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  • unhappy

    by Alexander Irvine at 1:47 on 19 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    I have just bought Pay you G for part of my Daughters Christmas it states on box that to top up its £15 for 3GB
    From 1st Feb2011 Vodafone will only be giving you 2GB instead of 3GB for £15 top up. 33.3% price increase
    Surely when you buy an item in December and its advertised Nationaly that you get 3GB for a topup £15 and to change it in Feb is WRONG ..This must be against the Consumer Acts ....I personaly am contacting the The Office of Fair Trading

    I have my own Business and I know my Clients would not let me get away with this type of thing
    Why has nothing been mentioned about this and why are they still selling them as Advertised at 3GB "Another case of a big Company doing what they like"

  • unhappy

    by peggypurey at 15:12 on 18 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    Hmmm - Andy that's a 50% increase not 33.3%! 3GB will cost £22.50 in February 2011 instead of £15, that's 50%

    yes 50% the thieves. Tax avoidance, and now theft.

  • unhappy

    by andy wolves at 23:08 on 17 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    just been told that from 1 feb will only get 2GB instead of 3GB for 15 quid top up. a 33.3% price increase!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by darren at 22:10 on 17 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    vodafone are now reducing there 3gb allowance on payg £15 a month dongle to 2gb a month allowance they have now lost my custom

  • unhappy

    by Philip at 13:45 on 4 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    Vodafone is useless!! Please don't get mobile broadband with these idiots!
    In the last 12 months, i have reported THREE faults and on average take 9 WEEKS to solve the fault.
    Currently the speed is so slow, it's like watching paint dry!!!
    Customer service is in EGYPT, it's like to talking to a brick wall!!

  • neutral

    by Markus at 12:05 on 25 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    The vodaphone 3G dongle is working OK but speed isn't what I'd expect. I can use it for Skype, which is a good thing Skype didn't work with the T-mobile dongle I tried.

  • happy

    by adey jarvis at 21:05 on 5 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    its sleek and does what it says. works well for me for what its meant for = internet on the move. In London I get a 2-5 second wait for a page to load. In Norfolk countryside maybe 10-30 seconds depending on 3G coverage. Its very cheap. If you want fast broadband at home get Virgin XXL 50Mbit as I have. Voda have a good product here.

  • unhappy

    by nyg at 11:34 on 5 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    Go on 3 its excellent 5G for fifteen quid can't go wrong it jumps from 3g to hspa depending on which is the stronger signal , vodafone jumps from fart to total crap.

  • happy

    by phil at 21:27 on 22 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    dont know what all the fuss is about , got vodafone dongle . best on market , i've had all but o2 dongle and vodafone wins hands down everytime. Mobile broadband is for being mobile with not sitting at home moaning, get vodafones sure signal and you get the 7.2 speed.

  • neutral

    by Geoff Rothwell at 14:03 on 7 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    I am coming to the end of a two year contract for mobile broadband with Vodafone. I have already commenced an 18 month contract with another company and wish I had done so sooner. The vodafone wireless connection turns out to be unreliable, ranging from a nice download speed of 500bps to a frustratingly slow 19bps. Until I had another company to compare with, I didn't know how poor this was. I am now unaware of the after school slowdown, the early evening slowdown and the constant reconnecting of the wifi. I twice asked a question of the support team about a MAC number and they appeared to deliberately misunderstand the question. I tried to contact them twice on their 'contact us' web page and the page threw a wobbler twice frustrating contact twice. ... and worst of all, they WILL bill you for an extra months allowance if you exceed the limit by even 0.25% as I did.
    Vodafone assuredly lost a customer and I will not be silent about my experience with them.

  • unhappy

    by darren at 7:04 on 7 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    works brilliant with my vista laptop.........upgraded to windows 7 and then nothing but hassle......downloaded newer software, still don't work, updated firmware.....still don't work.........google for ya self "vodafone mobile broadband windows 7" everyone seems to have same hassle with this!!!! still no update to get it working!!!! what a pain.................GGGGggggrrrrr

  • unhappy

    by Janet at 20:11 on 2 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    ok i think you are all expecting too much to happen from a dongle its a piece of equipment that will allow internet access..got a problem then get broadband from a normal provider.. you are told about the coverage and also about the speeds that vary.you have 7 days to cancel which is adequate to work out the speeds etc so whats the problem??i have had a vodafone dongle for a year and a bit now and not a problem with it..the signal goes down sometimes but this happens with all providers..moan about something that really matters.

  • unhappy

    by c o'sullivan at 22:18 on 9 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    absolute crap, never been good. got an up grade still no good. good se3rvice, crap internet. got a 3 and it's superb. Now I've got a fight with vodaphone even though I've been a customer for 10 years. cheers vodaphone ripping me off all the time

  • unhappy

    by Paul at 21:18 on 4 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    Remember, prospective dongle buyer, that the coverage maps are next to useless. You can have A1 coverage and no bandwidth due to user density (contention ratio). This is probably why those in remote but 'covered' areas may have a vaguely better service than those in cities.

    All the coverage map does is show the probability of disappointment.

  • unhappy

    by Paul at 20:12 on 4 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    The day before yesterday I was annoyed with the poor connectivity of my T-Mobile 'broadband' package that was either non-functional or was only reaching 14kb/s! This is a minscule fraction of the 'up to' bandwith that would be expected from a 3 Gb/s modem.

    I purchased a new pay-as-you-go package from Vodafone and this evening (1930 on Saturday) I get, at most 1kb/s.

    I contacted Vodafone and they said that I was connected but this poor level of service was due to the large number of users accessing the service at a peak time. I pointed out that if I was getting a maximum of 1 kb/s then all of the others that were accessing this service would also be getting equivalent bandwidth (as it is divided between the users) and so would she agree that all would be getting an equivalent poor level of service. She (the call-centre operator) agreed. She also refused my request to check that my new dongle was working through any sort of trouble shooting as she was convinced it was a contention issue (where too many people were trying to use too little bandwidth).

    The impression I got was phonecalls regarding their poor service were not unusual and they would do nothing to rectify the situation. They were, however,more than happy to have me pay for a 'top up' over the phone when I said I was unable to do this on-line!

    If you look on the internet you will find many stories of dissatisfied customers. Indeed, one wag has coined the phrase 'Morseband' as the data rates offered by these companies' services (despite being advertised as broadband) are what might be expected from someone typing Morse code...

    I am typing this with my T-Mobile dongle as, despite being pitiful, I can at least write text here with it...

    Avoid at al costs. It is not even worth the £20 for the pay as you go as a trial...

  • unhappy

    by ian at 18:06 on 31 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Avoid Vodafone PAYG !!

    bought mine last year - used it for a week. I went to use it again and it wouldnt connect.

    - the software said "Looking for Network" but wouldnt connect
    - support number in software was no longer available
    - the helpline kept asking for a Mobile number - when you havent got one
    - eventually told SIM had expired cos I hadnt used it for 6 months - so had to pay again.

    This wasnt clear in the terms and conditions (apparently hidden in page 3)

    Misleading marketing, bad software, bad site, bad helpline

    Rubbish all round - go to someone else

  • unhappy

    by Qingdao at 11:32 on 29 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    I hate the dongle! i got the PAYG one. it keeps showing up an error message and RAS error code 619 and later becomes 635.but it happens so unpredicable and more and more often. the only thing that you can make it work to uninstall the software and reinstall it again. but can you imagine the pain to do this three times a day?! i ran customer service, waited for 40 minutes and was still music. absolutely useless. so i took my netbook to the vodafone shop in meadowhall. despite telling them that i didnt' want to solve this problem just to unstall and install again, they still did it! then they told me that it worked and there is a way to make it work so they dont know what is wrong with it and they can't help. but they did refunded it to me despite i had it more than a week. i went to get a O2 one, which i did not get at the first place becase the dongle cost much more than the vodafone one. however i have to say i never had any problem with O2 so far and yeah! dont have to do the stupid unstall and install again!

  • happy

    by michael at 2:39 on 27 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Hi K, I think your problem may be the 12months. I use a vodaphone dongle when on holiday and it is rock solid and fast enough for me. I pay 10euro for 10hours top-up BUT I've been caught out (just once) because I didn't realise it times out after 12months. Which is why I only buy the smallest amount each time. I think it is very reasonable (hotels usually charge around 2euro for 30min to use their network - which may be faster but much more expensive). Hope this helps.

  • unhappy

    by Russell Chesler at 12:28 on 18 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Wow, it's hard to emphasise just how terrible this broadband is. 1st dongle didn't work so returned. 2nd dongle didn't work so again tried to fix via customer support. Got disconnected approx 10 times during the process and they never called back even after promising to. I would strongly recommend you avoid Vodafone, and their terrible non-existent support at all costs!

  • unhappy

    by amanda at 19:15 on 15 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    vodafone dongle, what aload of **** i cant belive i was idiot enough to go with them again. tried to get some help with my connection and they tried to sell me another phone??? what are they takeing cos i would sure like sum.

  • unhappy

    by wocker at 21:15 on 12 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    the thing i hate the most about vodafone is the many times u get pased around when ringing them up it really irritates me when u explain something 2 someone then they put you to someone else then again 4 pple i spoke to and none of them could help me the last person i spoke to told me they would phone me back but never did...I will not be using vodafone in future and carnt wait to end my contrac with them..

  • neutral

    by K at 23:36 on 11 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    I bought my vodafone dongle(PAYG) about 12months ago and i used it once,but when i tried to use it 3days ago,its wasnt working. is anyobdy get clue what i can do? please email me.

  • neutral

    by suzanne at 9:51 on 5 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    vodaphone is the worst compnay I have ever dealt with - constantly passing me on to the wrong person who hasnt got a clue what I am talking aobut - cpmplete waste of time and thier mobile broadband stick is pathetic. It also freezes when I want to save work and I have lost whole documents that I have worked on all day.

  • unhappy

    by Dave at 0:07 on 4 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Vodafone Broadband is a joke. Slow , slow and slower.
    Complete waste of money... and false advertising. Must be a law against this.

  • happy

    by Nicola at 18:28 on 18 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    P.S. I had the 'content control' problem at first too, but all it took was two emails to Vodafone and they took it off. Wasn't a problem at all for me! :)

  • happy

    by Nicola at 18:27 on 18 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    Well I got my PAYG Vodafone Dongle a few days ago and it's been great so far! I don't expect miracles from it, I had a Virgin connection before but don't have the money to continue with that. In these hard times, the PAYG option is much better for me! However, I have had a huge problem trying to watch movies online - for instance Megavideo tells me I've watched my 72mins after about 5mins, which must be to do with the PAYG Dongle! THAT is pretty infuriating. I can watch stuff on YouTube absolutely fine though so I'm not too put out.

    It's fine for me as a temporary measure, but I wouldn't stick with it once I can afford a proper connection with a server!

  • unhappy

    by Richard Hewitt at 15:19 on 16 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    I purchased a Vodafone dongle from Tesco for one reason only; to use with my laptop in France. I checked on Vodafone website that this was a service Vodafone support before I made the purchase.

    I paid £25 for the dongle which turned out to be not fit for the purpose for which I purchased it; that is to download emails/internet use whilst in France.

    In addition to the £25 mentioned above I made 2 further purchases of data transfer on the Vodafone website of £20 each (£40 in total). I tried to use Vodafone recommended partner in France, SFR. The SFR system failed to deliver any data to my laptop during my 3 week holiday in France. I have therefore been charged a total of £65 for a product and service that COMPLETELY failed to work.

    At this moment in time Vodafone have offered my a credit of £20 in compensation!

    I am absolutely 100% certain that it was not my fault that the service did not work and therefore I do not see why I should be £65 out of pocket. A credit is of no use to me because I do not need to use this product in the UK at all and as I now know it does not work in France.

  • unhappy

    by Alan at 15:12 on 16 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    I too got one of these horrible little devices on contract, to say it is the worst purchase ever is an understatement, even when it stays on 3G network and 3 or 4 bars the download speed can be as low as 50bps (not even dial up and probably slower than an amateur morse code user) I would be lucky to get 128kbps on a glorious sunny day.

    I keep getting over charged, last bill for the broadband only is £90, for what is supposed to be a £15 plan (3gig), there is no way on gods earth I can even reach that amount even if I left it on Youtube for a 100 years as it is so bad. I have screen shots of this awful performance over different times and will be sending them to Vodafone (probably complete with a delicious shake flavoured liquidised dongle) and getting it cancelled, even if I have to take the legal route, comments on this board show they know it is poor but continue to keep promoting and selling it, I for one would join a Class Action suit against them. I'll even write up the Particulars of Claim for free.

    I would stay well clear of this "morseband" it constantly fails, disconnects, takes ages to load even the most basic web page and all this even though I live in a very urban area with 3 masts in a half mile radius.

  • neutral

    by Stellauk2010 at 12:12 on 13 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    It appears that Vodafone must revise their terms and conditions. Irrelevant to a signed term contract, one can terminate the contract provided you complain in writing within I think 14 days. I guess, if you go through this process, you will receive contradictory replies from this company. If they threaten legal action, send a copy to BBC Watch dog and continue to update your comments on the internet, in as many sites as possible. Keeping quiet does not help yourself nor others.

  • unhappy

    by allan at 18:23 on 12 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    Had vodafone dongle on contract for while now somtimes it works fine sometimes i have to connect on 2g instead of 3g and somtimes it just refuses to work.Always have good signal strenth but still same problems.Have tried it in various laptops and pcs.Vodafones usual response to this problem is(it must be my pc)hard to believe when one laptop i used it with woz straight out the box.The other excuse they use is nobody else experiances this problem funny that my mum has same problems and she stays 30 mile away from me WOT a coincedence eh!.Fed up phoning them seem to get no wer

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