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  • unhappy

    by Adam Rizvi at 21:58 on 4 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    Bad Reception. Used to use a Orange UK and it had great coverage but 02 has rubbish coverage. It took around 1 hour for it to get just enough coverage to connect to the network and then connected at 56kbs.

    Bad product, Bad Coverage - Not worth the hassel

  • unhappy

    by Mark at 11:09 on 2 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    Bought the dongle when O2 started the mobile broadband. I'm not a heavy user just need it for weekend travel. Usage has been fair though like all devices it can be really slow. I play WOW at weekends and have never gone over the allowance. Always checking the connection manager to make sure I am within it. This month I received an email to say I was approaching my limit, check the connection manager and it showed 988mb. Immediately thought a system error with O2, tried to reply to the email that came in the connection manager but can't, no reply available. Tried emailing the log of my connections in the manager but it was not allowed to go either. Continued using then found I could not get connected. Rang them yesterday to discover I had been disconnected - told I used 3.5 gb - 500mb over my allowance - and my bill instead of £14 was now £89! I explained that the connection manager has shown I have used 988mb this month, but was promptly told that it is highly unreliable - I should have checked online. But I explained their web site states that I can check my usage through the connection manager - here is the senence from their web site - "Windows users, you'll see your data usage above the View Usage button in Connection Manager. Click the 'View Usage' button to see details of your data bundle or change your settings."
    But was still told that its unreliable and that the ONLY way to check usage is online.
    I ended up cancelling the deal as I was on monthly contract after paying the £119 for the dongle. I now have a future bill for £89 - £75 for 500mb!!!! over the allowance and I still do not know how or where that usage came from.
    Im not angry that I used over, if I did for I think the WOW may have been updating in the background as I played it, im angry because as I followed their instructions by checking constantly my usage on the connection manager, according to their web site, believing that it is accurate, only to be told now that it is highly inaccurate and I should not have been using it as a usage indicator.
    £75 for 500mb over usage is immoral to say the least. How are these charges calculated, how does over usages of the same bandwidth and data cause the company that expense. Surely this is a penalty charge. Normally it is £2.33 for 500mb in allowance time - go over and that goes to £75 for 500mb!! HOW? Why s this being allowed to continue?
    Anyway needed to let off steam. I still have mobile with o2 they hav good deals, but this mobile broadband is a serious money trap for them. If you get it dont go over your allowance and certainly dont believe the conneciton manager.

  • unhappy

    by Fritz at 12:52 on 30 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    I've got the O2 PAYG E160 bundle. I work in Threadneedle street, london and the reception is RUBBISH (20%) and the modem only connects approx one time in 5 attempts, and very slowly at that.

    My mobile phone is O2 and it gets a full 5 bars reception quality while the modem only gets poor reception. the E160 dongle is rubbish.

    Complained to O2 and was told I was in a high usage area so the available bandwidth was limited. No sh*t Sherlock! - I'm 50 meters from the Bank of England. Of course theres going to be high usage.

  • neutral

    by Nick at 13:43 on 5 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    I'm using the O2 USB dongle on Mac OS X in a fairly unstable / bad connectivity area in semi-rural Canterbury. Often my connection starts up HSDPA (cyan) and after a few minutes drops down through CDMA (blue) to GPRS (green). The latter is painfully slow and browsing the internet is practically impossible. I think the hardware is probably OK but the networks are not good at delivering a consistently strong signal. I also tried 3 in the same location and it was pretty much the same story.

  • neutral

    by Paul at 10:07 on 2 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    I buy mobile phones and choose the network for my company (around 100 phones) I had 3 of the O2 Mobile broadband 'sticks'. O2 connection manager messed up 3 laptops and was absolutely unusuable. The industry say that O2 were fined because there system was over sold and doesn't work. I'm now using T-Mobile who's system works great in comparison.

  • unhappy

    by Steve Dowling at 16:18 on 28 May 2009 Report abuse

    Bought an o2 mobile broadband dongle, and what a load of rubbish it is, web pages take forever to load (if al all) sending Email is a joke, it would be quicker to write a letter.
    Not impressed, and it's now in the bin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Ian at 12:44 on 27 May 2009 Report abuse

    Bought a PAYG O2 version for my mother and it is very frustrating, although it is used in the centre of a large town it still needs to be next to a window to get any reception! Rubbish for home use, I'm getting rid of it and going to phone line broadband connection, Ahhh!

  • unhappy

    by sarah at 0:42 on 13 May 2009 Report abuse

    just come of the phone after 5 hours trying to help my friend install o2 mobile broadband with no luck .kept saying no connection she was on the phone to a nice man fron o2 for over an hour before that who kindly told her he couldnt talk any more because he was only allowed a certain amount of time for the call...

  • unhappy

    by Lawrie at 19:08 on 3 May 2009 Report abuse

    I have finally got O2 to allow me to cancel my contract after 12 months into an 18 month contract. Overall it has not been a good experience.
    I am now using a T-Mobile PAYG USB modem and in comparison there is no competition. T-Mobile give me a stable connection even in weak reception areas which is something I never got with O2.

  • neutral

    by KHAN at 21:29 on 30 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    Ohh my God !!! Still in trouble of choosing it or not.. I have heard of the WIFI thing and thinking of trying it. but confused! But there is a 30 days testing period with dongle money refund.. Well I will certainly gonaa try it then......

  • unhappy

    by Dothakers at 13:02 on 29 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    I have been using the O2 PAYG mobile internet service for a few months now and it's been very frustrating from the start! In the beginning, there were troubles installing the drivers, the connection is patchy, it always connects and disconnect no matter of the location, sometimes it's very fast, sometimes it crawls... If you want a reliable service, O2 is not!

  • unhappy

    by Annoyed at 8:24 on 18 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    Bought an O2 payg dongle as im not sure how long im going to live at my current address. Worked perfectly, albeit slow for a couple of days, now it wont work, plus when my dongle is plugged in my PC crashes......very frustrating as I have lost a lot of work.

    Will be taking it back and if I recieve any nonsense from them will tell them where they can stick the dongle sideways!

  • neutral

    by Carlo Wingfield at 21:39 on 17 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    I did not find this device as easy to install as the 3 Network USB device , but once installed it connected quickly with a strong signal .
    I use the device in 2 locations Watford and Gosport (near Portsmouth) , the difference in performance is staggering .
    In Watford it is ok for e-mails , browsing , listening to low bit rate radio (30 kbps) and downloading small programs or videos (35Mb) .
    In Gosport I can listen to radio at 192 kbps , download films/programs of 700 Mb or higher and run Google earth with ease .
    Strangely the signal strength in Gosport is weak compared to Watford .
    O2 tell me that the performance depends on the number of people using the system in an area , the time of the day and the applictions they are running . You would have thought they could have put more resources in densely populated areas like London .
    This is why the reviews vary so much , all you can do is try a USB device in your area and see how it behaves . But for a device which is meant to be used around the country this variation in performance is ridiculous .

  • unhappy

    by Jules at 20:46 on 16 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    Awful connection speed. I was pretty much forced to try this as I dont have any internet connection. I just moved home and BT wont remove the Tag on the line for 2 months so I either cancel my O2 broadband and pay £60 or wait until its free for o2 to take over. Meanwhile I thought I'd try Mobile Broadband - Its worse than dial up and a waste of money. I am sending mine back and going with another provider. Both O2 and BT should be bankrupt by now with the services they provide. They are the worst I have ever come across.

  • happy

    by Brusselsman at 18:46 on 16 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    I got the O2 PAYG mobile broadband for my occasional visits to the UK.

    When it works it is a cracking service. However, my experience is that the O2 cover is incredibly patchy especially when you are indoors and on the ground floor– in fact it is very reminiscent of early GSM coverage.

    I also suffered from software driver problems that could only be fixed by getting windows drivers off the net. These problems were only obvious when I looked at the hardware status in the 'control panel' 'system' 'device manager' section. The O2 shop guru did his best to help but I can see it was a difficult call for him.

    I can get the full 3.2 M connection in the Manchester suburbs. The whole thing runs pretty much plug and play now on my Eee 901 XP and I am very pleased with it.

    If you are considering this O2 service I would definitely consider PAYG first and plan to try all the places you will want to use it during the 'happiness' period.

    The winner for me was the very low price of the dongle (£30) and the ability to buy access for a day, a week or a month. The £15 for a month / 3G download limit is reasonable value.

    Also read the reviews of all of the competitor networks – this is a difficult technology.

  • unhappy

    by Frankie at 16:19 on 16 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    First of all, let me start by saying they delivered my dongle device over 2 weeks late. Secondly, this thing aint worth its weight in faeces. Go for Orange instead

    I ordered it to do my uni work in my room because my housemates and I were unablle to find a suitable broadband contract to cover our 9 month stay in this house. Big dissapointment - when it connects, its slower than dial up, it choses when it wants to work and sometimes crashes my networking settings, forcing me to restart.

    Recently ive been barely able to connect - it just tells me there's no network or it connects me for 3 minutes then disconnects me permanently (have to restart my computer to connect again). Ive actually resorted to borrowing my mum's orange dongle, which works perfectly in the exact same area as the o2 dongle.

    I live less than a mile from Leicester city center - do the signal maths yourself.

  • unhappy

    by Irritated at 15:12 on 8 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    The O2 Mobile broadband USB dongle I bought is absolutely s**t. I installed it properly and got it working once or twice but now it is not working at all. I've spoken to some people at O2 and they tell me my security settings are too high (at medium high) I then try to change them to medium but it now makes no difference and I can connect to nothing. It is so absolutely totally and utterly frustrating. I spent 29.99 on the dongle and bought a month's credit - has anyone managed to return this thing and get their money back??? I hate it. Thanks

  • unhappy

    by LaurenG at 13:54 on 6 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    I have been wanting a dongle for quite some time but didnt want to be tied into any contracts so when I came across O2 PAYG mobile broadband I was overjoyed, looked simple to use and install. got it home and it has been the bane of my life since, dont even know how to top up the damn thing - apparently a page appears and lets you top up and that is still to be seen, cant get online at all! would not recommend!

  • unhappy

    by Mark English at 16:48 on 5 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    Im pretty sure dial up is faster!!! I had this contract for 6 days before returning the laptop and cancelling. Had quite a few problems sending it back as one person said i had to pay £20 postage to send it back. I kicked off and they refunded me so if anyone is sending theirs back, demand that they pay for postage.

    Also, you could just stay well clear as the speed is terrible and so is the coverage.

  • unhappy

    by Jamie at 12:19 on 3 Apr 2009 Report abuse


    We use approx. 10 of the Vodafone USB dongles on contract without any problems at all (other than the occasional lack of coverage) but we thought we would experiment with one of these as o2 gave it to us for free for a month.

    Not only is the 3G/HSPDA coverage very bad when compared with our existing provider, not only is the connection speed if you do manage to get connected worse than I have experienced before but the software "O2 Connection Manager" is a complete joke.

    If you install the software that comes on the stick (and you have to if you want to use it) then it assumes control over your built-in wireless connection (should you have one) and you will NOT be able to re-enable this without uninstalling the software. I don't just mean that you have to use the o2 Connection Manager software to manage it but quite simply that you cannot use it.

    That's right - even if you do not have the USB dongle plugged in, have the software closed and manually re-enable the "Wireless Zero Configuration" service in Windows XP and you will still not be able to use your built-in wireless, at least in my experience. I should add that I did manage to get this working in the end, by uninstalling the software and putting the dongle in a draw.

    Perhaps I am wrong and was missing something really obvious but I've had quite a lot of experience with mobile broadband solutions and I couldn't work it out - maybe just a bad day! Suffice to say I will be staying with Vodafone.

  • unhappy

    by ash at 22:19 on 31 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    Not impressed. Purchased o2 PAYG usb dongle yesterday, topped up for a weeks use, connected ok on 3G however free wifi does not work at all. The software with device takes over all control of my wifi options and does not allow me to connect. Made 3 calls to O2 , first 2 waste of time as didnt realise I was on PAYG but 3rd call to O2 advised me that it was a known problem and to try it at home ( i was trying to connect wifi under the cloud wifi zone. O2 advised me that there is a compatibility problem and to return device for full refund.. It goes back tomorrow!

  • unhappy

    by hugs at 0:45 on 30 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    is rubbish can never connect and when i can is so slow.
    I top it up then can't connect so they take my money then cant use their service gggrrrrr
    When i can connect is so slow.
    I have tried to use it to get on facebook but my phone is a lot qicker.
    stay away from this one.

  • unhappy

    by S.Campbell at 12:39 on 25 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    Very Slow, not a patch on 3. Had conflict issues with Kaspersky phoned help line - they had no idea, told me it was not their problem and no idea how to cure it.Will be returning in the next few days.

  • neutral

    by Mark Smith at 23:47 on 24 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    Just started using a o2 dongle. Coverage is very patchy. Usually only get a GPRS connection which averages out at around 20k, not really broadband, slower than dial-up.


  • unhappy

    by sean cairn at 22:02 on 16 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    useless. no service at all today for the past 5 hours +

    im in an internet cafe now!

    - i will certainly be getting my money back on this and have already called up to get a new service from another provider. service is fair, slow or non existant, set up fiddly.
    complete waste of money; the only thing it does successfully is raise your blood pressure.
    stay well away.

  • neutral

    by RD at 15:25 on 15 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    Does what I want it to do on my hp laptop but recently purchased a Dell Netbook Mini 9 and am frustrated that I cannot get connected. It does not appear as an available network. Anyone with any ideas? Would be greatly appreciated.

  • unhappy

    by s.hunter at 22:33 on 14 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    Really really bad! I got this a few days ago and have already called the nice man at virgin to get that installed instead. this is constantly cutting out; 0 bytes every few seconds - even with full reception all the time, whatever time of day or night. utterly pointless and useless.
    also - as usual - mac software gets less thought - in trying to register to get an o2 email address, nothing could be sent to me - only texted to a phone. so i have to take the card to o2, so they can put it in a phone, and get the registration number, so i can log in. it took almost an hour in the shop today to figure this out - long wait as not enough staff, routed round 6 people on the phone then cut off; about 45 mins to see someone in person, then he couldnt work it out without calling the call centre again etc. dreadful service from coverage, the software, the call centre and the shop.
    steer well clear!!

  • unhappy

    by not good at 17:43 on 30 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    first day of using.

  • neutral

    by Daniel Meah at 5:55 on 30 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    Hi, have you tryed the Mobile Partner Software? I use this myself and its very reliable.

    But if not plz feel free to email me [email protected]

  • neutral

    by ErniuxLT at 16:48 on 27 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    hello maybe someone can`t help me? i pluged this stick instald everything owright and its show that i have internet but when i go tu enternet explorer its say that my internet is not connected... ? but on o2 its show that is internet?

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