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  • unhappy

    by tim at 19:50 on 22 May 2009 Report abuse

    Terrible! Sometimes connects,mostly doesnt,when it does connect it cuts of even with good signal.customer service is appaulling,they have no idea.when connected takes an awful long time to load page.Would recommend people not to buy one. If you get signal with it would recommend 3 mobile broad band,even with one signal bar it still runs well.

  • unhappy

    by John at 17:48 on 15 May 2009 Report abuse

    I sooooooo regret the day we subscribed to an eighteen month contract for vodafone mobile broadband, of which five month are still outstanding - light at the end of the tunnel at last!.... Speed is crap and my biggest gripe with vodagroan (sorry, fone) is the billing; overcharged on a few occasions, we were ripped during April of this year to the tune of £51! when my PC was down and unable to connect to the net!.. Absolutely avoid at all cost!, they are an absolute ^666^ of an isp.

  • unhappy

    by Tony at 17:30 on 15 May 2009 Report abuse

    I live in Kennington London
    It has taken me 30 min to get to this page after resorting to GPRS
    that sort of speaks for itself !
    If you want one of these things,you must be desperate.
    Try two tin cans connected by a length of string instead.
    Nil points for Vodafone mobile broadband in this review.

  • unhappy

    by mike jaeger at 19:49 on 12 May 2009 Report abuse

    I travel a lot on business to lots of different areas all over the UK and i've go to say this is a totally overated product; i don't know why it's called a 7.2mbs dongle, because in nearly a year i have never seen more than 2mbs - and that was when i went to city of london airport with about 2.5mbs.
    Outside the m25 it's pretty much luck if you find a 3g area, (don't go by their coverage map, their coverage maps a joke). 2g is slower than dial-up, because I've done tests with my sister; she had dial-up and we sat side my side at the computer testing. Dial-up won hands down - 2g is about 28-35kbs. And it's not just the download speed that's slow - if you're lucky enough to find a 3g area, click on a link a wait 10 seconds before your browser even makes a movement.
    It's a total worthless, frustrating product that i advise anyone not to buy.

  • unhappy

    by darren at 12:38 on 10 May 2009 Report abuse

    far too rubbish for words.

  • neutral

    by andrew at 15:34 on 6 May 2009 Report abuse

    just about to purchase tomorrow, business package £18.00 per month. live central london.... any london comments?

  • neutral

    by Feekin at 2:15 on 6 May 2009 Report abuse

    I had the same problem as a lot of you, all i had to do was go to settings in the modem control panel or whatever it is, (the place where it says connect,browser and all that), go to choose connection type, mine was GPRS only by default, change it to only 3G and its fixed. Might not work for everyone, but it worked for me, hope it helps.

  • unhappy

    by joelene at 17:19 on 5 May 2009 Report abuse

    I wish i had seen these reviews before i purchased my Vodaphone dongle. Like others, i can only connect via GPRS, and allthough it says that my signal is excellent, i have to disconnect then reconnect my USB stick far too often. The charges are ridiculous, it's not so bad when just surfing the net, but downloading? It takes pounds within minutes. The thing that frustrates me more than anything though, is the fact that i can only view Youtube videos for like two seconds at a time before it starts buffering. In fact, i can't watch any videos at all. Totally crap.

  • unhappy

    by Colin Brady (update to 3 april comment) at 6:42 on 3 May 2009 Report abuse

    I have now been using the Vodaphone Mobile broadband for about 2 months - unfortunately I am in a 2 year contract or I would stop using it tomorrow.
    The software/firmware is a mess. To connect, I have to open the softare and wait 20-30 secs while it "finds" the modem. Then I have to exit the software, and start again. This time it will sometimes prompt me for my PIN and start searching for a network. 20-30 secs later it should prompt me to connect.
    Frequently however, it fails to connect and tells me that another service must be trying to use the modem. The cure for this is to delete the modem from the "available devices" menu, and start all over again. Vodaphone helpdesk does not regard any of this behaviour as abnormal or even unacceptable.
    Once connected - in evening times (presumably peak use) i often cannot load pages - the bandwidth seems so poor, even though it shows as a 3g+ connection. Sometimes it simply refuses to download anything, and the cure is to disconnect and reconnect immediately.
    To cap it all - the "usage monitor" shows I reached 2.9GB total useage in April, but they have charged me £16 excess use over my 3GB allowance.
    I wish I had never even considered using them.

  • neutral

    by Chris Silverthorne at 12:57 on 1 May 2009 Report abuse

    Awful company to deal with. Indifferent connection quality, going from a 56k-like GPRS connection which often times out, to 3G+ which can freeze your computer. 3G = modest speed.

    Worst aspects are:

    [1] Inaccurate billing. I used 1.8 Gb of my 3 GB allowance in March, 2009, but they are demanding payment for 3.6 GB usage. Often, other technical errors arise, such as not being able to send email, etc.;

    [2] Customer service is absolute c**p. Nobody answers emails for ages on end (at least 2 weeks before you have any chance), they send demands via SMS you cannot reply to, their shop staff don't seem to care, etc. Just sent my 3rd email demanding action on over-billing. Being ignored again.

    Dreadful way to treat their customers. Poor technology, over-billing and igorance towards customers.

    Also noticed that '3' and 'Orange' also provide awful service. Something about mobile broadband in the UK that eveybody is allowed to make extravagant claims about their service, but then fail to live up to anywhere near expectation. Major re-regulation is needed for the industry.

  • unhappy

    by Heather at 8:39 on 30 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    I recently bought a PAYG Vodafone Dongle believing all it's blurb, what a farce, from the start it's played little games with me, I have to disconnet to connect, when I need it the most it advises me that the coverage is not available and disconnects, I live in a area that Vodafone says there is excellent coverage... Enough is enough, I'm just going to use what's left on my 'top up' and find an alternitive.
    My advice to anyone considering Vodafone broadband, don't!

  • happy

    by Phil at 9:41 on 28 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    Maybe West Sussex is well served with Vodaphone coverage. We dispensed with our Bt service altogether about 12 months ago and rely on Vodaphone mobile broadband £15.00 a month, 12 month contract and our Orange mobile phones.
    Despite the reception in our flat being somewhat flaky (a walk round the carpark with the laptop sometimes to find a 3g connection) when the connection is made it locks on and remains and usually the connection is made immediately with out taking it for a walk.
    For our use, the speed seems to be as good as Bt Broadband used to be and of course the service can only get better as the main players compete for our business.

  • neutral

    by allan gibson at 15:34 on 22 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    I have just come off the phone with your customer service And have now lost all faith in your ability to get your billing correct.
    I have been a vodofone customer for over 10 years for a telephone.
    I also have been a mobile broadband customer since you started it, ,I have always found it to be very slow and temperamental but put up with it because I did not need to have a super fast connection.
    In the two years I have had mobile broadband I never used my monthly allowance of 3 gig.
    Last month you charged me for two months usage I did phone up to complain and was told it was sorted out.
    Today I received a bill for £102.79 for mobile Broadband.

    A Few Points you may wish to consider:

    I don't download big files - its too slow
    I live on my own and the dog has not mastered using the computer yet
    I don't leave the pc on at night
    I don't use wifi
    I never let anyone else use my computer
    The customer service person said I was using it when I was in bed and the pc switched off

    I have entered into a contract for both services in good faith and and now feel you have not kept this up. I will be cancelling both direct debits to yourself and wish to close both accounts.

  • happy

    by Mark Richardson at 9:08 on 20 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    One of the best purchases I have ever made was buying a Vodafone modem stick on the £39 pay as you talk plan.

    In Manchester, I'm getting around 2.5MB download and 0.7MB upload speeds.

    Absolutely wonderful when compared to 3. It's more expensive than 3, but I'd much rather pay a premium for a service that works well. I also receive a decent signal strength from the mast, whereas the 3 signal regularly drops out at home.

    Congratulations Vodafone.

  • unhappy

    by bobatstdom at 14:52 on 18 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    I am amazed that I remained connected long enough to make my last comments!

  • unhappy

    by Bobatstdom at 14:50 on 18 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    I also have a 15 month contract with vodafone.The idea is very good however the dongle & package just do not do as it says on the tin!
    When connecting to broadband I get a good,very good or even excellent signal -- according to them! As soon as you try to open up a window the connection is broken !! Try again -- same thing. Eventually I usually end up taking the dongle out & go back to writing my menoires! --which may even include Vodafone mobile broadband. There MUST be something better than that !

  • unhappy

    by sarah at 0:46 on 18 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    this has been an absolute nightmare. I am nearly at the end if my 18 month contract- THANK GOD. from the beginning connection has been sporadic, I have to disconnect/reconnect continually to stay online, and for the last 3 weeks I have to wait until after midnight to get a decent connection. vodafone are most unhelpful when I ring up, saying the coverage in the area is 'excellent' it can't be!!
    then when I wanted to end the contract 6 months ago as I was not getting the advertised service, they said it would cost £250 to break it. what??! not being made of money I have had to sty and see it out to the bitter end. £30 a month for basically hassle and hit and miss connection. give Vodafone a wide berth, they will bleed you dry.

  • unhappy

    by Phoebe at 23:49 on 8 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    I bought a Vodaphone PYG Package from PC World yesterday and spent most of the afternoon trying to install it without much success. The hand book supplied instructs you to remove the SIM card holder (a Herculean and nailbreaking feat) then replace it! When I removed it, it had the SIM card already fitted so this was an entirely pointless exercise. I managed to install the software but then found I was able to connect to the internet without having connected to Vodafone! Finally the connection failed to disconnect, just kept scrolling endlessly through the blue bars of the 'Disconnecting' window. Phoning the 'Support' telephone number (the one contained in the Mobile Broadband Handbook) was even more frustrating. I spent no less than 58 minutes being put on hold and being transferred from one operator to another, none of which had a clue and who all resorted to transferring me to what they said was the 'technical dept'; this then turned out to be another clueless customer service assistant who once again transferred me to the 'tech dept' and so it went on. Utterly appalling service. Do yourself a big favour and don't go near Vodafone, they really need to sort their act out and stop exploiting customers with inferior software and appalling customer service. I will be returning said USB package to PC World first thing tomorrow and will draw their attention to the crap product they are selling.

  • unhappy

    by Geoff at 16:01 on 5 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    Vodafone have a good plug-in modem which delivers a good service as long as there are not too many people using it. Poor download speeds at busy times. Super download speeds at 9.00am Monday morning! Query support and they seem to politely, but deliberately misunderstand your query. There is a frequent confusion over 'phone and internet billing, and data used is not verifyable! The supplied usage meter is totally inaccurate. Is this a deliberate tactic to increase revenue? Perhaps being retired and on a fixed income, I have too much time on my hands, but I really do wish I had chosen the Three contract for 15GB instead of Vodafones miserly 3GB for the same money.

  • unhappy

    by Colin Brady at 5:14 on 3 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    I have been using Vodaphone 3G USB modem now for a couple of weeks - and I am completely dissapointed with the service.
    1.The software is clunky (I am using Vista Ultimate). Several times (often) when i insert the modem, the autoexec file re-installs - but not everytime (with a competitor modem the software merely starts up, but does not re-install).
    2.More than 50% of the time, when the software starts, the "connect option" is not offered and is greyed out in the menu. I need to close the software and restart it to be able to connect.
    3. When I opened the contract I had to give my age, and yet when the modem was enabled there was a content block which their customer services told me was standard and was only lifted if customers requested. It took 72 hours to get that removed (and I see in their conditions thay say that if you lose days service due to this they will not credit the time).
    Note: it does not block only pornography, it limits access to many other sites, not obvously having "adult" content.
    4.When I took out the contract I was assured that coverage in my postcode area was "very good". In reality my signal varies from "very poor" to" poor". I have tried every room in the house and even outside in the garden - and my house is on highish ground.
    The best signal I can get is 2 bars .
    By comparison, I also have a modem from 3, bought 12 months ago - and the signal is generally good everywhere.
    5. Also I have found that on several occasions - 2 or 3 out of 5 perhaps - I connect successfully, have 1 or 2 bars signal, but I cannot actually load any page on internet. I have to disconnect and reconnect and suddenly everything is OK.
    6. Even though Vodaphomne claim fastet speeds in Uk etc etc, I find it slower than the 3 network - I was hoping for faster speeds.
    7. I have received technical support from 3 - it was excellent and addressed my problems. By contrast, Vodaphone seemed not to even understand my disatisfactions and were not particularly helpful.

    Certainly I wish I had not switched to Vodaphone, and I would not recommend it to anyone

  • unhappy

    by Luis at 19:39 on 30 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    I have lost days trying to solve my vodafone problems. Vodafone customer services are the worse I have ever encountered, the bill is not itemised and there is no way of knowing what they are charging you for. Don't buy vodafone is the only recommendation I can give.

  • happy

    by william parker at 22:17 on 18 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    Vodafone pay as you go dongle
    I bought a vodafone pay and go dongle today and it is brilliant the surfing is fast and the set up is very easy and simple i did have a three dongle to which i took back the nxt day as it did not work in my town at all and could not get a signal,but this vodafone dongle i got a 3g+ signal which gave me fast surfing and it was easy to use and for £39 u also get £15 top up included and it just takes 5mins to set up no wonder why theses little dongles on voda are selling quick as hot cakes as they work great,so if ur want mobile internet go for vodafone no one else but be quick if u want one as there selling as quick as there in stock i had to reserve one.so its worth £39 i recamend one 100%.

  • unhappy

    by g harper at 18:02 on 17 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    O2 dongles? I've got pay as you go, friend has contract, both do similar things. Blank pages won't connect/send info, just goes to send as you click send then says done so have to keep pressing resend cuts you off/drops signal very hit&miss with speeds/quality of connection. funny thing is the higher my signal goes the slower the speed? der.ie 60% hsdpa,80% edge 100% 3g or is that no g. plays its own game with connecting/disconnecting? says connected but its not and wont do anything or just wont connect to pc at all so change port some times works?they took theirs back to shop they just shrugged their shoulders and said send back to o2 as they had no signal at all for while.so on the whole its pants.

    i think alot of problems with these is locations & antivirus software,but im on tenth floor line of sight to quite a few masts so no trees walls roofs etc only odd pigeon which maybe i should send email with that? hum. quite a few planes though maybe their using all my signal? ere get off me airial?

    one thing you do need to keep check on is windows/antivirus updates, as they keep sending things so do use bandwidth.

  • happy

    by Samm n Andrea at 23:35 on 16 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    we need a holiday...

  • unhappy

    by sniper29a at 22:21 on 10 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    I cannot compare with other operators, but Vodafon is total rubish. Speed about 1.5Mbps if you sit underneath of aerial with full strenght of signal. Disconnecting all the time. Forgot to use internet in peak time. It seems to me that during a year of usage it is getting worst and worst. And, of course, perfect hidden fuction of Vodafone, jammed SIM cards. Support absolutelly useless, spent lots of time by driving and communicating with staff of Vodafone. At 3rd problem I asked Vodafone to terminate contract due their violation of contract. "a service doesn't fit for its purpose." I have received many kind word about "their undesrtand my flustration...cool off period...many many arguments." and at end of story they asked me to pay termination fee for their incompetence. If you want too much, you will get nothing :o) Shal we call it "perfect" service????

  • unhappy

    by Marco at 9:30 on 9 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    On Vodafone web site, they still saying that it does NOT work with Apple MAC OS!?

  • happy

    by WIZKID at 23:02 on 6 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    Class dongle on pay as you go as it supports 3G and GPRS networks for connection to internet so you have a choice if you cant connect to 3G in an area that does not support 3G you cand use the GPRS which works on the same lines as a mobile phone but speeds or reduce bit like dial up the old way. Saying that i also bought the O2 dongle which i bought as a payg but only topped it up £2.00 just the once and i surf on wifi hot spots on it (which saves me topping up) and have the best of both worlds.

  • unhappy

    by john tabley at 6:33 on 5 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    cannot send texts on it and its slow. utter rubbish pants

  • unhappy

    by Mobile Broadband Genie at 9:30 on 2 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    RE: Dave King: please do not confuse our 'popularity' rating with 'reviews'. The popularity rating is just that - the popularity of the product, judged on the number of our site users that go on to buy that item. The reviews speak for themselves, are there for people to read if they wish, and do not affect the popularity rating in that way. There is no kind of 'deal' in place to alter this score.

  • unhappy

    by Dave King at 15:12 on 1 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    Hang on, the review rating is 4.9 out of a possible 5. That means 98% of these reviews should be positive, am i right? That is not the case as you can see nearly all the reviews say this product is rubbish so this website has clearly made a deal with Vodafone and thus i will not buy this product. Think of all the poor people who see the "review" of 4.5 out of 5 and then buy this load of old rubbish...

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