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  • unhappy

    by James at 10:20 on 7 Aug 2015 Report abuse

    Have a 4G mobile broadband device from EE. Live in West London UB6.
    Get poor 4G coverage which then means you get little to no speed. Webpages take ages to load. Only on a clear sky day I may get great 4G coverage and therefore great speed. How often do you get clear skies in London. Not worth spending money on 4G Mobile broadband from EE if your not getting the internet you want. My advice check your coverage and speed before you take out a contract.

  • unhappy

    by Andrew at 15:54 on 25 Jun 2015 Report abuse

    EE are the worst company that I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. It took me over a day to upgrade my T Mobile dongle to an EE MIFI, and I still have a few issues that EE don't want to resolve.

    However the MIFI device itself is brilliant and I got the £15 for 15 GB deal via Broadband Genie, but this offer has now been withdrawn probably because it was the best deal on offer.

  • unhappy

    by MIKE LEXIS at 5:49 on 20 Jun 2015 Report abuse

    I will buy a hotspot package when I consider it 'value for money' At present phone companies are simply ripping the public off! They are cashing in on people's need for thethering.

  • unhappy

    by MIKE LEXIS at 19:45 on 6 Jun 2015 Report abuse

    EE and other companies are constantly devising r deals in order to convince the public! The public are onto you and will not remain loyal - No one believes fair data plans.excuses as you will provide more - for MORE money!

    I will wait until a company offers non - rip off deals!

  • happy

    by Sandy at 18:10 on 7 May 2015 Report abuse

    Superb speed on 4g
    Buy 6gb sims instead of renewing data on the same sim it's a lot cheaper this way !

  • unhappy

    by Thomas McGlade at 16:45 on 23 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    I`m weary trying to complete a simple top up for a friend
    who is on pay as you go EE with no joy after about one hour.Tried talking to a human being still no good

  • unhappy

    by Mark at 15:18 on 27 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    After over a year still waiting to get what was promised when con into contract sales people are crap

  • neutral

    by Amir Shaban at 20:28 on 2 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    EE need to start dropping the cost down off 4g and offer more deals on sim only come on £30 for 25gb how about offering UNLIMITED data to the users who use it sensibley 😉

  • neutral

    by Chris Bowers at 10:41 on 2 Sep 2014 Report abuse

    BT infrastucture give me less than 1mbps download where I live. The EE Osprey with no effort gives me 7-20mbps. 15Gbytes for £20.

  • unhappy

    by keith at 22:42 on 15 Nov 2013 Report abuse

    could not see map too low, work out signal coverage

  • neutral

    by john phillip morgan at 20:06 on 9 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    very happy new ee good job

  • happy

    by john phillip morgan at 20:04 on 9 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    i knew you could do it gould old mercury one to one and tmobile

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