MobiData Mobile Broadband

Who are MobiData?

MobiData offers some very attractive mobile data packages at prices that undercut the big players. They're exclusively focused on mobile internet, which keeps things nice and simple for us and allows MobiData to offer lower pricing. 

Packages start at just £4.94 for 1GB data, up to a maximum 10GB for £19.70, with no upfront cost for the SIM. There are no lengthy contracts either, just a simple rolling monthly agreement that you can change or cancel at any time.

MobiData is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) using Three, a smart choice since Three has one of the best networks in the UK when it comes to mobile internet. As well as benefiting from Three's excellent coverage, MobiData users also get to enjoy their recent ultrafast 3G upgrades which can provide speeds in excess of 20Mb. You can even use 4G for no extra charge once it's available in your area. 

Travellers will also be pleased to see that MobiData offers roaming in over 40 countries, and even includes 100MB of free data for everyone, regardless of which package you choose.