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  • unhappy

    by Red at 18:40 on 18 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    I would not advise anyone to get a Vodafone pay monthly dongle. I got one for my daughter for Uni and she used it about three times, taking care of the 3GB limit. I have just seen a payment to Vodafone on my bank statement for £120 more than it should have been. I called Vodafone about this and was told that my daughter has used the dongle every day between the day it was activated and yesterday (17 Jan 2012). In fact, my daughter was in hospital for a week in late November 2011 and then moved home (where we have broadband) and the dongle has been completely out of use in a drawer. I explained this to Vodafone and they INSISTED that it could not be a defective dongle, Vodafone could NOT be wrong. They also said that there was activity on the dongle on 16 Jan 2012 - on this day I know for sure that my daughter was at Uni for the whole day, her computer was left at home and the dongle in the house, I was at work all day as was my husband. Vodafone said that SOMEONE ELSE must have used the dongle while we were out. No-one has access to my house and the only 'people' present were my dog and two cats - I pointed out that THEY were unlikely to have accessed the internet using the dongle. Vodafone have been extremely unhelpful and I intend to cancel all my accounts with them.

  • unhappy

    by brymedia at 15:49 on 7 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    O so sorry i forgot to tell you the guy above trying to make Vodaphone a better buy would it's his job ,any hoo these little Dumb-Dongles were tested in china where it takes 2 minites to download any movie free (they put a sattalite up many years ago and part of it was for best 3g) but in the U.K the story is different as we are not in-line with this satalite and that is mainly why these little devices will never work. They do not even have accelerators for better signal as were all used to ''EDGE'' +''GREEN DOT SYNDROME'' as we get the worst ever reception for these little rip off's go to hell Vodaphone if they can make a program called 'cowboy builders' then i am making videos about COWBOY VODAPHONE DONGLES + DONT BUY THEM AS IT'S MY MISSION IN LIFE FOR 2012. MMMWWWHHHAAAWWW

  • unhappy

    by brymedia at 15:28 on 7 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    If i have posted posted on here trying to help you all and now all the posts are so right,Vodaphone Lite does not work it is not broadband either it's 3g like an smartphone but to be honest i hope and pray no-one else is forced to buy any dongle in life especially a Vodaphone one,i had 2 and to be honest just useing my local paper and Facebook it would last 9 days maximum as for there 15 pounds for 2-gig is diabolical. So i hope you all have done what i done went to virgin - media and you only pay 18 quid max for just a broadband line-in,no telly box or telephone as everyone has mobiles now and for there t.v Freeview will be adding another 5 channel just this year so why have it or sky t.v were in a recession andneed to watch the pennys as paying to watch a t.v programs is beyond me when your both at work all day. So bye VODAPHONE DONGLE WE WANT ALL OUR MONEY BACK FOR WASTING ALL OUR TIME TRYING TO SORT OUT YOUR PROBLEMS

  • unhappy

    by Judith at 16:18 on 5 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    does anyone belive vodafone care if we dont like their service? if anyone from vodafone was reading this they would shrug thier shoulders and say so what long as i get my wages. vodafone is a big company they dont have to care best advice is if you dont like service leave go to another company but who ever you go to they wont care either

  • unhappy

    by Judith at 16:11 on 5 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    vodafone dont care what thier customers think aslong as they keep paying them. Big companies dont care about their customers they dont have to because if you leave someone else will join so youre just a number to them. If vodafone did care they would improve thier service

  • unhappy

    by frank at 0:00 on 16 Dec 2011 Report abuse

    Vodafone is a total rip off. it is not possible to get even normal use out of their pay as you go dongle before it runs out in about ten to fifteen days. Vodafone are just hoping that the general public will not get to know about this con called vodaphone broadband lite. this company is not fit to run a broadband service and the organisation should be closed down. Dont buy vodafone, they will rip you off! you have been warned!

  • unhappy

    by Angie at 14:34 on 6 Dec 2011 Report abuse

    VERY, VERY DISAPPOINTED in Vodaphone! Signed up for dongle that dos not expire, tried to use in Cornwall, the Lake District and the Cotswolds with no luck. Came home and message appeared on my laptop to contact Vodaphone, contacted them and was told, very politely that my dongle had expired and the number was no longer valid. The whole point of getting this type of dongle was so that I was not time limited.

  • unhappy

    by dave at 23:11 on 5 Dec 2011 Report abuse

    vodafone dongle taking 18mb after 10 a night a hour is this wright or is it a joke wot a load of s**t

  • unhappy

    by Rob at 23:34 on 3 Dec 2011 Report abuse

    I agree with Mr R Young.
    I am also with voafone and have been for 3years, however for the past 8 months my connection speed has been cut just about allowing me to load a basic page, i was never told this was going to happen, Ive spent days on the phone and even been intouch with the CEO of the company's pa. After being told time and time again that it must be my computer that is the problem, which is not the case,and that there is nothing wrong with their system untill i ring the next day and told that infact they had been working on the towers near me, if they are going to lie they should atleast make sure that all their staff read from the same script. i am now stopping the contract, they have not kept up their end of the contract, so on that basis i feel i can get out of the contract without any penalty, they have agreed to this. The response from their customer service leaves alot to be desired, absolutely shocking service, for such a big company within the world of phones etc you would think they would look after their customers but oh no they dont. Anyone thinking about going to vodafone please think twice.

  • happy

    by brymedia at 12:07 on 30 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    someone i know are useing a '' 3 '' Network and thats ment to work ok with windows 7,but do we need to keep shelling out cash to a better dongle comes along,no thanks you would think the actual amount of money Vodaphone are worth is staggering and yet we are mere minions filling there nice pockets. I have took steps on last friday to phone virgin media and im due for my new broadband and i will very kindly put a ''HAMMER'' TO THIS bogus dongle k3565 lite for good,why did i buy a dongle off vodaphone in the first place doh !!!

  • unhappy

    by Mr R Young at 13:53 on 28 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Please don't read the comment above by Nick, he clearly has not used the Vodafoney service much. If you make one decision regarding an internet service provider, DON'T make the same one as me, AVOID Vodafone like a plague, here are just some of the reasons why.

    I bought a Vodafone mobile connect dongle, and on the top contract too. I was paying 50 a month on contract, and was told in the store that this was unlimited, but after streaming a one hour documentary on YouTube and checking several email, my speeds went down to way less than dialup, in fact, what Vodafone don't tell you is that at any given time they WILL reduce your online surfing speeds so slow, that your browser has trouble loading the Google search engine, in fact you wont even be able to load your email client up, the speed test I had was 8kb/s download, not worth mentioning the upload.

    I would have contacted Vodafoney via there website but sadly after watching a white screen for 10 mins, it didn't load up, instead my speeds were so slow that my Firefox browser just gave up trying, returning a DNS error page, the speeds were too slow to load the page.

    I did however call Vodafone services up and was promptly told that the bandwidth was reduced until my next billing cycle, this was three and a half weeks away, so for 50 Euros a month, I got to watch a free documentary on YouTube, checked several emails, then the service was criminally reduced.

    If you plan on using the internet, don't use Vodafone.

    What's interesting is that in this Article the OP says that Vodafone are the largest mobile phone company in the world, but they are also the tightest when it comes to using their mobile internet, they have also just been given a massive tax break from the UK government, what a joke that is, I mean I wish my company could rip off it's customers and then didn't have to pay taxes either.

    The truth of the matter is that wherever you maybe in the world, Vodafone are ripping you off BIGTIME with this mobile internet scam. The dongle is problematic to install, or to use on other systems, their customer services are nothing short of a huge joke, their prices are horrendous and uncompetitive, and the internet service they attempted to provide me with amounted to more white pages, then I have ever seen.

    Its time that the watchdogs put an end to this, this mobile internet crime from Vodafone has to end.

    Needless to say I will be contacting the regulators first thing tomorrow.

  • unhappy

    by steve at 11:02 on 24 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    i was very unhappy with vodaphone pay as you go dongle, when i purchased it just over a year ago, i was sold a 3gb allowance a month which i tend to use as i view myself a heavy user. earleir this year when i topped up i noticed that my allowance had been cut back to 2gb a month. i contacted vodaphone about the change but i could not get any answers as to why this had happened, they kept on referring to their price plans, i couldnt find the info they were referring too and any reasons to why this had happened, so i asked a member of their costumer services to help me locate what they were going on about and the couldnt find the info either. i even wrote a letter of compliant and they couldnt even answer the questions i raised about this data cut back. i am currently topping up every 7-9 days around 15 pounds everytime, it would be cheaper to get a proper broadband connection to my property. i would not recommend anybody to use vodaphone dongles as they slash your data allowance without warning of doing this or explaination!

  • neutral

    by john at 10:50 on 24 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Looks like Tesco has got a 3gb dongle for about £15 of your UK bucks out at the moment. Roughly the same price as the old VF dongle so there is a fee for the device and it is not Vodafone network.

  • happy

    by Stella H Howell at 9:11 on 11 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    One does not have to play games etc for Vodafone software to be inaccurate.
    Try unplugging your dongle, use it on other equipment as well and you will
    form your own opinion.
    No organisation nor individual can survive when they provide misleading statements.
    We are about getting the truth out to prevent other people from unnecessary hassel from

  • happy

    by Nick Hickson at 13:53 on 10 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    I really don't know what people above/below are doing with their PAYG dongles. Yes, I'm annoyed with the data reduction but am due to top mine again on the 14th Nov which will be 30 days' use and have ca. 600MB left and I'm on the internet every day for several hours but don't play silly games but have watched a few instructional videos etc.

  • happy

    by Stella H Howell at 13:46 on 10 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Well, the fact that Vodafone received an Award for Best Software is definitely hilarious.
    Their software does not operate hence it will not show you the actual usage.
    Ofcourse, this most probably is deliberate, as you will be charged the increased prices.
    Stay clear from them.
    Remember, even 3 years after terminating your contract they will persue you with legal
    threats so keep hard copies of all your paperwork.

  • unhappy

    by brymedia at 13:14 on 10 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    See the one i am on now is the k3570z-Lite and on P-A-Y-G so for £15 @ 2-gig that is ment to last a month,to be honest just on basic local newspaper + facebook is what im down to and it only still lasts about a week. This whole vodaphone set-up is a complete joke and if it's not cutting me off like on chat in F/Book it will just cut-off and every single thing takes so long to get to and just now i had to ''recover my page'' it is madness,remember these dongles were tested years ago in japan where broad-band speed there is faster by far as it takes just 2 minites to download a film so basically we dont have the capabitities to recieve good broadband or rather HSDPA on the back of the dongle i have now. Personally i dont get it how broadband costs so much in the U.K as there are 10 times as many good people on-line now than ever before,but i wish the Government could step-in and cap the price-plans with say B-T and we all could be happy but now when you sign -up with them you have to pay £150 up-front after your 3 month free period,never heard of this in my life and virgin do the exact same but what they do is cut you off then you pay the price and they simply switch you back - on. I know this countrys not at it's best with recession at the moment but these major firms are getting away with murder on our expence.

  • neutral

    by john at 11:20 on 9 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    I was reading through all these and my cynical mind started thinking "Sounds like a load of employees from rival firms slating Vodafone" So imagine my horror when I minimised the page, clicked 'check my balance' on my own Vodafone dongle which I only topped up yesterday to an alleged 3gb of allowance. Ladies and gents, the time is now 1114, I have been online for about 3 hours, not watching you tube I hasten to add and my 'allowance' is now 1.6 Gb. WHERE THE HELL HAS MY 1.4 GB DISAPPEARED TO?! This is an absolute JOKE. I feel a letter (Well I cant email it now can I? The dongle won't last) to BBC Watchdog, Which magazine and going to my local library (If it isn't closed down) to email the Martin Lewis page. What a total rip off! Talk about changing the goal posts!

  • unhappy

    by kieran at 6:58 on 5 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    APPALLNG COVERAGE AND SERVICE - please avoid this lying cheating organisation.

  • unhappy

    by PETER CAMPBELL at 21:58 on 29 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    you should see what vodaphone did to me in 2007!..in fact its still going on...i was in reality mis-sold a mobile broad band dongle with no warning as to what the charges could run-up to...it was a 500Mb download per month package for £29..that suited me as i only wanted to check my e-mails on the move..i could not afford to take an unlimited download package for £45 per month and it was not practical to do so as i work at sea 6 months of the year..i loaned the device to a workmate first telling him not to download anything just to check his e-mails etc..this workmate returned the device to me 4 hrs later having used the connection to download 2 films at 700Mb each...total usage 1.4Gb and the cost over £2400..vodaphone informed me they "thought" the device had been stolen so they contacted my home number...as they got no answer they allowed the usage to go on and on thinking it would be an "insurance job"...had i known what the potential costs could have been i would never have let the device out of my sight!...vodaphone were a complete shower of b*****ds almost laughing at me down the phone telling me "i should always read the small print"..do any of you think the charge of £2400 for 1.7Gb is justified considering they would have given me "unlimited" download if i had signed up for a £45 per month contract?...i paid £800 of the charge off but came to the conclusion i was being overcharged and badly!..they have been using one debt recovery agency after another to pester me for the remaining £1700..i had to get police advice due to one of the companies the level of harassment was so high...STAY WELL AWAY FROM VODAPHONE THEY ARE SCUM!

  • unhappy

    by connor at 22:11 on 6 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    this isnt really a review but i used my itunes when i had the dongle and all my money i put on went

  • unhappy

    by Michelle at 22:35 on 21 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    I topped up my Vodafone PAYG dongle with a £10 voucher and got about 7 hrs on off very slow Internet usage and it ran out.RIP OFF

  • neutral

    by nick at 20:31 on 12 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    I was getting 1 bar 3G alternating to 3 bars of GPRS (which is fairly useless for doing much) so I bought an antenna that straps to the dongle (cost £26) and is meant to improve signal. Well now I get 2 bars 3G constantly in an area that according to their map is a low signal area. Since getting the antenna everything has been fine and its fairly reliable, but I am a bit disappointed by the drop from 3gig to 2gig a month thats rather tight of vodafone.

  • unhappy

    by Lucie at 19:39 on 10 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    Stay away from Vodaphone no matter how great of a deal it may be. It is RUBBISH. Had the dongle for just about a year there was always constant problems with the signal or it will just stop working after working perfectly the day before. They take you through some long procedure to fix it. It gets fixed but will most definately have some sort of a problem whenever it is. I just had to cancel my contract today. My dongle stopped working after them putting restriction on it. Took them a month to fix it.. actually take that back they still didn't fix it after hours of being on the phone and putting my complaint across refusing to pay the cancelation fee of £250 I managed to get it canceled free of charge!

    Whatever you do if your looking for good mobile broadband keep clear from Vodaphone thier mission statement and motto are words they cannot live too. Don't know what crazy people are rating them to be the best network prodvider...

    Got a Tmoile one and it works FINE x

  • unhappy

    by clay at 15:41 on 30 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    Yet again Vodafone have sneakily gone behind our backs and cut payg Mobile Broadband Data by a third from 3GB to 2GB, yet demanding we pay the same rate. Vodafone is ripping the customer off - IT'S PETTY AND UNDIGNIFIED.

    One less Vodafone customer.

  • neutral

    by Richard at 14:11 on 30 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    Warning.Steer Clear from Vodafone. Even after a years' termination of your contract, Vodafone will harass you. Vodafone will even try to sue you for funds you do not owe. Such is their ignorance.

  • unhappy

    by Chris at 22:39 on 29 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    I used to think that Vodafone were ok but now after this blatant price rise in the form of poor value for money by reducing the monthly allowance from 3g to 2g, (a disgusting 33% steal).. Vodafone have got some nerve hav'nt they.. I reckon that at that Vodafone board meeting worried share holders must have said, "but will our livelihood providing customers ware it"?.. Let all hope they wont, and lets hope that the resulting backlash of an angry costomer makes Vodafone a byword for corporation foolishness..
    Spread the word everyone, "Dont support Vodafone because they must think that the UK public are stupid.. Its our responsibility to suppress Vodafone greed. Chris

  • unhappy

    by Chris at 21:28 on 29 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    This blatant corporate GREED!! being displayed by Vodafone must be seen by all other dongle providers not to prosper.. Lets WARN everybody of Vodafones GREED!!!..
    If other providers witness a crippling backlash visited upon Vodafone then they will think twice over such GREEDY!! policy...
    This 33% price hyke is GREED!! and must be seen to be punished, and their GREEDY!! share holders beware of this kind of GREED!!.. Chris..

  • unhappy

    by Chris at 21:08 on 29 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    It is the duty of all reasonable consumers to alert their friends (and the public in general) to steer clear of Vodaphone over their disgusting 33% price increase for monthly Laptop dongle use!!.. It is essential that this GREEDY price rise do'es not prosper.. Lets all hope that a serious backlash to Vodafone is the outcome..
    Steer clear of Vodafone!! for their disgusting greed!!!.. Chris

  • neutral

    by Rachael at 23:40 on 25 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    I can't complain one bit about Vodafone's customer service as everyone I spoke with, both on the phone and in-branch was super helpful, but in the end, the problem didn't get sorted but I did get a full refund. I purchased a PAYG dongle for 19.99 but it never once managed to eek out a connection to 3G. The best it managed was 3 bars of GPRS which is not even enough to open google! 3 frustrating days on the phone to support and toing-and-froing into the branch, where of course it worked perfectly. My house is in a high coverage area for 3G so there was no reason why it didn't work. The guy on the second line support team said there was a problem with the new dongle (Huawei E3770, I think), that he himself had had the same problem on his home computer and that it was only resolved by installing some kind of software on his computer!!!

    The Vodafone store staff in the end were happy to give me a full refund and were very patient in trying to help me, but that still doesn't make up for the fact that the network coverage/dongle was a waste of space. Would definitely not recommend.

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