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  • happy

    by Sarah at 9:54 on 16 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    Ricardo, i have just purchased the E160 Tmobile PAYG - could you tell me the correct profile settings in mobile partner software - thanks in advance Sarah

  • neutral

    by Alun Walters at 10:22 on 15 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    I received this dongle last week and so far so good, although BUYER BEWARE, I was miss sold this as I was told there were no out of bundle charges. WRONG! I received a letter from Vodafone today saying that if I go over the 3GB limit, I'll be charged 15 quid per GB over, and this applies 15 quid applies if you go 1 kB over the 3GB allowance!

    I am seriously considering returning this within 14 days.

  • happy

    by Clive Newlin at 8:41 on 13 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    I opted for the Vodafone 3G dongle back in the spring having been more and more frustrated at Wifi and the how much that was costing me a month. Now with my Vodafone dongle I can connect just about anywhere. Admittedly not always at 3G speeds but rarely do I find no signal at all. As I travel most of the time internet access anywhere is a God Send! Download speeds are normally as good as my home broadband when I am in a 3G area, and certainly better than much of the competition.

    Watch out for themassive cost of going over your download allocation with some other suppliers. Some charging 10p per meg over. Having said that I have rarely got close to my limit anyway. I would strongly recomend this product. Admittedly customer support is poor, but then I have never needed to use it. Works every time.!

  • unhappy

    by sean mcdonald at 14:35 on 12 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    mobile brodband is as slow as dial up but maybe in the future they might be quicker is it worth waiting?

  • neutral

    by Business User at 16:09 on 9 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    I've been generally happy, but the upload speeds I was getting last night in a semi populated area at 2am was 56kbps which is dial up modem speed. So not really mobile broadband is it? But saying that, I am a business user and I expect what I pay for as my business relys on mobile upload to send a signal to my servers.

    I have emailed Vodafone to see what they say about the subject, I'm not holding my breath though.

    If you're a casual internet user hope browses website and downloads a tune or 2 it would be okay to use. But if you need it for business critical services look else where.

  • neutral

    by Ricardo at 13:50 on 31 Oct 2008 Report abuse

    In response to Tzar's enquiry about T-mobile with Linux. I've just bought the T-mobile PAYG stick to use with Acer Aspire One (Linpus Lite). Modem is a Huawei E160. You need the Huawei Mobile Partner Software. Automatically uploads on Acer Update.
    Connects to T-mobile ok once profile is set correctly. Like others I have not been able to get anything like broadband speeds from T-Mobile. Most of their 3g coverage seems to be where there WIFI Hotspots anyway.

  • unhappy

    by Paul at 11:30 on 31 Oct 2008 Report abuse

    I opted for vodafone as it was a short contract and a good price. Initially I was really happy with it - the 3G network was perfectly adequate for my internet needs.

    Then after 48 hours it all started to go pear-shaped. My dongle malfunctioned and the PC wouldnt recognise its existance. Eventually I discovered that the PC new it was there but it had broken for some reason and the PC had no idea what the device was. I though fair enough, this happens, I'll call Vodafone and they can send me a replacement.


    The "help"-line staff knew precious little about the product and it took me 4 calls at great expense (I dont have a vodafone mobile or a landline - hence my need for mobile internet) to eventually get the number to call for returns. During these calls I had been put on hold while the assistant "asked someone else about my problem" but actually just put me back to the beginning of the hold queue and even hung up on by one girl.

    I have already cancelled my direct debit and finally sent my malfunctioned unit back to vodafone today with the returns ID number I had to wait 3 days for.

    The unit was fine (until it broke, but that happens - all they had to do was send me a replacement and I would've been perfectly happy), the deal was fine. The customer service was SHOCKING. I will never EVER use Vodafone for anything ever again and nor shall I recommend them.

  • happy

    by Adrian Wilson at 21:28 on 28 Oct 2008 Report abuse

    Chuffed to little mint balls >> was on Virgin 20meg and getting abiut 2.5 meg. The simplicity and ease of use make this dongle a winner. I can take my monster laptop ( 17" screen ) anywhere or almost and my connection goes with me. No searching for a Wi-Fi point, yes I was horrified at some of the charges made for a WiFi connection, check it out for yourself. My £20.00 a month rolling contract is just the ticket.
    I even publish my websites from the dongle, it will drop out on occasion, but not really a problem. I have had to contact the shop once to remove an age limit bar on the line apart from that it has been plain sailing from the word go.

  • unhappy

    by Raj at 21:10 on 22 Oct 2008 Report abuse

    After using wireless broadband at home , using MOBILE BROADBAND IS EXTREMLY FRUSTRATING.It makes me think are we onceagain in the ages of internet dial up connection mode????..

    Sooooooo slow for page uploads and for hearing music it buffers time and again.

    Extremly frustating and irritating

    Iam not sure is it with this provider alone or with the rest as well.

  • neutral

    by Chris Legal at 15:04 on 1 Oct 2008 Report abuse

    I have had every mobile BB card from Voda and am totally unimpressed with the speed i receive. similar to all other reviews above.

    GT 3G - 1.5 MBps Max EC2A post code
    E220 - Consistently under 1MBps same postcode
    E272 - As above
    The 'NEW' E172 (going down in product numbers?!) 1 MBps max, postcode same as usual

    Obviously the amount of users using the Network within the same area will bottleneck performance, but with the technology and advancements nowadays this is a total VodaCON

  • neutral

    by mannie at 10:30 on 1 Oct 2008 Report abuse

    I have been using Vodaphone broadband at home and as other posters noted I am only getting 250-270Kps almost unusable, some web pages take over 3 minutes to load! BTW I have excellent coverage at home and at work, should have paid BT the for a land line :(

  • unhappy

    by Neil Heatley at 15:36 on 22 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Don`t recommend it

  • happy

    by Annie W at 17:52 on 20 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    I only bought my Vodafone dongle a few weeks ago but I'm over the moon with it. It's very reliable and fast, and on the train journey from Salisbury to Exeter it only lost the signal (obviously) in tunnels. I have also used it successfully in Blackpool and Oxfordshire.
    As a tip to Mac users, (I'm using a MacBook), be sure to download the free software from Cheetah Watch for realtime info on signal-type, strength and download allowance used.
    I travelled to Exeter on the train with somebody using a 3G dongle who was very pleased that he'd got an excellent deal of 5 GB download allowance for the same price as my 3GB allowance with Vodafone (£15) until we found that it hardly worked on the route!
    Only disappointment is Vodafone's inertia selling of insurance for the dongle which you have to accept and then cancel later.

  • neutral

    by oswaldkelso at 22:33 on 18 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    For Linux users
    Well I used the Vodafone driver on my Linux acer one and tried both the e169 and e160 modems. both worked fine the e160 had 5.4mb dl speed the e160 3.6mb using 3. No hsdpa reception at my home that is a notorious mobile-phone black spot. I did get the fall back coverage but that was less than dial up. I also tried the O2Novatel MC930D modem in the store it was recognised by the kernel, and the Vodafone driver but had no sim to try.


  • neutral

    by Tzar at 20:57 on 17 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Please - has anyone tried using any of these (especially T-mobile or Vodafone) with a Linux machine e.g. Acer Aspire 1 or EEE PC? Are Linux drivers readily available and where? I am not having much luck searching the web on the subject.
    Would be grateful for any advice on the subject.

  • happy

    by Peter Jackson at 21:15 on 15 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Best for 3G coverage in Plymouth. Dont waste your money on 3. Its cheap for a reason. It does not work ! - You pay for what you get.

  • happy

    by Michael Coffey at 9:35 on 15 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    To be honest my connection is very good, refresh rate is excellent too, , BUT, I do live in a large city so you'd expect a clear signal would'nt you. I have'nt tried it anywhere remote yet, , so, WHO KNOWS!

  • unhappy

    by Phil Fanson at 12:08 on 13 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    I have used the Vodafone dongle for over 12 months now and I am not impressed. The only time you can connect at the speeds they suggest are possible is in big towns and cities. Try stopping on the M5 services or the M3 256kbps is the fastest you can achieve. My contract is up now and I shall be using another supplier who I know gives better copverage nationwide.

  • unhappy

    by s at 1:31 on 13 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    out of the 6 reviews, only 2 are genuine. can u separate the fakes (Vodafone propaganda) and the genuine user (real customers)?

  • unhappy

    by Dave Hamman at 18:10 on 11 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Must be the worst service.It should be a 3G connection but I very seldom achieve this, most times 2G and at the moment as 75% of the time only 53.6Kbps. As a business user this is a scam and total waste of time and money.

  • happy

    by Calvin Maenzanise at 5:02 on 9 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Just what i needed to help with my researches online without the fuss of a telephone line. The Vodafone mobile broadband came to my rescue and network reception is excellent. I picked it up easily where other mobile broadband providers fail to reach. Speed is excellent and good customer support from Vodafone too.

  • happy

    by JamesThomas at 16:42 on 3 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Very good. Connection speed really impressed me, agree with San that the speed is consistently good for at least 90% of the time.

  • happy

    by Sam Boden at 11:06 on 1 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    I used to spend time trying to find wireless hotspots around town which took a lot of effort, before taking the plunge and trying vodafone mobile broadband. Really impressed - connects first time, I get decent speeds 95% of the time, and can work from anywhere now.

    Good thing is that even the battery life is better than using wireless. I pay for the 5gb limit, 7.2mb speed one - fine for the 5-6 times I use it each month.

    Top stuff.

  • unhappy

    by Ben Bruce at 22:12 on 29 Aug 2008 Report abuse

    Have to say I read the review about Vodafone being one of the fastest Broadband mobile providers...NOT.

    At home my broadband is approx 1.4 mbs.

    At work and at the moment my connection is sitting on 274k ps.

    Disgusting, think I am gonna have to return this.

  • happy

    by Giles Kendrick at 23:29 on 28 Aug 2008 Report abuse

    We've used Vodafone dongles for our small business for the past few months, and our overall experience has definitely been positive. We tend to use the service mainly on train journeys, when the speed varies between really fast (like being in an office) to annoyingly slow, and of course you get cut off in the odd tunnel. That all seems fair enough, though, and much better than before mobile broadband! It's also worth saying that the best thing about mobile broadband is it just works when you plug the dongle into your laptop - there's no messing around with installation disks and the like. No probs with Vodafone customer service, so all fine so far (fingers crossed).

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