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  • unhappy

    by Paul Hay at 18:52 on 1 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    i am having loads of problems with my new dongle and wished i had not signed an 18 month cantract and will be seeing them in court as it takes 15 minutes to load a page i am not the only 1 its rife with selling you them dongle but no support .

  • neutral

    by Winston at 15:10 on 21 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    When I bought the dongle from a Vodafone shop I inquired if I would be able to use it on my laptop running Linux, and the poor sales girl didn't have a clue what Linux was ! There was no mention of Linux either on the box or in the leaflets.
    It took me a week before I finally managed to search the Linux forums and make it work.
    I am no computer novice. Would help the novices and also improve sales if sales staff are more knowledgeable and support for Linux included.
    Just my twopence.

  • unhappy

    by Kate at 21:08 on 16 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I've had a vodafone dongle for about a month. Yeah the internet is fine. but you go to top it up and it won't let me. It says I'm already registered on the vodafone site(am I? I don't recall doing so) ..so I type the number of the dongle sim card in to get username/password, (it's supposed to send me some security code)..10 attempts and 3 hours later...no security code, so am unable to top it up. So now I have to go and find a vodafone shop and buy a voucher....eh?? what's the point of having on line top up if you can't top it up on line. Thinking of switching to an o2 dongle...

  • unhappy

    by Raymond Polaine at 16:05 on 10 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I wanted a Pay Monthly dongle in a hurry, and chose Vodafone because they claim to deliver your new dongle to you on the next working day. I placed the order on Saturday evening, and expected to receive the dongle on the Tuesday. I got the email telling me my order was successful, and the email telling me I had passed the credit check, both within an hour (so far so good).

    Monday comes and goes as expected, then Tuesday and no sign. Postman comes on Wednesday and nothing. I emailed customer support Wednesday afternoon to try and find out what was happening. Didn't want to waste money phoning Vodafone's 08700 number. Late afternoon Thursday and still no sign of the dongle or reply to my email, so I give in and phone Vodafone. After being transferred to several different people I eventually get to the Internet fulfillment department and I'm told it's out of stock, with no apology, and no way of knowing when it will be in-stock again!

    I want to complain, so am transferred to customer services, who then transfer me (again) to a different part of customer services. After being on hold for a while I'm then told that they are now in stock and I will get it on Monday (which is still not the next working day after this phone call!) and not offered anything for Vodafone failing to deliver on their promise of next working day.

    Was it actually out of stock? Who knows.

    So far, I'm pretty disgusted.

  • neutral

    by Yvonne Peet at 21:20 on 6 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    Oh dear! I was going to purchase a dongle PAYG from Vodafone but after reading some of the reviews I have changed my mind! I only want to use a dongle now and again when I go away in my motorhome. I do not want to purchase one and have to lose money when I have not used it. PAYG means PAYG, Come Vodafone reintroduce the old system of credit as with PAYG phone tarrifs. You'll get more customers who only use mobile internet now and again.

  • happy

    by Andy at 19:04 on 22 May 2010 Report abuse

    i just got my vodafone mobile broadband with 3GB data allowance for a month buit-in. its on pay/go so im not going to be tied up on any crap contracts. im onli using this because im going back to my hometown and have to cancel my broandband service whilst at uni. my first thought about the device was pretty stylish. its glossy white goes well with my macbook pro. in terms of installation, its easy to use. there is a content blocker though so its quite annoying =/ the speed is good. im getting '3G+' - i suppose that HSDPA?? thus, giving me quick access to websites and stable connection throughout! streaming media is also good! i dont have any complaints aside from the content blocker just yet though. i would recommend vodafone mobile broadband to first timers..

  • neutral

    by Martin at 9:46 on 16 May 2010 Report abuse

    I've got exactly as described. I top up with 10 quid for 1GB of data and it does not expire. I tried to get another mobile SIM on the same contract but having spoken to vodafone this PAYG contract is no longer available.

  • unhappy

    by ann thomas at 13:05 on 13 May 2010 Report abuse

    As a long time vodaphone mobile user 8 years I was just about to but a pay as you go dongle from them as it seemed just what I wanted top up when I need to as I only want to use it now and again away from home now I see this £15 top up will expire after 30 days sorry vodaphone I will not be buying one was it too good to be true I know a friend who has one of the older ones from you and loves it as far as I can see he can still top up when he needs to

  • neutral

    by Mark at 20:39 on 10 May 2010 Report abuse

    i've been with vodaphone for sometime, now use internet dongle on payasyougo! whats really starting to hack me off now is i top up £15 for 3gig, it's meant to last 1month it last just under 2weeks! and why do we have to top up £15 and not anything lower? ie £5 or £10. i've asked vodphone shops and they say you must top up £15 no lower i find this a con cause not many people can put £15 into dongle when other networks do it for less !!

  • unhappy

    by James at 18:21 on 8 May 2010 Report abuse

    New customer services policy:

    If you complain, we will just ignore you and hope that you go away... After all its cheap crap you're buying, what do YOU expect???? We'll fob you off in store, cause once you've bought it, we'll not acknowledge you as we're looking for the next sucker...
    Your ever helpful vodafone staff...

  • unhappy

    by ken axton at 9:35 on 2 May 2010 Report abuse

    Cheltenham area really bad signal,looking for another suplier.
    would not recommend

  • neutral

    by Chel at 17:44 on 1 May 2010 Report abuse

    I hadn't realised the 'never expires' deal had been withdrawn - what a shame because I don't use my dongle a lot and for me this has been ideal - its what attracted me to the Vodafone dongle in the first place. Come on Vodafone bring it back as it gets you custom. Guess I'll have to look elswehere

  • unhappy

    by Mark Rutherford at 13:49 on 28 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    Customer Service is very poor. I cancelled my direct Debit because i wasnt recieving the service i signed up to, i rang countless times to have Parental block removed which it never was. Now Vodafone have passed my payments onto a Debt collector. DO NOT BUY this product. 3 is the best ones to get. Stay away from Vodafone.

  • neutral

    by J Lane at 14:58 on 27 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    I need mobile broadband occaionally and was very dissapointed to find that the "never expires" deal had been withdrawn. I was happy to pay £30 for a dongle and top up when necessary but my usage will never warrant spending £15/ month, every month and losing most of it each time. I am struggling along, looking for free WiFi hotspots when needed until a useful deal is available again.

  • unhappy

    by James at 23:32 on 24 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    do not buy any vodafone product!
    The only way to get their retail and customer services to improve is to give them time to train...
    They really need it as they seem to be mcdonalds rejects...
    Poor product, poor coverage, poor customer service...

  • happy

    by Robin at 18:05 on 22 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    I have to say I've had no problems with the Vodafone dongle. I got the Pay As You Go (£15 for 3gb)

    Whilst I only use it as a backup should my home broadband fail, and for when away it has worked without fuss. There is a limit to the time your 'credit' will reamin on the account and after such time it will expire. Mine expired, but guess what I still have £4.00 credit and can still use it - for how long I know not.

    I do not expect high speeds from these dongles, what I expect is stable connections that get me to the sites I need to, and email. For that it works. What is very bad however is in Camridgeshire their network map will often show 3G coverage, where on the ground there is none. This means speeds fall below that of 56k dial up modems and you join the good old fashion 'world wide wait'.

    Back in the late 90's the internet was different, pages were 'lighter' and so the speeds, whislt slow, made it possible to put up with. Now without 3G coverage, in today's far more heavy (that is to say content rich, graphical and flash enbedded) webpages it is a horrible experience.

    It does not matter which network dongel you use, there will always be times where your coverage will be Edge and not 3G and this is the single most important aspect you must check where you live, or plan to travel to.

  • neutral

    by Tim at 15:58 on 22 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    I would have recommended the PAYG dongle, but not now that the "never expires" option has been removed and you now find your allowance expires (please update the description on this. It is a 30 day expiry now).

    The old package I'm still on is great. £15 for 1GB (£30 inc the dongle), and I've never topped up and used maybe 200mb in well over a year and still plenty left. I only use it very occasionally (maybe once a month) when I don't have any other internet access and it's perfect for this.

    Under the new package it would cost me £15 per month to get 3G per month that I would never use anywhere near as much. So from £30 one off cost, top up only when needed (and I haven't needed to) to £180 a year for occasional use... FAIL!

  • neutral

    by Kevin at 11:45 on 16 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    I got my new dongle yesterday and i am very suprised at how fast and cheap it is.
    i looked on the coverage map on there site and it said i was ok.
    I checked it for the people below and i think coverage is the main problem.
    people in Fern Ulster Cambridge Kent Yaris Olerton Ulbridge Vester Onny Delly Anter Pelham Harris Olter Neal Etter

  • happy

    by MJC at 22:51 on 13 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    I live in L15 in Liverpool and got my Vodafone PAYG dongle a week ago, and touch wood its been BRILLIANT! I know most people here have had nightmares, but mine has worked flawlessly, and at very good (though not quite hardwired) speeds.So far, i have nothing bad to say about it (although the 3gb limit for £15 isnt exactly generous so its not a long term replacement for real broadband)

  • unhappy

    by Jurgita at 21:21 on 13 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    I would never use Vodafone Dongle. First contract was ok. Second - start problems: Dongle stop work and start come bills like £750, £420, £550. Finally we could'nt connect dongle for one month and that month bill amount - £125. What for?

  • unhappy

    by Stella at 17:50 on 9 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    I would never use nor recommend Vodafone. I purchased a contract for Broadband dongle. The agent stressed the fantastic savings by purchasing a package for 3 GB since one can upgrade it anytime, besides, one can monitor the useage. Watch out folks! This is the catch. The Monitor DOES NOT WORK (Misleading sales techniques/trading standards offence). The deceit is usage above the 3 GB for instance is PENALISED. I tried upgrading and guess what! They refused to let me upgrade to UNLIMITED packaged but only 5GB - which one again will be unable to monitor. I exchanged 26 emails in 1 month. Cancelled the contract. They charged £78 for one months useage. Now I receive Debt collection letters and Solicitors threats. If you face the same situation DO NOT PAY. STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS. Let them take us to court. Again, there is no Justice in the UK or is there now - we will wait and see.

  • neutral

    by buster at 0:22 on 7 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    Had the dongle since December cost me £15 at vodaphone shop works great for me would love to have the same in my place in the mountains in the south of france

  • unhappy

    by John B at 9:27 on 5 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    My advice to anyone thinking of buying a Vodafone Dongle is do not bother. To start with it took about 10 emails to get the 18+ access control removed. Trying to do it myself using the instructions on the Vodafone website just ended up with one error page after another. Secondly when I was close to using the preloaded browsing allowance I tried to top it up on pay as you go and the instructions on the website were as clear as mud and once again I just got loads of error pages. Eventualy I got the page for pay as you go top ups. When I clicked on submit it went to a page that said this option is not available to pay as you go customers. WHAT!!!!!!!. Eventualy I just gave up and threw the dongle in the bin when the preloaded allowance ran out. The Vodafone webpages are just a complete and utter farce. If this is an example of Vodafone products I wont be buying anything from them again

  • unhappy

    by MadofHitchin at 14:49 on 4 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    There is no deal for 270 days. All vodafone delas time expire after 30 days. Effectively they are now monthly contracts. A complete scam and I will be complaining to ofcom to get these delas removed and Vodafone fined for lying to customers (again!).

  • unhappy

    by ian matthews at 17:50 on 31 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    had this dongle couple months,thought best value for pay as u go.site says excellent reception at my post code.absolute tosh,its terrible.3g dissapears all the time,and skype is near impossible most of the time,admittedly at times its fine but in general its rubbish.even out in the street its rubbish.and on dial up a carrier pidgeon would be quicker.speed varies too much.vodafone is losing this customer asap.

  • unhappy

    by nanny62 at 21:03 on 27 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    i agree vodafone dongle waste of space only bought it to play farmville an countryfarm wont let me into it voda blaming the ppl who made the game obviously not as works with other dongles going to change to other network

  • neutral

    by andy at 12:48 on 25 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Well despite a very dodgy period in Feb where it was impossible to connect at all, G2 has now come to town (CM9) in the shape of UK EDGE, not as fast as being 'hard wired' maybe but perfectly acceptable.

  • unhappy

    by A at 22:42 on 24 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Terrible, a loyal customer for 2 years. The worst customer service. Made complaints but no follow up.


    Am using a work O2 dongle now, much more stable...

  • unhappy

    by Roy at 19:35 on 24 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    What a load of crap these dongles are!!! I travel around the country a lot and so far I have found only one place where this damn thing works out of around twenty different locations.... Luckily its on PAYG, I shall not be renewing it, its a total waste of time. When it did connect it only lasted TWO minutes, then disconected, and the speed completely takes the piss!!! I for one will never use it again as I have smashed it and thrown it in the bin!!

  • unhappy

    by jim wilson at 23:32 on 21 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    First got it and had problems from the off-didnt work.Phoned up customer services cost me a fortune in phone bill.For 10 days just about connected to 3g but now doesnt work at all despite being in a"great signal area" according to vodafone.Was told by vodafone the mast had been down for a month-oh yes we believe you.complete waste of money.

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