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  • neutral

    by David at 18:25 on 17 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    The dongle seems to have a mind of its own. There are times I have a good signal, but when I try to connect it says it can't connect I and should check the coverage. Other times the signal is very low and it connects no problem.

    The dongle also knocks me off some connections in favor of other ones. I have tried sorting this, but I cant seem to fix it. I have to let it change me over so I can then disconnect and then reconnect. After I do that, it stops trying to change me over.

    It also auto connects to some connections even though all the profiles are set to connect manually. Again, I can't get that problem fixed.

    Over all I don't see it being any worse than the others I have tried (3 and T-Mobile) and in some cases it is better.

    As with all other dongles out there, you get ripped off for what you pay for. With o2, that is (2GB for £15.32 a month but I guess until there is an investigation to find out why dongles are vastly more expensive (in the case of o2 this is 8 times more than a land line)

  • unhappy

    by Debby at 18:59 on 5 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Well if this is modern progressive technology 2011, than 02 can keep it! I have had this 02
    Dongle for about 9 months now and it was ok until the last two weeks, now I am lucky if I can ever connect, yet when I bought it the network coverage for my area (Trumpington) for 02 was supposedly massive and it was ok, so what the hell has happened in the last two weeks!! I use it for my computer, so am not moving about and as I said the 02 network coverage was supposed to be excellent, It has taken me 4 yes FOUR HOURS to get connected today, I shall be speaking with 02 to be sure!!

  • neutral

    by Tony at 10:11 on 5 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    What O2 doesn't tell you is that there is a top up limit on pay as you go and I now find that the dongle is blocked for a whole month because I watched some old movies over the holidays. They told me to throw it away and buy another one. Strange company that bans rich people from spending money.

  • neutral

    by John at 0:41 on 3 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    I've had the O2 dongle for a while now and it's absolutely laughable! On the user interface it generally indicates that the O2 signal is "excellent". Well, bloody hell, if that's what an excellent signal is I'd hate to see a low one! More often than not it takes three, four, five, six, etc attempts to connect, despite this so-called excellent signal. When it does finally connect it often disconnects - usually right as I'm sending an email or something.
    As for the speed... it's not funny, but it really is a joke. I've seen mentioned on here that the speeds are akin to dial-up from years ago. Well, that's kinda true. I'd nearly bet that my dial-up from when I first had the Internet back in '98 was faster than this piece of s**t. They have a cheek to advertise that for £15 a month you can download whatever amount of videos, songs, etc on than plan. Well, today I spent nearly 15 minutes waiting on a 2-page word document to download from my email (after about half an hour of trying to actually get the email open without the connection timing out). Forget about sending attachments!

    Absolute joke, waste of money, total rip-off, TO BE AVOIDED!!!!!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Christina at 6:33 on 2 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    O2 dongle has got progressively WORSE.....and THEN they have the cheek to reduce the allowance to 2GB, - NO prior warning. Keeps cutting out. VERY DISAPPOINTED......AND ANNOYED !!

  • neutral

    by Emily at 9:55 on 26 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    I am a Post graduate student living in Cambridge, CB4 area. I got O2 PAYG mobile broadband because I am an o2 Phone costumer and live in student housing which has no internet facilities. The monthly contract offers on the market wouldn't suit my circumstances -I will be moving out at the end of the academic year.

    Broadband coverage is poor-to-average, with some occurances of no connection at all, which lasted for three consecutive days. The connection has 'crashed' on occassions, without prior warning, and then taking 30-45 minutes in some instances to get re-connected... if i'm lucky -Sometimes it wouldn't re-connect at all.

    I'm dissappointed in the small data allowance (£15PM option), which only lasts me 7 days from when I top up-to-empty. I wouldn't reccommend an O2-dongle for anyone seeking heavy-every-day-usage. I am in the process of writing up a thesis, so my internet usage would mainly consist of surfing serach engines, downloading academic literature/email attachments and music (studying music) which I'm also sure, eats up the data allowance quite quickly.

    Disappointed overall. Poor coverage, unreliable connection, the data allowance is too limited for my own needs and requirements, but may suit someone else who has less dependancy or need for daily online access. Idealy suited to minimal internet users as an 'on-the go' back-up for online access.

  • neutral

    by Stuart at 11:12 on 9 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    I'm on O2 PAYG. The speed an reliability has improved from me over the last year. Unfortunately more speed is an enticement to use up your data allowance quicker! and I am disappointed they have reduced the £15 top-up to 2GB recently. I am reluctant to go onto contract because, like on most networks, you get hammered if you go over your monthly allowance. Given the choice I'd opt for lower speed to keep my usage down, but then they wouldn't get so much money off me :-)

  • unhappy

    by steve at 16:55 on 4 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    I had to stay at my mothers house for a few days, so I bought an 02 mobile broadband dongle so I could work on my laptop. It worked ok for one day, now for last two days it is slower than dialup 10 years ago! I phoned them and they told me some story about a local mast they have problems with or some nonsense. I am
    using it in east Belfast.

    Takes about 3 minutes for an html page to load, forget watching videos or anything!

    Absolute rubbish, wouldnt go near them again. I use Virgin at home and its always been fine. Thats me finished with 02, a pathetic broadband service if you ask me,.

  • unhappy

    by Liz at 14:07 on 31 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    My O2 mobile broadband has gone downhill. Last year I was impressed, but now it is usually useless. Dial up would be quicker!

  • unhappy

    by R at 13:45 on 7 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    I've used O2 for a while and the speed is very variable. For the past three days it has been slower than a dial up connection and it's driving me insane. Overall they are quite unreliable and the speeds they advertise are not accurate or valid. They should be prosecuted for false advertising.

  • neutral

    by billy at 22:04 on 4 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    i have had an o2 dongle for over a year .the signal is allways v.good or excellent i would recommend it to anyone

  • neutral

    by marcia at 15:01 on 25 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    I've been using O2 mobile broadband for a month now and I'm surprised how good it is, hardly ever the connection drops and it's fast enough. Nothing to complain about, only that I can't download anything 'cos it's too expensive.

  • unhappy

    by bob at 19:57 on 19 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    ive had my pay as you go dongle for 6 months ,it worked perfect for the area i live in .they then changed how you buy access ,now for the life of me i cant top my dongle up .ive had my bank cards stopped 4 times for to many attempts a trying to buy acces ,phoned up o2 ,they told me to buy acces from another pc ,ive tried my matea .very same problems ,he is on ultra fast broadband ,sick to death of it ,got around 100mb left .they actually gave me this month free due to problems im having ,every time i click on buy ,it highlights my card and says ,number not valid????

  • unhappy

    by Yvonne at 15:48 on 14 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    My 02 dongle is a pain in the ass I hav had it 9mths for the last 3mths I hav had nothing but probs it never as any signal and when it does its very low....... and on a Sunday I hav no signal............... anyone out there thinking of getting an 02 dongle dont..... I live in Darwen Lancs

  • neutral

    by Terry at 10:43 on 23 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    I have been trying since Monday to get a signal. THe SIM card and dongle work ok
    but the lights on the dongle stay at red. O2 say there is an outage and a general
    problem with the signal in the SW London area but do not give further information.
    I was wondering how long these outages can go on for.

  • unhappy

    by Daz at 17:17 on 25 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    Not long after installing, the O2 connection manager program indicated that no networks were available. The LED on the dongle was flashing blue, meanaing that a 3G network was available.
    The O2 website shows a fix for this, something about deleting a file in my Docments etc. This doesn't work and the file comes back when you run O2 manager again.
    It was also hard to find this information on the O2 site, well hidden.
    Eventually I was able to connect by using windows.
    e.g.Start>Connect To>Cellular Profile and press Dial.
    The connection dropped out a lot but was usable at 0.3 Mbps.
    The O2 website site does not show you how much data has been used, just the number of days remaining so it drops out and you don't know why.
    Having moved, I have not been able to get this working again. It keeps dropping out the newtork connection and the O2 manager software informs me (erroneOusly) that it can't see the dongle.
    Doh ...

  • unhappy

    by middlepit at 19:34 on 21 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    im sick of 02 dongles i swear mines a phone sim keeps asking me to varify my age using a credit card and if my phone is lost or stolen please contact o2 4 weeks its taken me to sort out with o2 but no one seems to have a clue about how to remove this message its driving me mad

  • unhappy

    by ALAN GAC at 22:21 on 15 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    In Dec 09 i am charged £1200 for additional downloads during a time when i was mostly in Poland.

    They cancel the bill without a fuss as a goodwill gesture. I found that very strange. My Jan and Feb bills were £30 each then my March bill came at £750.

    Numerous calls, many Bank charges later they cancelled my contract and taking me to court for the remainder of the contract ie £1250.

    How do i prove i did not use it?

    They charged me £100 p/gb for 7gb extra and on the last day of my bill they changed the rates to £24 p/gb.

    what a bunch of con artists.

  • neutral

    by len goh at 19:59 on 29 May 2010 Report abuse

    Bought an O2 dongle PAYG and loaded it with 3Gb for £15. Installation was straight forward and when connected to O2 UK was very good and stable as if on 3G. However, after about 90mins it stopped and connection was impossible - reason very low signal. How was that possible, same location?

    Asked for a refund and got it. Gave dongle away and this individual connected it to BT Openzone/Wifi and used it continuously for days till O2 put a stop to it. It was magic - very fast and stable but erratic and mostly useless it connected to O2 UK.

  • unhappy

    by justwrong at 20:51 on 24 May 2010 Report abuse

    i bought this a couple of days ago.. Off the 4 laptops I have it works on 2 and doesn't on the other two.. There is an O2 / BT open zone which is supposed to give me unlimited wifi. But the dongle never connects to it.. error - we could connect you to the wifi open zone but there is no data.. the only reason to opt for O2 was the Cloud which it cannot connect to.. The dongle wont work on some laptops and the connection speed is just too slow.. the connection keeps getting dropped. and it takes several retries to get connected again.. Have tried Three in the mean time.. and I am quite satisfied with their service..

  • unhappy

    by nic at 14:11 on 23 May 2010 Report abuse

    Well where do I start?
    I am going to find all the O2 dongles I can and have a massive bonfire with them as thats probably all they are good for. From day1 I have had problems, dropped links, slow download speed- even though I have 'excellent' coverage. It is a total waste of time and really frustrating!! I would never recommed this to anybody. Shame on you O2 for selling this piece of junk to hardworking people. I will be going to your competitors and getting something decent as it couldn't possibly be worse than your service.

  • unhappy

    by john power at 8:03 on 12 May 2010 Report abuse

    I read the advert in the sun news paper THREE MONTHS FREE BROADBAND AND
    £10.PER MONTH THERE AFTER, I rang 02 and was told this was correct . I would get
    one gb which would give me six hours a day or if i wanted unlimited use it would be £15.
    per month as I took out this contract on the 07of may 2010 for my granddaughter who did not have a[ credit card] who opted for £10. a month , I paid a special next day delivery fee of £9.99 for it
    when it came next morning saturday it would not work so i took it to an 02 shop who informed me it was faulty I rang 02 who apoligised and told me I would have it either
    monday or tuesday when I mentioned the special delivery fee I was told I would not see in by this time i was regretting having anything to do with 02 in the mean time I recieved an email from 02 that there would be a payment due
    on the 8th of may for £10. 32 and another on the 22nd of june for another £10.32 anyway the dongle came on tuesday 11th of may after a couple of trips to 02 shop it worked, As yet
    am not sure when I am going to be charged another £10.32 , And how do I tell my granddaughter that her monthly payment to me is not £10. per month But £10. 32 , And heres
    me thinking it was three months free and £10. per month thereafter

  • happy

    by Kevin at 15:11 on 5 May 2010 Report abuse

    Had o2 home broadband but had to move so cancelled it as I moved into a shared house. I got the o2 mobile broadband dongle on pay-as-you-go, and although it takes a while for the top up page to load, after that it seems quite good. I even watched a whole episode og Hustle on Blinkbox which was good and I only topped up with £2.00 for the 500mb. On the whole it's quite good and I would recommend it.

  • unhappy

    by zoe at 19:28 on 28 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    I purchased an 02 dongle 5days ago and have had probs with it from day one. The day i got n installed it the mobile top up page would not load,after few trips to the 02store the same day they finally tell me the site was having problems and would be working by 9am next day. Thankfully it did work by 9am the next day and i topped up 15pounds for the month and worked fine however i cannot seem to find how much usage i have used so far,only tells you the days you have left also now the connection manager keeps stopping working.I was advised by 02 to uninstall and re install and this has still made no difference.I was also told i have fast speeds for my area and the speeds did seem fast at first but soon as the connection manager says i have great signal it strangely runs very slow and freezes???! works better on very low signal?? I am using up the credit on my 02(if i can stay connected long enough that is)then its going in the bin and im buying one on vodafone as a lot of people recommend this one!

  • unhappy

    by gus conte at 18:48 on 24 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    these people rip you off i just got a pay as you go dongle for mobile broadband it is crap it takes about 5 minutes to load one page yet i was useing 3 mobile broadband the speed is almost as fast as the home broadband its pay as you go i topup with £15 and that does me for a month i try not to download to much as that will soon use up your credit but 02 never again and yet they clearly state fast speeds what a load of rubbish i shall write to the british trading standard as i think they are breaking the law when they state fast speeds and in fact that is untrus.

  • happy

    by andy at 20:05 on 6 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    just brought it from asda took 5 mins to get going its as fast as aol works mint

  • neutral

    by [email protected] at 21:18 on 31 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I want to top up an o2 dongle from this pc it is online with Virgin Media

  • unhappy

    by Dawn at 19:00 on 24 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I have a real horror story that is still ongoing, June 09 i signed up for the Laptop/dongle 3GB usage the dongle proved to be faulty connecting but not connected worked now and again, the first two months it was patchy the bill £40 as agreed Augusts bill £1,400 for intermittant usage. I took the dongle /laptop to carphone warehouse was having a connection problem the assistant tried to connect using a different laptop even another dongle but the same sim card. This didn't work the assistant called o2 trying various things to no avail he enquired about the outragous bill after a 40 min conversation o2 agreed to do what they called A (SHOCK BILL) cancel the charge. They also suggested that i download new drivers and software this made no difference, I called o2 they suggested I get a replacement dongle this made no difference it wouldn't stay connected it was disconnected permanently I received a further bill demanding £1,500 for what? I asked it hadn't been working. in the meantime they had decided to charge me for the complete contract 2yrs monthly payments; I contested the charges! o2 have denied the conversation where they were deleting the charges I now have a debt recovery company demanding £2,500. Since august 09 I have requested certain data from o2 they refuse to comply I requested connection/disconnection times and duration in order to calculate usage from they're servers what I have received was dates connection time and data volume , my arguement is they calculate not just by volume but by duration so why are they withholding this information.
    I am 50 yrs old and never been in debt in my life I have a degree in computer science, this dongle was for my husband to use while on the road in his truck to check emails a signal wouldn't be consistant for much more. I have a limited usage at home of 2GB with 3 pc's gaming xbox being used that lasts the month so in reality how the hell could a bill for £1,400 be accummulated over a two week intermittant use be viable. I need serious help here as in reality I have no proof only o2's sayso . can anyone advise????

  • neutral

    by Sue at 13:19 on 23 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    O2 don't support Skype unfortunately. It would seem that 3 are the only network that do.

  • neutral

    by maria at 19:41 on 21 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Hi everyone,
    My speed is fine, but there is no way I can find out how much allowance i have left. I am on pay as you go, montly. Anyone knows how to check it?
    and anyone knows if using skype will take a lot of allowance?
    THanks gals!

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