Virgin Mobile Broadband

  • Get broadband without a phone line
  • Broadband, TV and phone bundles available
  • Fibre broadband with speeds up to 200Mb
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Best selling deals from Virgin:

Pay monthly deals

Combi-SIM 4GB
Virgin Combi SIM
60Mb max speed 12 months £4 per month 0800 276 1162
Combi-SIM 5GB (1 month contract)
Virgin Combi SIM
60Mb max speed 1 month £12 per month 0800 276 1162
Combi-SIM 10GB (1 month contract)
Virgin Combi SIM
60Mb max speed 1 month £20 per month 0800 276 1162
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Who are Virgin?

While part of the Virgin Media family (since February 2007), Virgin Mobile isn't actually a mobile network in its own right: it's what is known as a 'mobile virtual network operator' or MVNO - which means it uses another company's network for its mobile phone and mobile broadband service (in this case EE). In fact, when it launched in 1999 on the One2One network it was the world's first MVNO.

Virgin doesn’t have a huge range of mobile broadband packages, but you’ll benefit from a couple of nice extras, and since it uses EE network coverage is excellent.

What does Virgin mobile broadband offer?

Virgin mobile broadband deals come in just two forms:

  • Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

Virgin’s IMO Go mobile Wi-Fi dongle provides 4G access for up to 10 devices. The battery offers 300 hours of standby power and 6 hours of continuous use. Wi-Fi dongles are perfect for travel, in-car use and even for an alternative to home broadband. Unfortunately, you won’t find this package listed on Broadband Genie as it can only be purchased direct from Virgin.

  • SIM only

Virgin offers a choice of SIM only mobile broadband deals to use in your own hardware. They’re competitively priced, and available with either a rolling 30 day or 12 month contract.

All Virgin mobile broadband deals offer data rollover, so unused data allowance is carried over to the next month. And WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are free to use without affecting your data allowance. Virgin mobile deals can also be changed each month, so if you find you’re not using all the data, or using too much, you can switch to a different plan without penalty.

Virgin mobile broadband review - the Broadband Genie verdict

We like…

  • Data rollover
  • Free messaging
  • Flexible plans

We don’t like…

  • Limited range of deals
  • No quad play discounts

While perhaps not the first name you’d think of when comparing mobile broadband deals, Virgin has got some really competitive offers. The download allowance may not suit heavy users but it is cheap with prices starting at just £4 per month. Its data rollover feature is also really handy, and free messaging on WhatsApp and Facebook is a welcome extra too. Plus, Virgin mobile broadband deals are flexible. Not only is there the option of monthly contracts, you’re free to change to a different plan each month without paying any additional fees.

But there are only a few options compared to other networks. And aside from a single Wi-Fi dongle Virgin has no hardware bundles so you’ll have to supply your own device. It’s also disappointing that Virgin home broadband and TV customers don’t get any extras or discounts.