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  • Chris Marling - EditorEditor - Chris Marling

    by Chris Marling at 15:26 on 15 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Hi Emma,

    the only mobile broadband supplier currently doing SIM only is 3 Mobile Broadband. As for the 'up to' speed, Voda advertises 7.2Mb, but we've never experienced anything close to this. That is the maximum theoretical speed you can get on mobile broadband right now, but in reality the average is closer to 1Mb.

  • neutral

    by Emmadw at 13:33 on 15 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    I'm contemplating getting the PAYG deal, as I don't use mobile bb that much (I have a 3 dongle, & currently never use up the 1GB in a month, so figured this would work out cheaper).
    However, I now have a Linux based Acer Aspire that has a 3G slot - so was thinking of getting the Vodaphone PAYG; so, two questions.
    1: Can you get the PAYG without having to get the modem (i.e. can you get it SIM only)
    2: Is the 3.6 max speed related to the SIM card, or to the modem??

  • unhappy

    by Barbara Eddy at 15:18 on 11 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    my dongle is an absolute nightmare - cant even watch a tiny clip of video, takes ages to load. is there any way i can get it to go a bit faster?

  • Chris Marling - EditorEditor - Chris Marling

    by Chris Marling at 13:18 on 11 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Hi Bob,

    We hadn't updated our Voda dongle stats - sorry! Sometimes things just slip through the net. All the Vodafone dongles do work with Vista and we've updated the dongle information to reflect this.

  • neutral

    by Bob at 11:05 on 11 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    The description suggests 2000 and XP only - Does that mean this doesn't work with Vista?

  • unhappy

    by Rob at 17:15 on 9 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Attachments alert! Attachments won't send with my Vodafone dongle, and haven't done for some weeks. They know about the problem, but are having major problems trying to fix it.

  • neutral

    by goatsoup at 8:43 on 4 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    to liarhydrant... start menu, vodafone, open the Vodafone contol panel, go to set up your account from there (it takes you to the webpage) or go to a shop, they do it for you there. good luck, goatsoup :-)

  • unhappy

    by liarhydrant at 12:09 on 24 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I hope I am just a blind and stupid and everyone on the interweb who reads this will immediately jump to attention to prove this to be true before showing me how it's done, for I cannot figure out how on earth to top this thing up.

    It's so simple, their website says, just register online. You can do it from the 'my account' page. It's easy. Where is this easy 'please take my £15' link that eludes me so? It's apparently so simple yet I can't see it. Please help me, mankind, cos Vodafone sure as s**t don't want to.

  • neutral

    by rich at 1:31 on 22 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Vodafone internet rocks, no need for a dongle. I use a 3g phone with HSDPA (3.5g i think its called ) on PAYG, linked to my pc: cost is 50p a day for 25MB, but this seams not to be a "brick wall" limit - gone way over the limit many times (did over 140MB once) with no extra charge, get gr8 download speeds, and can also play online games with a ping of about 120m/s which is fine ,,, just love it,,, keep it up Vodafone!

  • neutral

    by Phil at 12:58 on 20 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    @James Towsey

    I am intrigued how you have come to the conclusion that "all mobile companies are rip offs"?

    I mean my phone package is a little over £22 per month, for 600 minutes, 500 texts, Free Blackberry Internet and a Free 8900, plus if I want I have the option of taking free broadband from Orange, although I am debating if its worth the risk from what I hear, but nevertheless they are offering me a 10GB home kit for free as opposed to 15GB for 17.99 with BT.

    I cannot see what I have as a rip off. I certainly cannot come to this conclusion when backed up by historical data that shows 200 minutes (no texts or internet) about 6 years ago was £30 per month. I remember when I was at uni I had talk time 400 plus Everyday 50 (50 minutes off peak every day) for £55 a month and I paid for all my texts and Internet. Bills were usually about £80 a month.

    I am genuinely intrigued as to how you have come to this conclusion?

  • unhappy

    by James Towsey at 15:52 on 17 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I hear what the 2 people above me are saying, and i totally agree, all mobile phone companys are rip offs, and from my own experience orange are the worst as they have no customer service in place, and ive found O2 to be the most reliable.

  • neutral

    by Robin Levett at 19:23 on 10 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    It's usually slow once connected. BUT I find it does work almost every time I need it, it is cheap per minute and very simple to operate.

  • neutral

    by Russ at 18:08 on 10 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I bought a mobile network dongle but am concerned there was no signal in many area's I thought being moble it should be better than it is, is this likely to improve over time.

  • unhappy

    by raquel welch at 21:52 on 31 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    Vodafone mobile "dial-up" to give it its proper name is the biggest bag of s**te I have ever had the misfortune to buy.
    The dial-up that I had eleven years ago was 4 times faster than this total load of kaak!!!
    The company are guilty of mis-selling.
    They promote this rubbish as 'broadband' when in fact their infrastructure is not capable of actually supporting this.
    This is a product which has been brought to the market before the actual infrastructure was actually ready to cope.
    MIS-SELLING .... by any other name!!!

    Phone their contact number and waste loadsa money being put on hold if you wish.
    Lets start a CLASS ACTION and put this cowboy outfit ... i.e. Vodafone out of business.
    They are shysters and rip-off merchants who lie through their teeth.

  • unhappy

    by Joe at 3:03 on 30 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    I hate this stupid **** company. Had a vodafone mobile then unlocked it yet it still doesn't let me do loads of things like downloading software, the **** just want me buy from them.
    Never try mobile from vodafone.

  • neutral

    by Kiki at 0:41 on 29 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    This dongle is excellent, perfect for the rural area in which I live which is a change from most other mobile connections, I am 15 and like too look at Post Secret and go on Habbo Hotel but cannot get onto it because of the content control!! It's rather annoying and I'm a bit upset that I have to be 18 before I can get it changed.

    It's got good network coverage, not brilliant, generally only two to three bars but sometimes I get four, never five.

    The installation process was not one I went through as previous use of a vodafone dongle, I already had the software installed, I never had a problem with opening it, there was an icon on my desktop and I never had to go through 'my computer' and such.

    Just one thing, is there any way I can remove content control being under 18?

  • unhappy

    by JB at 11:22 on 28 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    Had the dongle 3 weeks not once did it connect first time each time connecting took ages messing around connecting / disconnecting / enabling etc etc. On average 15 mins to get it working.. Then lasted 5 minutes and connection would drop.

    This was my first Mobile Broadband experience and it is terrible.

    Am now returning all kit.

  • happy

    by Tony Price at 23:22 on 27 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    After a bad experience with 3-Mobile, decided to give Vodaphone PAYG a try. Same model dongle it seems. The difference between Vodaphone and 3-Mobile PAYG purchase is that Vodaphone includes a 1Gb £15 voucher in the purchase price, so they will refund the full inclusive price (£39) if you can't get a workable connection. 3-Mobile, on the other hand, refuse to refund the unused portion (in my case all of it!) of the voucher, just the cost of the dongle, though the connection was unusable.

    Dongle installed easily, and I got an instant connection at 3.6Mb, as advertised, and excellent response times. I DID have some issues with the software though, and getting the "content control" removed was a tortuous game.

    A tip for those who have trouble getting the software to run after disconnecting - go into the "options" panel and set it so BOTH "File/Exit" AND clicking the top RHS "X" on the window exits the porogram. As is my habit, I clicked on the X and the program and Systray icon disappeared. So far so good, but clicking on the desktop icon later produced no response - I had to unplug the dongle and re-insert to get the "dialler" back. Turned out the program was STILL running, but with no way of communicating with it. Changing the option cured the problem.

    I couldn't find any way to disable "content control" on the website. The feature is "disabled" for PAYG customers, so had to pay 50p/minute on the 0870 helpline to get it turned off - you need a credit card, though you CAN provide age identity at the shop.

    I noticed that the dongle gives only 2 (mostly) or 3 bars signal strength from a mast just 200 yards away - my PAYG vodaphone mobile 'phone gives 5 bars constantly. This suggests the dongle aerial is not very good.

    The bottom line is, I now have a reliable (no disconnects yet) and fast mobile broadband connection, and while Vodaphone is more expensive than the other PAYG providers, there ISN'T any "out-of bundle" charge, and your unused credit doesn't expire at the end of 30 days, as with 3-Mobile and several others.

  • neutral

    by BR Delamere at 16:36 on 27 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    I tried to buy a PAYG Mobile Broadband USB stick on line. I use a Visa Debit card but the card was not accepted by their site. I phoned Customer Services to try and order over the phone. They weren't having any of it! "If if doesn't work for you, it won't work for us - we use the same software", I'm told. "Can't you just try", I asked, "No. Waste of time, best bet is to go to a Vodaphone shop!"

    I don't think I'll bother.

  • neutral

    by jay at 19:25 on 25 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    dial 191 from a vodafone phone,press option 2 and ask for a manager,threaten to send it bk,they soon sort it but get a manager, not the first person you get.

  • happy

    by Calvin Network at 12:00 on 16 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    Well, What can I say! Vodafone have been the best mobile broadband service by far! I've tried 3, and to be honest, although they may have ads placed everywhere, they're support is very poor at 3, and vodafone, clearly do have better support, and guide you.

    Soon as I bought the Vodafone 3 Mobile Broadband (3mb) for 12 Months, It arrived the very next day, plugged it in, no trouble at all, got an average speed of 4-6mb! (They say upto 7.2mb)
    Took it on holiday, and speeds were much better than 3 in fact, average speeds in London were about 2-3mb and even tried it on the Motorway (Although disconnected some times) but speed was still 5-6mb!

    I don't know why people are rating this 3/4 out of 10 because to be honest, Vodafone are the best Mobile Broadband Service out there, OK, 3 beats them on price, but to be honest, quality matters, not looks and designs, although Vodafone does have a nice simple White dongle with there logo and supports 3G networks!

    The coverage for Vodafone is also amazing! Took my netbook on the beech, plugged the dongle in, speeds of around 2-3mb which is pretty good, so can't complain!.

    So, Overall, I would recommend the Vodafone 3mb Mobile Broadband Service, It's easy to setup, (Just Plug and Play basically). After trying 3's service, it was very poor. Vodafone are my number 1 choice for Mobile Broadband.

    Things you may like: Allows you to connect to GPRS/3G Networks wherever you are, does state an estimate of how much bandwidth you are using, They do have trials which allow you to test it first, as well as Next Day delivery for your dongle!

    Things you may not like: Setup may take some time when you first install it (i.e. 10-15 mins), I admit, in some area's you will get very low speeds, even reaching into the 56K Dialup connection speeds! But, nevertheless, I still feel that the speeds are the highest compared to other providers.

    Vodafone, Excellent Coverage, Fast Speed, Superb Support
    3, Excellent Coverage, Low Speed, Disconnections, Bad Support
    02, Not Bad Coverage, Average Speed, Excellent Support.

  • happy

    by SilverWave at 0:31 on 16 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    Works great! Picked one up from Tesco's looked at these reviews and thought crap!
    But it worked out of the box in Ubuntu 9.04 no problem :D
    The key is to plug the dongle in then reboot the wizard then pops up and I chose "Vodafone TopUp and Go" and next and that was it.
    Good site here:

    Also looks as if there is a Linux package here:
    I will have a look at this later - for the time being I can just boot in to fista to check usage. I'm using a HP laptop 550.

    I and also pleased by the speed I am getting - Loaded Firefox up went to the BBC, clicked the "Space shuttle finally blasts off".
    The page loaded fine - there is a video of the takeoff and I played it OK with no stuttering. So looking good so far.

  • neutral

    by Mark at 4:25 on 2 Jul 2009 Report abuse


    Your post baffles me. The automated service is what connects you to an operator. Follow an option that suggest having issues or faults. This will put you through to an operator that knows how to deal with the issue. Surely you don't expect to have a direct dial to someone? Just pressing any option may put you through to billing or sales or disconnections that wont be able to help and yet you will be more frustrated. Be patient and follow the correct option and you will be fine.

  • unhappy

    by Steven at 20:02 on 30 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    Can someone post and tell me how the hell do i contact Vodafone i have tried ringing but all i get is a stupid automative service i want to talk to a human being! My dongle has gone from 3G to a 2G and is slow as hell and doesnt connect at all now so i want to speak to them and ask why is this.
    Do not get a Vodafone dongle they are s**te!

  • happy

    by Loki at 5:10 on 20 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    Initially I started out with a Huawei Mobile Connect ExpressCard (I asked for an ExpressCard specifically when signing up). For some reason, Vodafone have signed me up as a business customer because of this - according to them I own my own company and I can sign up as many contracts as I like on the account. I'm a student, so clearly this is rubbish - but I do enjoy the priority support.

    The Huawei modem was merely acceptable in terms of speed - when I could find a signal, of course - and that was pretty difficult. Vodafone's Mobile Connect software was pretty poor, with a useless 'usage meter' (as it will only start counting from the start of the calendar month, not the start of the billing month! what's the point?). It packed up completely after six months or so, during which time I got very little use.

    Phoned Vodafone, and within 10 minutes a replacement modem had been ordered. Turns out they sent me an even better modem as a replacement - an Option ExpressCard (aka. GlobeTrotter). This has been very, very good - the dual antenna means I get a good signal and a decent speed with few dropouts (none when stationary), and there is a socket on the modem into which I can attach an external antenna for additional signal. The other advantage is that I can use Option's software - all I have to do is plug the modem in, and as soon as Windows sees it's there, it loads the software and connects me automatically - no 'connect' button in sight! Far better experience, but a more expensive modem.

    Vodafone's overage policy for contracts is better than most - for example, at the time of writing o2 will charge you 19.6p for each MB over, meaning for a GB you will pay in the region of £195 for a GB - and Three will charge just over £100. Vodafone have a flat rate of £15 for a GB, which is fairer.

    In a more general sense:
    The basic Huawei modem on sale by the networks is rubbish - it's cheaply made and has a poor antenna. That's why they're £39 on pay as you go! The 'USB Modem Stick Pro' that Vodafone have on offer for contract customers is a much better proposition, as it has a dual antenna system in addition to better software (as it too is made by Option). T-Mobile are the other network to offer this modem - Orange, Three, o2 and Virgin only offer the cheaper Huawei (and in Three's case, ZTE) modems to all customers, and they are the main cause of issues.

    Vodafone should not be stating that the service is 7.2mbps. While they have rolled out 7.2mbps in a number of major airports, this is hardly nationwide coverage - and the fact of the matter is that when you zoom out the coverage map (http://maps.vodafone.co.uk) to show the whole of the UK, only a few major cities are actually covered by 'proper' 3G (red) at all. I'm not surprised that the majority of comments are negative - most customers not in a big city will be in an area that is only covered by the 1.8mbps service, and 1.8mbps is the fastest possible speed in perfect conditions - this is a far cry from the 7.2mbps that Vodafone claim.

    Mobile 'broadband' is a complete misnomer right now, and something should be done about it.

  • neutral

    by T at 22:51 on 12 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    Tried 3 Mobile broadband, was really bad, could never get on or would get cut off. Now have vodafone and it is brill, never have a problem gettin on or getting cut off. he downside, cant play games over the internet which I find frustrating. Maybe its not fast enough?

  • unhappy

    by dave at 14:12 on 11 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    looks good sounds good then it comes down to the speed broadband lol no
    dailup (i wish)
    snail mail (little faster than that)
    can take up to 5 mins to load there home page now that does show speed (told you little faster than snail mail)
    only want to opening email use your mobile phone feel like your on a 100mb line to vodafone try (trying it is) at broadband

  • unhappy

    by caroline at 14:23 on 2 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    We live on a boat, currently though we have found ourselves stuck on lanzarote for the forseeable future due to a parasite that my husband picked up in Africa, 6 months of injections, operations, pills etc.... A friend of ours, on another boat said to get a vosfone stick, its great they said, brilliant i thought, get one, it must be the same here in the canaries (after all its still the same as spain - normally we live in spain), they bought theirs in germany, and its great, I mean really fast, fantastic. So, off I went to vodafone and got one on prepay.....fantastic I thought as I stuffed it in the slot yippee.......well I was saying yippee for a long time as there was nothing else to do as I waited and waited and waited, the two tin cans idea would be better! Yes its slow, but its better than nothing I thought. Well one day after we had it for the first month it stopped working, just kept on kicking us out, it would connect then disconnect. So back to the shop, please fix it I said, ha, am I stupid or what, they would have to send it away, they dont know what the problem is. (I know what the problem is, its s**t), then she said it would be better to simply buy a new one. Are they having a laugh or what. Is the internet that important to me, no not 60 squids worth of important. So here I am in a wifi cafe, the speed is fantastic, the coffee cheap, the customer service fantastic, perhaps vodafone should take some lessons, I will come back here, but not back to vodsfone - if you are thinking of buying one of those little sticks - beware - they should come with a government health / financial warning..

  • happy

    by chris at 11:01 on 30 May 2009 Report abuse

    very satisfied! - live in a village fed up with 0.2 MBPS! got 1.5 straight away with Vodaphone - its fast and works straight form the box

  • neutral

    by Ian W at 9:51 on 24 May 2009 Report abuse

    vodaphone 3g is crap crap crap and crap again

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