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  • happy

    by freida at 1:26 on 15 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    i've just purchased the pay as you go mobile broadband and touch wood it's doing okay. However i don't know how to check how much data allowance i have left. I am just using the dongle to chat and browse... do u think i will use up all my allowance? I've just topped up £15 for the month... will that last me?

  • happy

    by gatsovandel at 4:33 on 10 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    i cant understand all the negitivity? i bought a o2 dongle mine is pay as you go i pay 15 a month. i get great internet speed never had a single problem and i am online 24/7 i live in the medway towns kent maybe the signal is well good here? ok i wish i had my old 10 meg virgin broadband! no just happy to be back on line. i would recomend 02 to any one.

  • neutral

    by michael at 15:02 on 3 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    o2 shop told me that my area (DG3) received the highest level of coverage. This was wrong, it is infact the lowest. The dongle went wrong intermittently for many months until it was replaced. At first it was capable of downloading movies in about 3 to 4 hours, now it averages between 5 and 10kbps and can not even streem the lowest quality version of radio broadcasts. It is reasonably stable but is not what i would call reliable. Customer service through the website is an impossibility unless you have an issue which exactly matches one of their options, you can not ask the question you actually need to ask. Considering the cost.....3 out of 10 is a generous score.

  • neutral

    by Matt Longstaff at 20:46 on 13 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    Hi everyone, I bought an 02 Dongle just yesterday, I have been advised to leave my laptop on for 48 hours. Everything has installed, however when trying to buy credit to top up the Dongle however upon clicking this it wont let me even though its highlighed.

    Do i have to give the laptop or dongle 48 hours etc?

  • unhappy

    by howie at 15:40 on 13 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    Hi all bought one of those pay as you go dongle, at the shop they said it was a good reception area but when useing it it is very slow went back to complain which they said it could be a building are tree blocking your signal I told them that some time I can get on but slow in the same spot and then next its got no signal somtimes it come on with very good strength then gose slow we have all the sat navs mobile phone yopu can talk with some one abroad but the can not get you the internet come on o2 get your finger out and make us happy

  • unhappy

    by lisa craughwell at 23:16 on 7 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    we have our white modem about 15mths and the speed was good 4 the 1st 10mths than got slower and slower and now we listen 2 any song; play cards r if we r on face book the laptop would stop then stast workin again;a 3min song would take us 10mins r so 2 listen 2 and were not very happy.

  • happy

    by Steve at 12:09 on 29 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Well, I'm with Laura and from my tests would give O2 9 out of 10 for quality of dongle service delivery; plus O2 are one of the few providers who bundle wi-fi access into their dongle package

    I've bought a PAYG dongle with a view to trialling, and if OK, switching to a small business 2 year contract.
    Bought a 7 day access to do tests (commencing 18th Dec and finishing on Xmas day).

    Used it in 2 locations; PO12 xxx (my work location) and RG4 xxx.

    In PO12 signal connection is 3G. I had one consistent issue whereby the connection would fail, but the dongle retained solid blue light, connection manager indicated a connection, and the system tray icon also showed connection. I had to force a disconnect and reconnect and all would be OK – until it happened again. I spoke to O2 support (very helpful) and made their recommended change in the advanced section of Connection Manager. This didn't fix it. (The result of this issue was that whatever I was working on; webmail, on-line purchase, sending this sort of message to you, etc; would be completely lost with no recovery option).

    No other problems, easy to connect etc., although the O2 network was “erratic” on the Sunday and Monday (I guess overloaded with the number of people on line).

    In RG4 (Xmas Eve and Xmas morning) low signal but High Speed… connection. None of the disconnect issue referred to above; solid, good, consistent access – so to me it indicates an issue with the network local to PO12.

    I'm back in PO12 now, have spoken again with O2 support who now tell me my reception area isn't as good as represented on their coverage map.

    Overall impression is that the service is good; if I was working from RG4 then I would definitely sigh up for a long term business contract with O2. But being predominantly in PO12 then with the disconnect issue I'm going to return the dongle.

    I was impressed with the O2 connection manager software (compared to other providers); very intuitive and provides good control and statistical information.

    (I've trialled 3 – far too much traffic congestion resulting in lockouts, failed connections, low speed. Currently with BT as a small business customer, but can't wait to get away from a supplier with no customer care whatsoever)

  • happy

    by Laura at 4:33 on 28 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    I'm delighted with my o2 dongle, I never lose my signal, never get disconnected, it works just like proper broadband, I'm with Mark and Daniel on this one, Except I don't find it slow at all, it's just as good as virgin, maybe even better.... Virgin were down for a few days due to the bad weather (I know that can't be helped, And I'm not complaining!)
    but I'd have been lost without my little dongle to keep me going over those few days.

  • unhappy

    by Laura at 4:17 on 28 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Well I've been with T-Mobile and "3", and to be honest they both are nothing other than filthy robbing cowboys, But I'll do a seperate review for them in a mo :)

    I've been with o2 for a few weeks now, and the only problem I have had with it is I don't like the colour! Yep, It's Pink! I wanted a white one, but shop were out of stock lol

    The reception is fantastic, Internet pages load quickly, I can watch video's on YouTube, I can shop online, It's almost like having proper internet, except even I think it's better than that. This internet you can take with you where ever you go and don't have to rely on wifi spots!

    As with the weather over the festive season, I was stuck on the A80 for 6 hours moving only an inch every 20 mins or so... it was awful. I had my laptop and o2 dongle, so while I was stuck in traffic, I was able to log into MSN and chat away to people, also I could get traffic reports on google and i even checked my emails... while trapped in my car on a road. So for me, my little pink o2 dongle was a complete life saver, it made what could have been an gruelling 6 hours bearable :)

    When I bought the actual dongle the man in the shop could not have been more helpful, I told him about the previous problems I had with "3" and T-Mobile (Content locks, network signal dropping, disconnection, slow speeds and the worlds worst customer service ever, seriously, phoning 3 to complain about their dongle, I almost forgot who I was on the phone to and ordered a curry!)

    Overall, I love my little o2 dongle :)

    And I would recommend anyone who wants to browse the internet to buy one. If you're looking to download films, I wouldn't buy a dongle from any ISP, it's not worth it.

  • unhappy

    by colliver19 at 19:44 on 27 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Please DO NOT get O2 mobile broadband, or any other mobile broadband for that matter. Mobile broadband is a brilliant concept, but it is a concept that does not work yet. The connection is temperamental, speeds are laughably slow - trying to get my email was a painful experience as the connection would take so long the site would stop loading. If you must get mobile broadband NEVER GET A FIXED TERM CONTRACT - get pay-as-you-go and see how the service is in your area. I was on pay-as-you-go in a large urban town and was so disappointed I have now returned to Sky Broadband. My mum and her partner are using 3-mobile broadband and also have problems. I will never use mobile broadband again.

  • unhappy

    by Karen Evangelista at 19:00 on 16 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Labouriously Slow!. and Customer Service may as well be on the Moon, it is just as 02-bad as it has ever been.
    Its So So slow is this 02 Dongle, and there is no rebate for the fact that the time on the Internet is still the same whether it is slow or faster.
    I had to call CS and I was on a mobile (@36p per minute min) for over 16 minutes and still there was no answer, my credit ran out so my initial purchase price of £19.95 was already almost 30 quid. NOT such A Bargain.

    And what 02 dont inform you of is that you have to .. thats HAVE TO ... hang on the 'net after paying for your online time to have your card so-called 'secured' by a back in my case HSBC, of whom I already dont want anything to do with.

    Not a Good Buy, gonna sustain for my one month then go 2 3.

  • happy

    by Daniel Harris at 23:20 on 1 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    I am completly opposite to the earlier comments i am very happy with the huawei e160 with o2 i have not had any problems with connecting. I will admit that the signal is low but even though its low the speed i get is enough to browse the internet comfortably. Even the downlaod speeds are good enough with me getting around 125kb/s downlaoding a single mp3. It gets better and better with every hotspot update.

  • neutral

    by Pedro at 21:18 on 26 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    To start with the plus side, you can get mobile broadband without a contract (why other companies don't offer the same is beyond me).
    However, be prepared that the conncetion will be nearly as frustrating as having the old dial-up. The software and the driver could also do with an update..

  • neutral

    by Mark at 13:29 on 21 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    The signal in the North of England is beyond a joke, it simply does not work, you are very very lucky to get anything other than in the centre of very big cities and then it's hit and miss. BT simply does not have enough HSDPA enabled towers to justify selling this dongle.
    they are decades behind in installing it, but all they care about is getting your money.
    it comes with free hotspots, of which only around 10% can actually obtain a IP address, the majority either have too poor a range to even work in the venue itself or are unable to connect.
    A complete waste of Money, Time and effort !
    BT, mobile internet technology is not your thing, give up whilst you can.

  • unhappy

    by Dave at 17:53 on 13 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    What a joke!!! I bought an O2 dongle yesterday after having a bad experience with 3 a month ago and returning it.

    The O2 one actually worked yesterday but today its taking forever and is an absolute waste of time, money and space! It's a complete joke. My morning was a right off as I had loads of work to do on the net and it wouldnt connect. This afternoon it connected but very very slow. How can they get away with selling this piece of s**t?

    Might take this one back and get a vodafone one but after two companies are s**t I find it hard to believe third will be better.

    Seriously how can you sell this and get away with it? No thanks O2!

  • unhappy

    by Will at 18:32 on 10 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    Do NOT buy this!

    It is the biggest piece of crap going, it takes about 20 attempts to even get a connection, and when you are 'connected' the speed to load a simple page like google is about 5 minutes.

    On numerous occasions I have wanted to throw this terrible dongle out of the window its that bad!!

  • happy

    by Nicola at 11:38 on 23 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    I've just moved into a new property, BT quoted me £120 setup fee (Line install), £12.50 pm connection and £7.50 pm Broadband connection, I'm only here for 6mths, that would equate to £40 pm. on top of this I had to sign up for a minimum of 12mths which would add another 12.50 pm making the overall cost £52.50 per month (and I'd have to go through it all again in my next property). It was a NO BRAINER to go for the PAYG 02 dongle WIFI, at £19 for the dongle and £15 pm I'm more than happy with the cost and the connection is 'brilliant!' Thank heavens for competitive and alternative options. I would have been held by the short and curly by BT otherwise.

  • unhappy

    by Dave at 16:02 on 16 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    After a couple of years of an uneasy relationship with Orange, and after looking round the broadband reviews, 02 seem to fair well in the ratings. To receive their broadband package at the reduced rate I would also require at minimum the mobile phone Sim card.

    When I initially contacted the sales team, and explained my requirements the chap was extremely helpful which seemed to confirm that I had indeed found a utopian society. He was so helpful in fact that he insisted I take out the Sim straight away, even though I expressed some reservations given that I was still with Orange, the phone was locked and I didn't want to pay for two networks while only being to be able to use one. But he convinced me that all would be well, so I signed up. By the time I received the Orange PAC code, and unlocked my phone, 14 days had passed, and I was told by the person who rang to welcome me aboard, that 14 days of my Sim had lapsed. By this time, my enthusiasm had lost its edge, as this meant that of the 30 day I had paid for, I could only have two weeks use.

    Spent all the time I could afford in the customer support phone queue, then decided to email instead. I requested if the Sim card could be re-set to run from the switch over day from Orange, and asked how long it would be before I would receive the router. Two days later, received a reply asking (for security reasons) to send the same message again using the email address I gave when I signed up. In my reply I informed them that this was the email I had put forward when I joined up. Two day later the reply… This was not the email address..send message again.
    The upshot is, almost a week has passed and I have spent a lot of my time trying to straighten out the bad situation that they have created. Not willing to waste anymore of my time, I just replied and stated that I had enough, for him to forget that I ever asked him anything, and that I look forward to the day when I could cancel.
    I wonder now, if this some kind of record? I'm threatening to leave O2 before receiving any service.

    More worrying, Orange is now beginning to look attractive.

  • unhappy

    by Heather at 23:13 on 29 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Why is O2 still in business?

    One waits 15 minutes in their shop before one of their staff even acknowledge you. They sell you a 3.6 usb modem when you have clearly asked for a 7.2. The 3.6 box has a picture of the 7.2 modem on it. The modem is faulty. They replace it with another 3.6 because they have no stock of the 7.2. 30 days later, after having waited another 15 minutes to be noticed in the shop, I am told that they still do not have stock of the 7.2 modem, and that as 30 days has now elapsed they will not be able to replace the incorrect one despite the fact that it is their fault in a) not having stock and b) having sold me the incorrect modem in the first place. Apparently "the computer will not let me", to quote the staff member. (Just by the way, whilst I was in the shop their telephone rang for 35 minutes without one of their staff members answering it, customer service that beggars belief!)

    Don't bother calling their help line. They are incompetent, ill informed regarding their product and downright argumentative, interrupting and not allowing one to even complete a sentence; rude in the extreme.

    The speed has been discussed by everyone else complaining in this forum. I am currently trying to download 200 megs. Apparently my waiting time in 256 hours. To equate that to the business environment, assuming I were employing a staff member working an eight hour day, five day week, then that staff member would be taking nearly seven weeks to complete a task that could be comfortably completed in a hour. We all read about the carrier pigeon in South Africa that was faster than their broadband despite having given the broadband a 26 minute start. Quite frankly, I think that continental drift is faster than O2.

    With Mac, one does not have the luxury of being able to check usage, and according to the helpline, and I quote, "O2 have not yet developed a way for usage when using Mac to be calculated". The mind boggles. If one is not able to track one's usage and is informed (in the case of PC) that the usage indicators are inaccurate and one needs to check online, I have two questions: 1. Why is the usage indicator inaccurate, and what steps, if any of course, are O2 taking to rectify it? 2. If the usage figures are so inaccurate, then how can customers be sure that their billing is correct?

    S Hunter hit the nail on the head - Mac users stand last in the queue. One cannot even load their latest Snow Leopard operating system because O2 cannot support it, so, no internet. Three cheers to the customer in the Apple shop warning all their customers about how useless O2 is.

    My experience with O2 in every instance that I have dealt with them has been one of rude and incompetent staff, poor service and poor product. I have yet to find one person in O2 with the initiative to try to give good service - the pervading atmosphere seems to be one of "we have your money so get lost and stop bothering me".

    All in all, O2 excel in bad product, bad service, gross incompetence, misrepresentation and no attempt to even put right what is clearly their error. Be warned.

  • unhappy

    by rob at 21:18 on 28 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Do not buy this product! This is an absoulote con! i got the monthly broadband with 'free laptop' for £30 pm,its absoultley useless despite being shown in the shop that i am in the best area for signal i can barely check my emails,its so slow!

    i tried to watch a video clip on 4od but gave up as it wouldnt play more than 10 seconds without buffering and when i checked my account manager this atempt to watch the clip had taken almost one third of the monthly data allowence!! what they are selling is a concept and not a working product, i am seeking legal advice and would encourge others to do the same,this is a disgrace and they shouldnt be allowed to get away with it!

  • unhappy

    by stuart place at 18:41 on 3 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Helped a friend get on 02 payg broadband dongle, after 5 hours defragging and installing internet explorer 8 and all the patches and installing an extra gig of memory and running MSCONFIG to disable all running tasks, the BROADBAND SPEED IS STILL LESS THAN DIAL-UP, A JOKE SYSTEM, BEWARE..!!,the person in 02 customer services took our post-code and told us we were 1 mile away from the transmitter and reception would be poor..SO The thing to do with other suppliers is give them you're post-code to see how your reception should be..At least the dongle came free with a phone so onl;y wasted on a months top up..

  • neutral

    by JB41 at 16:08 on 28 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Moved onto 20mb Landline broadband (which is fine for 14 quid) and O2 offered me a PAYG Broadband Dongle, at the same time, for a fiver. 'Do you need another one for a family or friend?', 'No, I want to see if it works first' I replied. I already have a Mobile PAYT Dongle from 3 and that works perfectly fine in all the places I've travelled in the UK (and where it doesn't I can use my Vodafone mobile as a modem). However, of all the places I have travelled to, I have not managed to find a good enough O2 Broadband 3G signal. Even in a city like Bristol or Manachester it only flashed 2 bars and connected for 1 minute. Absolute rubbish. It's now in the Spares box in the loft! Removed the ridiculous O2 connection Manager. My company has signed a corporate deal with O2 and current employee in-joke is that wives and husbands will no longer be able to get hold of their other halves, when on Business, because they'll all be on O2 !!

  • neutral

    by Cristian at 15:18 on 28 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Hi, i'm visiting london for two weeks, i would like to know if there i will be able to buy JUST the SIM card for PAY AS YOU GO, with for example 1 GB or something like that, and bring with me an unlocked usb modem to use with it. All that i saw, includes the usb modem, and for just 2 weeks, it's very expesive.
    Or maybe you know another company where i can do this... Thank you very much for your help.
    Kind regards!

  • happy

    by T at 9:07 on 23 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I've been with O2 for over 18 months and wouldn't dream of leaving. I'm on an 8Mb package and invariably get 6Mb. The 2 additional family laptop users also have no complaints. Recently the router died, but I had a new one within 36 hours. Technical Customer Service is excellent - ALWAYS! And if you've been around with other ISPs you'll really appreciate this.

    We only connect via a router at home, so don't know about dongles. The O2 self-diagnostic software can be a bit irritating with Windows XP - it's a bit intrusive and too willing to help. But if you really need assistance, then it comes into its own. However, with Vista it just runs quietly in the background and only wakes up when you really have a proper connection problem.

  • unhappy

    by SP at 14:11 on 3 Aug 2009 Report abuse


    Generally I do not get great signal even though I should be in my area. 2 months into my contract, my connection manager could not pick up any 02 signal. After phoning them everyday and going to various shops for 3 weeks wasting my time with their pathetic staff who had no technical knowledge, my local shop finally found out I had a faulty Dongol. When this was all fixed, I phoned them to get a refund for the 1 month I lost. When the lady was processing this, she noticed I had £109 in charges as I have gone over my 3GB allowance and I was in complete shock. I had no message notification to inform me I had run out of allowance time and only been using my internet for 7 days, but it seems watching videos on Youtube done it. I had gone over by 665MB which is around 2/3 of 1GB. So I usually pay £5 per GB but if you go over, 1GB is £209 and they will NOT notify you if you have gone over. It took me 1hour 30 mins on the phone to get this information as the customer service department were very unhelpful and DUMB to say the least. They refused to give me the address for sending a complaint so now I am trying to find this. I may email watchdog about my story, I feel so annoyed and stressed out as I need internet at home for study reasons and I have wasted so much time and energy on them.

  • unhappy

    by foolto believe at 13:17 on 28 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    i live close to the 02 transmitter ,yet my dongle fails to connect 9 out of 10 i sighned up for 18 month contract 3GB monthly allowance firstly youll never use that amount becuase you wont get connected long enough speed is approx 250kbps yet Mc930 novatel dongle rated for 7.3mbps takes 35 mins for a 64 mb windows update download ,theyre selling lies its not a 3G connection you get ,, but old stoneage 2G signal ( 1X RTT ) now google that folks ,, wish i,d went for t mobile or vodaphone, i would avoid 02 at all cost absolute rubbish , its as good as dial up an even more useless , now i,m off to vomit ,hope this review helps you avoid them,, bye x.x

  • neutral

    by Gerry at 15:03 on 27 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    I went for o2, and as a 56 year old it is OK for all my broadband needs, and it's about half the cost of my old BT broadband.
    However there seeems to be only one price no matter which company you use £15 for 3GB/1 month.

  • happy

    by J at 13:21 on 25 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    I took out the O2 1 month mobile broadband package only a week ago, but I am already really pleased with it. I have tried in a number of locations and can always get connected with the connection remaining very stable with barely any cutoffs. I remained solidly connected in a single session for over 5 hours whilst surfing the web and it just works. Speeds are pretty good if not spectacular, but it is the stability and reliability that impresses and pleases me most.

    You get a 1 month to decide whether you want to keep it so there is no risk that you get lumbered with something you don't like. I tried it and will definitely be keeping it. I now log on on the train, at work and other places and I am enjoying the freedom of connecting wherever I want. The hotspot connections are a real bonus, although as I only use the internet for surfing and emails (no heavy downloads) I think I will find the 3Gb more than adequate.

    I was going to go with 3 based on the price, but I am glad I read the reviews and opted for O2 instead.


  • unhappy

    by Peter Hamill at 12:06 on 18 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    Completely useless. Lifes too short to wait for the O2 network to show-up. Don't waste your money with this totally unreliable product.

  • unhappy

    by cj at 22:37 on 9 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    02 have absolutely no idea what they are doing regarding mobile broadband, I was sent to laptops on contract when I asked for just one, so the one I wasnt using was sent back and was told that this account would be closed, it is still live, I was also given two seperate accounts, again I did not ask for this and now I have been asked to pay over £600 in cancelation fees all because of a mistake by 02 mbile broadband. I refuse to pay this.

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