11:28 on 14 Jun 2011 Report abuse

    It's very unusual for me to have a good word to say for any big organisation's Customer Services staff. However, I would say that having contacted 3 twice recently about my daughter's mobile, both members of staff I spoke to were personable and helpful and the matters were sorted out to my satisfaction.

  • unhappy

    by Clare at 15:02 on 19 May 2011 Report abuse

    Look at the pros and cons for each network offering mobile broadband. You'll see that the Broadband Genie team have highlighted speeds and customer services as problematic, but only for 3 mobile broadband. That should tell you what you need to know.

  • happy

    by Dee at 12:56 on 19 May 2011 Report abuse

    I took out a contract last August and during the first 2 weeks it was great - fast, reliable, always full 5 bars and HSPA connection. Downloads were quick and so was browsing. I could have cancelled during this time but there was no need, it was performing well. Then it fell apart - signal strength rarely 5 bars, connection continually flickering between 3g and HSPA, erratic connections, regularly stopped and needed unplugging, plugging back in and reconnecting. In other words it was horrible to use. I asked 3 several times for an explanation and never received one. Then I spent some time away and witnessed the same thing - fast and reliable to begin with, then it fell apart. I asked 3 several times for an explanation and never received one. They told me that it is coincidental, as it was when my contract first began. Shortly after returning back home, where the service was once again horrible, I moved to a different area. For 10 days or so it was really good again - same as the other good times highlighted above. Then it fell apart - same as the not so good times highlighted above. I asked 3 for an explanation and never received one, although they were keen to reiterate that it's again completely coincidental that this has happened for a third time. They said it has nothing to do with them. 3 are liars and need to be avoided. The trouble with 3, amongst many other things such as appalling customer services who really should come with a health warning, is that instead of taking the opportunity this year to upgrade the network and ease the misery for many, many customers who are receiving a poor service, they announced unlimited surfing and downloads for smartphone customers, including tethering which is using your phone as a modem for a laptop or pc. This has impacted heavily on mobile broadband customers who are paying for fixed allowances. The leading networks have chosen to continue acting in a responsible manner by sticking to allowances for smartphone customers, so that they don't place too much strain on networks which also cater for mobile broadband customers. 3 cited a "gap in the market" for this decision. Yes, there was indeed a gap for an irresponsible, ego-driven, incompetent and unprofessional network with dire customer support and an ever-growing reputation for sub-standard service to step up to the plate and cripple their own resources even further for the purpose of point-scoring over their rivals.

    My view of 3 is quite simple - I don't like them and I don't like the way they do business. My relationship with them is equally simple - I regularly tell the Executive Office at 3, whose email address can easily be found with a search, that until I get some honest answers as to why my speeds have fallen apart once 3 have got wind of me using this regularly at a fixed address, then I will proactively encourage the public to stay well away from this awful service and awful network. I still don't have any answers and I have concluded that 3 would rather I did this than tell me the truth - damage limitation if you like. I have also concluded that while my speeds are often less than one percent (yes, one percent) of what they were when I first moved here because 3 have intervened and placed restrictions on it, somebody passing through this area or just using it for a short time at a location which is not their usual one will receive the fast speeds that I got when I first came here. So what that means nationally is that while lots and lots of customers are getting a terrible service with poor speeds, erratic connections etc, there is a lot of spare and available bandwidth that is being denied to them despite nobody else using it. I also believe that the more of your allowance you use month-to-month the poorer the service will be for you. For example, a customer using just one or two gigabytes a month from their 15 gigabyte package is going to get a better service than somebody using more than ten each month. A reward if you like for low usage.

    If we had effective regulation in this country, which we don't, I believe 3 would either be forced to up their game considerably or be closed down. What a pity that such a sham of a company is allowed to operate in 21st Century Britain.

    Stay well away from these cowboys and use a leading, reputable network instead - o2, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin or Vodafone. They might not be perfect but your chances of a horror story are considerably lower.

    Stay away from 3!

  • neutral

    by Heli at 18:31 on 15 May 2011 Report abuse

    I have a sim only contract with Three. I recently broke my phone but could not get the sim to function. The customer support person told me to go to a Three shop where they put me back on the phone with them. I was told that my phone was not compatible with their SIM and would have to buy a phone from Three to ensure it will work. As it is a SIM only deal I found this ridiculous and was told my only other option was to cancel the contract and pay £80 for it which made me very disappointed and dissatisfied with their customer support. I then serched online and found a simple solution to my problem without buying a phone from them. Seriously, train your staff so they can help the customers and suggesting your SIM only deal SIMs only work with the phones bought from you does sound illegal as well! Avoid their services if you can. I certainly will end the contract as soon as possible and never go back.

  • unhappy

    by Steve at 13:29 on 15 May 2011 Report abuse

    DISGRACEFUL. 3 returned me free credit for poor service but those credits were entered as unpaid credits and have ruined my credit score.

  • unhappy

    by howard at 2:18 on 14 May 2011 Report abuse

    bought computer with it came 3 dongle needed to phone to recieve it did so asked 4 my bank details 4 verification the told 7 to 19 days delivery. at thia stage told them to cancel as i need access 4b then assured my all my details had been removed nothing arrived tought no more. next debit from my account could not contact 3 as i was out of the country. contacted bank the took care of it got refund. next letter from dept collection agency wrote explaining 3 said needed to b paid i managed to speak to 3 through new number. they agreed the dongle had never been used or activated but still needed to pay plus cacelation charges was not alowed tp speak t a manager where r u [oeple comming from

  • unhappy

    by John at 20:22 on 13 May 2011 Report abuse

    This has been awful for the past month, even worse than usual, and 3 are doing what they do best which is not saying why and just blaming anything and everything else. It's a waste of time asking why downloads and browsing speeds regularly drop to less than 1% of what can be provided to a new customer during the period they can cancel - I got it when I was new. Be very wary of positive reviews. It's clear from the feedback going right back to when this service started that your chances of a horror story are considerably higher than they are with the leading networks. Avoid and use a leading network or some other form of broadband. Don't be tempted by 3. Just don't be.

  • unhappy

    by Glenn at 11:29 on 12 May 2011 Report abuse

    Poor service from a poor company. My contract with this outfit is an ongoing nightmare and I cannot wait for it to end. I believe that your chances of a horror story are higher with 3 than with any other network. Therefore it's best avoided.

  • unhappy

    by tony at 11:34 on 8 May 2011 Report abuse

    After being an 3 user for the past 2 years now i have just come to the end of my contract thank god! i told them i will not be renewing my contract and have not stopped recieveing bills from them. avoid at all costs they dont speak any english also which can get frustrating. they say that they have the best signal out of all phone companys which is balls. let this be a lesson to you cause once they have got you you cant get rid of them!

  • happy

    by jennifer cutts at 23:06 on 2 May 2011 Report abuse

    I have 3 mobile broadband for over a year now and have not had any bother at all,I personally would recommend it.

  • unhappy

    by John at 13:51 on 2 May 2011 Report abuse

    When the initial 2 weeks of my contract expired (the time I could cancel) I saw a significant drop in speeds and many others have reported the same thing. That was 9 months ago and 3 never did tell me why, despite me asking several times. Since then I have changed address 3 times and seen the same pattern occur each time. When I have arrived in each location it's been fast at all different times of the day, radio streaming works fine, pages load quickly, downloads complete quickly, no need to disconnect and reconnect at all in a single session, solid signal strength, solid HSPA connection... you get the picture. Within 10 days on each occasion this has then dropped to the complete opposite - slow, erratic, constantly have to disconnect and reconnect, cannot use internet radio. Each time I have asked 3 for an explanation. I am yet to receive one. 3 know I like to stream music using my 15 gigabyte package which they sold me and which I have never exceeded in any given month, so what they do is cut my speeds back so much that trying to listen to internet radio is a miserable experience. 3 keep on reminding customers that this is for basic browsing and emails, yet continue to sell massive packages. I have told the 3 executive office before in emails that the longer they refuse to answer or address these issues, the more I will highlight it online and advise everyone to avoid 3 and their appalling customer support and use a reputable network instead. You see, I don't have any faith in the regulator easing my appalling customer experience with 3. This way I am making sure my message gets across and that the public are aware what a vile company 3 are, how disgracefully poor the customer care is. When 3 give me an acceptable service once again which they know they can give me and I know they can give me or stop evading my questions and give me some straight answers, then I'll stop. Stay away from 3.

  • unhappy

    by Paul at 13:53 on 30 Apr 2011 Report abuse

    3 years after this was launched and there are still a very high and unacceptable number of customers receiving a terrible service online and appalling customer support offline. 3 have not improved - see online customer reviews across the internet and ignore the hype from 3 who love themselves and think they're the best thing since sliced bread. 3 have an inherent blame culture where all the problems that customers experience are always the fault of something else - something other than them. Apologies for poor service are non-existent, as is news/network problems on the website. You as a customer are just expected to pay up and receive an awful service because the 3 have maximised how to take advantage of poor industry regulation. What 3 are excellent at is not taking a long time to not answer your query then calling you to ask what you think of customer services. Many customers receive credits in lieu of poor service. These credits are then entered as unpaid bills and the same customers therefore have their credit ratings wilfully spoilt by 3. Stay well away from these dreadful, arrogant, non-progressive cowboys and choose a reputable network instead.

  • unhappy

    by steve at 8:18 on 26 Apr 2011 Report abuse

    Appalling coverage here in CB23 3GX, village of Papworth Everard, ten miles west of Cambridge. Erratic signal strength, slow speeds, frequent disconnections . Unusable most evenings.

  • unhappy

    by kukurydzawaz at 16:56 on 24 Apr 2011 Report abuse

    The 3 networks coverage in the South washington area is incredibly poor

  • unhappy

    by larry at 2:09 on 20 Apr 2011 Report abuse

    yep terrible service in Northwest Cambridge area around village of Longstanton. We are are not impressed

  • unhappy

    by jim at 20:40 on 12 Apr 2011 Report abuse

    Have a MIFI and use it throughout North West Cambridge. Terrible coverage in Longstanton and Oakington area (post code CB24 3BT is especially bad). Have tried putting it in all kinds of locations but no good. Three not good for rural folk

  • unhappy

    by Elliott. F at 11:14 on 7 Apr 2011 Report abuse

    Ive been using their mobile broardband for probably a good 5 months now. When i first started using them, they were great! but ever since Febuary, the service has been totally sh*t. Their network suffers from HEAVY traffic shaping. during 5-12pm. and when i say heavy, i mean i dont even get anywhere close to 1mb download rate on speedtest. I dont do any downloading at all. but the net gets so god awfully slow it can take upto anywhere between 20-30mins just to load 1 single page. there was even a few days where i couldnt get internet access at all! So i rang them up and asked them what the f**k was going on with their service. and aparently theyve been giving everyone the same excuses about the systems in their area being 'overloaded' and theres mantenance work planned to try and ease the overcrowding on the systems....Nothing changed. still sh*t slow internet, I can barely hit 1mb on speedtest most days no matter what time of day i use their service. they said they were going to have a major network overhaul in April that should ease the overcrowding on their network. If Im still getting random disconnects, sh*t slow internet speeds and days/weeks/hours where i cant even turn a page at the end of April. I will be cancelling my contract with them and going with another provider. because Im not going to sit here while they tell me lies and not give me the service WHICH I PAID FOR. the clock is ticking.

  • unhappy

    by Jay at 16:10 on 1 Apr 2011 Report abuse

    What a pile of s**te! I've been with 3 for nearly 18 months and never been particularly impressed with their speeds despite being in an excellent coverage area. This last month I've been having serious problems with (intermitent) speed, drop outs, connection going constantly from 3g to hspa and occasionally to wap (!), timing out, failing to find servers etc. Sometimes I have no download speed for several minutes though the dongle tells me I am still connected. I'm getting increasingly frustrated with this, if I want to check something online it's quicker to ask a mate with proper internet to look than it is for me to do it! I called customer service (ha, that's a joke in itself) yesterday and got the usual patronising advice and was told their system says I have a good signal blah blah blah. They tell me it is my laptop that is the issue, it is not!! I can connect to wi-fi and have trouble free connections anywhere, anytime except with 3. I have been asked to do a speed test for the next few days. Problem is when I have a crap connection I either can't load the test page, it quits half way through so doesn't record the data, takes ages to prepare the test and then completes really quickly giving a false image of speed or it manages to be amazingly quick through the whole thing... My partner has a 3 dongle and has similar issues, we've swapped dongles and have had the same problems. This is also my second dongle that I've had to pay for although 3 say that it is covered by a two year warranty...!? I'm tired of dealing with this crap I pay for, thank god my contract is up in a couple of months! I will definitely NOT be renewing it and I will NEVER use 3 again, they can f**k right off. Sky to the rescue!! By the way their non 0845 number is 01442 456050 but they will transfer you to the premium rate number after about 5 minutes so get them to call you back :-D

  • happy

    by Gino Guarino at 10:13 on 26 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    whats happening with 3 mobile, after months of a poor service it has improved dramatically. I am not getting disconnected much anymore, and my broadband speed averages about 1.4 mbps. WELL DONE

  • unhappy

    by Sophie at 21:07 on 24 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    When I first got the dongle, it was fast. Now I'm registering 100kbps in the evenings, up to 400kbps if I'm lucky. I live in Camberwell in Zone 2 in London. Don't get 3 mobile broadband whatever you do.

  • unhappy

    by John Doe at 19:41 on 21 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    Worst customer service ever! After my 15gb ran out they charged me £25 for 240mb, that's £100 for 1 gigabyte, you can get cheaper internet in a virgin jungle and not to mention I wasn't aware that I can actually go over the limit. When you get a contract for 15gb, you expect to get 15gb and that's it, it's called a rip off what they're doing. When I was speaking to them over the phone, the customer service girl mentioned something about going online whilst abroad and I said "there's no way I'm thinking about that, you're gonna charge me £1000 to check my email" and she said laughing "Yes, of course"! Not recommended at all!

  • unhappy

    by Mark at 14:32 on 16 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    While speeds vary depending on where this is used, one factor which is absolutely diabolical wherever you are in the UK is 3's customer services. They are woefully bad. I have just had my fourth billing issue in 7 months which has resulted in being cut off 4 different times and all 4 were 3's fault, all 4 took a lot of calls and emails to be sorted out and all 4 were caused by lack of communication at 3 - one department telling the customer one thing, but not telling another department. Ironic really that a communications company which thinks it's the best is actually terrible when it comes to communicating. In a recent Which? Magazine reader survey, 3 were ranked lowest for customer services out of all the UK mobile networks. It's easy to see why and that alone is why you should avoid 3.

  • unhappy

    by Angry Consumer at 20:40 on 15 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    2 words,,, absolute rubbish.
    No more needs saying.

  • unhappy

    by sarah davies at 11:49 on 10 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    the worst thing i have done is sighn up to 3 broadband, i phoned them up to try and cancel as the deal i had did not suit me and thats all i had was that i can add on to my account thats all these are, are money grabbing b#####d, and i advise anyone to stay well clear of them

  • unhappy

    by High Hat at 13:09 on 8 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    Avoid like the plague.If you terminate after the reqiured 12 mths make sure to send the modem back with a note not to return it,otherwise they will try and bleed you for more money.

  • happy

    by Jason at 20:15 on 27 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Hi all,
    I've had this dongle deal for roughly half a year, maybe more now, and my verdict it is very good and is the best out there.
    With my torrents, I am getting speeds of upto 150kb/s which for a dongle is dam impressive. Where I live (not in town), I get pretty much full signal, but there has been places where I've not had anything.
    The main problem with the dongle is the usage limit. With my torrents averaging at 100ish kb/s, if i wanted, I could hit the 15 gig allowance in about 3 days. A typical 700meg film takes about an hour to fully download, so the speed is great.
    So, due to the 15gig limit, I am having to limit myself which is annoying. But in comparison to other dongles, 3 has the highest allowance by quite a long way.
    This really is a the best deal out there.
    But, what I would recommend above this deal now is, '3's The One Plan'. Now, this is a mobile phone deal for £25.p.m, 12 months contract. The One Plan is so brilliant due to 'UNLIMITED INTERNET'! NO FAIR USAGE RUBBISH!
    So buy a Three3 phone with the One Plan, then connect it to your computer and run the internet off it. This is called 'Tethering'. This then acts exactly like a dongle, but you wont be limited to a monthly usage limit. Now, just to say, there is no other network anywhere that even touches the One Plan, the next best offering is Orange with 750mb allowance, Vodaphone 1gig, then thats it!
    3 are the best.
    Now, conclusion.
    If you get 3 signal, and 15gig is fine, buy this dongle deal!
    If you get 3 signal, and 15gig simply isn't enough, get a 3 phone, and had the One Plan, then Tether it.
    If you've read this, then you wont go wrong, and will have the best deal available.
    Thanks all.

  • happy

    by three customer at 2:04 on 24 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    from Harrow, north west london. i have been a 3 customer since june 2009. at first i was sceptical about mobile broadband, but tested a 3 pay-as-u-go dongle in advance and results were reasonable(even on youtube) so i purchased the 15g for £15 24month contract over the internet.
    the first month was fine but for the first 2-3 weeks of 2nd month i was unable to connect due to my laptop not having any anti-virus/internet protection. once i acquired some avg protection(free from a pc mag) & fiddled with connect & speed settings(advice from a phone & broadband review site) the connection came back.
    i was using a old laptop(40gig hard-drive, 2004-2005 compaq)but able to use internet anytime of the day and for however long i felt liked. after a few months i decided to get a brand new dell with McAfee total protection and have been using internet as i was before, from checking emails/school work to watching films & downloading tracks/videos. half of times 1 music track can take 20-30 seconds and no waiting for youtube video to buffer even in peak-times, but other times a tad slower.

    recently, most of january 3 provided me with the kind of service that u read in most reviews.i was still able to connect but only do mcafee updates. after a week internet started working again but only every 3 - 4 days. so 1 day workin fine (using 400-500mb)then next days not 1 bit. (after 12pm internet was average) i thought it was short term, 3 working on bettering signal, alas it was not to be.

    after 2+half weeks i called 3 call centre & enlightened them with my situation. they said they were working in my area( & would finish begin feb), tested my signal/connection from my laptop, an hour went by finally got them to agree to credit my a/c £15(end of february they said).
    before this month i wud only have disrupted service once (night-time) every 1-2 months, & i wood grumble and whinge and whine and lament and grouse and bemoan. that multiplied by 100 in january enough to head-butt my laptop and throw it out of window.
    begin of february internet resumed as normal, but 3 sent me message saying new work in february but my internet was not affected.
    all in all i would recommend this (15gig) above other t-mob, vodafone, o2, orange as 3 give far more data, speedy, reliable & if it works well in your area.

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