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  • unhappy

    by Christine Azavedo at 1:49 on 9 Sep 2016 Report abuse

    Terrible experience using O2 mobile broadband on their Huawei wifi device. Please don't put yourself through this - just don't.

    Day 1 - Store sold me a package/device that didn't work.

    Day 2 - The most ridiculous conversation with customer service online, just don't bother. "Have you tried switching the device on and off and your computer on and off"? Yes, Sherlock, I have.
    Went into store myself. Minimal troubleshooting from them. "Sorry, the wifi device doesn't work, here's a new one." Didn't bother to check the SIM or anything else.
    Go home, wifi works for 5 minutes and stops working! Get a message saying I have used 11GB of data after 2 hours of online use, just email browsing! Had to top up online because I had an urgent deadline that night and was panicking.

    Day 3 - Go back to a different store to complain. "We can't refund the device. You have to go back to the first store. But we can help. The data loss is weird. Let's phone customer service and ask."
    Wait half an hour for store to get through to their own customer service department! "Yes, we have to wait in queue like everyone else!"
    Technician reports magic data loss to customer service. They refund the data after a lot of faffing about, asking for ridiculous information. In store technician "This is a known issue, we've had data just disappearing. They've given you your data back now. Should work."

    Day 4 - Stops working again .Go back to first store. "Have you considered signing up to our monthly contract so you can get more data?" "Thanks but I'll have the full refund, every penny I paid."
    "We're so sorry, this has never happened to us before!"

    No s**t, O2! Will I get the 10 hours of my life back from you? And the fact that it's been a crazy week, I've just moved apartment, needed mobile wifi to tide me over during the first week of an intense masters program and got stuck visiting your store 4 times!

    Never again. If you don't know what you're doing (and this goes out to both the store at Camden and online customer service) refund the product and let's crack on! Don't attempt to troubleshoot what you don't understand. Crappy product, crappy tech support and crappy user experience all the way through!

    Got a wifi device from EE and works just fine! Only wish I had gone to them right away!

  • happy

    by Ian at 12:59 on 21 Jul 2016 Report abuse

    My Three mobile broadband 2-year subscription was about to expire and as their download speeds have steadily got slower (used to be about 20 Mbps at home, now averaging around 5 Mbps) I decided to take advantage of the special 40GB per month deal for £25 (until the end of August 2016) with 02. Download speeds at home are consistently between 20 and 25 Mbps and I usually get a good connection when travelling. The 40 GB limit is useful because I only had 15GB with Three and I used to get close to the limit sometimes, so I'm glad I made the switch.

  • unhappy

    by dean hoare at 22:24 on 23 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    three hours on ebay costs 1GB thats £10 ! i feel ripped off

  • happy

    by Neil at 15:22 on 14 Mar 2014 Report abuse

    Had my O2 dongle pay as you go dongle for several years now. When I first started using it I would connect via the software application that comes with the dongle, but that slowed the computer down to a crawl and surfing online was dreadfully slow. I uninstalled that and just started using it via the cellular profile network connection and have used it that way ever since. Happy with the connection via the latter method and have very few problems with it. Bit expensive to top up, mind!

  • unhappy

    by George Brown at 15:03 on 23 Dec 2013 Report abuse

    Wont do business with O2 again. I'm just in the process of getting rid of my O2 3g Phone "services", and tried an O2 4G Dongle for broadband access. Streaming - forget it most of the time. Used up the pitiful allowance then found - despite paying top dollar prices for data - that there is a limit on how much you can buy in any 30-day period?!?! Is O2 really serious about 4G?

    Spent an hour on the phone to call centres and no knows anything about 4G dongles. Out of desperation I jumped into the car and drove into Romford to the O2 shop where I bought it. Complete waste of time - they were useless as well. O2 are advertising, on their website, in the brochures and in the 4G dongle packaging that you can swap from pay as you go to pay monthly. But actually - you cant.

  • unhappy

    by michael westlake at 19:26 on 22 Jul 2013 Report abuse

    bought an O2 dongle, worked first time then connection lost after registering it with O2. Try as I may it would not work and I had to uninstall it in order to get my WiFi to work.
    Went back to O2 shop and after trying to get a replacement or a refund finally gave it to the non helpful assistant and left thoroughly p****** off.
    Will not deal with O2 again

  • neutral

    by DJ CHANY PHILLY at 22:40 on 21 Mar 2013 Report abuse

    I am hot and cold toward the O2 dongles. On one hand if you're on a low income, they're handy enough, as you pay for what you need, as and when. But depending on the area you live in, the signal can be a hell of a let down, especially if your online usage at the time is essential. I am also sick of seeing so many sites blocked by this "age verification" nonsense, why should any of us pay money via a f*****g credit card just to prove we're over eighteen? Didn't they ask us our essentials when signing up for the damn things?! I think a little more attention to detail should be taken when taking our money in the shop, so that we're not held up at security check points every time we fancy looking at a website that may or may not be suitable for under 18s...

  • unhappy

    by Maurice Halton at 13:27 on 4 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    The speed of O2 internet broadband is extremely poor. It is always very slow, and it often returns an error message such as 'can't find Google server' etc. Sites with pictures take an age to load. In my opinion, O2 is just like T-Mobile in that, once they have your money, they lose all interest. Nether company ever delivers the broadband speeds they advertise, which is why they are s very reluctant to tell people what speeds they 'offer'.

  • unhappy

    by daniel martin at 18:37 on 6 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. o2 mobile broadband block a ridiculous amount of ports including STEAM. It also has an age verification block on it, which requires a credit card(not debit card) to verify, failing that you can "pop" (assuming you live close to one of their shops and don't work) into their shop with ID to confirm your age. The age block is quite badly made and obviously uses a 3rd party company that operate from a shed. It blocks random technical forums, some gaming webpages along with google translate. You'd be better off buying a Nokia 3210 and plugging it into your pc and uses its GPRS connection to browse the web rather than o2 broadband

  • happy

    by robert at 9:54 on 31 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    This product is not perfect, but for me it was an absolute life saver. I am self employed and lost BT internet and phone connections for 5 weeks, due to underground cable faults. The 02 mobile broadband was usually, very reliable. I would recommend it as an emergency backup. Also, it has UK, based call centres, which is a massive boost and it never took long to get any help need from the friendly 02 team, unlike BT who are an absolute disgrace.

  • unhappy

    by Graeme at 23:36 on 8 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    Don't buy an o2 dongle, when it works its good when it doesn't it is a complete nightmare. This weekend I've struggled to get any more than 5 minutes use from it at any time and it just drops out. I had an Orange one before just slightly better. Have had to reboot my computer numerouse times this weekend to get it to work. One word for o2 and their dongles CRAP as for their phone only Simplicity deals you'll get a better deal from Tesco. Who supplies the Tesco network? o2 WTF

  • unhappy

    by MrangryatO2 at 12:21 on 1 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    i have used an O2 dongle for 2 years. Year 1 : great, met all expectations. Year 2 : crap, download speeds of about 3 to 10 kbps.
    and £10 per month - RIP OFF. Never buy this. unless your luckier than 4000 leprechauns combined.

  • unhappy

    by gary at 20:42 on 16 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    why is the signal always very low ....

  • unhappy

    by Harvey at 23:03 on 1 May 2012 Report abuse

    absolute rubbish - waste of £20 - will not install on my laptop - guru help ablosutely useless

  • unhappy

    by natasha at 18:47 on 28 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    The speed connection is very slow although i asked an 02 rep beforehand whether there was a good connection signal in my area. He replied 'very good'. Obviously not. I do not think it is good value for money and when data runs out you can top it back up again, but you have to re-start it every time and save any documents currently open. Which loses the web pages you were on. It also takes a long time to get initially connected and when you have deadlines to meet, the last thing you need is slow browsing and half an hour set-up time.

  • unhappy

    by Rob at 22:32 on 26 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    Initially I was quite impressed with the O2 pay and go dongle I bought for a trip to London. Unfortunately after a few hours of use the 02 website claimed I had used all 4GB of my data allowance and stopped allowing me access to any websites. How I am supposed to have used that much in what amounts to no more than three or four hours surfing the web (no video, audio or downloading large files) beggars belief.

    I won't be topping this dongle up again and will use another provider next time.

  • happy

    by Paul Stephens at 13:57 on 8 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    Before purchasing an O2 Mobile Broadband Dongle, I was horrified to see so many negative reviews. Despite this, and being an O2 customer, I purchased a Pay & Go dongle anyway and have been amazed. The installation was simple, registered and immediately had my double usage applied and now have speeds far better than 3 mobile. I had doubts at first as I checked my postcode using the text postcode check service on the dongle box and I was advised not to use the dongle... again, I did it anyway and as mentioned now have superior mobile Internet from O2 so would highly recommend the service to anyone.

  • neutral

    by theobean at 18:13 on 5 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    I bought the £10.20 O2 dongle and got the 1gb data plus the promised extra 1gb data when i registered, pin number sent to my mobile phone ,only used 500mb so far so heres hoping. So they must have listened and got their act together or got knuckles rapped. As for free WI-FI local BTOPENZONE home/hub and BTFON WI-FI hotspot didnt work think its only ones that they list that work. It could be a good stop gap.

  • neutral

    by laila at 15:22 on 1 Dec 2011 Report abuse

    I did register for the double data on my pay&go dongle and recieved the data. I have been happy with o2,,But i keep losing the signal and cant connect to bt wifi openzone. I think o2 is overpriced for what you get. I am going to change to 3 for a new laptop and 15gb data allowance.

  • unhappy

    by Sparkone at 14:33 on 18 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    O2 Mobile Broadband > Pay as you go.
    Signal keeps dropping out, despite being located very close to one of their masts.
    O2 Service check says i should have very good coverage for my postcode.
    Memory is cleared regular and kept to a minimum.
    All Windows Updates taken care of regular.
    So tell me....
    Why does my internet suddenly drop connection every few minutes?
    This just isn't good enough. Especially for someone who relies on the internet for a living.
    My advice... Try Sky Broadband. I was trying to avoid committing to a monthly bill, but where the internet is concerned, it's worth doing. The difference is HUGE. O2 mobile broadband just is not in the same league (or anywhere close). Why then, does it cost so much more??
    Very unhappy, soon to be lost, customer.

  • unhappy

    by Alison johnston at 7:37 on 26 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    Hmm so much for getting double data for giving o2 your details! I too have done this using different mobile numbers thinking there was a problem with my phone and yep, you guessed it, not my phone thats at fault but o2, going to email them and see if i get any response! Not happy at all

  • unhappy

    by IAIN GRANDPIERRE at 10:48 on 21 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    I have an O2 dongle . I applied for their double data package which I would get , so they say ,
    every 3 weeks . I filled in my details 16 times and waited for the return PIN .
    Guess what ....NOTHING !!!!
    It's a bloody SCAM >>>>>>>

  • unhappy

    by antoinette at 20:10 on 23 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    I have 02 dongle for 1990.euro a month which was fine until two bills ago bill went up to 64 euros then this month 155 euros. Am doing nothing different I do not download films of music. There was even charges for days out of country My dongle was not loaned to anyone and am only one in house. On ringing o2 they insisted their bill were 100% accurate and as much as called me a liar and must have loaned my dongle. Does this sound familiar to anyone or is there any way of proving dongle not used by user

  • unhappy

    by Clive Browning at 14:39 on 3 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    I have both 02 and vodaphone mobile broadband. Niether are better than the other although the o2 dongle has just packed in after less than 12 months. Unfortunatley Mobile broadband has not come of age and is in fact not yet fit for purpose. You wont beleive me!! and will buy anyway just as I did. I can therfore only urge you to start with a pay as you go. My experience has been awful. With either dongle even with an "excellent" signal sat under the mast in my motorhome the speed is insuficient to do internet banking and even emails are hit and miss. I now just find the nearest library or wi-fi hotspot.

  • unhappy

    by Justin Holt at 20:19 on 20 Jul 2011 Report abuse

    I recently swapped from 3 mobile broadband to O2. I wish I hadn't they have no coverage in the 2 main places I need to use it and won't refund (I only checked after 30 days so they are within their rights).

    However, their customer service has been attrocious since, and I object to their claim to being "better connected". It simply isn't true.

    It's not a lot of money, but by dismissing me out of hand, they've guaranteed that I'll cancel my mobile contract when it is up for renewal

  • unhappy

    by IT Engineer at 17:34 on 27 Jun 2011 Report abuse

    Stay away from the O2 dongle. It will save you years off your life...

  • unhappy

    by lou at 10:10 on 9 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    I bought a pay as you go dongle in the O2 shop. I was told that if I am in a bt openzone wifi hotspot the connection will be free and I will not be charged through my data allowance. However after only 4 hours (streaming) the data allowance was used up even though I had connected to a bt openzone wifi hotspot. When I called O2 customer 'support' they told me that the free wifi allowance does not work on macs. Another example of goods being sold by misrepresenting the facts and/ or witholding crucial info. that limits free usage. Afterall its not as if macs are unpopular! Its the last time I buy from 02- they have turned into another carphone warehouse type of outfit with on the ball sales staff craftily selling you a con or at least being negligent about what you should know before you decide to buy or not. Im up for a class action but there are too many different types of complaints unfortunately...

  • unhappy

    by andy at 14:04 on 19 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    just bought this piece of cr0p yesterday and im yet to get a signal...i took it back to the shop i bought it from, asking for a refund and the staff there fobbed me off saying that i had to go to the other o2 shop 6 miles away if i wanted a refund......so i got to this shop and what do ya know? they said the same thing...both shops where passing the buck...i demanded a refund there and then and was told i had to take it to the shop i bought it from....they give me a free data card as way of compensation but failed to credit it lol....frustration isnt the word for my mood atm...i see that after reading many reveiws on different websites that i am not alone with this problem of o2s shoddy products and terrible customer service.....i have been an o2 mobile customer from the beginning but after today i am changing providers.....people...do yourselves a favour...DO NOT BUY AN O2 DONGLE...YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS AND WILL GET NO HELP. BEWARE OF O2.

  • unhappy

    by Dave at 21:55 on 13 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    I bought a 02 dongle last year in 2010 and like some of you have stated the data allowance was indeed 3gb. After some time they posted on the 02 home page limited time only and that it would be dropping to just 2gb. If I had any idea this was going to happen I would have never got it. Oh then they say its 2gb how come its infact 1.9gb we all need to tackle this as a whole.

  • unhappy

    by Euan Tennant at 19:18 on 1 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    I was very happy to have solved my connectivity crisis by signing up to o2's £12.50/month 3 GB limit mobile broadband package in February of 2010. I was so pleased with my dongle that I leant it to a friend while I was away for a month. Upon my return, I discovered that he had exceeded the download limit by 4 GB.

    Of course I expected some kind of excess usage charge, in line with those levied on mobile phone contracts. To my shock and horror my bill for that month included an excess of £750.

    If I had been made aware that I was liable to charges of this great magnitude, I would never have loaned the device.

    I have tried many times to come to an understanding with o2 customer services, and every time I hear the same phrases - 'the bill is correct', and 'it is the customers responsibility to read the contract before signing'.

    I have pored though the fine print of the contract and the only reference to excess charging is an instruction to refer to the o2 website. I had to call customer services again to ask how to navigate this impenetrable labyrinth of pages and links to find the notification of excess charging, and it took myself and Steve, the customer service rep about 15 mins of trial and error to get there.

    This kind of stealth warning is not acceptable. (for anyone familiar with Dougls Adams' 'The hitch hikers guide to the galaxy' - "beware of the leopard")

    During this frustrating lesson in UK contract law that I did not need, I have been charged an extra £250 as a termination fee bringing my bill to the princely sum of £1007.91.

    Is this the mechanism by which Telefonica lines the pockets of its shareholders? I see from other posts that I am not alone in my experience.

    If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit directed at this injustice I would be glad to hear about it.

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